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So 2012 is believed to be one of the armageddon theories, when I say this, I mean one of the many armageddon theories that have come and gone in the past i.e the Y2K Bug was one of them yet, here we are.. 11 years past that date so why is this date so significant, what makes this date so special, I say nothing, it's just another day of another month of another year.

I used to be paranoid about this when I first saw this myself, I was a believer of this theory for some months, but then I researched into it some more, at first I thought the reason for this was that Planet X or Nibiru was going to crash into earth, but Nibiru, dosen't exsist, even NASA said so, and Planet X is the term given to an unamed Planet in the Solar System. Then I read about the Galactic Rift or The Dark Rift theory, which made more sence of being plausable, but then I read into it and we don't actually pass through the galactic rift for another 20 million years or so because we are somewhat 100 lightyears above the Galactic Equator. The Mayan Calander ending has NO link to the end of the world, it's just a hoax, something for scaremongers to base their theories on. I'll tell you what happend after the Mayan Calander on 21st December 2012, it will go onto the next Baktun (14th) that will last for another 144,000 days, just like the 13th did (the one that ends on 21st December, 2012)
The real threats are natural, things like volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, asteroids ect.

The only real concern scientists have is the Solar Maximum that will occur 2012-2013 when the sun will be at it's greatest solar activity which will cause Solar Flares to be released from the sun jolting it towards earth which will knock out most of the satelite and paralyze electricity for several months, that's the only real threat that is occuring in the next couple of years, the only reason NASA is worrying is because we rely so much on technology, and this happened back in the 1800's but back then there wasn't any technology.. well hardly. What i'm trying to say is if this was true, why would NASA be warning us about the Solar Storms for 2012-2013 which bare in mind, 2013 is after 2012.

This is just my opinion, if it happens, then I'm wrong and there's nothing we can do about it, but it sounds a bit far fetched to be real.


NASA doesn't believe in 2012. They're scientists, and they aren't stupid. :P

As for the Mayan calendar, I believe that the calendar ended because they expected to live long enough to have the next cycle of the calendar calculated before 2012.
Everyone thought judgment was going to come in the year 1000. Yep.

We know the world will eventually end like life does, so that's why we get all these theories, but I'm going to bet this planet will last longer than humankind will.
If it happens it happens. Let's just make sure we enjoy our lives while we have them. Personally, I think 2012 is a load of Trubbish. However, I'm concerned that there will be a lot of suicides in December 2012. Why must we be so stupid? :(

Oh well, when the world's being destroyed I'll be on the roof of a building singing "It's the final countdooown!"


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I swear in 2012 I'm going to wake up at 6 A.M. and shout on a megaphone "YOU FAIL!"


If it ain't Dutch,it ain'tmuch
I swear this is the worst piece of **** I've ever heard. I mean, the movie was good (except that it didn't really have a story or something) but really, I've heard people are now buying all stuf of **** to be safe when "the world is ending". If it happens, we all die. If it doesn't, we take 2012 as another day when I have Christmas holidays :D