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[Other Fanfic] Colorful, Intergalactic Journeys


Silence is Purple
This will be a collection of infrequent anthologies that take place in my Honkai Star Rail verse, in which, my chimera ocs are spread throughout the universe. Some travel and go on Interstellar Journeys, while others do not. This first one is about Siorc becoming an interstellar travelers across the stars. This probably won't be updated often. I intend to pants most of these when I do, however.

An Interstellar Journey Through the Stars

"My name is Siorc, and
Yes, you guessed it. My

Name means shark.
And I am a hyena chimera with a shark brain.
My family lives in Punklorde,
Every single day, they're always tinkering away, hacking.

I never quite understand the Punklorde mentality. My
Sister always tells me that this world is

Some kind of simulation, a game.
I do not belong here, I
Only enjoy tinkering with my machinery.
Really, I am not so great at talking, so I
Created a talking device.

All the time, I am told I
Need to see this universe like it's a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. I
Don't get it, I do not understand.

There is other worlds out there, I
Have heard. And, to be honest,
I want to see the universe.
See all the flower fields outside. But,

I know that's not possible.
So, I live every single day rotting away.

Maybe one day, my opportunity shall come,
Yes, I'm counting the days. An

Interstellar journey. That sounds
Nice. Find my place in
This world. I don't believe I will
Ever belong here. And,
Really, even my family
Says so.
This world is just a game? I have never
Ever thought so. It
Looks like another day of hacking,
Looks like another day of tinkering,
And I'll just be inside my
Room. Pondering, ruminating. My

Journey is nowhere, the
Oblivion of nothing. I
Ultimately am stuck here,
Running away from reality. I'll
Never be able to go on my interstellar journey.
Everything is the same,
Yet I'll always be yearning.

It was a typical day upon the planet of Punklorde. The citizens were hacking, simulating, and gaming away, like they always did. Geniuses genuising, nothing had been amiss within the cyberpunk world. The entire world was but a massive multiplayer online role playing game for the denizens within. But, such had not been the case for one individual.

A young androgynous adult with long purple hair in a singular drill ponytail and golden streaks had been tip tapping away at his computer keyboard programming up a storm. Adorning a pitch black hairpin on the right side of his head that read out the word punk, the inventor's day had been the same as it always had been.

Typing up multiple lines of code as his bushy tail beneath him swished back and forth, the inventor's heterochromatic purple and green eyes glimmered, for a moment. This was it, the final adjustment that needed to be made for his mechanical companion to be able to defend itself from impending future doom. Long, golden acrylic nail tips tapping up a storm, the young adult's next order of business was upon him.

Small palm sized device removed from his skirt pocket, the young inventor removed a wire from his lavender shaded jacket. Computing device letting out a ding, the inventor typed away with a fury. It was time to add more scripts into his Portable Dialogue Articulator. Phrases inserted, his robotic familiar danced along with the inventor's tail.

Programming about to reach its climax, the inventor turned towards his robotic pal. Small, grey flower machine adorning a feisty face, a small smile grew on the young adult's face. His invention, it had finally been perfect. But, as he pressed saved and exit, boots stomped into his room.

"Siorc, didn't you hear me calling you?" his sister called out. "It's time for dinner now, hurry up!"

A young woman with curly green hair that went down to about her chest stood in the corner of the inventor's room with an irritated look on her face. Green eyes, freckled face and jade punk-like outfit exposing her belly contrasted the purple for meters upon meters.

Sister continuing to tap her foot as he closed out of all his programs, the inventor unplugged his device from the machine. Typing away, the words, one second, Hase, appeared on the screen after about three seconds. Device turned around, his sister shook his head.

"Mother has been calling you for thirty minutes," Hase responded to the written text. "So, get out of your chair!" As she said such "And, put your tail away. There's an elite hacker here today."

Sister complaining about his tail once again, Siorc flinched. Right, humans didn't want to see his tail. Closing his eyes for a moment, the appendage disappeared. Exiting his bedroom the typical dinner table awaited him.

Mother, father, cousins and so called elite hacker sitting at the dinner table discussing nonsense, the inventor bit into his dinner in complete silence. Everyone discussing mechanical nonsense one after another, the young adult kept on eating.

Elite hacker going on and on about how the world was a game, the young adult shook his head. The Punklorde Mentality, he never quite understood it. The entire world was just a game, a simulation? He could never get behind such world view was foreign to him, but he supposed being born a hyena chimera with a shark brain, adopting to such way of life was the furthest thing from his mind.

Cousins talking about how they hacked their ways into the space station recently, the elite hacker praised their skills. Hearing such chatter about, the inventor sped up his eating. All the same talk every single day. Hacking this, hacking that. What was so great about breaking into things in other worlds? He could never get behind such way of life.

Elite hacker telling everyone they should make a game out of breaking into the Herta Space Station, the chimera wolfed down the rest of his food like it was about to fade away. Could this conversation get anymore tiring? Mechanical flower friend zooming into the room, his green haired, piranha teeth cousin glared daggers from across the dinner table.

"Kiddo, could you send your annoying little toy away?" his cousin Pira, asked, gritting his teeth. "It's such an eyesore!"

Taking out his device, the inventor typed out an apology upon the screen, mechanical flower pal retreating to his room, everyone's eyes were on him. There it was again, the look of disappointment. The glares he had always gotten used to.

"Don't you have any interest have any interest in hacking?" his older cousin Strix asked, rolling his eyes. "Are you really related to us?"

"Tinkering away on machines all day, you're such a disappointment," his oldest cousin, Coiote added, shaking her head.

Multiple other family members adding their disappointment to the mix, the inventor popped in the question if he could be excused. Exile granted, the young adult retreated back into his room. Computer programs popping up once again, Siorc's thoughts had begun to wander.

Hearing the elite hacker from the other room afar once again bring up hacking into a faraway space station, the hyena turned his head towards his cyber bedroom window. The world, he had always been told there had been other planets across the universe besides his home world. A space station that hopped from world to world, the Herta Space Station.

Peaking outside for minutes on end, the inventor let out a sigh. The world, how he wished he could traverse through the universe and document all the flora, and wildlife of the universe. There were entire star systems of possibilities.

But, he knew there would never be able to go on the interstellar journey he wished for. People in Punklorde did not go far from home. Hackers were far too immersed in the game they claimed they were playing. There was nothing he could do to pursue his dreams.

Programming up a storm once more, the hyena shook his head. His family always told him he wasn't quite cut out for Punklorde. Hearing such for most of his entire life, especially into his adulthood, the constant words stuck to him like galactic glue.

Programming about ready to finish, the hyena opened up his web browser. The space station, maybe it wouldn't hurt to look it up. Finger nail tips clinking down upon his keyboard, the words Herta Space Station appeared in the search bar. Website link popping up upon the screen, the chimera whirred up the mouse with a fury.

Informational page popping up the loudest video he had ever heard, the hyena dialed down the volume slider. Animated pictures pausing, the chimera pressed the play button upon the video again. Moving photos blaring through, he gazed at it with intensity.

Moving graphics of a large space station and scientist playing on the screen, a message reading, we welcome you to the Herta Space Station marqueed across the screen. Messages about trying Simulated Universe blasting through the video, as well, the hyena placed his hand on his chin.

The Simulated Universe, hadn't that been the thing his cousins had always talked about hacking into? He never could quite get behind why they wanted to enter into such a thing so badly. What was so great about games? His cousins could make their own Simulated Universe if they do so wished.

Clicking through the rest of the website, the inventor had soon come across a peculiar tab. Peculiar tab entitled, The Astral Express, the chimera clicked the tab. Bright pink page blasting his eyes out, the chimera rubbed his lids for a moment as the shades lowered themselves. What an obnoxious web page. Who in the world made it?

Reading through the Astral Express page, the wave of desire flowed through the chimera. Blinding text saying, follow the path of the trailblaze, go on an interstellar adventure, the young adult let out a sigh. How he wished he could join the astral express, if only.

Reading over the webpage again, the hyena shook his head. The path of trailblaze. Did the universe have other paths he could follow? He had always been told he should follow the path of Nihility, like his parents; like the elite hackers the planet seem to breed aplenty.

Closing out the webpage, the inventor shook let out a sigh. The Path of Nihility, the Aeon Ix, he did not align with their ideology. No matter how many years were to pass, the life of laziness, and meaninglessness was not his cup of tea. Why live the lazy life? What a ridiculous way to live.

Mechanical flower pal floating towards him, the young adult resumed his tinkerings. Laziness, the world of hacking, he was never going to stray down such a path. How he wished for his parents to stop pushing him down their own path. The world was not an immersive game. He knew that.

Elite hacker excusing themselves after a couple hours, the hyena swore he could hear his cousins talk once more about hacking the Herta Space Station and make a fun game out of stealing the Genius Society's files.

Cousins laughing to themselves in the other room, Siorc opened up a search prompt upon his computer once more. Looking up the Genius Society, the hyena twirled his hair at the information that appeared upon the screen. Fan page with blinding colors reading, the eighty four Genius Society member's secrets, the chimera clicked the link in curiosity.

Page talking about some Genius Member society member named Ru-- M-- secretly enjoyed making cute cat creations and left them around the Herta Space Station, the hyena's cheeks grew pink. There was feline creatures in the Space Station? He wished to go there even more now.

But, the inventor closed out of the webpage. What were even the chances the article he was reading over was even anywhere close to true? The Internet, wasn't it a place full of lies and deceit? He knew he would never be able to see for himself to verify if it were even the truth.

Curiosity getting the better of him, the hyena clicked the article once more. Spotting an arrow in the corner pointing towards the next secret, the chimera tapped upon it. Tabloid of words in front of him, he read the article quietly.

"When I went to the Herta Space Station you wouldn't believe what I saw! The owner of the Space Station herself, Herta, she's a puppet! Who would have ever seen that coming, am I right? In the storage room, there was another one, too! When it turned on, I couldn't believe my ears!

The puppet told me she was indeed the Genius Society member Herta's many other bodies. Yow, so cool! I'm from The Blue, and there's so few people here that would even consider going beyond their mortal plane of limitation!

What a genius, I don't think I've ever seen anyone like her. As a goat person, I would love to learn the way of the puppetry! Imagine how cool it would be to have a little piece of my youth left behind when I'm off on my travels across the universe!

Mrow, my interviews across the universe won't come to an end here, I wish to learn more about the Simulated Universe! But, that puppet wouldn't give up her secrets easily! She told me, 'try it out for yourself,' with the a bored look on her face.

Well, I guess that's where my next journey will be take me! We'll see you next time on Genius Society's deepest secrets! Signing off!


Reading over the web page again and again, the inventor rose an eyebrow. What in the world did he just read through? This article, it had to have been extremely exaggerated. Closing out the window and shutting his computer off, the chimera turned his chair around towards the opposite direction. That was enough internet for one day.

Mechanical flower friend moving around his room, the hyena read through his favorite comic book of all time, >Fleurina, the young adult let out another sigh. The universe, what kind of flower fields did they have for him to explore? He would never get to experience them for himself. But, as he kept flipping through, an interruption kicked itself into place.

Large staticy portal pulling him inward, the chimera's eyes opened wide. Where had this cyber storm come from all of a sudden? That elite hacker, did they do something? Portal pulling him in faster and faster, the inventor could feel a sense of doom clung onto him with full force.

Force dragging him down, the hyena let out a scream. A cyber storm, now, of all times. How could this be? Where did i come from? No one hearing his screams, the gravitational pull readied to take him away. Body ready to become electronic waste, he surrendered himself.

Flower pal getting sucked in, as well, the pressure kicked itself into full force. Arms and legs turning into digital nothings, the hyena closed his eyes. This cyber storm, it was too powerful, there was no way he could outlast it. It was game over, he was done, finished; a goner. Everything about ready to become washed out data, Siorc surrendered himself to whoever would listen. If the Aeons could hear him, please spare him.

Send him somewhere far away.


"Where have I gone? Where
Has this cyber storm taking me.
Everything looks that tour video, have I died? Have I
Reached nirvana?
Everything looks so unfamiliar.

Ah, maybe I am dreaming.
Maybe I am still thinking about that space station

In my dreams. This portal,

Ah, yes, maybe I fell asleep by
My computer. Perhaps, that's it.

I am just dreaming. But, honestly, I

Don't think so. This feels too real.
Everything feels far too realistic for this to be
A dream. Ah. Right, that cyber storm it took me. I
Don't know what's happening. I

Don't know where
It's taken me. I
Don't know what at all awaits me.

I don't have any idea what will happen to me.

Don't have any idea what might await me.
I am lost, in this space of the unknown.
Everything is new to me."

Waking up sometime later, the hyena found himself in a place unknown to him. Finding himself beside glass boxes adorning objects aplenty including wings on display, a multitude of questions flocked through the chimera's mind as he stared at the black and grey room around him.

Unknownness taking him for a loop, the inventor blinked. Where had he been taken to? Had he died whilst inside the cyber storm? Placing his hand upon his chest where his false silicone breasts laden, the pitter patting of his heartbeat kicked in with the a thump.

Puffing out a breath, the hyena let everything out. He was alive, somehow. Turning his head to the left and right, absolutely nothing felt real. Was he dreaming? He knew he had to be. Right, he had just read too much about the space station. Of course, he was dreaming right now.

Pinching himself, the inventor let out a scream. Was this reality right now? The cyber storm, where had he been whisked away to? He needed to find the portal that kicked him here, and get back to Punklorde. Walking across the black floor in front of him, even more confuses places awaited him ahead.

Finding himself in a large, spacious storage area, the hyena looked around the place with his eyes. Just what part of the space station had he been thrown into? Wherever it was he had been, he could feel a wave of unease flow through him as he readied to move along.

Mechanical flower pal floating right alongside him, a wave of relief flowed through the inventor. His invention had been sucked away with him, too? Confusion loved company, as they always said. Walking through the cold, dark hallways of the unknown, the chimera kept his eyes open for any portals that could be around.

Moving through multiple empty rooms no such portal to the way back awaited the chimera. Eventually reaching a huge, spacious place with multiple metallic object and a young, brown haired woman with black and purple coat, white dress and doll legs had her back turned towards the corner.

Seeing such a person, the chimera could not help but think again. Had he been dreaming? He had been in the Herta Space Station he had just seen in the videos not too long ago. This cyber storm, had it dragged him into some lifelike simulation? While he never believed those claims, he couldn't help but consider the possibility.

Continuing his wandering, the inventor kept his eyes open. Surely, there had to be some sort of way back home. His parents had to have been looking for him, by now. He needed to get back to Punklorde right away. But, as he kept wandering along, multiple scientists gave him glares.

Multiple people staring at him asking who he was, how did this person get here, the young adult attempted to avoid everyone's gaze as much as possible. How was he supposed to know how he got here? He had no idea. He needed to keep get away from here as soon as possible.

But, as he kept moving onward towards the next black floored area, confusion threw the inventor for another loop. Finding himself in a large storage room, a feeling of lostlorn overtook him. This space station, just how big was it? There was no way he would ever get out of here, at this rate.

As the young adult kept on wandering, the world of the lost pushed him further away from the exit. Multiple automatic open doors leading him to empty places and room with scientists, he let out a sigh as multiple people looked at him with many questions. But, as he kept on wandering, one particular person had his eyes on him.

Tall, spiky black haired man with a light green overcoat that looked like it had the claw of a dragon on the shoulder, and a look of intelligence to him, the inventor tilted his head as the person stared at him. Eyes locked onto his blue violet belly shirt, unease ate him up. Who was this person, and why was he staring at him?

"Might I ask who you are?" the tall, black haired man asked. "I do not think I have ever seen you around the Herta Space Station before."

Question coming his way, the inventor could feel a spark of fear fly through him. This man, was he suspicious of him, or something? The other scientists, he could hear them ask if he were apart of the Anti Matter Legion. What in the world was that? He had no idea.

Sifting through his skirt pocket, the hyena puffed a sigh of relief. His Portable Dialogue Articulator was still with him. His lips, he did not have to open them. Never really being fond of talking, having a device that spoke for him was a necessity.

Turning the device on, the hyena tip tapped away upon the tiny keyboard. Writing out that he was a wanderer, he turned the device towards him. Young tall man reading over the sentences carefully, he soon shook his head firmly.

"Researchers have been talking about how they believe someone from the Anti Matter Legion snuck aboard the Space Station," the tall black haired man said. "Might that be you?"

Hearing such accusation, the chimera froze. What in the world was the Anti Matter Legion? Whatever that was, he had never heard of such a thing. Tall man observing his clothes once more and shaking his head, the hyena tip tapped away once more.

Typing out that he has never heard of the Anti Matter Legion, the inventor turned his head in tandem. This space station, had his family back in Punklorde hacked into it already? He supposed that could have been possible. Was that what the people here called people from his home planet?

"Your clothes, you are from Punklorde, no?" the tall man asked. "Whoever you might be, please do not hack anything." But, his eyes soon wandered. "You have a tail. Are there Foxians in Punklorde? I must update the data bank with this information."

Man's eyes wandering towards his tail, for a moment, the young adult's eyebrows twitched. This man was calling him what now? A Foxian? What was that? Why was he making such assumption about him? He needed to move away from him and find the portal to home right now.

Typing out upon his articulator that he was a chimera, not a foxian. The chimera pressed the space bar down below. Writing out, is there anyway he could find a way back home, he turned the machine around. But, a head shake came his way.

"I have never heard of this term, chimera before," the tall black haired man responded. "Such entry does not exist within the data bank." But, he got himself back on track quickly. "You wish to return home? You would have to ask our navigator about that. She's in the Master Control Zone."

Tall black haired man offering to escort him to the Master Control Zone, the young adult followed behind him. This space station was massive. Just how many rooms were within it? He did not know; he supposed he was about to find out when he were to meet this mysterious navigator.

Spotting a a shot young woman with pink hair and pink blue eyes taking selfies in the corner of the room, a small interruption stopped the escort out, for a moment. Tall black haired man asking the pink haired girl what she was up to, multiple names he did not recognize were fired off one after another.

Pink haired girl stating she's taking photos for Pom Pom, the inventor tilted his head. What was a Pom Pom? Had that been some sort of entity at the space station he would have to meet to get home? Girl named after the seventh day of the third month of the year giving the tall black man a snide remark as they parted ways, the escort out continued.

A surprise onslaught, however, soon came.

Group of monsters with dark purple blades on their wrists coming towards the tall black haired man and he, the hyena could feel his knees buckles. What was that thing? Were there enemies on the space station? He did not quite understand what was happening. Could the portal back to home come up already?

"It's the Anti Matter Legion," the tall black haired man said, voice raised. "We are going to have to defend ourselves against them. Can you fight?"

Giving the tall black haired man a nod, materialized glass broke as if he were truly in some sort of game. Monsters slashing at him, the hyena brought out a large greatsword with golden flowers decorating it aplenty. Now was the only good time to remember the Punklorde Mentality.

Tall, black haired man running up to the enemy throwing out a strange green spear, the young adult slashed down with his materialized great sword. Mechanical flower pal joining in on the fight, as well, the chimera could feel defenses kick themselves in as a yellow vortex stopped the creatures in their tracks.

Feeling a burst of energy flow throw him as the battle had slowly reached its climax, the inventor lunged his mechanical flower pal towards the enemy, the hyena accidently blurted out a loud battle cry for the entire space station to hear?

"Think you can get through my defenses? Think again! Fleura, give me the tank I need!" the hyena accidentally shouted.

Mechanical flower friend launching pixelly bullets, the world of damage had been considerably removed from the equation. Monsters dropping like flies, the battle had come to and end. Tall black haired man looking at him, a multitude of questions had come his way.

Tall black haired man asking him if he followed the Path of Preservation, the chimera tilted his head. The Path of Preservation? Was that how the Space Station saw defensive combat? Shaking his head writing out he followed the Path of Harmony, the room around him soon grew quiet.

Soon escorted out of the area, the large room from the video he watched soon graced the inventor's field of heterochromatic vision. Tall black haired man escorting him to a short pink haired woman with white clothes in the center of the area, questions about the navigator's whereabouts fired off one after another.

"Oh, Hi----? Yeah, she's still around for the day," the pink haired said. "She's with Peppy."

Escorted around the Master Control Zone for quite some time, the inventor had soon been taken to the side of the area. Spotting an adorable dog yawning up a storm, the hyena resisted the urge to pet the cute, adorable creature. The Space Station had dogs? Maybe he could forget about going back home, at least for a few moments.

Tall, red haired woman with a long white dress and black coat practically falling off her shoulders, the chimera swore he could smell a heavy amount of coffee from her person. Black flower ornaments on her leg and golden reefs on the edges of her outfit, her auburn eyes soon gazed at him.

"Hello there, young one," the red haired woman greeted. "I have never seen you aboard the Herta Space Station before. Did you just arrive here?"

Tall black haired man explaining the situation to the navigator, the hyena could not help but wonder. This navigator, could she get him back home right here, and now? Taking his phone out, he soon typed out various questions. Nail tips tapping away upon the bottom, he prepared himself.

Typing out to the navigator, he was dropped here from Punklorde through some cyber storm, his fingers kept firing away. Writing out the inquiry could she take him back home, he soon turned the device around. But, an unfortunate head shake had come his way.

"Punkorde? I am sorry, young man, but that won't be possible," the navigator said. "The Astral Express is heading for Vonwacq next."

Hearing such rejection, the inventor's head dropped towards his shoulders. He couldn't go back home? Was he going to be here on the Space Station until further notice? Typing out the inquiry about if there were any portals spotted anywhere here, another head shake had come his way.

"A portal? I am afraid not," the navigator said, shaking her head. "I am sorry, young wander."

No portal anywhere, a small wave of doom flowed through the inventor. There was no way to get back home? His parents had to have noticed he were missing by now. But, he supposed if there was no way back just yet, it was best to wait until a way back would appear.

Navigator mentioning the name Vonwacq, the chimera typed in another inquiry. Asking about the planet, multiple ideas flowed through the hyena's shark brain mind. Maybe, until he could find a way back, he could go on that interstellar journey he always wanted to embark on.

Navigator informing him Vonwacq was a planet filled with lush rainforests, the hyena's eyes practically had stars in them. A planet with lush greenery and plants? He needed to go there. Could his dream of being able to document the flower fields of the universe finally be ahead of him? Putting his dialogue device away, his lips moved.

"May I join this excursion to Vonwacq?" Siorc asked, voice barely audible.

Tall red haired woman nodding, the inventor gave the navigator a smile. He could board the Astral Express to go to this rainforest planet? How wonderful. He supposed, for now, until he invented his own travel device, boarding this large Star Rail Machine could do.

Taken into a parlor car room, a black and white bunny creature sweeping away had been asked many questions. Seeing such a creature, the chimera's heart fluttered. Just how many cute creatures were across the universe? He definitely needed to locate every ingle one of them.

Creature called Pom Pom saying he can join them on their trip to Vonwacq if he wants, the hyena typed out a thank you message. Told they will be reaching the planet in a couple of days, he readied himself to temporarily set off on a new journey.

Seating himself on the couch in the corner of the room, the chimera folded his leg on top of his right knee. A new journey, a new world of possibilities. Maybe for now, until he could find a way home, it was time to go on a journey. Staring out the window into the deep void of space, the young adult's smile kept growing warmer.

His Interstellar journey through the stars had begun.

Like I said, this won't be updated frequently. My Genshin verse matters more and I'll still be writing it every single Sunday. I just wanted to try pantsing, for a change.
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Silence is Purple
I completely pants this on my phone, I will not be proofreading this, idc.

Belobog's Little Spitfire

My brother is
Always so overprotective of me,
Year after year he tells me I'm
Barred from entering the fight club,
Every day of every single year.

I don't understand! I am a
Flourishing young lady!

I am strong, and healthy,

Putting myself into the
Ring won't do me any harm!
Oh, and he always tells me, this
Vain popping reason,
Every single time: 'You are too small, Cloch.' What am I,

Microscopic? Ridiculous! There's a little
Young girl whom calls herself H---, and
She's the boss of some group called me the Moles!
Even kids get to go and
Live out their dreams, yet here I am
Finally a young petit grown-up, who cannot

Take on my desire, go
On and pursue

My lifelong passion: boxing! Big brother Goma,
You just don't get it! Just

Because mama and papa are long gone doesn't mean you're a
Oh, please, oh please, oh please,
Try and let go of this
Harness, this leash!
Every single day,
Remove your little

Hard butt and let me fly!
Everything will be fine! Everything

Will be okay!
I have been practicing? I'm a
Little spitfire! A
Little destroyer!

No more of these shackles! No more
Of these rules!

Let me soar!
Open the door
No more rules
Get over your fears!
Everything will be fine! I've been training

So, I'll show him, I'm going!
Even if he says no, I'll just defy!
Even if he says no, I'll just run!

My journey begins, to the fight club!
Even if they tell me no,

And call me small, I
Shall show them

All how capable I am!

For practice makes perfect.
Right? Every single person knows that,
And I am a always attempting to
Gain strength!
I'll show them! I'll show them all!
L---, I'll beat you and then
Everyone will see! I'm not a

Little, scrawny girl that needed protecting!
I'll show them! I'll show
Them all!
That I'm not some
Little girl!
Everyone will see!

Get ready for my debut!
I'm coming!
Ready? One, two, three!
Let's fight!

A petit young woman with brown skin, pitch black eyes and messy, red hair the color of strawberries pulled up into two high twintails lunged a punch at a rubber sack hanging upwards from the ceiling. Her black belly shirt had been filled with dirt aplenty. Black shorts with the word winner on them decorated with sweat as well as her long dark coat around her shoulders, the room stunk of passion.

Letting out a grunt, the young lady punched again as her boxing gloves pressed harder upon the rubber dummy. Wiping her brow, her stubby size four shoes had gotten their work in, as well. It was another hard day of training. Brother nowhere in sight, she kept on going. She still had some time left.


Too late.

A tall, dark skinned adult man with black eyes and messy red hair flocked over barging his way into the underground room. Torn, bright blue shirt showing his six pack abs, and sweatpants below him, an irritated look appeared on the figure's face. Arms immediately crossed, his voice soon raised itself high enough to disturb the neighbors.

"Cloch, how many times do I have to tell you not to come down here?" the man said.

However, such words went in one ear, out the other. Blah, blah, blah, this again. Don't come into their basement. Why did her brother always have to come back at such random times? He had to have been doing it on purpose now. Continuing to punch the bag, Cloch let out a grunt. She'll show him.

But, as she kept on punching, her fists had been seized by her brother. Boxing gloves slipped off, she grit her teeth. Why was he always doing this to her? She wasn't a little girl anymore. She was tired of being held back from her dreams; put on such a deep leash. She was almost nineteen now. Enough was enough.

"Ugh, Goma, why do you always do this?" Cloch complained. "I'm not a little girl anymore! Let me join the fight club!"

"No." Goma vetoed. "You're too fragile and small."

Hearing this same excuse again, Cloch could see red. How many times was he going to tell her she's tol fragile and small? She hardly ever gets sick anymore. And, so what if she was small? There were plenty of one-hundred-fifty-three centimeter fighters out there. Why was he so set on her size? There were plenty of puny spitfires out there.

"I haven't gotten sick in over a year!" Cloch exclaimed. "And so what if I'm small! I see that little girl H--- fighting all the time, and she's shorter than me!"

"No." Goma vetoed again. "What if you poison someone?"

Same old argument thrown her way, Cloch folded her hands into big, meaty fists. Why would she poison someone? She knew better than to transform into her frog form in a fight. What was he going to say next? What is she pricks someone with her porcupine quills? She'd heard them all, countless times.

"I would never transform into frog form in public!" Cloch responded, shouting. "Why would I ever?"

"What if you prick someone with your porcupine quills?" Goma asked, arms crossed. "You'll cause a scene."

There it was, the predictable question. What did it matter? She would never, ever prick someone with her quills. Growing up in the underworld of Belobog as a forgupine chimera, she knew how to live by the rules. Never show anything inhuman; act like it's a costume when her quills or frog hands or legs are out. Why couldn't she just join the fight club like she always dreamed of? She's old enough to make her own decisions.

"Hmph. I would never," Cloch said, turning her head in defiance. "Stop babying me."

"You're not joining the fight club, Cloch," Goma retaliated. "Now, come upstairs. Aega and Niesha have finished making supper."

Brother barreling upstairs, Cloch screamed into the rubber punching bag. Every single time, it was always the same thing. She's not joining the fight club. And, she was about to hear the same thing all over again upstairs, too. She would be told the same exact thing. Focus on working at the museum. She doesn't need to get her hands dirty.

Stomping upstairs, a tall dark skinned woman with a skimpy denim dress, curly hair pulled into two low twintails, and jackal ears set down the dinner plates onto the table. Taller, dark skinned woman with bright curly pink hair, black ribbons, panther ears, and a skimpy green dress set down the forks and knives.

Brother's wives scantily clad, as usual, Cloch started down at her lean meat laid upon her plate. Did these two have to flaunt their busty female bodies all the time? Her sister in laws were practically flaunting themselves around at this point. When would she ever blossom into a woman like them? Maybe then, her brother would stop disallowing her from fighting.

"Were you two fighting again?" one of her sister in laws asked.

"Same as always?" her other sister in law asked.

"Yup," Goma said to his wives.

"Ugh," one of her sister in laws groaned. "Cloch, focus on working at the museum."

"Yeah, Cloch," her other sister in law said. "I dunno why you wanna get your hands dirty for."

There it was again, that line. Focus on the museum. Don't get her hands dirty. Why was it always this? Was it because she was small? Why did that matter? Couldn't everyone let this all go? The museum life was boring. She had no interest in cleaning the seven hundred year history exhibits. Enough of this.

"Niesha, you get you're one to talk!" Cloch talked back. "You fight dirty all the time!"

"Kid, we're all professional fighters," Niesha said."We aren't getting our hands dirty."

"You come home with blood on your gloves all the time!" Cloch shouted. "I'd be fine."

"I dunno, I don't think so," she responded. Niesha shook her head.

"Leave it, babe, you know what she's going to say, don't you?" Aega added in, shaking her head. "You'll never get through to her. She's in her own head."

Wolfing down her food, Cloch excused herself from the dining room table. Why was it always this same argument? Every single day she had a day off from working at that stupid, boring museum, it was a another day of heated arguments. She was a fragile, short girl. She was too little, she wasn't a professional fighter.

Blah, blah, blah, always the same old stupid song and dance. She had heard it enough times now. Why couldn't her brother and his wives get it through their thick skulls by now? She was a destined fighter meant for the ring. Enough was enough of this annoying nonsense. Rolling onto her bed, she soon flipped through her photobook.

Multiple pictures of her mother, father, and a younger Goma and she, she let out a somber sigh. Why did her parents have to leave this world ten years ago? That fragmentum that broke out in the overworld, maybe if it hadn't come, they'd still be alive. If they were still around, they'd let her become a fighter, guaranteed.

Chucking the photobook back, Cloch placed her arm over her face. Every time she and her brother would bicker, she would call it quits for the night. She knew she never win against his word. He had been ten years her senior. Should she step out, he would belt out the excuse he was older, he knew what was best.

But, not anymore. Not this time, not today. Tonight, she would leave at the stroke of the night. It was a victory night. Her brother was always busy in his rooms with his loving ladies. He would hardly notice she was gone. The Fight Club always had a competition going on. This time, she would show him she's not a fragile little girl anymore.

Flipping open the old photo book again, she pet the final photo she ever took with her parents while they had still been with her. If mama and papa were watching her in the big fighting ring in the sky, they'll be proud of her. She was always her mama's strongest warrior.

Sneaking out her door tiptoing about the house, Cloch quietly grabbed her contraband. Sliding her socks upon the hard, wood floor, she closed her door behind her. Polishing her mits, she let out a quiet whistle. Tonight, she wasn't about to play by the rules anymore. She was joining the fight club, no ifs, ands or buts.

Loud, mushy romcom movie playing in the other room, Cloch smirked. Right after their stupid goofy flick was over, they'd all go into their room doing their silly little couple things. They'll be too busy making nummies. Whatever that means! She was eighteen and single. Her brother would throw a man or woman she brought home straight out the door.

Sound dying down in the next room over after the next hour or so, she could hear her sister in laws ask for victory nummies. Slipping her boxing gloves over her hands, she prepared herself. As soon as she heard their door close, she was outta here. Bye bye, so long, farewell. She was going to join the fight club.

Hearing her brother's footsteps stomp by her door, the usual kicked in. He would tell her goodnight. Remind her she had to be on time to work tomorrow, and her sister in laws would yell from the other room that she's got an alarm on her phone.

"Goodnight, Cloch," Goma said. "You're awfully quiet tonight. You're not planning something, are you?"

Backing away from her window, Cloch tumbled onto her buttocks. Did he see that the boxing gloves were missing already? Oh, no. She was in trouble now. But, she kept her head held high. She's not playing by the rules tonight, nope. She's going to that Fight Club whether he likes it, or not.

"Nope, goodnight, Goma!" Cloch exclaimed.

"Mhm," Goma responded.

"Babe, come to bed already!" His wives shouted in the other room.

Door slamming shut, Cloch opened the paned shutter. Moving the screen away, as well, she made a leap for it. Hello, underworld. Goodbye, strict annoying brother. Goodbye, agreeable always scantily dressed sister inlaws. Goodbye, boring history museum job. Running through the cold evening streets, the Fight Club's bright, vivid sign glowing against the night, she cracked her knuckles.

Hello, fight club.


"Now, the time has come, I
Enter the fight club! And I
Will conquer the ring! I'll

Fight and win!
I will show you,
Goma, I'm not that sickly little girl anymore!
He'll see when I
Enter this fight and beat everyone in the
Ring! He'll be sorry, he'll

Congratulate me! He will
Let me know that I can continue
On fighting! So I am gonna win!
Come on, come on, fight me, raa.
He'll see! He'll let me

Join the fight club and I'll swamp the competition.
Olay, olay, olay!
I'm a strong, big girl, and a
Nasty little bruiser!
So, come one, come all,

Time to fight me!
He'll see!
Everyone will lose to me!

Raaaaaaaaaa, hear my battle cry!
I'm totally going to win!
No one will overtake me!
Goma, your little leash on me shall break!

Goma, that tight control
Over me ends here!
My time as a free, independent fighter starts here!
And you'll all see!

I'll show you Aega and Niesha, you

Won't be holding me back anymore.
I'll show you two! That
Lukewarm nonsense over not being a trained fighter,
Lukewarm nonsense over being too little, too

Small. I'm the little spitfire! I'll give everyone
Heck! They'll all
Open their eyes! They
Will finally see!

Your little Cloch isn't so fragile
Or someone to keep on a leash anymore!
Unleash that beast within me!

I won't hold back.

And, I'll fight fair and square!
My porcupine quills have been suppressed!

And my frog hands are human right now.

Come one, come all!
And see the newest fight
Pummel on in with her debut!
Ahahaha, I have
Been training for this very moment. This
Little girl isn't so little anymore!
Even though I'm short, I'm gonna

Fight you all, and
I'm going to win! I'm
Gonna get to the top of the tier! I'll
Hook line and sinker
This competition,
Everyone will cheer!
Rara Cloch, rara, Cloch! They'll say

My name in
An eruptive applause!
My name in headlights:
A brand new champion, Cloch Frama!

Place your bets on me,
And you'll soon see! You'll be
Pleased to have me
Around, everyone will be watching me!

I'm so ready!
Now's my time to shine!

So, mama and papa I
Know you're watching me up in the sky.
You'll be proud of me, so
Watch over me while
In the ring!
Ooooh, your youngest daughter is all
Riled up. Hit the
Lights, sound the applause!
Drop everything on me! I

Will show you, Goma, I'll show you
Aega, Niesha.
This is the fight that'll
Change everything!
Hahaha, hahaha.

My time come!
Everyone, eyes on me!"

Old man beside the curtained door blocking the way, Cloch attempted to side step the loser old bag in front of her. Hmph, who was this lame old fart at the entrance? She wasn't going to let him stop her from entering. Nope! Coot looking the other way, she ran in. It was her time to shine!

Seeing multiple people flexing their muscles, she soon flexed her arms, too. Multiple men and women even children inside, she let out a tiny little laugh. There were people even shorter than her in here! Her brother was such a liar! Too fragile and small for the fight club? Ha! Her feet.

Hearing everyone buzz on and on about The Night Club competition, Cloch put on a grin. There was a competition here after all. Well, game on, she was so participating. Stomping off towards the tourney runner, she rose to the tips of her toes looking him in the eye.

"One more!" Cloch exclaimed. But, expectant bespectacled eyes gave her a look.

"Aren't you Goma's kid sister?" the man asked.

"Yup, that's me!" Cloch exclaimed.

"Should you be here right now?" the man questioned, scratching his head.

"Hurry up, and write my name down already!" As she shouted such, she folded her hands into a fist.

"Fine. Welcome to the Night Club competition." His pen had begun scribbling.

Competition soon letting off its steam, multiple grizzly dudes squared off with one another mano e mano, whatever that meant! Goma had always said that phrase whenever he discussed his dumb little play by plays with his wives. Was she even using the term right? She didn't know, she didn't care! It would soon be her turn to fight, anyway. Any second now!

Hearing her name shouted on the loudspeaker, and some woman named Gui------, Cloch stepped up to the plate. Tall, young woman with fiery orange hair pulled back into a ponytail, auburn eyes, and red white outfit that looked like it came from another world, she flexed her arms. Who was this chick, some outworlder? She's going down.

"Belobog working up the heat!" the lady exclaimed. "If I win this, my channel will get so many new subscribers!"

"Don't count on it!" Cloch shouted. I'm gonna win, and you'll lose subscribers!"

Blogger lady introducing herself to her gazillion subscribers, the countdown soon counted itself down to zero. Lady soon putting her phone away the fight was on. It was time to go womano to womano. Was that the opposite of mano to mano? She didn't know, nor did she care. It was time to show the world the kinda spitfire she was.

Lady punching and a kicking, Cloch jumped off towards the right, left and side. Punching left, right, up down, and bringing down a swift, tiny kick, the victory rush flowed through her. She would show her brother. She'd show him she was no longer the sickly small baby he seems to think she is.

Steamer lady losing to the weight of her own fists, Cloch did a little dance. That was it, the victory she was waiting for. She was going to win again and again and show everyone. She was a strong little spitfire able to level with people twice her size. She'd show Aega, she'd show Niesha. Being professional meant nothing. Take that, sister inlaws!

Loss soon announced, the next round of other fighters took the stage. Steamer lady claiming her subscription count went up, Cloch puffed her nostrils. Subscriptions from her win! She's about to lose some numbers. Bow down to the new fight club queen. She's going to take down everyone and everything down here one after another.

Bell soon ringing, the announcer soon called out for round two to start. Cloch hearing her name called, and the name H--- said on the other side, she rolled up her sleeves. That little mole girl? Bring it on, she's going down. No way she's losing to a little kid. Not a chance.

Short young girl with bright blond hair and two low twintails about half her size brown outfit, boots and a hat, Cloch rubbed her little hands together. Ha, it was that girl who called herself the leader of the moles. She had another thing coming if she thought she was about to go easy on her. She was totally going to cheat with her little hook hand thing.

"You'd better not go easy on me just 'cause I'm a kid!" the mole shouted.

"You look like you're boutta cheat!" Cloch shouted.

"You! How'd ya know?!" As she exclaimed such, she dropped her hook hand.

Announcer screaming fight, Cloch let herself go loose. This little pint sized kid thinks she can cheat huh, did she? She'll show her how this puny little grownup did things around here! Boots doing the kicking, the little mole did the punching. Heat kicking it all up, the ladies in the ring let out a shout.


"Here comes Dark Pitch H---!"

Ladies smacking into each other's faces, Cloch swept her foot upward. Kid looking ready to roll until the floor and reach for her claw hand, she soon grabbed the contraband, tossing it out of the ring. Nope, no cheating today. It was time to fight fair and square. She wasn't about to lose to a cheat.

Leader of the moles surrendering, Cloch had soon been awarded the name stinky meanie. Hearing such moniker, she let out a loud chuckle. Ha, Stinky Meanie, was that the best name she got? Kids were all bark and no bite, just like her when she was that young. She could call her mean all she'd like.

Soon declared the winner for the second round, more fighters threw themselves into the ring. Big, grizzly man winning and losing one after another, Cloch let out a cocky little giggle. She would show everyone when she were to fight them next that she was far stronger than any of them.

Multiple big, burly men losing to her one after another, Cloch rose her fists upward as she passed through the third round and quarterfinals. Were these dudes going easy her? They had better not be. She would give them all a whole new level of pain if that were the case. Right here, right now.

Zipping through the semifinals, multiple men and ladies squared off one another hoping to claim the prize of the finals. But, barely any came close. One final fight deciding it all, the finals soon readied to announce themselves for everyone to hear, loud and clear.

"And our finalists are our newcomer Cloch and L---!"

Crowd uproaring in applause, Cloch kissed her arms. That's right, she was one of the finalists. She, her. She wasn't about to lose now. She'd show her brother that she wasn't the weak little fragile baby he acted like she always was. Time to shine and win this entire tournament.

Quick intermission announced, Cloch gulped down her entire bottle of water. Ha, intermission, a break. Who needed that right now? Not she. It was time for the final round of this tournament, who needed water? She was going to take down this champion and become the little spitfire everyone will remember.

Final round about ready to start up, Cloch threw herself into the ring. Tall, red haired man with a grey shirt and robotic right hand, she pointed at the thing. Was he trying to cheat? Boo. If he was going to fight unfairly she's calling foul! No way was she about to lose to a robot hand.

"Say, aren't you Goma's kid sister?" the robot hand man asked.

"That's right! And I'm not boutta lose to a robot handed cheater!" Cloch exclaimed.

"Then, I'll take you on one arm only!" As he said such, he tucked his robot arm behind him.

"Bring it on, Bionic Man!" She shouted back.

"Them's fighting words little destroyer!" He wound up his left fist.

Announcer saying the finals were ready to begin, Cloch wound up her shoulders. Feeling her quills stick up from behind her as she did such, she let out a battle cry. No way would she shoot her quills, hope. This was a fight womano to mano, no spikeo to robato. Letting her punches loose, she let out a scream.


"I like your energy, kid!" the robot arm man shouted.

"Hmph, I'm not a kid, take this!" Cloch shouted.

Letting her punches go all out, she let out a muda, muda, muda, muda, muda whatever that meant. She always heard Niesha say that when chopping the onions. But, she didn't care, it was hers now. She didn't have a copyright on words, that's for sure. Screaming louder, she brought down het fist o fury.

Kicking up a storm as well, sweat decorated her petit little package. Was this what having fun felt like? Count her in and bring her along for the full ride because she's about to win this fight with her eyes closed. Whirring up a few more punches, she aimed for the low lows. This was it. The countdown to end all countdowns. The brawl to end them all.

Robot hand man lowering himself to her knees, he surrendered himself. Soon declared the winner of the Night Club tournament, Cloch let out a cheer. That'll show Goma she wasn't that weak, fragile, sickly girl he seems to think she is! Take that, Goma, take that, Niesha! Who was the winner now? She was! She was victorious.

Burly men congratulating her one after another, she swiped her finger across her nose. That's right, she was the winner, number one, the new rising star of the fight club. She'll show everyone she's the unexpected little spitfire the Fight Club was always waiting for. Celebrations going all out, she drank the forbidden loopy juice she was never allowed to consume.

Feeling the rush, Cloch rolled up her sleeves. She wanted more. Square it off with the others. What was the name of that highly intelligent robot, Svarog? She wanted to get in on that robot fighting action. That'd show her family she's not to be put on some kind of leash!

Exiting the Fight Club, she could hear people yell at her from inside to stay in, she's had a sip too many, come back. A sip too many? Who cares she wad on a roll, and she wasn't about to lose now! Svarog, he was going down.

Running through the Robot Settlement feet swaying, Cloch kept on powering through. Reaching a small house where a young blond barefoot girl stood and her tall blue robot pal, she rolled up her sleeves. Time to kick some robot buttocks, if they even had one.

"Big Sis Cloch, what are you doing here?" the barefoot girl asked.

"Analyzing, this young woman is inebriated," Svarog said.

"Mr. Svarog, I challenge you to a fight!" Cloch shouted, pointing.

"Mr. Svarog why does she want to fight you?!" the barefoot girl asked, shaking.

"Analyzing. It would appear that this young woman is experiencing an adrenaline rush," Svarog commented.

"Whatevs, come at me!" As Cloch said such, she lunged her leg forward.

Svarog putting himself into fight mode, Cloch brought in her own kick to the table. Letting out a shout as she kicked and punched, the world spun around her. Was this the rush from the buzz she had? That booze stuff she was never allowed to have was so thrilling! She should have more some time. Who cares what her brother said about it?

Missiles coming her way, Cloch let out another shout. Ha, little bullets? Bring it on, she wasn't going to lose here whatsoever. She'll show this robot who was boss and then some. She would be victorious and reduce this thing to spare parts. Weapons hitting her, she swayed back.

But, she got right back up. Nope. No way, she's not going to lose here, not a chance. She was a strong little spitfire. Turning her backside, she let loose her porcupine quills. Who cares about being fair anymore? She was no longer in a competition. It was time to get her hands dirty.

"Not yet! I'm not losing to you, you hunk of junk!" Cloch shouted.

"Mr. Svarog is not a hunk of junk!" the barefoot girl cried.

Mr. Svarog dodging all her porcupine quills, Cloch was seeing steam. This cocky little, she would show him! She wasn't going to let this big pile of scrap metal win this fight. Sharpening her quills she launched them again and again, one after another. Dumb little bot fighting back she fought even harder.

"I won't lose to you!" Cloch shouted as she dropped down her metal quills. But moments later.

"I surrender," the robot said, raising his metal hand.

Robot backing down, Cloch crinkled her nose. He what now? He was giving up, just like that? What a loser robot. He was C---'s guardian? Cheap scrap metal rust bucket. Letting out a laugh, she pointed at the weak garbage bag. Little weakling, she's about to let him know that!

"You call yourself C----'s protector? You're so weak!" Cloch shouted, pointing.

"Mr. Svarog isn't weak! Why are you so mean today, Big Sis?" the barefoot girl asked, crying.

But, Cloch had soon run. Maybe it was the booze taking over her, but she didn't care. She wanted more. More battles, more fights, more adrenaline. Maybe it was time to enter the Fragmentum and show her brother once and for all she wasn't a little girl anymore!

But, stomping into such decay was a big mistake. Autonomous monsters hitting her left right, front and center, all her defenses had left her one after another. World spinning she could feel herself begin to fall. Was this it? Was it all over? She guessed it was time to throw in the towel.

Waking up in an all too familiar place, Cloch groaned. Was she in Dr. Na-----'s office? How did she even get here? But, her head pounded as she thought such. What was this pounding headache? Where did it come from? Blue haired doctor wearing a mask talking to her brother, and sister in law's twin sister, she let out a groan. Great, her sister in law's jackal and hyde doctor twin, Loba was here. She was in trouble now.

"She should be fine, just a little... intoxicated," the underground doctor said, hesitating.

"I came all the way to the underworld for this? My sister told me it's an emergency!" Loba complained.

"It will be when I'm done with her," Goma said, rolling up his sleeves.

"Please, no violence in my clinic," the doctor in charge said.

Uh, oh, she's in trouble now. Here comes Goma.

"Cloch, I can't believe you! Not only did you sneak out, you joined the fight club, and have been drinking?!" Goma shouted.

"Maybe I wouldn't have had to if you didn't have such a tight leash on me!" Cloch shouted. "Why can't you just let me have some fun? I'm not a sickly little girl anymore, Goma! I'm going to nineteen soon! Let me live my life!"

There was a long silence after she said such. What, did he have to think about it? He had plenty of time at home to do that! She wasn't about to let him control her any longer! No more, nope, she's a grownup now! But, what came next surprised her.

"You're right. I ought to let you spread your wings," Goma said. "But, no more drinking, got it."

What was happening? Did he just?

"You're letting me stay with the fight club?" Cloch asked.

"Yes, kiddo." Gona nodded.

"You really mean it?! No takebacks?" Cloch fired back.

"No takebacks." Goma shook back.

Letting out a cheer, she could soon feel chains fly off her. She was free! Spitfire Cloch was ready for her full force into the fighter world.


Well, after the headache cleared, at least.

The second time I've ever written Cloch and it's in a different verse...lol.
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