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Can't see you guys without trainer hats
Again, interesting stuff, but hope your next experiments don't involve stunts XD


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Hahaha that was an amazing watch! I'm sorry and thankful at the same time that you went through the effort and experienced it for us xD


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Spoiler: the face of instant regret

Definitely was a fun watch and I loved the different takes on how to prepare it both mathematically in game and with real life recipes and the reactions were hilarious. Another meat that could have worked for one of the curries was pork over chicken but it's just an idea.
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okay this was really cute and made me super hungry at first, but then i saw your reactions!! perfect hahaha

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I no longer want to taste any of the food we make in the Pokemon games, thank you for your sacrifices.

Also, this was very cute! I laughed every time you guys took bites.

Almost makes me wanna try to do this, if I hadn't learned from your mistakes first...

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