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a bit of an explanation

Well in my last blog I said I was gonna be active and didn't have as much work as expected. My activity took a sudden decline because I was nearing exams and, naturally, I started to worry a bit more and then just took on a load of work. Not too long ago I finished my exams, then work experience, had a bit of chill time and now I'm here again.

I'm basically just trying to pick up where I left off (again). I always seem to want to come back to this place when I have my inactive spells which tells me I should try and be active for as long as possible. I think I'll be able to manage this for a while, up until I have exams next year. There are quite a few things I need to catch up on around here, as well as fix a few things such as my profile because of how awful it looks.

When I look at my past as a member, I came to realise what a douche I was to everyone and even in my recent past I said and did stupid things. Honestly, a couple years ago I spent half my time fishing for attention and doing wannabe-mod things. I pretty much want to try and wipe as much of that off my plate as possible, form and perhaps rejuvenate some friendships.

I just wanted to say of all this in my blog because it seemed like the best place to write it and I probably won't blog again for a very long time unless I have something extremely interesting to say.