FireRed Pokemon Doubles FireRed 1.01 Update

Started by TheLastMudkip April 28th, 2023 12:51 PM
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Posted June 26th, 2023
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Hello pokécommunity, I am proud to announce the official release of Pokémon Doubles FireRed.
Doubles Firered is a Firered enhancement hack that allows you to explore the fascinating world of the generation 3 doubles through engaging double battles. All game mechanics have been kept as they are in vanilla to allow you to experience the unique quirks that the first generation of double battles has.

Generation 3 doubles battles sit in a unique position compared to the future generations of double battles. There is a sharp mechanical difference starting in generation 4 that fundamentally change how doubles battles play. For one gen 3 is the only generation with double battles and no physical special split. Additionally, spread moves like Hyper Voice deal 50% damage instead of the 75% in future generations. Furthermore, moves that hit all mons on the field, such as Earthquake and Explosion, have no spread reduction making them quite powerful. Another interesting quirk is that mons are switched into battle immediately after one faints. This opens the ability to have interesting strategies where you knock out one of the opponent's mons and they switch in another that you can now kill before it even gets to attack. In ideal scenarios, you can get the legendary 4 mon kill in 1 turn. Speed control also is quite different in gen 3 when compared to future generations in that it does not have Trick Room or Tailwind. This makes it so moves like Icy Wind and weather setting moves are quite powerful options. Swift Swim and Chlorophyll let you get a discount tailwind which can be quite fun. Lastly, in gen 3 held berries are consumed at the end of the turn meaning that you can hit a mon 2 times and kill it before it consumes its Sitrus Berry. In future gens the Sitrus Berry could be consumed between hits allowing the mon to survive both hits.

All of this to say, generation 3 double battles are quite interesting with their vanilla mechanics and I am yet to see a hack that lets you explore all of the unique quirks they have. This is where Doubles Fire Red comes in. Doubles Fire Red strives to be an opportunity to allow the player to explore the unique world of generation 3 doubles within the Kanto region. All non legendary Pokémon from gens 1-3 are available for you to build your dream doubles team with. On top of this all mons have had their level up move sets adjusted so that they can learn any generation 3 egg, tutor, or event moves that you might have wanted on that mon. Additionally, learnsets have been tweaked to reflect that doubles is the primary game mode instead of singles.

Since the player has been given the ability to craft such powerful strategies, all trainers have new teams to create more engaging double battles. This includes powerful boss fights against gym leaders and rivals. All trainers also use the champion ai in order to have more consistent ai behavior and interesting fights.

Gameplay Features:
  • Every single trainer battle is now a double battle.
  • All trainers have had improved teams and ai to allow for more engaging battles.
  • All non legendary Pokémon from gens 1-3 are available to catch.
  • All Pokémon have been distributed in a way that gives every Pokémon an opportunity to shine at some point in the game.
  • All Pokémon have had enhanced level up move sets to give them access to any of the legal generation 3 egg, tutor, and event moves via level up.
  • Pokemarts and hidden items have been adjusted to allow for more interesting team composition through the use of held items.
  • Rare Candies are purchase able in pokemarts.
  • Move Relearner no longer requires mushrooms.
  • Brand new in game trades.
  • All move tutors are re-usable.
  • Adjusted level curve

TLDR: Doubles Fire Red changes all trainer battles to challenging double battles using Pokémon from gens 1-3. The unique mechanics of Gen 3 doubles are preserved to allow you to experience this very special metagame.

Download the ips here:
Patch a clean 1.0 version of Firered (1636 Squirrels version of FireRed)

Documentation can be found here:

Join the discord:


Special thanks to:
The developers of the tools I used:
Haven and the rest of the Hex Maniac Advanced Crew
The Advanced Map Crew
The xse script editor crew

as well as all my beta testers:

Bugs: If you enter a double battle with only 1 living Pokémon you will cause FireRed to glitch so try and avoid that if possible. If you do get in that scenario your best bet is to wipe to the trainer to avoid getting the game in a weird state.
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Posted June 26th, 2023
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1.01 Patch Update

- Fixed a bug in B1F rocket hideout that causes the player character to duplicate if you open a menu.
- Updated trainer locations in Mt. Moon, Route 9, Route 24, Rock Tunnel and Rocket Hideout.
- Fixed some hidden berries to give the player the correct hidden berry.
- Manectric and Swalot had there Abilities 1 and 2 swapped. (Trainers will now have Lightning Rod Manectric and Sticky Hold Swalot instead of Static and Liquid Ooze)

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This seems interesting, just thought i'd ask, how about Ev distribution? Do gym leaders and regular trainers have improved EV spreads?
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Posted June 26th, 2023
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In this version, can i evoled the pokemon requied trade ?
Awesome !! Thank for your work!
Yes. All trade evolutions have had there evo method changed so you can obtain them through normal game progression. See the documentation for each mons specific evo method.
Most are level up evos but some are stones.