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Article: A Detailed Look at Sun/Moon


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    This demo feels like it has a lot more content to offer than the ORAS demo did. I'm glad we're able to get a feel for the new controls and take in some of the beautiful surroundings Alola has to offer! I found myself standing around idly just listening to the soundtracks which are already sounding great imo. My favourites are most definitely the Team Skull themes which totally suit their thuggish attitude.

    All in all, I'm even more stoked to play these games next month. In the meantime, I'll keep checking back to the demo now that I know of the days in which new events are added!
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    • Seen May 22, 2017
    demo was boring. I was not impressed. At least i learned more about z moves. That greninja has crazy speed on it too, this poke is gonna be a monster.

    Starry Windy

    Everything will be Daijoubu.
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    I have tested the demo, and I think the demo is pretty decent if it comes to showcasing several key features like Z-Moves, Pokéfinder, the Trials and how the battle against Totem Pokémon looks like, and how Ash-Greninja works in here. Regarding on the latter, props on Game Freak and others for giving nice details on the date when it debuted in the anime.

    But I'm still worried about a few things, since Ash-Greninja is the only Pokémon in hand atm (and I'm not counting Pikachu for reasons, but anyone who read the article in Daily might already know my reason why :P), I'm wondering how to have more than one Pokémon so that I can still play the demo safely just in case Ash-Greninja is transferred to Sun and Moon. Besides of that, the game seems to encourage the player to be active every day (or in particular day), which makes me unsure if I can complete it when I'm too busy working on some stuffs irl.

    To sum it out, I think the Sun and Moon demo is pretty decent, even though it's not without flaws.
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    • Seen Jan 5, 2018
    I managed to level up Pikipek in the challenge and it seems evolution is blocked for pokemon even if they can get exp.

    Mister Coffee

    Blathering Fool
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    • Seen Nov 7, 2020
    I played this demo alongside of one of my best friends, and both of us were completely blown away by it. This game is beautifully spectacular, and I feel pretty comfortable in saying this might end up being one of the greatest pokemon games I have ever played. Everything is completely different and smooth and the original formula has been turned on its head, and I love it.

    I am officially counting down the days until this game's release.


    Flies with the wind.
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    I haven't played the demo myself, but I did watch a playthrough of it on YouTube and I'm very impressed. Even more psyched for next month, it can't come soon enough.