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[Bonus Puzzle #1] Who's That Pokémon? - Trembling Trivia (FINISHED)

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UPDATE: Hi everyone, this week's contest is officially over! Please click here to access the Main Thread of "Who's That Pokémon" for further updates!​


Bonus Puzzle #1 - Trembling Trivia

It's time to put your Pokémon knowledge to the test with our first bonus round of PokéTrivia's "Who's That Pokémon" contest! For this particular puzzle, I have assembled a set of trivial facts about a certain "mystery" Pokémon, and it is up to you to try and identify which Pokémon I'm describing. Once you think you have an answer, send it to me in a PM and you could be our next prize winner!


  • Guess which Pokémon the clue is describing!
  • The clue is a set of trivial facts about the "mystery" Pokémon, all based on information from Bulbapedia. However, some of the facts might be made less specific for the purpose of making the puzzle a bit more challenging.
  • Send Revise Librarian a PM (private message) with your answer once you've figured it out - you may answer as many times as you want, but only your final answer will count!
  • Do not post answers in this thread - you don't want other people to use your answers, do you?
  • Feel free to chat about the puzzles and how easy/hard you find them; that's the fun of this game after all!
  • Submit your answers by next Friday (September 11) before 11:00 p.m. EDT if you want them to count!


A winner is a winner and a winner is you - assuming you won! Here's what you can expect to win from accumulating points by guessing puzzles correctly. (Hover over the emblems for descriptions!)


Point Value: This puzzle will be worth one point on the rankings.

Clue - Trembling Trivia

Mega Pokémon will NOT be included as possible answers in this round!

What we know about the "mystery" Pokémon...

  • This Pokémon is shorter than 4 feet in height, but is heavier than 50 pounds (lbs.) in weight.

  • This Pokémon has two type immunities. In other words, it is unaffected by moves of two certain types.

  • This Pokémon learns only two Fighting-type moves by leveling up (as of Generation VI).

  • This Pokémon can learn the move "U-turn" by using a TM.

  • This Pokémon has a "savage" personality, according to one of its PokéDex entries.

  • This Pokémon is owned by an important character in the anime.

  • This Pokémon has 9 letters in its name.

    Who is this Pokémon?

Good luck, everyone! Feel free to discuss the puzzle in this thread (or in the main thread)! I added a poll to this thread to get an idea of its general difficulty level, so I would appreciate it if you gave your opinion! (All votes are anonymous, so there's no need to be shy!) ^^

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Hi guys, I think the below link might be able to assist you in your search for the answer! It's basically a list of Pokémon with all of their heights and weights right next to each other (and you can even sort the list), but I still recommend double-checking your guesses on Bulbapedia just so you don't miss any details.


Once again, I wish you all the best of luck! ♥


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Hi everyone, I've got great news for you! *insert epic drumroll* Wait for it... Okay, here it is!

A wild emblem appeared!


Who's That Pokémon? - Bonus Buster!

Surprise! From now on, this is what you can win if you solve any WTP Bonus Puzzle correctly, starting with Trembling Trivia! (All other emblems will still be handed out normally, given that you have the right number of points.) Even if you miss your chance this time around, do not worry! There will be many more bonus puzzles in the future, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to grab this reward! :D

You still have a bit less than four days to send in your answer for "Trembling Trivia," and a bit less than five days to participate in Weekly Puzzle #22!

Here are the links if you would like to try them out right away!

Trembling Trivia: http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=355089
Weekly Puzzle #22: http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=355196

I wish you all the best of luck! ♥

(Oh, and I wanna give a huuuge thanks to Sheep for helping me add this emblem to the system!)


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Hi guys, just a quick reminder that you have only 7 hours left (as of this post) to submit your answers!

Good luck! :D


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Alright everyone, are you ready for the moment of truth? This round is officially over, so it's time to reveal the answer...



  • Staraptor has a height of 3'11", and a weight of 54.9 lbs.

  • Staraptor is immune to Ground-type and Ghost-type moves.

  • The only Fighting-type moves that Staraptor learns by leveling up are Close Combat and Final Gambit.

  • Staraptor can learn "U-turn" by using a TM.

  • Staraptor's PokéDex entry from Pokémon Diamond says: "It has a savage nature. It will courageously challenge foes that are much larger."

  • Staraptor is owned by Ash Ketchum in the anime.

  • And last, but not least, Staraptor has 9 letters in its name.

Congratulations to everyone who guessed it correctly! Now let's give a round of applause to the following participants...

This round's winners:

(Please let me know if I accidentally missed your name on the list of winners! If so, I'll be sure to double-check my inbox and get everything sorted for you! Also, if your name is italicized on this list, then that means you have already attained Master Rank status!)

Aaand this concludes WTP's very first bonus puzzle! It was awesome seeing so many different participants, and this was probably the most answers I've ever received since Week 12! Thank you so much to everyone who participated, and I really hope that you all had fun! I'll make sure to get the emblems sorted out as soon as possible, so hang on tight! If you missed your chance to participate in this round, there will surely be more bonus puzzles in the future! (Who knows, there might even be a "Trembling Trivia II" sometime!)

Until our next bonus round, you can participate in our Weekly Puzzles while you're waiting (see the Main Thread for more details). You can possibly rank up your score, and even win some more emblems while you're at it!

Speaking of Weekly Puzzles, I must make an announcement regarding their deadlines. From now on, they will be ending on Monday nights rather than Saturday nights, as this will be much more convenient for my current schedule. That being said, I'll be extending the deadline for our current weekly puzzle (Weekly Puzzle #22) to Monday, September 14 at 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time. I'm hoping that more answers will come in by then, so please do try it out if you have a chance! (Click here to access Week 22's puzzle!)

Anyway, that'll be all for now! Feel free to discuss this round's puzzle (or anything related to WTP) in the Main Thread, linked here or in this thread! See ya later, everyone! ^^

- Revise