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10/13/16- Rainy rainy


sleeping cutie
I thought that I would start to keep a diary of sorts, that I could look back on from time to time.
Today, I had an interview for a cashier's position at Shell Station but I decided not to take it because there was no health benefits and the commute was too far. The ride there was okay, I played Love Live on my phone and got to listen to some music on the walk there. It rained nonstop all day! I didn't mind once I was inside, but I got drenched outside. I even got on the wrong bus and had to needlessly walk a bunch in the downpour.
When I got home, I got real toasty, and made some hot noodles and tea and called my mom. I hung out in bed on the server all day while battling and listening to music, and had online class at night. It was a nice day...
I'm kind of worried about the storm this weekend though. I have to take a bus over a freeway bridge, in high winds... So I'm a bit nervous. Hopefully I don't get called into work on Saturday, when the storm is really bad.
I'll enjoy the last few hours of today with my friends... And then it's back to work again tomorrow!