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2019 Personal Forum Event Plans


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    • he/him
    • Seen Jul 1, 2022
    So hey, with the forums back up, I figured I would detail just some of the plans I have for events in various sections of the forums here.

    Firstly, I plan on hosting more mafia games here, because that section is one of my favorites, and I have always loved posting in games there. To start, a sequel to Doctor Who Mafia, called Doctor tWho Mafia, will (hopefully with section moderator permission) launch on the 1st of January.

    I've also bandied about ideas in my head for something relating to Sherlock, and hey, if Doctor tWho Mafia goes well, we could even see a third version of that at some point, especially since we're going to be without episodes until 2020, yikes!

    Secondly, I have received permission to host four episodes of The Price Is Right Million Dollar Spectacular here. I was hosting this on another website, but with the forums there floundering and likely to be closed soon, I sought permission to host some episodes here, which I graciously got from the two moderators of Forum Games; donavannj and Tsutarja.

    I try and host these as close as possible to the actual show, with custom graphics I make myself, and hand picked prizes that should be relatively easy to price. Look for these episodes on March 1st, June 1st, September 1st, and December 1st. I'll leave you with one teaser image...


    And finally, I hope to soon be in contact with various moderators across the forums in hopes of bringing back 30 day challenges. These were fun little questionnaires that got the creative juices flowing, and got participation from people who sometimes didn't post elsewhere! I can't promise anything on this front, but if approved, you could also see one of these start on January 1st as well. Who knows?

    2019 should be an absolutely fun time for PC, and I hope to add to it, even just a little, with cool events like these.
    Until then, have a good rest of December, and have a happy whatever holiday you celebrate!