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Click here to hear Nica sing!


I am still bathing in a summer's afterglow
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    Yeah, so I don't even know why I'm the one blogging this, but Nica and Alex are doing some kind of music project, at the moment on God Knows, and here's a little preview of it with Nica singing.

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    • Seen May 11, 2023
    NICA YOU'RE AMAZING WE'RE GOING TO SOUND SO GOOD. I just can't wait to hear you hit the high notes. n.n


    RNG Sommelier
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    Sorry, Nica but I'm really sensitive for singing out of tune and you have a problem with high notes, you sound very flat there. You go too low on the low notes as well. I guess you feel better in lower notes so why not changing the melody a bit? In, Poland we say "you sing like you didn't eat a breakfast". In other words, your singing doesn't keep up with the energy of lyrics. Also, you have to speak more clearly and properly - singing needs that, because sometimes words mix and don't sound like they should, and that happens to you too. To be honest, I had to fight with myself not to stop the record and I lost a few times.

    Thanks Livewire for pushing me to make a constructive critique.

    And Livewire, what's the point of lying to people, especially when it comes to art? I could say: "Oh, you're a bit out of tune and you sound flat in a few places." But that's not what I feel. I think that honesty is a virtue and very little people can afford it because it's not cool to say bad things to people, it's incorrect, bad, etc. No, it's not. My first comment was kinda rough and was very raw as it was my first expression and I'd say it once again. So I won't keep "not nice things to say" because saying something rough is better than lying that something is OK when it's not and art needs audience and feedback, so I'm actually sad that no one posted here (Ozzy is involved so I don't count him, I don't count myself either nor Nica and you, Livewire because you didn't criticise the tune, just acted like a superhero against teh Gonzo villain). I guess, no comments is worse than bad comments.