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The PokéCommunity - ROM Hacks Studio

ROM Hacks Studio Forum Rules

The ROM Hacks Studio is exclusively for showcasing ROM hacks. More general discussion of ROM hacks belongs in the Fan Games Hub. Questions for help ROM hacking belong in the ROM Hacking forum, and team-building belongs in the Launchpad. Before posting in this forum, please read this post in its entirety. Contact a Fan Games moderator if you have queries.

The PokéCommunity global rules apply.
The PokéCommunity global rules can be found here: https://www.pokecommunity.com/misc.php?do=rules. Any exceptions or clarifications to the global rules are made clear below.

Threads owners may double post for updates.
Other cases of double posting, such as double posts by users who are not the thread owner, or double posts which are not explicit updates to the ROM hack, are subject to the global PokéCommunity rules on double posting.

Threads must abide by the ROM Hack Studio restrictions.
All threads must contain the following:
  • At least twelve screenshots, which must not simply be battle screens, Pokédex entries, stat screens, or showcase areas which have not been significantly edited. Screenshots which have been manipulated to inaccurately portray the ROM hack, or are otherwise fraudulent, will not count towards this minimum.
  • A download of a patch for a playable release of the ROM hack, which shows significant progress. The guideline is progress equivalent to what roughly seven Gyms of content would entail in a standard Pokémon game. The distribution of ROM files (.GBA, .NDS, .CIA, etc.) is illegal, and completely forbidden on the PokéCommunity. All downloads must be in patch form.
  • A story or overview of the themes of the ROM hack, or perhaps your goals in creating it.
  • Explicit credits to the work of other members of the community, whether that be for art assets, music, custom code, maps, etc. The user which submits the thread should have contributed a significant amount of work to the ROM hack. ROM hack theft is not tolerated, and punishment falls under the global PokéCommunity rules for plagiarism.
  • A list of features of the ROM hack. This may include the amount of Pokémon available, changes to the game's battle engine, or other changes which can help differentiate your ROM hack from others for the player.

Ultimately, the approval of a thread is up to the moderator's discretion.

Threads are subject to moderator approval.
Moderators will review threads submitted to ensure they meet the requirements outlined above. Please wait 48 hours after submitting a thread before asking a moderator of its status.

Maintain civility when criticising a ROM hack.
Irrespective of your opinion, remember that the global PokéCommunity behavioral rules always apply: sarcastic comments, flaming, or any other snide comments are strictly forbidden. Try instead to be neutral in your commenting. Similarly, thread owners are expected to react calmly to the comments of others, and to not expect constant praise.