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  1. WaterMystix

    [Showcase] Water's PKMN Art and Sprites

    You know the deal, I'm throwing some Pokemon art new and old here. Edit: To change the hosting of the image. Scream Tail Gen 2 demake sprite attempt, I'm not throwing up the backsprite since it looks like dogshit lmfao. I heavily referenced Jigglypuff's original Gen 2 sprite for this
  2. P

    making a custom rom from fire-red in pksv *I've never made a rom and need help*

    I'm trying to make a whole custom game with a small number of custom evos, I want to add mega evolution and custom mega evolution, i am striving towards making a whole game with custom everything while retaining all pokemon not passed oras I also need to know any place to make custom sprites...
  3. WeirdFoxDreams

    [Showcase] Alcremie sprite with SmackStudio

    I'm an animation student and I also like making pokemon sprites (I make sprites for Infinite Fusion but I want to make sprites for other things as well). I decided to buy SmackStudio months ago, but only now I could start learning about how to use it. So, I decided to make an Alcremie sprite in...
  4. LILAC2213

    [Showcase] My fakemon sprite.

    Larkull, Tombskull, and Solerfly. I'm new here and I just want to post something.
  5. UberTrainerChinaZero

    [Showcase] Pokémon North, South, East, and West: The Largest Sprite Dex ever!

    AFTER 3 MONTHS OF WORK.... WITH 1248 SPRITES TOTAL..... THIS IS.... 1248 new Pokemon to see....with NO old Pokémon or branching evolutions! Over the next few weeks and months, they will be slowly revealed in dazzling waves! WELCOME TO THE ORIVA REGION! Based off China and Japan, this region is...
  6. O

    So yeah I'm not the best at spriting.

    So today, I thought, "I think spriting is cool! I'm going to try!" So I made a sprite. Don't be too harsh on me, it is my first sprite after all, but I would like a bit of constructive criticism. I'm not exactly...the artistic type. I had a lot of fun with it though, going as far as creating...