Pokémon Acanthite – The GSC Prequel

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Developed in RPG Maker XP

- Over 150 new realistic Pokémon concepts
- Brand new Merto region, a huge new part of the Pokémon world to explore
- Play as Kamon/Silver, the rival character from Gold and Silver, and uncover his backstory, why he travels to Johto, and why he is the way he is in those games.
- Multiple paths through the game in an engaging, character driven storyline: YOU choose how the story unfolds as you play. Will you choose to do right or wrong? And which is which?
- 7 different endings, each giving a new twist
- 8 new gym leaders and an all new Pokémon League format
- New Pokégear
- A visual update for the overworld, Pokédex, and battles
- Online play

Part 1 – Fangking’s Update
Part 2 – The Acanthite Team
Part 3 – Credits
Part 4 – The Story
Part 5 – New Pokémon
Part 6 – Merto
Part 7 – Characters
Part 8 – Screenshots

Part 1 – Fangking’s Update

New look Acanthite, new look website, lots of completed Pokémon designs. Things are going good! My apologies for the delays, but the design team and I are in full flow at the minute :) Look forward to demo.

Part 2 – The Acanthite Team

Fangking Omega – Project coordinator, maps and story

Cipher – Webmaster and TCG co-ordinator

Afti - Management, story, PBS parsing

Pyro - Custom tiles developer

Pookiesnook – Music composer

Count Splatula - Art and critique

Venomwind – Attack coordinator and TCG spoiler maker

Jake - Spriter and ideas contributor

Shadowshocker - Pokémon data and names

Concore - Artist

AB-C - Movesets, sidequests, TMs list

Riceeman - Sprite and overworld work

Minorthreat - Tiles and autotiles

Narodin - Tiles and OWs

Part 3 – Credits

I owe credits to the following who have helped out so far, knowingly if permission was required or unknowingly if their stuff was available for universal use.

Poccil and Wichu for the superb starter kit and other vital assistance!

Avatar - His overworld sprites are sheers magic.
Huge thanks to Kymotonian for his contributions and assistance with the tileset, and also to Speed. Alistair has also provided some vital stuff. Other credits for the tiles go to myself, Narodin, Concore, Pyro, Mateo, Gridiron, Neon Screen, Remy, Mattgcn and Cuddles.

Thanks to Pokemaniac for contributions to the ideas
Thanks to 23745, Iron Vaati, Minorthreat, Maneachicken, [ray.z] and Taillowfluff for sprite work
Thanks to RegisteelDS for some amazing Pokémon and inspiration

Special thanks to:
The Traveler

Part 4 – The Story

The Pokémon Acanthite story is intended to set the scene for the Gold and Silver era of games. The story of this prequel takes place some months before the events of Gold and Silver and it endeavours to explain the nature of the rival character from those games (who shall be referred to as Kamon). Pokémon Acanthite will attempt to explain Kamon’s seemingly evil and uncaring attitude observed in the GSC series by revealing the series of events that made him the way he is. How? You, the player, are given the opportunity to choose.

Set in the fictional Merto region, the story of Pokémon Acanthite is split down multiple paths, determined by the choices you make as you progress. The inherent choices are between what is right and what is wrong, but the definition of each end of the spectrum is never wholly clear.

Almost three years had passed since the fall of the once mighty Team Rocket at the hands of an emerging young Pokémon Trainer. The Rocket organisation, once devoted to crime and corruption, vanished without trace. The region of Kanto was at last free from the pollution of their evil and Team Rocket had become little more than a memory.

However, even without the guiding hand of former boss Giovanni, there were whispers among former Rocket members about a revival. In secret, they began to reform under the leadership of Giovanni’s ruthless General, Argus. Feared and respected greatly among his peers, he assumed the mantle of Team Rocket Boss as they planned their comeback. Under his iron will, they were prepared to take the steps they needed to in order to regain the power they once held.


In the town of Newbloom Bay, located by the east coast of the Merto region, Kamon was preparing himself for an important expedition. The renowned Professor Willow, a close associate of Kamon’s father, had invited him to accompany her to Sunrise Isle. Willow’s friend and study partner Professor Elm claimed to have discovered Pokémon indigenous solely to the island, and she was keen to investigate. She and Kamon were due to sail on board her boat, the vessel Serendipity, to the island in the east.

After gathering his equipment, Kamon went downstairs to find his sister Kiren in the kitchen with her favorite Pokémon, Sympholy. Their father had already set off earlier that day for a conference in Mezereon City. He had close ties to Aspen Corporation and S.U.M., the Science Union of Merto, and funded a great many of their research and development projects. "Don't be late," Kiren said, "or the Professor may set off without you!"

The Professor was already aboard Serendipity and was waiting for Kamon. As soon as he arrived, they set off for Sunrise Isle. When they landed, they headed to a research facility where they met Prof. Elm. Elm gave them instructions and very soon Kamon and Prof. Willow were in the forest, hunting for the New Fern Pokémon, Frondilo. Willow presented Kamon with a Poké Ball for the first time, explaining that he had to throw it at a Wild Pokémon in order to catch it. Once Frondilo was in their grasp, they proceeded to seek out Kindlejou, the Live Flame Pokémon, and Reptide, the Estuary Pokémon.

With the three rare Pokémon in tow, Kamon and Willow sailed back to Newbloom Bay and Kamon headed home. As he approached the front door, however, a nasty surprise lay in wait.

Two men dressed in black uniforms with a red “R” on the front emerged from the door, followed by a tall, cold figure, swathed in a black travelling cape. His mane of steel grey hair hung around his cold eyes as he surveyed the shocked figure of Kamon. The man demanded Kamon's name.

"I see... My name? I am Argus." He paused. "I came by hoping that I might find your father here. It has taken us an unfortunately long time to trace him here, and typically he is absent. We have need of his services once again."

Kamon was well aware of his father's old job. Recognising the red "R" on Argus' badge and his henchmen's uniforms, memories of his father's membership of the criminal organisation Team Rocket came flooding back. How could they not? Those years had caused his family so much agony before his father left the Team when they disbanded and Kamon's family fled the Kanto region to start a new life, a better life. Kamon's father had once been integral to Team Rocket's plans, but he had since vowed to live an honest life, funding beneficial research and partaking in S.U.M. related projects. How could it be that Argus had found them three years later?

"You don't know where he is? A pity. I had hoped you would be far more helpful. Moreso than your dear sister anyway," he added with a sinister grin. "She was rather uncooperative. I am sure she now regrets her decision to stand up to us."

Kamon's fists clenched. "You're thinking of taking me on too, boy?" Argus snarled in a chilling rasp of a voice. "How do you propose to do this without your own Pokémon? You could never hope to challenge me. Stand down before you regret it."

Argus pushed Kamon aside and marched out of Newbloom Bay with his Rocket thugs, calling back to the angry boy he left in his wake, "I should hope our paths never cross again."

As soon as Team Rocket were out of sight, Kamon hurried inside to find his sister weeping in the corner. "Sympholy..." she gasped between heavy sobs. "They... They took her. They hurt her." The realisation then hit the two of them. "Dad."

Kamon hurried to get his PokéGear from upstairs. He brought it down so that Kiren could call their father who was completely unaware of the danger that would be headed his way. "Dad," Kiren blurted out as soon as he answered. "You need to run. Team Rocket... They were here. Looking for you."

Their father understood. When he fled Team Rocket, he had taken the vital papers on their latest and biggest project, Project GEMININE. The outcome of this project would have resulted in Team Rocket having an unimaginable and terrifying amount of power, and only he had the research on how to advance. It was vital that he kept these plans away from his former comrades. He at once decided to hide out in the mountains of Merto, leaving his children with a warning to stay safe and to let Professor Willow watch over them.

Kiren, however, had different ideas. They set off at once to Professor Willow's house, seeking protection. "Dad told us to come to you for help," she told the sympathetic Professor as she recounted their tale of Team Rocket's attack. Willow at once took them to Serendipity and allowed them to choose one of the Pokémon that Kamon had helped her catch. "These will be your partners and will allow you to defend yourself should Team Rocket come looking for you." Kamon and Kiren chose their Pokémon and made to head home.

Outside, Kiren stopped her brother. "We can't just stand by and let them hunt our Dad. They may be here forever looking for him. What if he can't come home? Kamon, we have to help him." Leaving Newbloom Bay with a Pokémon in tow, they set out to destroy Team Rocket once and protect their father. However, what dark paths might this journey lead them down? What trials and impossible decisions may they have to face in order to reach their goals? You decide.

Part 5 – New Pokémon

So! After a re-evaluation of our Pokédex kickstarted by Nelson, we have finally come up with what should be the COMPLETE list of new Pokémon that are going to appear in Pokémon Acanthite. There will be 157 new Pokémon in Pokémon Acanthite.

The redesign process, initially led by Nelson before his (temporary) departure, has been taken over by the remarkable duo of Acanthite veteran KangasKid and highly talented artist Purple Kecleon. The vast majority of new work is courtesy of these two. Nelson's contributions and suggestions have also been paramount in making what is, in my honest and thoroughly biased opinion, the strongest fanmade Pokédex on the internet.

Enjoy the new designs and we'll keep updating this thread with new design improvements and art.

New art is being contributed, and to a high standard, by Hallm3 and ComfyCushion.

Due to massive consumption of bandwidth, I have removed direct links to images on the Acanthite site. The Pokédex is found at http://pokemonacanthite.com/pokemon.php

We are still in the middle of an extensive redesign process and some of the older designs may yet be revised but no Pokémon should be replaced now.

It's very difficult to assign credits sometimes as several people may have worked on design elements for any specific Pokémon. I have put credits beside each Pokémon based on who I think had the most influence on the Pokémon's appearance but other people may have been involved in drawing the Pokémon in other ways.

C = Concore
CG = Cascade Gonpory
CS = Count Splatula
F = Fangking Omega
JC = Jacob Coutino
K = KangasKid
N = Nelson
NR = NeoRyder
PK = Purple Kecleon
R = Rosakai
RDS = RegisteelDS
S = ShiShiKo

Most coloured artwork except for Serpyrent (by Fangking Omega based on a pose by KangasKid) is by Nelson. Non-coloured sketches are generally, but not exclusively, attributable to Purple Kecleon and KangasKid. Purple Kecleon is to be thanked for giving up her time to draw up final sketches and also refining the designs.

Each piece of art will be replaced by official, final art when it is complete.

I have tagged the new Pokémon who are not in the previous list of Acanthite Pokémon - in some cases these are Pokémon that have "returned" from a previous stage of the design process but as they have been only now reintroduced, they can be considered "new".

I have also tagged updated Pokémon that have changed significantly from their previous incarnations.

With credit and thanks to Maneachicken for inspiring Matomic and Nuclound
Special thanks to Shadowshocker for some of the names
Thank you to eversosubtle and NintendoJR for help and suggestions
And to all the staff who have contributed and assisted in the design process for Pokémon Acanthite.

Part 6 – Merto

We wanted as much authenticity to the Pokémon series as was possible. Now, the first thing to do here is base the region on an actual Japanese region.

Based loosely on the Tohoku region of Japan, the new Merto came to life. If one studies the north-east part of the main island of Japan, that's what it is. You'll see a little peninsula on there at the top, and that was adapted into an island. The two main parts of Merto are Amoro (north) and Hokoh (south).

Tohoku was suitable for many reasons. It's quite mountainous and harsh in terrain, as is Merto, and also very scenic. Also, there are three sacred mountains which were adapted into the elemental triangle surrounding Tyridan Isle. Overlake City becomes a reference to the large lakes in Tohoku. And being a Pokémon game, we had some creative license over what else to do :)

There's a couple more towns and locations just to enrich the experience and spread the sections of the game out so it doesn't seem rushed. All in all, it should be a very interesting region to explore.

The map itself - thanks to Houndoomed for the basis and the graphics I used to put this together.

1. Newbloom Bay
2. Elderwood Town
3. Pinefall City
4. Alderford City
5. Hollybuck Town
6. Mezereon City
7. Pecanshore City
8. Taramind Island
9. Overlake City
10. Dustlock Town
11. Bambotta City
12. Lusterleaf Port
13. Paloverde City
14. Hazelfrost City
15. Cliffwing Town
16. Rhusbay Town
17. Greatvine Mountain

a. Limeburg Forest
b. Larix Cave
c. Ambrine Orchard
d. Knothaven Cave
e. Purification Plant
f. Southwood Reserve
g. Novene Temple
h. Mt. Miasma
i. Gonia Marsh
j. Myrica Pass
k. Victory Road

LIMEBURG FOREST (Preview only)

Old maps for reference:

Part 7 – Characters


Kamon’s sister
Uses: Starter strong against your own + mixed type Pokémon
Note: Mateo's concept

Professor Willow

Leading scientist of S.U.M.
Friend of Kamon’s father
Gives Kamon his first Pokémon


Gym Leader of Pinefall City
Uses Electric types


Gym Leader of Alderford City
Watcher of Larix Cave
Uses Grass types


Gym Leader of Mezereon City
Leading scientist of S.U.M.
Designer of the Porygon program
Uses [indefinite – science(?) +Virus] types


Gym Leader of Taramind Island
Uses Ghost types


Gym Leader of Overlake City
Uses Water types


Gym Leader of Paloverde City
Uses Dragon types


Gym Leader of Maplegrove City
Uses Dark types

Gym Leader of Elderwood City


Team Rocket Leader
Uses ???

Thanks to 23745 for these outstanding sprites!

Part 8 – Screenshots

Further information can be found on our website. Link in my signature :)


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Yay! The Game is Up! and Im Excellent? Aw.... Geee... Thanks. I'll get more done today, and If I get Bored, the Overworlds are coming.

EDIT: Just got this Guy Done. Could Be a Gym Leader, or a 'Dark Sailor'.

MDarkGang.PNG (Click for larger image)

Looking at it, it reminds me of a Creepy YMCA dude...

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As I've said on the old thread this game is superb! I love the new Pokémon and the storyline is awesome too. If you need BETA Testers, count me in!
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I would like to welcome [ray.z] to the staff. He is a magnificent spriter and is assisting with the trainer sprites along with Maneachicken.

Also, the 3 Ice/Steel reptiles now have names: Harnail, Reptice and Ferrule. They will have abilities such as Cold Blood.


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God best fan game I HAVE EVER SEEN MADE. Everything is good from the fakemon to the maps to JUST WELL EVERYTHING!

P.S. which game maker is this being made in?
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Yay!!! Looks so awsome!!! Keep at it!
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