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Beating the Internet

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    Have you ever been on the internet looking for random things, but every time you come across something that sounds interesting it just ends up inducing thoughts like: "this is boring", "I've already seen something like this", "this is so generic", "how can anybody like this" and more?

    Maybe it's because I've been away from the internet a lot the last couple years. Maybe I've read up too much about things the internet hasn't caught on just yet and I'm just "too far ahead", maybe it's the opposite and everyone else is already on a higher plane than I am, maybe it's because I lack friends or the ability to interact with others. Maybe it's something entirely different.

    All I know is that I can't find any excitement in browsing the internet, anymore. It's like doing anything there is in a game, with me feeling particularly empty after putting it down. Except, it feels like a different type of emptiness. One that is hard to find words for.