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Moderator Applications
Aug 30 to Sep 13 - now featuring multiple sections!

Ever fancied being a forum moderator? We're now looking to expand our biggest, oldest staff team with fresh faces. This is a great opportunity for you to have more influence on the community and site. It's also great fun to be part of the large group that keeps the forum going!

As you're probably aware, the forum is made up of numerous sections, each having one or several assigned mods to keep it running well. As a mod, you are not merely a janitor for your area; it's also your job to work with your fellow staff to shape and develop your section to be as engaging and fun as it can be for its members. It's also good to have a Discord account you log into relatively often. While you don't need to be active on PC's public server, a lot of communication between you and the other staffers will happen on our PC Staff server. In short, the ideal moderator on PC is a dependable and visible leader figure for their section!

While it is thus preferable that any new moderator knows their section well and has a good presence there already, we will still consider you if you apply for a section where you are not very active. The important thing is that you enjoy the section and give a proper motivation for why modding you there is a good idea.

Below, you will see a simple list of the sections for which we are currently seeking new mods (hint: it's almost all of them!). Note that the Competitive Pokémon section is not listed, simply because we are likely to have a special app for that position later on instead - stay tuned for that!

Meet & Greet

Fan Fiction & Writing

Pokémon Gaming Central

Pokémon General

Video Games

Art Studio

Pokémon Mobile

Roleplay Stage + Roleplay Casting

Anime & Manga

Trade Corner

Pokémon Trivia


The Clubhouse

Internet & Technology

Game Development areas

ROM Hacking areas


Previous Generations

Sword & Shield Discussions

Pokémon Trading Card Game

How do I apply?

Send your answers to the questions below in a Private Message to Adventure. Spend some time thinking carefully about your answers in order to give the mod leads as much information you can about why you are suitable for the position!

You may apply for any number of sections, but please be aware that you might not be accepted in several. We also expect you to not randomly apply for several sections without good reason.

Applications are open until September 13.

1. What section(s) are you applying for?

2. Do you have any previous or current moderator experience?

3. What makes you a good fit for moderating your chosen section(s)?

4. How would you make your chosen section(s) accessible and engaging for newcomers?

5. Do you already have other ideas for how to improve your chosen section(s)?

6. A good friend of yours is breaking a rule by being toxic towards another member in a thread in your section. What do you do?

7. Your mod partners wish to decide on a big change in your forum, but you disagree with them. How do you approach the situation?

8. How often do you typically visit the PC Forums, and how much time per day or week do you approximately spend here?

9. Anything else you'd like to say!

If your application is rejected and you wish to receive feedback on it from the mod leads, send a PM to Adventure after the new mods have been chosen, and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

Should you have any questions or need anything clarified before you apply, don't hesitate to reach out to the moderators of each section! You may also contact any Administrator for more general questions about the forums, rules or moderation in general.

We hope to see you join our blue ranks soon!


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Just want to say thank you for all the interest we've gotten so far <3 Remember you can always contact us with questions or any clarification on the app process, questionnaire, etc. 👍
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Applications are now officially closed. Thanks to all the fantastic people who have been willing to help out their community!

We will eventually disclose who the new forum moderators will be :)