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[Other Original] A Magical Tree Brought my Demon Drawing to Life!


Silence is Purple
Okay, so this is entirely born from a dream I had of me drawing a demon in a notebook while in school and it being ~illegal~ to bring my drawings to life, so I decided to turn it into a quick short story. Of course, I'm not in this story, I just made a stupid oc out of it.

This is not beta read, and there could be typos. I wrote this entirely on my phone and just kept going. This is completely unrelated to my main oc project I will be posting in the future, but I wanted to just write my dream into a fictional story while tweaking some things. Enjoy.

A Magical Tree Brought my Demon Drawing to Life!

My name is Tegne Afstand. I'm eighteen, and a third year transfer student from Denmark. Japan is really new to me. But, I have a secret that the language barrier can just barely hide.

I'm gay.

But none of the guys in my new school are interested in me, or understand me unless I use Giiggle translate in interpreter mode! This is my life now! So, to tide my loneliness, I draw hot demon men in my notebook during lunch. Alone. I've gotten better at drawing men, if I do say so myself! Huh?! The storytelling gods want me to insert a flashback here? I'm not some character in a story, you know!

Ow! Did I just get hit on the head with a book?! Ugh, fine, it looks like I have no choice! Pardon the three asterisks below my sentence.


"Tegne, you're going to have to learn Japanese," my father said to me during breakfast one morning. "Learn the basics in a month."

I spit out my morning crumpet when he said that! Now, my dad is an important business man in Denmark. But, whatever his boss says, goes.

"Huh?" I asked, dumbfounded. "Why do I have to learn Japanese?" But, I knew the answer, and I wasn't going to like it.

That look on his face, I never really liked it when he had fire in his eyes. What is he, a cartoon character?! But, I knew what he was about to say to me, oh boy.

"We are moving to Japan!" he exclaimed. "I got a promotion!"

I nearly spit out my tea hearing that! It was late April when he told me! By the time we were to move to Japan, I should be graduating high school here! Besides, the guys are hot here and don't care that I'm gay. I'm expected to leave that behind! No, way! But, I have no choice in the matter.

"But, dad!" I protested anyway. "I'm just about to graduate here!"

The words he told me shook my entire world upside down.

"You won't have to worry about that where we're moving to," my dad replied joyfully. "In Japan, you won't graduate until next April!"

Are you kidding me?! Wait, the story gods want me to stop this flashback, it's "boring", or something.


So, here I am, eighteen years old back to not graduating for a whole year! Fantastic. Well, I suppose I have my hot demon friend in my notebook to keep me company.

I've only been at this school for a week now, and none of the guys will even talk to me! Maybe if my father told me, I don't know, six months in advance, I'd have had more time to learn the language!

I only know enough Japanese to just get by in my new classes. Danish, and English are completely different languages! Well, at least my teachers are nice enough to let me take a photo of the notes with Giiggle Lenz to have them translated back to my native tongue. Hallelujah, for technology!

Right now, I'm in math class, though, and I, for one, am bored out of my mind! I kind of you know, already learned all this back at home when I lived in Denmark? Also, apparently you stay in the same room every day except for electives, or something. Growing up with the same class my entire life, I suppose that's not bad.

But, man is it boring learning math again! If only my father would have waited two more months to accept his promotion, I'd be out of highschool by now, not still in it!

Oh, well. To be honest, I'm already done with my work, anyway. Since I'm all the way in the back of the classroom, surely the sensei won't notice if I take out my drawing notebook?

Quietly, I shuffle through my bag, and there it is, my sketchbook. Fantastic, if I do say so myself! The nice, yellow cover and white paper compliment each other nicely.

Opening the cover in silence, I open to a clean page. I smile at the page adjacent to it.
There he is, my lovely creation penned by yours truly!

Huh? Oh, the story gods want me to describe what he looks like. Do I have to?! Ow! Where did that book from the ceiling come from? Guess I have no choice, I have to describe him. Boring!

On the filled in page, is my lovely creation, Rede. Beautiful dark green hair that goes to just below his ears, and gazelle horns on top of his head. His beauty mark below his left eye is so attractive! If only the other eighteen year old guys with beauty marks would notice me!

The story gods told me that line was unnecessary... Fine! Can't I gush over his demon friend in his sketchbook? What? Ow! Not another flying book falling on my head! Alright, alright, I'll go back to describing him how the story gods want, jeez.

His golden, demonic eyes are great, if I do say so myself, and his sexy black costume with fluffy fur all around it. I'm a good artist, if I do say so myself! My friends always told me back in Denmark I'd make an amazing cartoon character designer. Too late for that, though, now that I didn't get to graduate there!

But, as luck would have it, math is over! Apparently, after math is lunchtime. But, lunch here is a battle where food sells out fast, so I brought my own lunch, thank you!

I hear there's a rooftop where most of the hot guys hang out during lunchtime. Even though they never notice me, why miss such an opportunity, am I right? I eat alone in the corner, anyway!

But, just my luck! There's no room on the rooftop today. Guess I'll just eat near the courtyard, oh boy. Now, I haven't been here all that long, but I do know that eating by the courtyards makes me look lonely. Well, too late now, off I go.

Courtyard grass beneath me, I guzzle in my sandwich and milk carton like it's going out of style. The quicker I finish eating, the quicker I can draw Rede again, after all.

Lunch devoured, I sit by a tree. Sketchbook in my lap, I have forty minutes to myself to draw my hot demon friend.

Ink pen seated in my left hand, I stroke the paper gently. Gazelle antlers and handsome head finished, I stroke my pen down.

Closing my eyes, I think of Rede. Ah, how sexy, he's in a gorgeous red king robe today. I will draw that, thank you! Body complete, I remove my oil pens from my back pocket.

But, as I finished inking his colors in, a blinding light blared from the tree behind me! Just what was that just now?!

Before I knew it, I could hear one of the students in my class trying to talk to me! Looking up, my mouth practically dropped to the grass!

Oh, no, that long magenta hair, blue eyes, and glasses. It's the hottest guy, and delinquent, in school! He's not wearing his black button up uniform today, either!

And, now we made eye contact! Is he going to fight me for looking at him funny?! Ah, he said something I didn't understand, if only I were fluent! Language barriers suck!

Giiggle translate, help me! Phone out in front of me, I open interpreter mode on my phone.

"Yes, hello?" I said in Danish into my phone. My phone translated it to Japanese for me. "Can I help you?" My words didn't come out nervously I swear!

The hot delinquent crouched down a bit. God, he's so attractive! Story gods, why is my life so chaotic today?!

"Turn around behind you," Giigle translate said to me back into Danish. "You have a friend behind you."

Huh?! Friend? What does that mean?! I haven't made a single friend since starting as a transfer student here! Well, anyway, I turned my head, and boy, was it a sight to behold!

Were my eyes deceiving me?! In front of me, I could see gazelle horns, green hair, and that eye mole. And a royal king outfit!

Wait a minute? What's Rede doing behind me at school?! That blinding light when I finished my drawing, did it bring him to life?! Absolutely bonkers!

Interpreter mode still open, the hot student said something into my phone while I was distracted!

"Look, you're new here, so you'd better be careful," interpreter mode said to me back in Danish. "Trees here are magical and bring anything you draw to life."

Turning back, my mouth stays wide open! Are all trees in Japan magical? I have never heard of such s thing before! But the look on the student's face, oh boy, it wasn't a good look at all!

And what he told me next, turned my life upside down!

"Listen, kid, since you're new here, word of advice," Giiggle interpretor mode said back to me. "Don't draw under trees here. It's illegal." His arms were crossed against his chest! Hot! "You'll probably be let off with a warning, but you have to get rid of him before the teachers find out."

Wait, wait, hold up. That's not right at all! Get rid of Rede, my creation, I don't think so, buster! Even Rede agrees!

"Get rid of ME?!" Rede screamed out in a beautiful, deep English voice. "I'M the king of demons, how dare you!" His hand was on his chest, god I love Rede!

Ah, I completely forgot, English is my second language. My mother was British, but she left home and never came back one day when I was eight. Coward!

Oh, the story gods told me that wasn't necessary information. Fine! Moving along! Hot delinquent guy eyeing me, I could tell he had something to say to me.

"King of demons or not, he has to get out of here!" my classmate said, oddly in English this time. I could understand him perfectly. "Look, I'm tryin' to help you. If you get caught, the government will come for you!" He then grabs my hand. God, I'm blushing! "We'll take him to the school gate. Have him go hide in your home, or somethin'."

And, just like that, we're at the school gate. There's no guards here? Odd! Anyway, Rede behind me, I open the gate.

Rede looks at me with the sexiest sad look as we open the gate. I really don't want to "get rid of him", or whatever! But, it looks like I have no choice, I don't want to be turned into that, "FBI open up" meme I see all the time on Flitter, after all!

Closing the gate as Rede walks through it, I prepare to say what I have to. I really don't want to, though!

"Do you know how to get home, Rede?" I asked him. God, I'm blushing so hard right now!

I see a confident smile on his face as he looks through the metal doors. Man, my creation came from the best brain!

"If it's somewhere you drew me before," Rede said with confidence. "Then, of course, my denizen of light."

God, he said the line! I taught my creation through the pages of my sketchbook well! Nodding to him, Rede takes his leave. Watching him go, I swear I'm red as a tomato!

But what I was told next shocked me to the very core!

If I don't keep my creation hidden, the government will come for me, and cease Rede! Do creations not have human rights here?! How rude!

Just what is in store for me now?! Ah, the story gods have told me to stop talking now. What do you mean we're ending it here like this?!

Rede, we're in for an entire world of pain, if I can't hide you well! Dad, I'm sorry, I'm bringing a demon friend home!

Okay, so this isn't something I normally write. And I rarely write in first person unless it's poetry. But, after having a dream where I drew a hot demon, I just had to make a stupid story about it.

By the way, the main character's name translates to "draw distance" in English, and "Rede" means nest in Danish, as well. But, this is just a quick silly story, I hope whoever reads this was entertained.
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Man, this is a quality fanfic. 10/10 for sure

I think this is quite interesting, and really would love more of this stuff. I wish more folks would write about their dreams and post.