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[Scripting Question] Call Base Stats

    • Seen Mar 21, 2024
    I have an NPC who wants to see a Pokemon with a specific Base Stat threshold (e.g. >=100 Attack). In theory this should be similar to an IV Checker NPC, but I'm struggling to get them to acknowledge the base stat.

    What I need is the script that will look at the Pokemon you've selected from your team (this is already working), check if it's base stat is greater than or equal to <x>.

    Any help would be much appreciated!
    • Seen yesterday
    If you have a pokemon object, you can do pokemon.baseStats[:ATTACK] def baseStats returns a hash of the base stats for the species/form combo, and you just need to use the ID of the desired stat to pull it out.
    The rest is just like the IV checker, now that you have a stat's value, you can see if it's greater than a threshold.