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Forum Info: About the Pokémon Essentials forum

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    About the Pokémon Essentials forum
    Welcome to the Pokémon Essentials forum!
    Questions and discussion about Pokémon Essentials are more than welcome here. If you're trying to script something new but are having trouble doing so, feel free to ask here. Bug reporting and leaving suggestions can be done in the stickied threads.

    The new, official, download-free wikia can be found here: Essentials Docs Wiki


    • Discussion: For any and all discussion about Pokémon Essentials. It might be tempting to make such threads in the Game Development forum, but they should go here if they're about Pokémon Essentials!
    • Scripting Question: If you're trying something new with scripting but it's not quite working out, feel free to make a thread with this prefix. Please only use this prefix if you've tried something and have a general idea what you're doing.
    • Eventing Question: Not sure how to accomplish a certain idea on a map with events? This is the prefix you should use.
    • PBS Question: For all questions about data, metadata and PBS files and formats or even the compiler, use this prefix.
    • Other Question: If you have a question about a subject not covered here (aside from spriting and composing, those go in the Graphics & Music forum), feel free to make a thread with this prefix.
    • Error: If you ran into an error and really don't have the first clue what's wrong (and it's not you trying to make a custom script, because that should be a [Scripting Question]), you would use this prefix.
    • Custom Feature Question: If you have a new idea but you don't know have the first clue how to implement it, use this prefix.


    Always share the answer to a question.
    Don't offer people to answer their question privately in a PM, but share the answer and/or conversation in the thread. It's a public thread, and people with the same question also deserve an answer. If you figure it out yourself and it wasn't something covered in a tutorial or FAQ of some kind, don't say "nevermind got it", but share the answer. You never know who it might help in the future.

    Do not share Pokémon Essentials.
    As the official wikia and its downloads were taken down, sharing Pokémon Essentials or providing links to places where you can download Pokémon Essentials, are not allowed. You may link to documentation, as long as it does not contain a download link.

    All global PokéCommunity rules apply in the Pokémon Essentials forum, as do all Game Development rules.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I make money off a fangame or a game made with Pokémon Essentials?
    Maruno, the creator of Pokémon Essentials, forbids anyone to make money off it.
    Maruno said:
    Pokémon Essentials was/is created with the sole intent of being absolutely free to use. This means that developers do not have to "buy" Essentials in order to use it, nor should anyone have to pay money to access or play any game created with Essentials (either at all or to purchase "perks" or other premium content that would be unavailable to non-payers; this includes paying for server costs or subscriptions, etc.). Optional payments also fall into this category, as they would still be a source of income even if they were voluntary. Monetised Internet links, such as those provided by adf.ly, are also not allowed. To earn money in any way from a game made with Essentials is unacceptable.

    Written by [user]Marin[/user]. Feel free to contact for clarification.

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