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2018, thank you for the free trial, but I am so ready for 2019...


[i]memento mori[/i]
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    So I'm back on PC...but I don't really see myself here full-time, unfortunately. I came back just to see how things have been, and to be honest with you, it does feel different! Felt lost, too. But I guess I'll get things up to date soon!

    I decided not to get Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon. Reason why is that I have yet to finish my Sun copy! It got tedious after I finished the fourth trial, and the forced cutscenes were just...ugh tiring. I don't mean to criticise if you loved Sun and Moon, though! However, I did managed to find a rare female Salandit wild-caught! Have yet to evolve it the last time I played.

    The main reason for my disappearance was actually


    I've still yet to beat it. I just need to beat the stupid camel beast (Urbosa's Fury). All the others are way too easy.

    Plus other games too. I got a PS4 for Christmas with the Crash Bandicoot remastered! I'm looking forward to getting Horizon Zero Dawn, Bloodbourne, Little Big Planet, and possibly Fallout 4 and Battlefield! Might also get Overwatch just to play with my PS4 buddies.

    So, I guess a quick update on life. Unfortunately 2018 went off on a bad start on me. Found out that I will be out of a job after March 9th, so I've been scrambling to secure another job before that date. Roy graduated from college last month, and has done nothing to secure a job, let alone make the effort. He kept saying he "wants to build a future with me", but as mentioned, no effort was done. I am in the works of securing a place of my own (as a goal of mine this year), and I'll be moving with or without him.

    I also learned a few new things about myself too. One of them actually happened today. Apparently sympathy is my weakness, and someone whom I once had a bad history with two years ago went ahead and took advantage of me again. Sometimes...people just suck! I have trust issues for that reason.