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All I knew from this event was that Diantha was based on Joan of Arc, it's awesome to know the backstory behind the other characters now! Guzma's is especially interesting to know about. Now I know why I loved this event and its designs so much. <3

Celesteela was chosen as Jasmine’s partner because it is based on Princess Kaguya from “The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter” and thus continues the princess motif found in Jasmine’s overall special costume design.
ahh today I learned, this is neat


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Pokémon really does go hard on the references and it's one of my favourite things about the games as a whole - even if it's not in your face visible, there's a lot of thinking that goes behind quite a few things in the games!


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I don't think it's worth an edit to the article itself, but I wanted to mention that I'm aware that Guzma's outfit might actually be referencing Takeda Shingen instead of Yukimura. They're both significant figures from the Sengoku period, and it wasn't easy to decide which one was being referenced. Here's some information on Takeda Shingen if you are interested, (he was also in Pokémon Conquest as well).