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  1. Makin' some icons

    Not very good ones either :< Tell me if you like/hate thank you very much~ That's all for now.
  2. Suggest a song/game/anime/manga/site to me

    I'm bored. Suggest something to me, thanks in advance! Oh yeah um Mienfoo 240+ eggs
  3. Zeffy

    I have been busy...

    I had some inactivity in PC. Well, at least I think so. I was busy playing Minecraft day and night. I mean, I just got the game and its very addicting for a game with crappy graphics. Its very addicting. Can't explain. =p So yeah, Minecraft started out as sort of a scary game for me. I mean...
  4. Taemin

    mygod, really.. D:

    I'm gonna agree with Syd's blog right now.. which was the blog posted before this one, just FYI. & I'm gonna say this.. It's 2:15am, I've been on PC entirely too much today.. and yet I'm still sitting here lurking, because I can't sleep. Insomnia ftw. I'd be talking people's ears off (or...
  5. E

    Anime recommendations please? :D

    So, I'm bored and also went on hiatus for two RPs I'm in on LJ, so if the Wi-Fi where I'm at doesn't act up much like it has been (it's been good so far, surprisingly O_O), I'll probably be able to get on here more often. Thus, I'd like to hear anyone's anime suggestions. I'm not too keen on...
  6. Misheard Whisper

    Bored blog

    CHRIS BROWN'S 'FOREVER' JUST CAME ON C4! Are you jealous yet? You know who you are. WE HAVE A MUSIC CHANNEL CALLED 'C4'! Now are you jealous? Now everyone else knows who I'm talking about, too. ~FOREEEVERRRR~ *is really, really bored* The oneshot I mentioned last time - you know, with the...