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Posted February 10th, 2021
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Pokémon Emerald Squared: Emerald, in 2 by 2!

My first completed ROMhack. Take on the Hoenn region once more with a new, 19-year-old battle style.

  • Double Battles for every trainer fight in the game.
  • The whole Pokédex is encounterable and catchable before the League.
  • Buffs to weak Pokémon and moves.
  • A new Rival to battle you on your journey.
  • Improved difficulty throughout.

Download the .UPS patch here!
Version 1.2: link

More images!


10th February 2021: V1.2 release
- Altered the team of Team Aqua's Matt
- Reduced strength of one of Flannery's team
- Fixed so Tate & Liza actually give you 2 TMs
- Fixed Swimmer Santiago not being updated
- Softened up Elite Four and Champion
- Reduced level of Deoxys, Ho-oh, Lugia and the Regis.
- Made the Mew encounter scarier.
- Gave all Safari Zone pokemon a proper chance to run.
- Upped Beldum's catch rate to a whopping 9.
- Changed a bunch of evolution methods.
- Removed some more CAPS
- Spoopified the Daycare

7th February 2021: V1.1.1 release
- ACTUALLY made it so Surf hits all non-users on the field.
- Added some grass on Route 112 so you don't need to ledgehop to encounter wild Pokemon outside Lavaridge

5th February 2021: V1.1 release
- Fixed Aurora Beam being bugged
- Fixed Togepi using Struggle
- Fixed Camper Drew not being edited
- Changed a trainer on Route 110 who was too strong
- Cleaned up some dialogue formatting
- Updated Surf to affect your partner
- Removed some CAPS
- Gave Rapidash some more moves
- Changed encounterables on Route 120
- Added a Move Deleter in Mauville Pokemon Centre
- Tweaked Thief for a friend
- Added a list of what Pokemon have changed types, and what too, to README.txt

1st February 2021: V1.0 release
- Initial release!