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Balatro - Poker With A Twist!

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    So yeah, I started playing Balatro recently, and I've been kinda hooked on the game, trying to pair up Joker cards to make insane and goofy combinations to earn the most chips from your hand.

    Have you completed any runs yet? Have a favorite Joker card, or set of cards?

    (And if you don't have it currently, it's on all major consoles and PC, and is on sale on Steam for 10% off!)
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    Avoided playing too much. Wanted to fully finish another game before getting into this. Completed a few runs, though. Enjoyed it a lot. Reached Ante 12 with a flush deck. Pulls off flushes pretty easily, moreso than other builds.

    Favorite Jokers for power: Multiplier mult jokers, such as the Steel Joker (x0.25 per steel card) and Driver's License (x3 mult for 16+ enhanced cards in your deck). Scales incredibly well for something relatively easy to accomplish.

    Favorite Jokers for ability: Maybe Riff-Raff (create two random common jokers at start of round)? Allows you to get rolling with basic jokers. Provides some cash, alternatively, via selling jokers. Combos well with Campfire (x0.5 mult for each joker sold, reset after boss).

    Kind of both: Blueprint (copy joker to the right). Accelerates some jokers (like the permanent +chip upgrade one or DNA's card copy). Appreciates it with the probability joker for way better odds on things.

    Experienced the glory of red seal steel cards, also. Picked one up in a booster once. Triggers the x1.5 multiplier twice. Copied it with some Tarot cards too. Ended with...three? (Might have been the Ante 12 game.)
  • Man I have been all OVER this game, truly a one of a kind gem that's shown a lot of promise already (over 1m copies sold!!!)

    It's one of those games that just feels like it's crafted so well. Apart from the early game being a bit rough, you generally can set up for a nice run that will get you through to the 'end' of the game, and then there's oh so much more.

    I've mostly been trying to grind out one deck through to I think it's Green Stake, because then I unlock Plasma Deck and that's where the real fun begins. Otherwise my best builds have honestly been around DNA + High Card shenanigans, I think the best one in particular has been cloning steel Kings/red seal cards with DNA and then finding a Baron Joker (Kings in hand give 1.5x for each one you hold), causing some pretty wild scoring to go on.

    For those that don't, I really recommend watching Haelian's streams and VODs/videos on the game, he has absolutely gone to town with some scores and not in a way that some have done that feels more like abuse of mechanics, ujst really strong deckbuilding and such.
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    I've been having fun with the smeared joker card, that helps to break A LOT of things, especially once you start getting a lot of wild cards in your deck. It sounds like there's a new update in testing so there's a lot of cards that are getting buffs and nerfs, so I'm curious to see how it works out. Might download the update and try it out.
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    Poked into the game a little more. Unlocked every deck but one. (Has not played all the unlocked ones yet.) Joined the ranks of the Cavendish losers (x3 mult. Disappears on a 1 in 1000 chance). Has not even gotten the chance to use it that many times. (Bought it again later that run, though.)

    Recorded one of the current largest hands so far. Managed 895 million. Links it here not to show off, but to analyze. Specifically wants to highlight how relatively good the simple +4 mult for suit jokers are.

    Will spoiler the hand, in short.
    Spoiler: Hand

    Holographic: +10 mult
    Polychrome: *1.5 mult
    Glass: *2 mult
    Steel: *1.5 mult
    Red seal: Do it again

    Level 18 Flush: 290 chips and 38 mult.
    - Holographic 7
    - Polychrome wild 10
    - Polychrome lucky 3
    - Polychrome lucky 9
    - Glass 5

    In hand: a red sealed steel card and another steel card

    • Foil Lusty Joker: +4 mult per heart played. +50 chips for Foil.
    • Negative Scholar: +20 chips, +4 mult per Ace. Not used here.
    • Negative The Tribe: x2 mult for a flush
    • Blueprint: Copies the joker to the right
    • Foil Canio: x1 mult per destroyed face card. (At x13.) +50 chips for Foil
    • Polychrome Runner: +10 chips on joker per straight. (At +20.) x1.5 mult for Polychrome.
    • Cavendish: x3 mult. Disappears on a 1 in 1000 chance.

    Reaches 1326.375 mult with the Lusty Joker (+4 mult per played heart). The math: (((((((((38 + 14) * 1.5) + 4) * 1.5) + 4) * 1.5) + 4) * 2) + 4) * 1.5 * 1.5 * 1.5. Performs the card effects first (polychrome, glass) before the +4 from the joker. Uses the steel cards after the card effects and Lusty Joker, but prior to the other jokers.

    Calculated the mult without the Lusty Joker.
    1093.5 = (38 + 10) * 1.5 * 1.5 * 1.5 * 2 * 1.5 * 1.5 * 1.5

    Equals a joker with an additive mult of 232.875. Requires skipping over 77 boosters to hit that with the Red Card joker (+3 mult for each skipped booster). Performs so well because of when it triggers. Proves pretty handy at the start of the run too.

    Overestimated its power a little, though. Calculated Foil (+50 chips) Lusty Joker versus the trash Polychrome Runner joker on total points.
    • Without Foil Lusty Joker: 655,306,119 points
    • Without Polychrome Runner: 570,256,362 points
    Performs worse than a random polychrome joker. Would have been just shy of 983 million points with a polychrome joker in place of the Lusty Joker, or about a difference of 88 million points.

    Watched one of the aforementioned Haelian streams, also. Never would have known about Four Fingers making straight flushes out of separate straights and flushes. Avoided watching too much for now. Wants to discover and evaluate some stuff independently first.
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