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First Release: 22/02/2021
Last Updated: 26/4/2021 / v1.5.2
Download at the bottom.

Hello! This time I bring you a Romhack that I started doing a while ago,
I started it once I was without internet for a while, so I decided to distract myself with this,
creating a Rombase so that the community can use it. It owns quite a lot of things, and I hope you like it.

My vision of this romhack was to create it without adding new graphical interfaces and keeping the original essence,
trying to use the least amount of space available, so that anyone can add and create whatever they want later.

Based on 1636 Pokemon Fire Red (U)( Squirrels).

If you want join to the Discord Server:

Main Features:

- The Overworld palettes have been modified, in my opinion, they look better this way, something more natural.
- A lot of Bugs of Original FireRed fixed (specified in the documentation).
- Almost all of the Pokémon palettes have been updated to look better, without the need to change sprites.
- Some PokeMarts are in the Pokemon Center. (Like Route 4, Route 10, Lavender Town).
- All Pokémon Balanced and useful!
- Run Indoors.
- B/W 2 Repel System.
- More difficult fights (Gym Leaders, some trainers, Bosses, Admins).
- Physical/Special Split.
- Gen IV Party Screen.
- Removed One hit K.O Moves.
- Infinite TM's and Deleteable HM's.
- Fairy Type (And Tm's).
- Modified Help System, now contains info about the Rombase.
- Map & Rod available on Start.
- Removed Flashbacks, Controls and Gamefreak Intro.
- Colored Nature Stats.
- Evolve Without National Dex.
- Gift Lapras, Fighting Dojo Pokémon & Fossils are in Level 35.
- Removed restrictions to Evolve Pokémon that has an Evolution from Johto.
- All Stone Evolution Pokémon that not learn any move, now has a complete Moveset. (Like Ninetales, Wigglytuff).
- Pokémon of Safari Zone don't flee anymore.
- Roaming Pokémon (Entei/Raikou) don't disappear from the game.
- Vitamins Cap to 252 [Instead 100 for each stat (Ev)].
- Daycare in Route 5 can keep 2 Pokémon, and can breed.
- Auto Cut: You will no longer need a Pokémon that learns Cut.
Now it is enabled in the Overworld after obtaining the 2nd medal.

- All 245 Pokémon available (Legendary Beasts, Lugia/Ho-oh and Celebi in next Release).
Pokémon of Kanto & Johto for all routes.
- Mew event, available.
- Legendaries has 45 catch rate.
- Shiny rate update to Gen VI.
- New Shiny recolors for a lot Pokémon!
- Reusable Move Tutors and Move Remember.
- Move Remember are in Fuchsia city, (On the Move Deleter house).
- Add EV's Reducing Berries (A.K.A more friendship): A girl in Lavender Town now sells it.
- EV-IV Display Screen in Start Menu.
- Base Stats of each Pokemon in the Pokédex, in the "Size compared to player" section.
- All capture locations in Documentation.
- Can I use this as a Rombase? Yes! But leave the respective credits.


¿The Rom is completed?
- Yes, it's completed! The game is receiving updates with certain content or bugfixed.

¿Where can I catch X Pokemon?
- Inside the folder "Romhack Documents" are "Wild Encounters" or "Exclusive Pokemon Location" find them there!

¿Where is the HM Rock Smash?
- In Lavender Town, next the Pokémon Center is the Ender SPA.

¿Where is the Move reminder?
- In Fuchsia City, in the Move Deleter House. You don't need delete the HM's from this Guy, just replace It like a normal move.

The game has a Physical/Special/ Status Split, ¿Doesn't that make most Pokemon useless when learning moves that don't go with their Stats?
-No, I balanced the 251 Pokemon so each one learns correct attacks and can still be just as useful.

¿Is the fairy type found in the game?
-Yes, it is included in all the pokemon that have this type, from Clefairy to Granbull. (which are available in the first 2 Gen).
Each one has movements of that type.

Updated Moves:

- Rapid Spin: Now also raises user's speed 1 stage.
- Stockpile: +1 Def & Sp.Def each after use it.
- Charge: Now also raises user's Sp.Def 1 stage.
- Taunt: Now lasts 3 turns (Instead 2 turns).
- Encore: Now lasts 3 turns (Instead 2-6 turns).
- Spite: Now decreases the move's PP by exactly 4.
- False Swipe fixed (now works normally).
- Critical Hit Update from Gen VI.

- Hidden Power: Constant 60 Power.
- Now you can see the type of the Hidden Power of your Pokémon.

All info of the Moves:

Name Changes:

ThunderPunch for "Volt Punch"
Vicegrip for "Vise Grip"
PoisonPowder for "Poison Ivy"
Crabhammer for "Aqua Hammer"
Faint Attack for "Feint Atk."
Mud Sport for "Mud Rain"
Ancientpower for "Primal Power"
Extremespeed for "Ultra Speed"
Sheer Cold for "Icicle Crash"
Guillotine for "Night Slash"
Horn Drill for "Drill Run"
Doubleslap for "Double Hit"
Iron Tail for "Iron Strike" (For more Compatibility on other Pokémon).

Replaced One hit K.O moves:

Sheer Cold > Icicle Crash: 85/100, 10 PP. 10% effect chance (Flinch).
Guillotine > Night Slash: 70/100, 15 PP. High Critical Ratio.
Horn Drill > Drill Run: 80/95, 10 PP. High Critical Ratio.
Fissure > Earth Power: 90/100, 10 PP. 10% effect chance (Reduce Sp.Def).

Modified HM's:

Cut: 60/100. Bug Type. High Critical Ratio. (Physical Move)

Fly: 80/100. (Physical Move)

Flash: 55/100. Steel Type. Same effect, 50% Chance. (Special Move)

Rock Smash: 55/100. (Physical Move)

Dive: 80/100. (Physical Move)

Surf: 85/100. (Special Move)

Modified Moves:

Struggle: 1/3 recoil.
Tackle: 40/100.
Double Hit: 25/100, 20 PP.
Comet Punch: 20/100, 20 PP. Fighting Type.
Vine Whip: 45/100, 20 PP.
Peck: 45/100, 30 PP.
Gust: 50/100. 25 PP.
Pay Day: 60/100.
Mega Punch: 80/100.
Absorb: 40/100.
Mega Drain: 55/100, 15 PP.
Giga Drain: 75/100, 10 PP.
Razor Leaf: 55/100.
Headbutt: 60/100.
String Shot: (Special Move) 50/100, 25 PP. 70% effect chance (Reduce speed).
Poison Pins: 30/100, 30 PP. 25% effect chance (poison).
Fire Vortex: 55/100, 20 PP. 30% effect chance (trap).
Volt Shock: 45/100.
Thunderbolt: 90/100.
Petal Dance: 100/100.
Rock Throw: 50/100, 20 PP.
Bite: 55/100.
Quick Atk.; 45/100.
Lick: (Special Move). 40/100.
Sludge: 60/100.
Clamp: 60/100, 20 PP. No effect.
Spike Cannon: 25/100. Ground type.
High J. Kick: 120/90.
Leech Life: 55/100.
Twineedle: 30/100
False Swipe: 50/100
Snore: 50/100.
Pin Missile: 25/100.
Bubbles: 40/100.
Aqua Hammer: 100/90.
Sketch: 5 PP.
Triple Kick: 20/100.
Thief: (Special Move now) 60/100.
Nightmare: (Physical move). 85/100, 10 PP. No Effect.
Mach Punch: 45/100.
Mud Slap: 40/100, 20 PP. 60% effect chance.
Aeroblast: 90/100.
Spark: 60/100.
Fury Cutter: 30/100.
Octazooka: 65/100.
Steel Wing: 75/100. 15% effect chance.
Present: Rework. (Special Move). 70/100, 15 PP. 10% chance to freeze.
Draco Breath: 75/100. 25% effect chance.
Rapid Spin: 45/100, 30 PP. (Special Move).
Iron Strike: 75/100.
Metal Claw: 50/100.
Twister 55/100.
Crunch: Now reduce Defense, no Sp. Defense.
Ultra Speed: 10 PP.
Primal Power: 75/100, 10 PP.
Whirlpool: 70/70.
Dark Pulse: 80/100, 10 PP. 10% effect chance. (flinch).
Fake Out: 50/100.
Uproar: 70/100.
Knock Off: 60/100.
Poison Fang: 60/100.
Crush Claw: 75/100. 45% effect chance.
Astonish: 45/100.
Needle Arm: 80/100.
Air Cutter: 65/100.
Weather Ball: 60/100.
Rock Tomb: 55/100, 15 PP. 70% effect chance.
Silver Wind: 65/100, 10 PP.
Metal Sound: 90% Accuracy, 25 PP.
Leaf Whistle: 70% effect chance.
Signal Beam: 80/100.
Shadow Punch: 65/100.
Sand Tomb: 55/100, 20 PP. 30% effect chance (trap).
Bullet Seed: 25/100.
Aerial Ace: 70/100.
Icicle Spear: 25/100.
Howl: 30 PP.
Meteor Mash: 90/100.
Meditate. Now boost 1 level Sp.Atk.
Mud Shot: 55/100, 15 PP. 70% effect chance.
Covet: 60/100, 25 PP.
Poison Tail: 75/100.
Leaf Blade: 80/100.
Mud Rain: (Special Move, Rock Type.) 55/100, 20 PP. 10% effect chance (reduce accuracy).

- Hydro Pump, Fire Blast , Blizzard & Thunder has 110/80.

These are the movements that were completely replaced to add others:

Rage > Vacuum Wave: 45/Never Miss, 25 PP. (We need a Special, Fight move).

Night Shade > Night Beam: 55/100. 20 PP. No effect. (A mid-strong Ghost attack). (Special Move).

Megahorn > Mega Cutter: The same thing, but with 105/90, to be compatible with more Pokemon.

Imprison > Psycho Cut: 60/100, 20 PP. High critical Ratio. (We need a Physical, Psychic move).

Present: Has a rework. 60/100, 15 PP, Ice Type. 15% Freeze the foe

The Fairy type is in the game, so, here's the moves:

Frustration > Play Rough: 85/100, 10 PP. 10% effect chance (Reduce Attack). (Physical Move).

Fury Attack > Gentle Fist: 50/100, 25 PP. No effect. (Physical Move).

Sweet Kiss > Drain Kiss: 50/100, 15 PP. Drain HP. (Special Move).

Fury Swipes: Dazz. Gleam > 85/100, 10 PP. No effect. (Damage both foes). (Special Move).


Status Problems:

- Poison Survival.
- Sleep Update. Now sleep lasts 3 turns (Instead 2-5).
- Paralysis Update: Now the speed of a paralyzed Pokémon are decreased 50% instead 75%.
- Burn Update: Damage equal to 1/16 of maximum HP (Instead 1/8).

Bugs of Original FireRed Fixed:

- Fixed Sturdy ability. Now allows the Pokémon to survive with 1 HP if attacked at full HP with an attack that would otherwise knock it out.

- Pokédex Data entry.
(Example: Weedle has "Hairy Pokémon", now It's "HairyBug Pokémon").

- Team Rocket of Nugget Bridge fixed, now give you 1 Nugget.

- Fixed Red sprite in Oak intro.

- Vital Throw don't show accuracy now.

- Fixed Roaming Pokémon (Raikou and Entei). They will no longer disappear. Moveset changed, they no longer learn Roar.

- FR has three distinct types of trade restrictions:
You can't trade or be traded an egg (even an egg of a Kanto Pokemon)
You can't trade in a Pokemon not in the Kanto Dex (even from another FRLG)
You can't trade with RSE

Normally, the first two restrictions are lifted after getting the National Dex, while trading with RSE is unlocked by the Sevii Island stuff in the post-game.
I remove all three of those restrictions.

New Levels of Evolution and Methods:

ALL Pokémon that evolve by any trade method (like Scyther, Onix) now evolve with
"Trade Kit" you can buy it in Celadon Department Store, 2F.

Oddish > Level 20.

Psyduck > Level 32.

Poliwag > Level 22.

Ponyta > Level 35.

Dodrio > Level 30.

Dratini > Level 27

Dragonair > Level 45.

Goldeen: Level 32.

Snubbull > Level 22.


- Sturdy Effect Update.
- Volt Absorb: Now absorbs Thunder Wave.
- Flash Fire: Functional even if the user is frozen.
- Added Snow Warning (replaces Cacophony).


- Compoundeyes > Comp. Eyes
- Lightningrod > Parabolic
- White Smoke > Odd Aura
- Thick Fat > Hard Skin


- Trade Kit: It can evolve any Pokémon that evolve by Trade (Buy at Celadon Dept).
- Light Ball Update: Now boost Atk & Sp.Atk of Pikachu.
- Exp. Share in Rod House, of Vermilion City.
- Lucky Egg on Rival's house, given by Daisy.
- All Evolution Stones available in Celadon Dept.

New TM's:

- TM05 Roar > Headbutt.
- TM01 Focus Punch > Signal Beam.
- TM21 Frustration > Play Rough.
- TM's Seller in Indigo League.

Pokemon Changed Typings:

- Arbok: Poison/Dark.
- Parasect: Bug/Ghost.
- Seel/Shellder: Water/Ice.

Pokémon Changes: (Balance, Modified and Reworks)

Hi! Here you will find those Pokemon that were boosted to make them more viable in the game.

--------Kanto Pokémon:---------

Pikachu: All stats 60, Speed 85.

Diglett: HP 10 > 40.

Dugtrio: HP 35 > 60.

Abra: HP +10, DEF +15, SP.ATK - 10.
Kadabra: HP +10, DEF +20, SP.ATK -10.
Alakazam: HP +10, DEF +20, SP.ATK -10.

Farfetch'd: 65/80/65/45/65/70.

Seaking: ATK +8, Speed + 7.

Jynx: 70/50/70/110/95/95 (Now has the same BST like Magmar and Electabuzz).

Magikarp: 30/30/55/30/30/80.

Ditto: All stats 60.

Eevee: All stats 60, both Defenses 65. Has Pickup/Limber.

Mew: +10 HP & SpAtk, -10 Atk.

--------Johto Pokémon:---------

Furret: 85/80/75/45/75/85.

Noctowl: 100/50/75/85/95/70.

Ledian: 65/40/65/65/110/85.

Dunsparce: 100/70/70/70/70/60.

Azumarill: Both attacks 65 now.

Togepi: Fairy/Normal.

Togetic: Fairy/Flying.

Marill/Azumarill: Water/Fairy.

Sunkern: All stats 50.

Delibird: 60/40/65/65/65/75. Modified Present. Learns better TM's and HM's.

Smeargle: All stats 60, 75 speed.

Wobbufett: 180/30/60/60/60/40. Now learns Swift and Psybeam. Learns better TM's.

Pichu: All Stats 40, Speed 60.

Tyrogue: All stats 60, has full moveset.

Misdreavus: 60 on HP and Def > 70.

Unown: 60/50/60/80/60/60.


Abilities Changes:

Spearow/Fearow: Keen Eye/ Rough Skin.

Pokémon: 1st Ability / 2nd Ability

Sandshrew & Sandslash: Sand Veil/Battle Armor.

Ponyta/Rapidash: Cute Charm/Flash Fire.

Vulpix/Ninetales: Flash Fire/Drought.

Magnemite/Magneton: Sturdy/Levitate.

Eevee: Pickup/Limber.

Vaporeon: Water Absorb/Rain Dish.

Jolteon: Volt Absorb/Rough Skin.

Flareon: Flash Fire/Intimidate.

Espeon: Synchronize/Shield Dust.

Umbreon: Synchronize/Inner Focus.

Chikorita Line: Overgrow/Natural Cure.

Cyndaquil Line: Blaze/Flash Fire.

Totodile Line: Torrent/Intimidate.

Larvitar Line > 2nd Ability: Battle Armor.

Pineco/Forretress: Sturdy/Hard Skin.

Dunsparce: 100/70/70/70/70/60.

Seel/Dewgong: Snow Warning/Thick Fat.

Paras/Parasect: Effect Spore/Rain Dish.

Articuno: Snow Warning/Thick Fat.

Chinchou/Lanturn: Volt Absorb/Rain Dish.

--------------------Modified Pokémon-----------------------------------

This Pokémon has change stats, but they are the same BST.

Venusaur: 85/75/85/100/100/80. Overgrow & Chlorophyll.

Charizard: 80/75/80/110/80/100. Blaze & Air Lock.

Blastoise: 85/70/100/85/105/80. Torrent & Shell Armor.

Ninetales: 80/65/80/85/100/100.

Golduck: 80/75/85/95/80/85.

Delibird: Rework on Present. 60/100, 15% chance to freeze the foe.

------------------------Edited Pokémon---------------------------------
This Pokemon has new types.
Due to the type limitation in the game,
I decided to add 1 more Dark Type (Because kanto doesn't have Dark Types).
and 1 Ghost Type. (Just Gastly line).

- Ekans/Arbok: Poison/Dark. -- Harder to defeat (And now immune to Psychic!)
Arbok has: 65/95/75/65/80/80.

- Haunter is a mixed attacker and his other stats
have been buffed to make him more useful (New moveset too).

- Parasect: Bug/Ghost. -- Taking the Pokédex description more seriously,
the Parasect mushroom totally controls the dead body.

- No more X4 to Fire, much more Physical and fast now.

- Seel and Shellder are Water/Ice type now.

- Unown and Abra has new moveset!
(Teleport-Rapid Spin-Confusion-Hidden Power-Psybeam-Swift).

New Shinys recolors! (Examples)


You will find much more information in the documentation that comes with the patch.
If you have any questions / doubts / suggestions, you can tell me.


v1.0: Release.

- Colission Fixes.
- Brave Bird has 100 Power instead 90.
- Added Alternative Evolution for Wartortle, "Blasteel" Using Trade Kit.
- More shortcuts added to overworld.
- TM's Case CD fixed, no more type's CD on the screen.
- Some overworlds NPC Changes.

- Added Blasteel Sprite and Icon.


- Route 12 has more Wild Grass. At the North entrance, and near the Snorlax Event.

- Added Johto Starters to Wild Encounters:
Chikorita: Route 12. 2nd Ability: Natural Cure.
Cyndaquil: Route 11. 2nd Ability: Flash Fire.
Totodile: Route 4. 2nd Ability: Intimidate.

- Added Pokemon:

> Larvitar : Rock Tunnel. Evolution line 2nd Ability: Battle Armor.
> Tyranitar: Victory Road (Karate Guys Floor).

- Changed Compared Size in Pokedex, now you can see the Base Stats of each Pokemon.
- Fire Blast/Hydro Pump/Blizzard/Thunder has 110 Power- 80 Accuracy now.
- Fixed some Graphics issues.
- Added NPC to Vermilion City Gym and Route 8 to follow the Original Story Line.
- Added Grinding NPC near the entrance of the Indigo Plateau.


- All Legendaries catch rate are 15 now.

- Raikou, Entei and Suicune are in the Overworld now, you have to find them! (Or see his location).

- Bug fixes.

Credits: (Sorry if I forgot someone).

ModExe > Dreamaker.
PSS System > DoesntKnowHowToPlay.
Repel System & Fairy Type > Aspiring PokeTrainer (Youtube).
Gen IV Party Screen > Lunos.
Specific Texts (Like Help System) > Me, and Advance Text.
Advance Map, Advance Text, Gen 3 Tools, PGE, NSE 1.7/2.0, APE, HTE.


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Uau great idea hack i gonna try this one and it gives me a question does it work with a randomizer ? It could be great to use it with the universal randomizer or another.
I haven't tried it yet! But it should work.
I think you shouldn't check the "Update Moves /Update base stats/Change Impossible Evos." boxes to avoid modifying the changes made there.
Maybe later, I will try :)


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Congratulations mate! Thanks for sharing with us...
Nice job!
Really cool and neat ! Thank you for sharing ! :)
Thanks everyone <3 !


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Posted May 2nd, 2022
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Loving this so far, quick question. Picked up a Sneasel a while back, and was curious if it's possible to evolve it?
At the moment no Pokémon from other generations have been added, although it would be good to do so.
Perhaps in the future it will do so by replacing the 3rd gen with 1st and 2nd gen evolutions.


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Mkay, and secondly, I was able to clear Rock Tunnel and Erika's gym. All before getting Cut. I was able to cut trees without the HM.
Yes, I enabled that option to not need a Pokemon with Cut on the team. (It's written in Features)
The story is supposed to be followed like Original FireRed, instead of doing that.


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Posted May 2nd, 2022
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Enjoying it so far, good job! Just a quick question, where can you find the Johto starters and Larvitar?
I will update the game today, or tomorrow without fail. Thanks for play my Romhack!
Seen June 28th, 2021
Posted May 14th, 2021
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1.6 Years
Hey there! Excited to try this out. It'll be my first hack. Two questions:
1) How can I get Umbreon? I'm not clear on if there's a day/night system added to this, but I don't see anything about it. When I went through all the documents I see that Espeon is a special catchable, but that's it. Nothing regarding Umbreon.
2) Can I use regular FireRed cheats with this, or will that mess up the game? I really want a shiny starter, especially if Blasteel has a shiny version. Does it?
Kudos for this, and thanks for any help anyone can provide!