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[Showcase] Alcremie sprite with SmackStudio


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    • Seen Apr 12, 2024
    I'm an animation student and I also like making pokemon sprites (I make sprites for Infinite Fusion but I want to make sprites for other things as well). I decided to buy SmackStudio months ago, but only now I could start learning about how to use it. So, I decided to make an Alcremie sprite in Photoshop and try animating it in SmackStudio, in a fun attempt to replicate the gen 5 sprites style (Im a gen 5 lover lol). Aaaand here is how it turned out:

    Alcremie sprite with SmackStudio
    The only problem I'm having is that, even though I used a colored outline in the original image of the sprite, the SmackStudio editor made all outline black which is...bizarre. I still haven't found a solution for this (without recoloring manually EVERY frame), but, when I do, I'll animate this with Alcremie's other forms (wish me luck lol).