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  1. D

    Black hack: Pokemon Black Classic Mode

    Hello this is my first time trying to hack a DS Era Game so I decided to keep this one simple. This hack does one simple thing and that is to introduce old Pokemon into the main story of Pokemon Black. I called this hack Classic Mode because I wanted to make Pokemon Black feel like the Pokemon...
  2. PageEmp

    Black Nuzlocke information!

    And first of all, no, this is not a new run at all, in fact, this is a very very old run from 5 years ago. It’s overall my 3rd run altogether. Other than the infinity graveyard post I did a while back, I haven’t really talked about this run too much, or not, at all, so let’s go! Final team...
  3. B

    Pokemon Black Wedlocke Challenge Entry 2

    Entry 2So were back in Striaton City and our first Gym battle coming up but some guy is blocking our way! He says that the Gym Leader is in the Pokemon Trainers school... God more walking, so off we go to the other side of town to the Trainer's School. Berzerk enters the Trainer's School and...
  4. B

    Pokemon Black Wedlocke Challenge Blog

    Hello everyone! Welcome to the blog. Seems I'm finally going to be putting this feature to good use! I've been an avid Pokemon Gamer for as long as I can remember, however like most people, the love of Pokemon died for me during my teenage years, I was on the DS hate wagon; the idea of having...
  5. H

    Hikari's #HopeForBW Campaign!

    You know, I do visit a lot of sections here at PC, but one I really show love for (blame Nica!) is Black and White, which is of course the forum discussing my fave Pokemon games ever. And so, I have started a campaign by putting this hashtag in my signature: #HopeForBW I want to show PC that...
  6. H

    Black and White - The Memories.

    For my 10th blog entry, I'm going to share the memories of my favorite Pokemon games ever. Who could ever remember that day back in April 2010, Pokemon Black and White Versions were revealed to the Japanese public. The moment when the boxart, Zorua, Zoroark, the Legendary duo (Reshiram and...
  7. Melinda

    Why RNG can put you in the nut house.

    [06:44] <07@miakalina> Mac baby [06:44] <04~Mac> yes dear [06:44] <07@miakalina> I HAVEN'Y SLEPT YET [06:44] <07@miakalina> HAVEN'T* [06:44] <07@miakalina> I told you gonzo [06:44] <04~Mac> im not surprised lol [06:44] <07@miakalina> I can't sleep with failure on my mind [06:44]...
  8. Legendary Silke

    Kay, so if B2W2 are sequels with a brand-new adventure...

    aaaaaaaand they are in the same generation as BW... I think no one really expected it from anywhere, no? You mean, brand-new games, sequels, direct ones, same generation and all the stuff that it implies? This is sounding a bit strange. I just hope that everyone knows what's going on in...
  9. A question.

    How much do you know about Muslims, because something I've heard is just plain baffling. I may correct somethings, but just wondering.
  10. V

    My first RNG shiny~!

    Well after about a week of trying I finally hatched a shiny Roggenrola through RNG. I decided to name it after the person who taught me how to RNG and who put up with all my incompetence, Deku Sensei. Anyway I am extremely happy with my results. So I'd just like to give a big thank you to him...
  11. I got my ass handed to me; also math test!

    Apparently, my friends were messing around and decided to use me as a punching bag...not saying I didn't fight back, but let's just say I'm having trouble breathing. Also, took the end of course exam/test today. I'm not really good at math, well not yet, and the stuff they were asking me to...
  12. Timbjerr

    I just realized...

    I've seen people compare famed Unova gym leader/supermodel Elesa to the real-world's famed songwriter/gay rights activist Lady Gaga and I never understood the connection until now. Battling Elesa when you're not prepared is about as annoying as listening to Lady Gaga when you're not prepared.
  13. Zelda

    So I was EV training my Larvesta when...

    I RAN INTO THIS GUY RIGHT HERE. This is one shiny I least expected to run into, and it's soo coool. 8D; Can't wait to evolve it into a Chandelure now. :DD!
  14. Timbjerr


    So I just spent the better part of my applesauces day off by wandering around Isshu trying to assemble the pieces to some good post-Blanket teams. I started things off by securing a path to the area in which a four winged bat favorite pokemon of mine is supposedly found. After spending roughly...
  15. Timbjerr

    So I just "blacked out" for the first time in White

    Spoilers, of course. XD I had just arrived in Nimbasa City and all of my pokemon were fairly weak from the trainer battles in the desert. Since I've been avoiding plot spoilers for the last six months, I had no idea that there was a required fight against a Plasma grunt right here, and my...
  16. Zelda

    Drawing Pokabu :3

    Here's my drawing of bacon Pokabu, now. xD; Again, all I use is this laptop so it isn't as good as I would do on paper or on a tablet. Doesn't he look fat? D;
  17. E

    You know what I just realized?

    I can totally name Reshiram "Natsu" and Zekrom "Laxus" without being at fault. The only problem is I probably wouldn't use either due to my dislike of having legendaries on my team. /obsession
  18. BeachBoy

    Black & White have already lost, thanks to history and the past failures of Pokémon

    I'm diving into murky waters here, but ah heck. Based on the pains of the fourth generation, the (majority thought) "worst" generation, people jump the gun to say that Black and White is going to be horrific and terrible. I don't think that's the right kind of thinking we need with these. Yes...
  19. Timbjerr

    I'm calling it right now

    Tsutaja's English name will be Seemander Pokabu's English name will be Emboar Mijumaru's English name will be Bearter You people owe me $10 each if I'm right. XD also, the female protagonist's cutoff shorts are smexy. :P [EDIT] I just dug up a post of mine from early 2007 demonstrating how...
  20. G

    Black and White

    Really Nintendo? Really? I mean, I know you guys constantly make useless stuff like 8 versions of the Gameboy or DS, but really, black and white? I mean, Tangrowth, Rhyperior, Electivire and all the other horrible stuff you graced us with in Generation 4 (Bullet Punch Scizor, I'm looking at you...