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  1. Swdfm

    Graphics: Basic Dark Mode for Essentials

    Are your eyes as depressingly pathetic and light sensitive as mine? Do you feel like you are going to crumble every time a white flash comes up on the screen? Perhaps you like developing fangames in a dark environment, or have had one of your team complaining about eye strain problems? Maybe you...
  2. Sweet Serenity

    Everything about the Grass/Dark Type-Combination

    Everything about the Grass/Dark Type-Combination On July 1st, 2022, I replied to a thread that asked for opinions on the Grass/Dark type combination. While the thread starter was convinced that the Grass/Dark typing was the worst possible type-combination, I respectfully disagreed and shared my...
  3. Gray-_-Hatred

    [Pokémon] Existence of Nothing Volume 1

    Alright, Before you start reading, let me do a quick little warning. There's violence, Profanity, Sexual Content, Just a bunch of mature content. By the way, I have the same story posted up on Fanfiction and Newgrounds, but I think this'll be my main place for posting. So yeah, Enjoy...
  4. Timbjerr

    Laziness (subtitled: Why I haven't been on PC lately)

    I'll admit to being an addict. D: I was also busy with a ton of extra hours at work and engaging in the process of enrolling in Spring classes. XD