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  • Oh! Sure, I would be happy to do this with you. No problem, we have all the time we want!
    Will you want to be interviewed as your real self ? As one of your characters ?
    oh nice!! that's so awesome. i wanna cosplay L eventually myself. just gotta get around to styling the wig aha.
    So then you want to know what I consider my best team?
    Most of the mons I shiny bred for my Sword playthrough are kinda strong: Electivire, Duraludon, Galar Slowking, Obstagoon. Glaceon and Centiskorch are bit squishier, but still not bad imo. They haven't had any issues on the playthrough at all.... yet anyway (since I never finished it xD)

    As for Buff mons with like 5 IV's stuff like that. None of them are on my teams, but I do got some. 5 IV Leafeon, Glaceon, Solrock, Popplio, Rowlet, Ditto come to mind.
    As stated they aren't being used by me though so I don't consider them a team.
    Apple pie is definitely the best but there are many close seconds! Chocolate pie is a good choice.
    Ah. Yeah, I'm not a big fan of fanservice either. It tends to just get in the way of a story's quality and ruin the mood.
    That's one way to put it lmao. Not exactly wrong, but a bit of an oof. :')
    I can definitely see why some would find it got a bit stale.
    That's fair. If you decide to give it all a try again, I highly recommend it if you feel like inflicting emotional pain on yourself lmao
    It's still very good.
    This said, I'm happy to meet another Rika :o
    I gave up my adminiship after an incredibly stupid staff war with a friend over the promotion of another Rika to a position that no longer exists so that was an experience. Otherwise this is my internet home, so sup :D
    I've been meaning to ask, is your username a Higurashi reference or is it a coincidence?
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