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A Music Blog (#37: This blog entry was brought to you by the letter 'Y')


one more time
  • Have another entry out of the blue. Not too much basis behind this entry - just a song I happen to like, heard it again recently, and I figured I probably should have a few more blog entries involving female vocalists!

    Still open to getting challenge themes btw. Come up with a theme of any sort and I'll come up with a bunch of songs that fit it! Well, hopefully anyway. Otherwise I'll just go with whatever comes to mind.

    Alternate link! (Live)


    A nice, chill tune from Norah Jones. =) Probably the most popular of hers too, and it was the tune that I think launched her career significantly, including nabbing her a Grammy. Or three, rather. Interestingly, she didn't create it, but rather a friend did who offered it to her to perform (after a few changes to key and etc). Not a bad outcome in doing that!

    I'd say my favourite part has to be the second time she sings 'But you'll be on my mind/Forever', and the music itself is just nice and relaxing to listen to. The lyrics have a few interpretations out there, but I'd say the easiest to follow is that she's regretting a decision to see/see off a lover. They're not too specific, which I think helps the song too.

    I did learn something btw when looking up the song. She performed this on Sesame Street about the Letter Y. And now you understand the blog title.

    Next entry!