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  1. M

    FireRed hack: Pokemon False Red Redux

    Pokémon False Red Redux is a project that aims to improve the psychological horor ROMhack of the same name. Improvements include more high effort dialogue, shrunked down, barebones dungeons (after all, Red has done it all before you), and an entirely different postgame involving a certain...
  2. Y

    [General] N/A

    I am close to finishing my Firered Dex, and Bellsprout is one of the last I am seeking. I can only trade through XY, ORAS, or USUM. Thanks!
  3. TaviTurnip

    Disparity between AdvanceMap colors and in-game colors

    Hey guys. I'll keep the details strict and to the point: This is a binary FireRed hack. I've been using AM 1.92. There is nothing previously wrong with the hack or its tilesetting or colors, and this issue doesn't impact any existing maps. It's isolated to this one situation. This has involved...
  4. Sunnygo7

    What is the pointer for the first POKéMON in the last box in FRLG?

    I'm making an distributor for FRLG and need help with the first POKéMON in the last box's pointer would be so it can edit that point with a POKéMON like Latios Thanks, Sunnygo7
  5. E

    Hey Guys need help changing Boy/Girl in German on FR

    Hi Guys, first Things first, the Forum is pretty impressive and awesome. I read it a lot. Now is the first time i need help with a topic. I always wanted to make my on Pokemon Rom Hack but I always found it very confusing and i literally have NO idea how to do it. I somehow managed to edit...
  6. P

    [Game Idea] Pokemon DawnGold

    Since I played Pokemon Gold/Silver and its remakes HeartGold and SoulSilver, I've always loved the Johto region and I thought it would be neat to make my own rom hack. However, that dream is now dead. Because of AdvanceMap being incapable of understanding which name is for the maps I made, I...
  7. sylingga


    POKEMON RE:VERSE Developed using HexManiac Advance IMPORTANT NOTE : Intro : Summary : Changelog : [/SIZE][/B] [/spoiler] Progress : Feature : Screenshots : Bugs : FAQ : [/spoiler] Download : Discord : Hall of Fame : Credits : Please remind me if there's...
  8. T

    FireRed hack: Pokemon Doubles FireRed 1.01 Update

    Hello pokécommunity, I am proud to announce the official release of Pokémon Doubles FireRed. Doubles Firered is a Firered enhancement hack that allows you to explore the fascinating world of the generation 3 doubles through engaging double battles. All game mechanics have been kept as they...
  9. Unfolding

    FireRed hack: [COMPLETED] Accept Defeat, Version 2.0

    Note: There's no grinding necessary, it's a puzzle! Also, please mark spoilers in the comments, especially about the mechanics and endings! ACCEPT DEFEAT A Curious, Experimental Puzzle / Short Experience / Adventure / Haiku by Unfolding INTRODUCTION AND STORY You've just survived a shipwreck...
  10. sylingga

    FireRed hack: [COMPLETED] [Fire Red] POKEMON RED EVERYWHERE - v1.9 -Red, Red, everyone is Red!!!!

    xJCj4-Rx_T0 O0dyQz9Km0I Long-term Plans Probably-Not-Happening Plans
  11. Deokishisu

    FireRed hack: [COMPLETE][pokefirered] Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen+

    Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen+ https://github.com/Deokishisu/FRLG-Plus Please read the FAQ located here before asking questions or opening issues. Introduction The intention of this hack is to be the definitive FireRed and LeafGreen experience, adding in many quality of life and gameplay...
  12. M

    FireRed hack: Pokemon: Inverse Alter

    Hello pokecommunity I bring you my latest mini-hack. Pokemon: Inverse Alter This is a base fire red rom hack, where a few major things are changed. (Or reversed ;) I'll leave that part a surprise but other than that most things are the same. Before I get to the changes, I want to give a...
  13. M

    FireRed hack: Presenting: THE RANDOM HACK (version 1.85 complete)

    Alright before I get started on this I want to get the thanks out of the way first. So! Firstly I'd like to thank colours, for coming up with the idea for this hack, and honorable mention to roni, who thought the idea would be cool. Next huge thanks to the makers of and contributers to the...
  14. Child Amnesiac

    Discontinued: Pokémon Sevii [New version Beta 3.5 out now!]

    Pokémon Seviibook StoryYou are a 15 year old boy living on One Island, one day Celio gets you to run an errand, and decides to give you an Eevee to protect yourself. Whilst this errand is being run, Celio's other Eevee gets stolen by a mysterious boy from a criminal organisation known as Team...
  15. Skeli

    FireRed hack: Pokémon Unbound [COMPLETED]

    Skeli Games PresentsI give full permission for the contents of this thread to be hosted on external sites! IntroductionHello Pokécommunity, my name is Skeli and this is my one and only ROM Hack. I began ROM Hacking seriously in 2016, and since then I've written various ASM routines, created the...
  16. Misheard Whisper

    FireRed update

    Been playing through me old FR recently. Started off with Bulbasaur, caught a Pidgey on Route 1. First Gym was a joke. Brock's Pokemon went down in one hit each. Caught a Zubat in Mt Moon, Ivysaur pwned Misty with no trouble. Pretty darn cruisy. Caught a Dugtrio to help beat Surge, but, um...
  17. Misheard Whisper

    Let's do the Time Warp agaaaaaaaaaain

    Whooshing back in time to Generation III! I picked up Emerald and FireRed again the other day, and I am having so much fun. I'm novelising Emerald as I go through it, but FireRed is just 4 teh lulz. And there are plenty of lulz. I caught a Zubat and named it Shinji (dun ask why just cos)...