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2015 H1: From great to bad to great again!

  • So we're just about to end the sixth month of 2015, and tomorrow will be July, so we're halfway through the year. It started off quite happily, but went downhill recently, but then went in the right direction again, and that's what i'm gonna talk about right now. (Warning: This is going to be very long, so be prepared.)

    The year started off on a pretty good note, as I was entering another semester at college and took classes that involved things like acting, British literature, and books that had film adaptations. Even though I struggled at times, I was able to enjoy the work I had to do, despite the teacher of one of our classes constantly being absent for class and having it cancelled, but we found out that he also had a job at another college.

    Along the way, in February, while snow was coming, I pulled out my extra Platinum version to do a Wedlocke, which I decided to do in a story format, in the same manner as the Omega Ruby Wedlocke done by a certain Marriland challenger. People loved what they saw, and I was definitely liking what I got to do. I took it nice and slow, unlike a lot of other challenges I did.

    And when semester break came at the tail end of February and into March, I got yet another opportunity to go to Florida, where my grandparents were staying, and thank goodness for that. I had a great time there - the weather was lovely, while back home at Pennsylvania they were getting slaughtered by snow that had been getting disastrous. And we got to do some fun things there, even if it wasn't all too much beyond enjoying the sunlight and being in the water. When we returned home, things had settled down a bit, so I decided to start yet another Nuzlocke, but on my Black version, which was oriented around Pokémon's natures and how they would not occupy more than one on a team. It had been a little while since I had played BW, so it felt nice to give it a cool new spin.

    Once I was back at college, I was back to the basic norm regarding my classwork, including some journals, but it wasn't long before I really started having fun again, including getting to play Laser Tag and a few arcade games at a fun place that was over an hour from where we lived. Then after that there was a week of enjoyable activities from the Anime Club, including me failing terribly at the Wii U, making arts and crafts, and getting to play a little bit of board games. And watching a movie called Kiki's Delivery Service, which was very cute. And Bacon themed Bingo, which wasn't Anime Club sponsored but still such a fun time. Bacon themed prizes and lots of bacon for the win.

    The next day, when they couldn't get me into a van that was going to a supposedly big convention in I think Philadelphia, I was disappointed, but not too deterred, and pulled out my secondary Omega Ruby and started a Wedlocke on it that I restricted with the complete lack of any bag items in battle, which is nearing completion (i'll get to that later). After Easter weekend, when I finished my Black playthrough, there wasn't too much that happened that was too exciting, beyond attacking some of my final assignments for my classes, including a tough assignment regarding talking about multiple film versions of The Tempest, and looking at the book representation, too.

    But then, Thursday, April 23rd, the day before my birthday, our Brit Lit class read poems by Shakespeare to honor his birthday, and I also posted the fight against N in Black. But what's more, that was when that adorable sunshine (state) ball, AquaMarine8, joined these forums. She was nothing but a total joy to talk to, with her constant use of happy emoticons and her lovely May avatar. It didn't take long for her to have a great time talking to me. Unrelated, but that night, I attended the college's semester play and then we made our way to an epic bingo game. Amazing day.

    The next day, Friday April 24th, was my golden birthday. I was met with lots of birthday wishes here, and on Facebook too. That morning I posted the final battle against Ghetsis in Black, and having a nice time out on campus, then I had my birthday night out.

    Great time, and it didn't stop there because the very next day, we went to Six Flags America, which was out in Maryland, and that was nice, until it rained. But I still liked it a lot. And that morning was when I began the thread for my Omega Ruby Wedlocke (I had to wait, what with two threads being open already).

    With classes winding down and me taking care of my final assignments, after talking to Aqua, I found out that she had suffered from depression and social anxiety, but she was still there and willing to talk about anything I wanted. And next thing you know, me and her were paired.

    Then, come Saturday, May 2nd, it was a very interesting day - I posted the part of Platinum where Cyrus massacred 2/3 my team, Aqua and I were still having an adorable time, and that night my dad and I saw Avengers: Age of Ultron, which was my first time going to the theater in at least a year. But that same day, as Marriland posted the Elite Four battles of his Omega Ruby Wedlocke, among them was his infamous Glacia fight, where there were two extremely controversial incidents. I remember being on my phone seeing people discuss what had happened, and I knew that Marriland was not in a good mood at all. Some of you probably know how disastrous the outcome of that went. I already posted in my last blog how disgusted I was about how this happened, but with Marriland sweeping Steven with a Minun, that was a great way for him to conclude his adventurous exploits.

    I finished my two finals, and around then, I completed my National Pokédex yet again, on Omega Ruby this time (my main copy). Within a little while, I found a shiny Swablu in a horde, and decided to give it to Aqua as a present, since she never got a shiny Pokémon of her own, and she was ecstatic about it.

    Within the next week, it was senior week, and we got to do some very fun activities, like a picnic, getting to go to Atlantic City for a second time (the first was back in September), and getting to go into the city, even if we were supposed to go twice but once the buses were on the wrong route and we failed to make it to one of them. But at that time, I hadn't heard much from Aqua at all, and it wasn't long before we were home. The following Monday (the 18th), she read a very dear message I had sent her, which she found incredibly sweet, and she said her activity was about to pick back up and that this place was home to her.

    I really thought that things between me and her were about to pick up and get even better. I told her about the amazing weekend I had, but after that next day... I heard nothing from her. I was holding hope that she'd be back, but that wasn't the case. I was hurting terribly, because she knew that I had had multiple friends disappear on me, and she said that she was there to stay and would tell me if she was going to be leaving. That wasn't the case.

    I was getting upset and she never reappeared, which led my activity here to reduce significantly. I couldn't find much to say, and I felt like I had been getting bitter and angry at people. I thought to myself that I was on the verge of leaving PC forever as I was just that (heart)broken, and I didn't even feel like myself. I had no idea what I did to deserve this. I felt like after the Get-Together, I would say farewell for good.

    On the Marriland forums I tried to speak to a few other people a little bit about what had happened, and they could only wish me (and her) the best, but I couldn't cheer myself up. Marriland himself said in one thread that he's an introvert (an introvert/extrovert thread). So in a last-ditch effort, I contacted none other than Marriland himself, told him how I feel about introversion and told him about Aqua and what I felt from her disappearing... But at the same time, I knew that she appreciated having me as a friend, and that maybe she doesn't need here anymore.

    And today, while I was at work, on my break I pulled out my phone and checked Marriland, and saw I had a PM there. It was from Devin himself, and he said that what really mattered was that I was nice to her and affected her life positively, not whether things lasted or not. I felt really happy, but I couldn't get too emotional, because I was in the break room and I didn't want to get too ecstatic or anything in front of too many other workers. :P

    Once I was home from work, I got on Twitter, and thanked him on his secondary account, @ProfWaffles, for replying to that message, and said that "even if I never see her again, i'm sure she'll be happier". Then I was notified that he had followed me. He was happy to have helped, even if he didn't really have much to say. He himself also had quite a few others disappear on him, too. I wasn't really sure what to make of his account following me, but I know he had followed a handful of others who were into Nuzlockes that they had been doing themselves. Though it is really nice when someone you've looked up to and admired for such a long time (at least 2007, maybe even 2006 when DP were new in Japan) recognizes and even follows you. And it definitely helps that I like talking about my adventures too.

    Furthermore, I really can't argue with what he said - sometimes, people may just need that virtual hug to feel better. And even if Shannon (Aqua's real name) doesn't come back, I really hope she's having a happy life, and that the nice things I said to her (and the shiny that I gave her) will help her from then on out. (If she's even alive, that is...) I've tried to help other people too, so I do get that there are some people who are trying to relieve the confines of their problems.

    I would still welcome her back with open arms if she did return, and I bet Sheep may still have more hope for her returning than I do (she not only thinks that based on how she donated to crystal tier, but that she thinks she knows I consider her a good friend and that her disappearance wasn't on purpose), but I really felt better after what I read today, and I hope she is doing alright. And should I defeat Steven in my Omega Ruby Wedlocke, I plan to dedicate that final battle in memory of her, as she loved ORAS and she even liked the first few chapters of that adventure when I posted it.

    So, i'm still hurting inside, but in light of that, thanks to what happened today, i'm happy and will definitely be staying here. And I hope my activity can pick back up next month. And let's hope the second half of this year turns out to be just as awesome a time as the first five months were.

    Hope you enjoyed my not-so-little blog about the first half of this year. Thanks!