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Introducing: Pokémon Fantasy Version!
Pokémon Fantasy Version is a completee fangame. It features no Fakemon and all Pokemon from Generations 1 to 8, including Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra.

The game was released on 12th April 2021.

The idea is to combine a more generic Pokémon game with stereotypical elements from fantasy games and stories etc.


Currently unavaiable! Sorry!

Answers to potential questions:

How big is the game?
Fairly big. There is the main storyline, as well as a significant post game storyline.

Does it have Mega Evolutions?
Yes, it features all Mega Evolutions (except Rayquaza) though it is locked to the postgame.

Does it have Dynamax?
No. All Gigantamax Pokémon are converted to Megas, like many other fangames.

Is it hard?
Depends how good you are at Pokémon! I have known Pokémon for 15 years, and had to attempt a number of times at the boss battles.
And that was on normal difficulty! There is also a hard difficulty, which increases trainer levels, AI ability, and also some other smaller aspects.

Is Pokemon [X] in it?
The full game has all 898 Pokémon in. There are no fakemon. There are 360-ish Pokémon before the postgame.

Is there a guide?
Not yet. But there are plans for there to be one. These things do take time, though.

Are there any bugs?
I really hope not. I have tried not to add too many features that are likely to lag/bug the game.
I have thoroughly playtested the game so far, and I'm pretty confident that there aren't any.

What makes this different/cool?
Apart from the unusual setting and the wacky characters, there is a form of boss battle that is a twist on Totem Battles from Gen 7.
The game is based a fantasy world called The Kingdom which features a number of stereotypical fantasy elements.

What is the difference between the 512x576 and the 512x384 version?
Well, the resolution, really, and some minor graphical differences. The gameplay is identical, but the graphics look a little bit better on the 512x576 because they don't have to fit the smaller screen. However, 512x384 is better for mobile emulators, and some people prefer that ratio.

Is my file transferable between the two different versions?
Yes, definitely on the PC. On mobile RPG emulators, I'm not sure. But it would not be wise to play the 512x576 on mobiles anyway!

Has this got anything to do with Radiant Version?
No, not at all, other than the fact that they were both made by me!


Latest version (v1.9)
Mobile version not available separately. Instead resolution can be changed on Options Screen on main one.

Known Bugs:

Critical errors occur often when soft resetting via F12


Pokémon Fantasy Version


Like, every fantasy writer ever!

Overworld Character Sprites:
The Spriters Resource

Tileset Sprites:

Gen VIII Pack:
Sprite Credits:
Gen 1-5 Pokemon Sprites- Luka SJ (Static EBS Sprites)
Gen 6 Pokemon Sprites- All Contributors To Smogon X/Y Sprite Project
Gen 7 Pokemon Front Sprites- All Contributors To Smogon Sun/Moon Sprite Project
Gen 8 Pokemon Front Sprites- All Contributors To Smogon Sword/Shield Sprite Project

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Gen 8 Icon Sprites- Larry Turbo, Leparagon

Cry Credits:
Gen 1-6 Pokemon Cries- Rhyden
Gen 7 Pokemon Cries- Marin, Rhyden
Gen 8 Pokemon Cries- Zeak6464

PBS Credits:
Zerokid, TheToxic, Golisopod User, HM100, KyureJL, ErwanBeurier

Script Credits:
Gen 8 Scripts: Vendily, TheToxic, HM100, Golisopod User, Aioross, WolfPP, MFilice, lolface, KyureJL,
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UberDunsparce - Compilation of Resources

Music Credits

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Credits -> Adventure
Hollow Tree -> Neverland
Hot -> Towards The Horizon
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Iron Furnace -> Behind The Sword
Mist Temple -> Mountain Walk
Rival Encounter -> Through The Mist
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Thyme City -> Dream Interlude
Umber Castle -> The Crown

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Ruins 2 -> Ominous3
The Academy -> Snow Day3
Yarr Island -> World OP

Eric Matyas -
Encounter_1 -> Crusaders Approaching
Encounter_2 -> Move it Out
Encounter_3 -> Preparing for Battle
Encounter_4 -> Battle of the Ancients
Intro -> The Key To The Kingdom
Smuggler's Cove -> Pirates
Trainer -> Tower Defense

Arthur Vyncke -
Encounter_0 -> The Girl In The Forest
Encounter_5 -> Gone With The Wind
Rosemary City -> The Capital City
Title -> World Asleep

Wombat Noises -
Creepy -> Waltz Of The Skeleton Keys
Ruins -> Azure Purple Gold

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Followers Script:
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Speech Bubbles:

Special Thanks:
Pokémon Showdown

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With contributions from:
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Lisa Anthony Wachunga
Luka S.J.

and everyone else who helped out!

"RPG Maker XP" by:

Pokémon is owned by:
The Pokémon Company
Affiliated with Game Freak

This is a free, non-profit fan-made game.
No copyright infringements intended.
Please support the official games!

Update Log:

v1.9 - 2021-05-21
Changed grass encounter rate from 20 to 16, making encounters happen 20% less.
Galarian evolutions now produce correct egg species
Pancham evolution no longer crashes game
Repels now obtainable at the start of the game

v1.8 - 2021-05-02
Arceus and Marshadow now should appear
Game should no longer freeze after defeating Dark Coalossal
Goodra's back sprite and shiny back sprite correct again
Hyper Training now works properly
Swapped Regidrago and Regieleki icon sprites around

v1.7 - 2021-04-28
Escape Rope is now found in Merchant Shops (After Necromancer Key)
Fossil reviving now works properly!
It now rains in Dark Forest West (so Goodra can be obtained earlier!)
Stats now calculate properly after Hyper Training

v1.6 - 2021-04-25
Dark Pokémon can no longer turn heal while vulnerable, making them no longer almost unbeatable when that happens
Fixed bug with Rodrick in the postgame
Fixed other minor errors
Kanto Mr. Mime can now be found as a Den Boss
Modest Mint now works

v1.5 - 2021-04-24
Fixed bug with game sometimes crashing after player defeats Dark Grimmsnarl (For real this time!)
Fixed bug with Rookidee (and other Parabolic Exp. Pokémon) crashing the game after gaining Experience
Moved resolution option on Options Screen
Sirfetch'd and Mr. Rime overworld sprites should now show up.
Trade Stone bag sprite should be visible

v1.4 - 2021-04-22
Fixed a bug involving Coalossal (Untested yet)
Fixed error when player quits game
U-Turn and Uproar Book and Scroll description now correct.

v1.3 - 2021-04-19
Added Calyrex, Spectrier and Glastrier back sprites
Another bug involving Grimmsnarl and Head Witch fixed

v1.2 - 2021-04-16
- Advisor now does not disappear after she talks to player.
- Mobile Version abolished. Can now change resolution on Options Screen.

v1.1 - 2021-04-14
- Fixed bug enabling player to enter Mt. Boon early
- Fixed bug enabling player to enter Mangrove Swamp early
- Fixed Grimmsnarl bug

v1.0 - 2021-04-12
- Full version. Game is classed as completed.

vDEMO.2 - 2021-02-02
- Talking to a female thief in Dark Forest North no longer crashes the game.
- Receiving the egg in Sage City no longer crashes the game.
- All main locations that will be in the main game are teased on the Kingdom Map.


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might try this, looks cool!
If you think about it, when we trip or fall or fail in life, there is always another one who stands, rises and succeeds in life at the same moment. So do we fall when others rise?

I support Pokémon Unbound, Etherean Dreams, Pokémon Round Redux and many more.



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@cloversho56 Absolutely give feedback! Yes please!
@Trotter Sorry, but Dreepy is to be found around the mid game :( I am a big fan aswell!
@NehalPokeMaster Depends what you mean by duel screen. The resoution is 512 x 576. If you are wanting a non duel screen for the mobile version, it is on my schedule, but I am wanting to get the main game out first!

Thanks y'all, and sorry for late reply. And please let's all be kind to each other!
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@cloversho56 Absolutely give feedback! Yes please!
@Trotter Sorry, but Dreepy is to be found around the mid game :( I am a big fan aswell!
@NehalPokeMaster Depends what you mean by duel screen. The resoution is 512 x 576. If you are wanting a non duel screen for the mobile version, it is on my schedule, but I am wanting to get the main game out first!

Thanks y'all, and sorry for late reply. And please let's all be kind to each other!
I dont mean for mobile, I was just asking if you can remove other screen which shows Battle options and bag, cause I dont see any other use of it, the game's great btw


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And what about an in-game map, is there one? :) I simply love to explore the map on my own...
As far as the aspects are concerned, I am really not sure, it's great that the game has a speed up button though! I will try this today and I'll let you know if I'm missing some features.
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So, as I promised, I played the game today! I am only 20 minutes in, I did get the map and went to the forest and overall, I'm quite enjoying it. Thank god for the speed up button, as the characters are veeery slow otherwise (that's very important, as that was the main reason why I didn't like Radiant that much). The map looks quite confusing, but I am glad there is one in the first place. The region looks quite big, that's nice. The strangest thing is that it doesn't really feel like a Pokémon game. That is not necessarily a bad thing though. It's simply different and that makes it interesting. Once I make it further, I'll elaborate on other things. :)
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