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3rd Gen 3 favourites and 3 least favourites from gen… 3?


No money puns. They just don’t make cents.
Random idea, but what it says! Here is where you post your top 3 personal best and worst mons from gen3, and some honorable or dishonorable mentions if you wish.

As for me:

1. Aggron: Always found it fun to use. Massive movepool, hits really hard and takes physical hits just as well. Always tried to stay away from the quad weaknesses and everything works out well.

2. Manectric: Another reliable mon I rarely have bad experiences with because of it's massive power.

3. Swellow: The only downside would be the pre evo might be hard to raise due to fraility, but once you evolve it you get something that cheeses some of the bosses early on and is good to have in the early game in general.

Honourable mentions: Salamence (Possibly my current favourite psuedo legendary. It was always really good every time I tried it out), Swampert (favourite starter of this generation)

Least favourites:

1. Shiftry: Look, I tried to like this, okay? Cool concept, looks cool, so why isn't it as cool in battle? I tried using one once and that gave me a headache because it was weak to everything and didn't excell in any particular stat. Constantly reshuffled the team in that run just for it and it never payed off.

2. Deoxys: I actually tried this out, and unlike the above I actually enjoyed using it. This is only here because I just can't stand it's design, especially the defense form.

3. Luvdisc: I don't think I need to explain this one but here's hoping it gets a redeemable evolved form as soon as possible.

Dishonourable mentions: Electrike (Yes it's evolved form is one of my favourites but I don't like that ridiculously long head. I thought it was some kind of dinosaur when I first saw it), Banette (Which… I actually do kind of like! I just don't like how it's both frail and slow)
-Salamence. My favorite Pseudo.
-Metagross. My second favorite Pseudo =P Both of these are just really cool and strong.
-Milotic. Beautiful, although far too big a hassle to get back in gen 3, I still love it. It's easily one of my favorite Water types.

There are far too many candidates for those spots @_@

-Castform. It looks weird and although it would be pretty good for early game, you get it way too late in the game for it to still be useful.
-Shedinja. I want to like it and have tried to use it, but there are so many trainers with coverage that can hit it in Hoenn that it just becomes pain.
-Wynaut. Ah yes let's give the annoying troll Pokemon that traps you a baby Pokemon. The only good things about it was that you didn't really bump into them in the wild in gen 3, unless you were cursed with the Mirage Island.