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Approved for Running: 20 Years In the Wild/ Pokemon Snap


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    Making this now because there's no thread and we're running outta time :c

    - When is it launching? I know you said 10 days but which ten days. If we want some squirm room we could go for 11th-21st so it could be planned for a few more days.

    - Should we make a separate category for GO images? So a general creative Pokemon photography one judging on quality etc and one on the creativity of where you captured a Pokemon? I think if we include GO as a separate category it'll get tons more entries

    - Who's making emblems?

    - Who's making CSS?

    - Rules??

    - Is there anything else we need??
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    zappy is supposed to be the lead in this, but what we talked about earlier was that it, like the other art contest (which hey i will make in a sec) is supposed to run the full amount, so you have most of the days for submissions and a day or so for judging the entrants.

    I don't think we literally meant to have Pokemon GO as submissions or entries, while I don't doubt it would be interesting, this wouldn't quite be as artists as we planned. We talked about categories of judging being the photography quality and the implementation of the pokemon in the photo quality.

    No one has made the emblems yet! I can always make them if no one else is.

    I would assume zappy would make the CSS.

    Again, I think zappy was working on the more official drafts so I don't know what rules she already had down. Probably your standard no stealing, only edit photos you own, only insert official pokemon art and sprites into the image (not from an independent artist's work), submit within the deadline, keep your photographs to a reasonable size, must contain 1 or more pokemon in the image.

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    Sorry this took long, kinda screwed up the CSS earlier when chrome crashed on me :s Could you guys check this for me! Hope you don't mind Forever, I based some of it off some of the previous GT Photography comps you've hosted in the past!

    I've already started making the emblems, but wasn't sure how many we should have. In previous years it's been participants + top 2 or 3. Is that okay, or is there any more you guys want to add?

    As for Pokemon GO, I don't particularly mind whether we add it or not - taking photos on the Pokemon GO beta was what kinda gave me the idea in the first place, but we'd need a different marking guide to judge them if it were to go through.

    Speaking of which, we need to make a list of what we're judging the entries on:
    Photo quality
    Edit quality
    Uniqueness of idea

    Is what we have so far? What else can we add?


    What does this event involve?

    Time to bring out your cameras and boot up your camera phone apps! The GT Photography Contest is back!
    Since it's the 20th anniversary of Pokemon this year, we'll be doing something a little more special!

    Participants are challenged with taking photos and combine them with Pokemon images/ sprites to create Pokemon Snap/ GO-like photography. Entries will be judged based on photo quality, edit quality, uniqueness of idea etc.

    Your photos can be taken on anything that is able to take a photo! So don't worry if you don't have the fanciest DSLR camera out there - you're phone will be just fine!


    • Do not steal other peoples work and claim as your own.
    • Always leave a link to the pokemon render or sprite you use.
    • The maximum size for the photo is 1000 x 1000
    • You MUST put your photo in a spoiler!
    • Only insert Pokemon that are OFFICIAL art or in-game sprites. You may NOT use art work that is created by other artists.
    • Your entry must contain 1 or more pokemon in the image.
    • Any photo taken previously can be edited and used for this competition.


    zappyspiker, Nina & Forever


    Competition Begins Friday 8th July
    Entries Closed Wednesday 20th July Time: TBD
    Judging: Thursday 21st July Time: TBD
    Results Out: Friday July 22nd Time: TBD


    Every person who participates in the contest will get an emblem! But there will be more for those who go the extra mile.

    PokeSnapshot Participant
    This member participated in the 2016 GT14 20 Years of Pokemon Snapshots event
    20 Years In the Wild/ Pokemon Snap

    PokeSnapshot Runner-Up:
    So close, yet so far! This member was the runner-up for the 2016 GT14 20 Years of Pokemon Snapshots event
    20 Years In the Wild/ Pokemon Snap

    PokeSnapshot Winner:
    This Snapshot Master took away first place in the 2016 GT14 20 Years of Pokemon Snapshots event.
    20 Years In the Wild/ Pokemon Snap


    20 Years In the Wild/ Pokemon Snap
    20 Years In the Wild/ Pokemon Snap


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    Looks good :)

    I was thinking of go being a bonus part. We'd generally judge on creativity and how incredibly strange it would be to find the Pok?mon there etc (or else ppl will enter the main comp with go images).