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Battle Server Support
General Info

・The PokéCommunity's battle server can be accessed via this link.
・Submit "/help" in the chat to see most of the commands.
・Use this command list for bot help.
This GitHub repository contains majority of the battle server's code.


・The rules are up to a staff member's interpretation. If you disagree with how a staff member has enforced these rules or if they abused their power in any way, contact a senior staff member via private message. Please talk with the staff member in question first in the case of personal issues.
The PokéCommunity Rules apply to the battle server. However, there are exceptions. Mild profane and inappropriate content are allowed in moderation.

・Sexually explicit and extremely violent or vulgar content is not allowed. This includes comments with a clear reference to sexual intercourse, as well as usernames with a clear reference to genitals or sexual intercourse. Inappropriate topics must be kept at a minimum, and may never be the main subject of discussion if explicit.
・Profanity is allowed in moderation.

・Avoid submitting messages that don't contribute to the chat. This includes, but is not limited to, advertising, repeatedly hitting the "Battle!" button, unnecessarily repeating the same message or breaking up a message into multiple lines to an excessive degree, using broadcast commands such as "!data" that are unrelated to the current topic (use a "/" instead of "!"), and threatening to enforce disciplinary action if not staff.
・Official chat rooms are English only. Other languages are allowed in battle rooms, private messages, and unofficial chat rooms.


Please contact one of the following members via private message for ban appeals.