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So I just spent the better part of my applesauces day off by wandering around Isshu trying to assemble the pieces to some good post-Blanket teams. I started things off by securing a path to the area in which a four winged bat favorite pokemon of mine is supposedly found. After spending roughly two hours clearing my way through the insanely overlevelled generic trainers on route 11, Village Bridge, Route 12, and route 13, I start looking around for a good patch of grass to abuse shaky grass with. After I found the perfect spot, my search was on!

An hour and a half and I swear what must've been a thousand Audinos later, I finally encounter speedy poison/flying that I longed for. I wasted no time in having my Krookodile OMNOMNOM him a couple of times before throwing a couple of Ultra balls to seal the deal.

I have officially acquired my signature pokemon in White so I can die happy.

It's got a pretty unfitting lonely nature but, no biggie. I plan to breed for some egg moves anyways. XDD

...which begs the question, why not just catch a ton of the relatively common golbats from the area? To that I answer an eloquent, "NO U"


Noice. I thought B&W's inclusion of final evolutions in the special spots was a bit much until I found a Lvl. 70 Lapras at Village Bridge.

And the semen was everywhere. (in my pants)