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This game and its story is founded purely on my imagination and on the influence that I had watching videos about this mystery, and this is not how true things went down (I don't think that Tajiri will ever tell us)! I made this hack because I want Pokémon Fans to have a possible answer to some mystery and enigma regarding Kanto and the Pokémon World in general

() Announcement:

Pokémon Secret Diaries will not follow the typical "beta" way of releases, but rather the hack will come out in "episodes". Manspart and I decided to opt for this way for the following reason:
Whenever we were playing a not completed hack and we had finished the beta we had to wait so much time before the new beta came out and so we lost each time the interest and the suspense atmosphere that was created around it. And when the new beta eventually came out, we had already forgot most of the main plot.

If you are looking for a hack that has incredible graphics and a super game engine, you are in the wrong place. This game doesn't aim to that. I'm not good when it comes to inserting new tilesets and changing the game graphics, but I have a lot of fantasy and I wanted to make a ROM hack since I was 15 when I played Pokemon Light Platinum for the first time.
I don't care about fame and the awards that you can give me, all I want to is to make a Pokémon ROM hack that everyone can ENJOY.




I really recommend you to NOT to read this, just download and ENJOY the game without any spoilers.
This hacks aims to give an answer to some of the most intriguing mysteries of the Pokemon World:
  • Why did Red go to Mt. Silver?
  • Who is Red's father?
  • What is the secret behind the Great Pokémon War?
  • Who was the first Champion of Kanto?
And many others...

While staying true to the original Fire Red plot, the story takes place in alternate universe from the one known before, and consequently it is a mixture of some Manga, some Anime and some Games events, NPC's and locations.


    • Play as the Red we all know,but experience a new and different story!
    • Extensive original post game as well as very original pre-league quest
    • 2 regions: Kanto and Johto (that's right no Sevii Islands)
    • Many new characters,including a extremely original new rival!
    • Many new original maps and places,you never saw before
    • All the original Fire Red main maps(cities,routes and caves) have undergone some changes and presents new events
    • A lot of usually not used component of the game are fully exploited in this game(basic example:the Police) in order to create a more realistic world
    • Very challenging game,no shift battle option,always set
    • Most of the important battles will be accessible only when you have the same of Pokémon as the opponent(no more crazy 6vs2 Gym Leader Battle)
    • a lot of the new main events will be accessible only during a specific part of the day
      • this feature was implemented in order to set the game in a more realistic world
    • How the time is set:
    As there are many time based events in this game, I think it's important to know how time is divided in this hack:
    -Morning 6:00
    -Day 10:00
    -Evening 18:00
    -Night 21:00

    • Some move sets and evolution method & levels have been changed
    • BW Pokémon repel system, party screen and summary screen
    • New Field moves (Rock Climb, Defog and more)
    • Day&Night system
    • Trainer Sliding
    • Updated Movesets to gen 7/8
    • All items up to gen 7
    • 24 Boxes
    • Reusable&Expanded(120) TMs
    • Mega Evolution System
    • Improved Battle Engine (Tag Battles,Double Battles)
    • Z-Moves
    • Fairy type
    • Weather in each route (So far only Sunny and Rainy have been implanted in the game)
    • Gen 4 to 7 Pokémons, moves and abilities
    • Clock (In the menu)
For better gameplay experience:
  • The command "L" has now two functions:
    • In-battle, it can be use when the cursor is over a move to see it's "Power";"Accuracy" and "PP" values
    • Outside the battle, it can be use to enable/disable the Auto-Running feature




A massive THANKS goes to:
  • Manspart, my partner in crime
  • The Pokemon Company Nintendo and GameFreak for creating such beautiful games
  • ghoulslash and skeli(for creating the CFRU,but even more for having the patience of helping me install such amazing engine on my hack)
  • AspiringPokeTrainer(,whom i believe to be a great hacker,THANK YOU(I don't know if you are a member of this community)
  • PokeChu, for creating this thread
  • Haven1433(for helping me understand how to use to its full potential his ground-breaking tool HexManiacAdvance)
  • Bh02032002 for his hard work as a Beta Tester
  • Tajaros(for his great XSE tutorial)
  • The PokeCommunity and all of the members who helped me by providing answers to my questions
  • HackMew(for its hacking tools factory,you are a benediction for every little hacker)
  • All the creators of the tools, patches, sprites and resources that I will list in a moment
  • The PC discord server

Tools used

  • Advance-Map 1.92&1.95 (Lu-Ho)
  • XtremeScriptEditor (HackMew)
  • FreeSpaceFinder (HackMew)
  • Advance-Trainer (HackMew)
  • AdvancedPaletteEditor (HackMew)
  • unlz.gba (HackMew)
  • Thumb Assembler (HackMew)
  • Nameless Tile Map Editor (D-Trogh)
  • NamelessSpriteEditor (link12552)
  • HexManiacAdvance (Haven1433)
  • HxD (Maël Hörz)
  • HHOHOH (Joexv)
  • TL's Quick Enhancer (ShinyPikachuX)
  • Gen 3 Tools (Kurapika)
  • GBA Intro Manager (Diegoisawesome)
  • OverWorldManager (Kimonas)
  • VisualBoyAdvance (VBA team)
  • Lunar IPS(FuSoYa’s Niche)
  • NUPS (Nintenlord)
  • Paint
  • Irfanview
  • GIMP

Patches applied

  • CFRU(by ghoulslash and skeli,dont know if it can exactly be considered a patch tho)
  • BW summary screen(Against)
  • Pokemon Party Screen Patches(Lunos,Against and Delta231,actually I wasnt sure who to credit here since Lunos mentioned Against and Delta231 in its thread so..)
  • Snowfix(daniilS)
  • AspiringPokeTrainer(TitleScreen patch)
  • Grass battlegrounds(HollowRoxas)
  • Pokemon_XY-Time Box in the Time Menu
  • Dr.Seuss-HGSS Kanto Reloaded Music Patch
  • Skeli-Dynamic Pokémon Expansion
  • HGSS textbox(Green Jerry)
  • HGSS HP bars(YoY-X, Jaizu)
  • Skip Controls(Diegoisawesome)

Sprites, tilesets and others resources I used

  • Kalarie and Aveontrainer for their amazing and endless OW sprites archive
  • Rinqo for the amazing background picture of Pokemon Secret Diaries titlescreen
  • Pokemon Database for the mew sprite of Pokemon Secret Diaries titlescreen
  • ZEO(bases for trees and flours and nature in general, then resized and recoloured)
  • WEASLEYFG(base for the "mountain" modified and recoloured;The LightHouse)
  • Aethestode
  • Delta231
  • Neffertity(Arceus' Statue)
  • TRIKE PHALON(one of the many that did the incredible job of reporting the HGSS tilesets for GBA, so, for now, we used, modified, and resized the pokemon center)


Q:Why is it called Pokémon Secret Diaries?
A:Because I placed a lot of diaries around the region that tell the story of Kanto and its main protagonists

Q: Where can I obtain the Mega Stones and the Mega Ring?
A: In the current beta, you can't.

Q: Which level do starters evolve?
A: 23 and 51.

Q: Can I be a Beta Tester?
A: No thanks, I'm good.

Q: Is there a wild pokémon location list?
A: No,and I won't provide one,go and explore(Keep in mind that only in Kanto and Johto you will only find Pokémon from Kanto and Johto)

Q: Who are you? Fred? I never heard of you before...
A: True, I wasn't registered in any PokéCommunity before signing in this one just a few months ago,however I have been into pokemon hacking for almost 5 years studying scripting and mapping and hexediting (if that's a word), finally last summer I come up with an idea of making a simple hack with many stand alone quests, which later became Pokémon Secret Diaries with a story of his own rather than just some simple not connected events...

And that wraps it up!

Known bugs

  • After having chosen your starter, if you talk to Oak he won't say anything
  • When you enter Pewter City from the new part of the Mt.Moon the tree that was blocking the entrance to the Old Amber room will disappear
  • When you are in a tag battle, looking at your partner Pokémon Summaries could freeze your game
  • If you talk twice to the Gym Badge Man, in Cerulean City, without leaving the house between the 2 talks, it will result in a buggy message, however if you just press A and wait for 5/10 seconds it will go back to normal
  • The TMs with a 3 figures will be shown with the number "000",it's safe to use them tho.
If you find any other bug please let me know down below or in my Discord Server.


The game is far from over. This is the beta 2, which ends after the Vermilion City Gym. I can't guarantee that you will be able to play the next versions with the Beta 2's save, though I will try my best to make it happen.

MediaFire (1)|MediaFire (2)

TO PATCH THE GAME YOU WILL NEED NUPS, NOT LUNAR IPS (But that's quite obvious...).
Check this tutorial if you've never patched a ROM before.
Patch the file (Use NUPS [Windows] or UNIPATCHER [Android] to a FireRed v1.0 ROM.

Check out the trailers!

Official Trailer

Beta 2 Release Trailer

Last thing last, if you have any questions, reply to this thread, or post it on my discord [link below], private message me (here or on discord), or check out this Youtube Channel where the official walkthrough videos are published.
I hope you will like this game, and even if you don't I will continue with it because I promised some friends!!! Ahaha! ENJOY!

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Why won't it let me deliver oaks parcel to him?
How could I not notice such bug right at the beginning I dont know thx for making me notice it Lunarskyy

Anyway I corrected it,here is a link to download to the new patch
Try It now and let me know
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How could I not notice such bug right at the beginning I dont know thx for making me notice it Lunarskyy

Anyway I corrected it,here is a link to download to the new patch

Try It now and let me know
Np looking forward to continuing the game



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I actually can't seem to download that version. I'll try again later on though
I uploaded it into mediafire it should work now

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This seems interesting, I like the concept. I'll definitely play this when the next beta comes out.



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I have the newest patch and ive patched it but i cant give oaks parcel still because when i try to talk to him Nothing happens
are you sure you are using this( ) patch?
Because it works fine
The problem could be that
1)you applied the latest patch on the already patched file
or 2)you should delete the game save from your laptop/phone and start a brand new game



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Yeah I'm having the same issue.
Now ive tried it again but its still the same thing and ive been to leafs house but its still the same
Patch the file into a fire red v1.0 usa rom
I just found out that any other fire red rom (v1.1,EU,etc)won't support the patch

EDIT:I apologise for all the initial confusion,I'm not so sure that everything is going to work as said
I also changed the .ips file so try that link now(

What happened is that I basically corrupted the texts in Oak's Lab and so I had to rewrite all of them one by one,in the end I made it,but then I realized that some other things were wrong(for example I copy paste all the 3 pokeballs' scripts just changing the first few variables,not tknowing that there was a lot of other different things between the scripts
Today I also thing I realized that when I went on Lunar IPS and selected the create a .Ips file option I then had choosen an already modified rom(and not a clean as they asked)

everything should (88,9% sure) work out now
Thx for the pacience



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Still cant talk to prof oak and i am playing on a fire red 1.0 rom usa
try the this patch
on the fire red 1.0 rom usa and try to name it Pokemon - Fire Red Version
on my laptop it works only like this