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  1. El Héroe Oscuro

    Netflix Makes Strides With 'Magic School Bus' Reboot (Flobots, FoxTrot ,Villains) [Daily Bloggity Entry #384]

    [css-div="background-color: #663399; border-style: solid; border-color: black"] [color=white] Netflix Makes Strides With 'Magic School Bus' Reboot Date: 10 February 2017 Time: 10:24 AM ET Mood: So fucking hot right now Follow me on Twitter! Send me a VM! Get ready for a crazy and wacky ride...
  2. Cura

    1/15 - Panzer Blog Reboot

    Well, this was a suddenly change of plans. A while while back, my friend Pinkie-Dawn started his blog on here and I was always 'ghosting' around on it and many other sites. Just watching, reading and give my view or comment in another fashion. Then I remember this old, dusty section of my PC...