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Posted August 22nd, 2023
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The first spinoff title not on mobile for a while!

Staff Anime Villain Collab - Earl de Darkwood - Interstella 5555

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The Retelling of Pokémon Colosseum
Paired to Sheep :>


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Looking forward to Detective Pikachu but I can't help but feel like the game looks like it's using 3DS-era graphics or is it just me?


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Sentret confirmed!!! Can't wait to get furret

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I woke up 5 minutes before the presentation, so I was kind of out of it during the early stuff. I need to rewatch the Detective Pikachu Returns part of the presentation to give my full thoughts on that.

I'm looking forward to the Scarlet/Violet DLC. I really need to complete the base game though.

I tried to keep my expectations in check, but part of me was really hoping they'd re-release the main series GBA games. I don't know if TPCi is willing to re-release those games with a PEGI 18 rating (because of the stupid Game Corner minigames that aren't even fun), so anyone living in those territories are likely out of luck. I can already play those games, so I guess I shouldn't be disappointed, but I feel bad for anyone who wants to play them on real hardware without taking out a bank loan for a non-bootleg cartridge. (Does NSO count as real hardware?)
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