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[Other Fanfic] Colorful, Intergalactic Journeys


Silence is Purple
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    This will be a collection of infrequent anthologies that take place in my Honkai Star Rail verse, in which, my chimera ocs are spread throughout the universe. Some travel and go on Interstellar Journeys, while others do not. This first one is about Siorc becoming an interstellar travelers across the stars. This probably won't be updated often. I intend to pants most of these when I do, however.

    An Interstellar Journey Through the Stars

    "My name is Siorc, and
    Yes, you guessed it. My

    Name means shark.
    And I am a hyena chimera with a shark brain.
    My family lives in Punklorde,
    Every single day, they're always tinkering away, hacking.

    I never quite understand the Punklorde mentality. My
    Sister always tells me that this world is

    Some kind of simulation, a game.
    I do not belong here, I
    Only enjoy tinkering with my machinery.
    Really, I am not so great at talking, so I
    Created a talking device.

    All the time, I am told I
    Need to see this universe like it's a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. I
    Don't get it, I do not understand.

    There is other worlds out there, I
    Have heard. And, to be honest,
    I want to see the universe.
    See all the flower fields outside. But,

    I know that's not possible.
    So, I live every single day rotting away.

    Maybe one day, my opportunity shall come,
    Yes, I'm counting the days. An

    Interstellar journey. That sounds
    Nice. Find my place in
    This world. I don't believe I will
    Ever belong here. And,
    Really, even my family
    Says so.
    This world is just a game? I have never
    Ever thought so. It
    Looks like another day of hacking,
    Looks like another day of tinkering,
    And I'll just be inside my
    Room. Pondering, ruminating. My

    Journey is nowhere, the
    Oblivion of nothing. I
    Ultimately am stuck here,
    Running away from reality. I'll
    Never be able to go on my interstellar journey.
    Everything is the same,
    Yet I'll always be yearning.

    It was a typical day upon the planet of Punklorde. The citizens were hacking, simulating, and gaming away, like they always did. Geniuses genuising, nothing had been amiss within the cyberpunk world. The entire world was but a massive multiplayer online role playing game for the denizens within. But, such had not been the case for one individual.

    A young androgynous adult with long purple hair in a singular drill ponytail and golden streaks had been tip tapping away at his computer keyboard programming up a storm. Adorning a pitch black hairpin on the right side of his head that read out the word punk, the inventor's day had been the same as it always had been.

    Typing up multiple lines of code as his bushy tail beneath him swished back and forth, the inventor's heterochromatic purple and green eyes glimmered, for a moment. This was it, the final adjustment that needed to be made for his mechanical companion to be able to defend itself from impending future doom. Long, golden acrylic nail tips tapping up a storm, the young adult's next order of business was upon him.

    Small palm sized device removed from his skirt pocket, the young inventor removed a wire from his lavender shaded jacket. Computing device letting out a ding, the inventor typed away with a fury. It was time to add more scripts into his Portable Dialogue Articulator. Phrases inserted, his robotic familiar danced along with the inventor's tail.

    Programming about to reach its climax, the inventor turned towards his robotic pal. Small, grey flower machine adorning a feisty face, a small smile grew on the young adult's face. His invention, it had finally been perfect. But, as he pressed saved and exit, boots stomped into his room.

    "Siorc, didn't you hear me calling you?" his sister called out. "It's time for dinner now, hurry up!"

    A young woman with curly green hair that went down to about her chest stood in the corner of the inventor's room with an irritated look on her face. Green eyes, freckled face and jade punk-like outfit exposing her belly contrasted the purple for meters upon meters.

    Sister continuing to tap her foot as he closed out of all his programs, the inventor unplugged his device from the machine. Typing away, the words, one second, Hase, appeared on the screen after about three seconds. Device turned around, his sister shook his head.

    "Mother has been calling you for thirty minutes," Hase responded to the written text. "So, get out of your chair!" As she said such "And, put your tail away. There's an elite hacker here today."

    Sister complaining about his tail once again, Siorc flinched. Right, humans didn't want to see his tail. Closing his eyes for a moment, the appendage disappeared. Exiting his bedroom the typical dinner table awaited him.

    Mother, father, cousins and so called elite hacker sitting at the dinner table discussing nonsense, the inventor bit into his dinner in complete silence. Everyone discussing mechanical nonsense one after another, the young adult kept on eating.

    Elite hacker going on and on about how the world was a game, the young adult shook his head. The Punklorde Mentality, he never quite understood it. The entire world was just a game, a simulation? He could never get behind such world view was foreign to him, but he supposed being born a hyena chimera with a shark brain, adopting to such way of life was the furthest thing from his mind.

    Cousins talking about how they hacked their ways into the space station recently, the elite hacker praised their skills. Hearing such chatter about, the inventor sped up his eating. All the same talk every single day. Hacking this, hacking that. What was so great about breaking into things in other worlds? He could never get behind such way of life.

    Elite hacker telling everyone they should make a game out of breaking into the Herta Space Station, the chimera wolfed down the rest of his food like it was about to fade away. Could this conversation get anymore tiring? Mechanical flower friend zooming into the room, his green haired, piranha teeth cousin glared daggers from across the dinner table.

    "Kiddo, could you send your annoying little toy away?" his cousin Pira, asked, gritting his teeth. "It's such an eyesore!"

    Taking out his device, the inventor typed out an apology upon the screen, mechanical flower pal retreating to his room, everyone's eyes were on him. There it was again, the look of disappointment. The glares he had always gotten used to.

    "Don't you have any interest in hacking?" his older cousin Strix asked, rolling his eyes. "Are you really related to us?"

    "Tinkering away on machines all day, you're such a disappointment," his oldest cousin, Coiote added, shaking her head.

    Multiple other family members adding their disappointment to the mix, the inventor popped in the question if he could be excused. Exile granted, the young adult retreated back into his room. Computer programs popping up once again, Siorc's thoughts had begun to wander.

    Hearing the elite hacker from the other room afar once again bring up hacking into a faraway space station, the hyena turned his head towards his cyber bedroom window. The world, he had always been told there had been other planets across the universe besides his home world. A space station that hopped from world to world, the Herta Space Station.

    Peaking outside for minutes on end, the inventor let out a sigh. The world, how he wished he could traverse through the universe and document all the flora, and wildlife of the universe. There were entire star systems of possibilities.

    But, he knew there would never be able to go on the interstellar journey he wished for. People in Punklorde did not go far from home. Hackers were far too immersed in the game they claimed they were playing. There was nothing he could do to pursue his dreams.

    Programming up a storm once more, the hyena shook his head. His family always told him he wasn't quite cut out for Punklorde. Hearing such for most of his entire life, especially into his adulthood, the constant words stuck to him like galactic glue.

    Programming about ready to finish, the hyena opened up his web browser. The space station, maybe it wouldn't hurt to look it up. Finger nail tips clinking down upon his keyboard, the words Herta Space Station appeared in the search bar. Website link popping up upon the screen, the chimera whirred up the mouse with a fury.

    Informational page popping up the loudest video he had ever heard, the hyena dialed down the volume slider. Animated pictures pausing, the chimera pressed the play button upon the video again. Moving photos blaring through, he gazed at it with intensity.

    Moving graphics of a large space station and scientist playing on the screen, a message reading, we welcome you to the Herta Space Station marqueed across the screen. Messages about trying Simulated Universe blasting through the video, as well, the hyena placed his hand on his chin.

    The Simulated Universe, hadn't that been the thing his cousins had always talked about hacking into? He never could quite get behind why they wanted to enter into such a thing so badly. What was so great about games? His cousins could make their own Simulated Universe if they do so wished.

    Clicking through the rest of the website, the inventor had soon come across a peculiar tab. Peculiar tab entitled, The Astral Express, the chimera clicked the tab. Bright pink page blasting his eyes out, the chimera rubbed his lids for a moment as the shades lowered themselves. What an obnoxious web page. Who in the world made it?

    Reading through the Astral Express page, the wave of desire flowed through the chimera. Blinding text saying, follow the path of the trailblaze, go on an interstellar adventure, the young adult let out a sigh. How he wished he could join the astral express, if only.

    Reading over the webpage again, the hyena shook his head. The path of trailblaze. Did the universe have other paths he could follow? He had always been told he should follow the path of Nihility, like his parents; like the elite hackers the planet seem to breed aplenty.

    Closing out the webpage, the inventor shook let out a sigh. The Path of Nihility, the Aeon Ix, he did not align with their ideology. No matter how many years were to pass, the life of laziness, and meaninglessness was not his cup of tea. Why live the lazy life? What a ridiculous way to live.

    Mechanical flower pal floating towards him, the young adult resumed his tinkerings. Laziness, the world of hacking, he was never going to stray down such a path. How he wished for his parents to stop pushing him down their own path. The world was not an immersive game. He knew that.

    Elite hacker excusing themselves after a couple hours, the hyena swore he could hear his cousins talk once more about hacking the Herta Space Station and make a fun game out of stealing the Genius Society's files.

    Cousins laughing to themselves in the other room, Siorc opened up a search prompt upon his computer once more. Looking up the Genius Society, the hyena twirled his hair at the information that appeared upon the screen. Fan page with blinding colors reading, the eighty four Genius Society member's secrets, the chimera clicked the link in curiosity.

    Page talking about some Genius Member society member named Ru-- M-- secretly enjoyed making cute cat creations and left them around the Herta Space Station, the hyena's cheeks grew pink. There was feline creatures in the Space Station? He wished to go there even more now.

    But, the inventor closed out of the webpage. What were even the chances the article he was reading over was even anywhere close to true? The Internet, wasn't it a place full of lies and deceit? He knew he would never be able to see for himself to verify if it were even the truth.

    Curiosity getting the better of him, the hyena clicked the article once more. Spotting an arrow in the corner pointing towards the next secret, the chimera tapped upon it. Tabloid of words in front of him, he read the article quietly.

    "When I went to the Herta Space Station you wouldn't believe what I saw! The owner of the Space Station herself, Herta, she's a puppet! Who would have ever seen that coming, am I right? In the storage room, there was another one, too! When it turned on, I couldn't believe my ears!

    The puppet told me she was indeed the Genius Society member Herta's many other bodies. Yow, so cool! I'm from The Blue, and there's so few people here that would even consider going beyond their mortal plane of limitation!

    What a genius, I don't think I've ever seen anyone like her. As a goat person, I would love to learn the way of the puppetry! Imagine how cool it would be to have a little piece of my youth left behind when I'm off on my travels across the universe!

    Mrow, my interviews across the universe won't come to an end here, I wish to learn more about the Simulated Universe! But, that puppet wouldn't give up her secrets easily! She told me, 'try it out for yourself,' with the a bored look on her face.

    Well, I guess that's where my next journey will be take me! We'll see you next time on Genius Society's deepest secrets! Signing off!


    Reading over the web page again and again, the inventor rose an eyebrow. What in the world did he just read through? This article, it had to have been extremely exaggerated. Closing out the window and shutting his computer off, the chimera turned his chair around towards the opposite direction. That was enough internet for one day.

    Mechanical flower friend moving around his room, the hyena read through his favorite comic book of all time, >Fleurina, the young adult let out another sigh. The universe, what kind of flower fields did they have for him to explore? He would never get to experience them for himself. But, as he kept flipping through, an interruption kicked itself into place.

    Large staticy portal pulling him inward, the chimera's eyes opened wide. Where had this cyber storm come from all of a sudden? That elite hacker, did they do something? Portal pulling him in faster and faster, the inventor could feel a sense of doom clung onto him with full force.

    Force dragging him down, the hyena let out a scream. A cyber storm, now, of all times. How could this be? Where did i come from? No one hearing his screams, the gravitational pull readied to take him away. Body ready to become electronic waste, he surrendered himself.

    Flower pal getting sucked in, as well, the pressure kicked itself into full force. Arms and legs turning into digital nothings, the hyena closed his eyes. This cyber storm, it was too powerful, there was no way he could outlast it. It was game over, he was done, finished; a goner. Everything about ready to become washed out data, Siorc surrendered himself to whoever would listen. If the Aeons could hear him, please spare him.

    Send him somewhere far away.


    "Where have I gone? Where
    Has this cyber storm taking me.
    Everything looks that tour video, have I died? Have I
    Reached nirvana?
    Everything looks so unfamiliar.

    Ah, maybe I am dreaming.
    Maybe I am still thinking about that space station

    In my dreams. This portal,

    Ah, yes, maybe I fell asleep by
    My computer. Perhaps, that's it.

    I am just dreaming. But, honestly, I

    Don't think so. This feels too real.
    Everything feels far too realistic for this to be
    A dream. Ah. Right, that cyber storm it took me. I
    Don't know what's happening. I

    Don't know where
    It's taken me. I
    Don't know what at all awaits me.

    I don't have any idea what will happen to me.

    Don't have any idea what might await me.
    I am lost, in this space of the unknown.
    Everything is new to me."

    Waking up sometime later, the hyena found himself in a place unknown to him. Finding himself beside glass boxes adorning objects aplenty including wings on display, a multitude of questions flocked through the chimera's mind as he stared at the black and grey room around him.

    Unknownness taking him for a loop, the inventor blinked. Where had he been taken to? Had he died whilst inside the cyber storm? Placing his hand upon his chest where his false silicone breasts laden, the pitter patting of his heartbeat kicked in with the a thump.

    Puffing out a breath, the hyena let everything out. He was alive, somehow. Turning his head to the left and right, absolutely nothing felt real. Was he dreaming? He knew he had to be. Right, he had just read too much about the space station. Of course, he was dreaming right now.

    Pinching himself, the inventor let out a scream. Was this reality right now? The cyber storm, where had he been whisked away to? He needed to find the portal that kicked him here, and get back to Punklorde. Walking across the black floor in front of him, even more confuses places awaited him ahead.

    Finding himself in a large, spacious storage area, the hyena looked around the place with his eyes. Just what part of the space station had he been thrown into? Wherever it was he had been, he could feel a wave of unease flow through him as he readied to move along.

    Mechanical flower pal floating right alongside him, a wave of relief flowed through the inventor. His invention had been sucked away with him, too? Confusion loved company, as they always said. Walking through the cold, dark hallways of the unknown, the chimera kept his eyes open for any portals that could be around.

    Moving through multiple empty rooms no such portal to the way back awaited the chimera. Eventually reaching a huge, spacious place with multiple metallic object and a young, brown haired woman with black and purple coat, white dress and doll legs had her back turned towards the corner.

    Seeing such a person, the chimera could not help but think again. Had he been dreaming? He had been in the Herta Space Station he had just seen in the videos not too long ago. This cyber storm, had it dragged him into some lifelike simulation? While he never believed those claims, he couldn't help but consider the possibility.

    Continuing his wandering, the inventor kept his eyes open. Surely, there had to be some sort of way back home. His parents had to have been looking for him, by now. He needed to get back to Punklorde right away. But, as he kept wandering along, multiple scientists gave him glares.

    Multiple people staring at him asking who he was, how did this person get here, the young adult attempted to avoid everyone's gaze as much as possible. How was he supposed to know how he got here? He had no idea. He needed to keep get away from here as soon as possible.

    But, as he kept moving onward towards the next black floored area, confusion threw the inventor for another loop. Finding himself in a large storage room, a feeling of lostlorn overtook him. This space station, just how big was it? There was no way he would ever get out of here, at this rate.

    As the young adult kept on wandering, the world of the lost pushed him further away from the exit. Multiple automatic open doors leading him to empty places and room with scientists, he let out a sigh as multiple people looked at him with many questions. But, as he kept on wandering, one particular person had his eyes on him.

    Tall, spiky black haired man with a light green overcoat that looked like it had the claw of a dragon on the shoulder, and a look of intelligence to him, the inventor tilted his head as the person stared at him. Eyes locked onto his blue violet belly shirt, unease ate him up. Who was this person, and why was he staring at him?

    "Might I ask who you are?" the tall, black haired man asked. "I do not think I have ever seen you around the Herta Space Station before."

    Question coming his way, the inventor could feel a spark of fear fly through him. This man, was he suspicious of him, or something? The other scientists, he could hear them ask if he were apart of the Anti Matter Legion. What in the world was that? He had no idea.

    Sifting through his skirt pocket, the hyena puffed a sigh of relief. His Portable Dialogue Articulator was still with him. His lips, he did not have to open them. Never really being fond of talking, having a device that spoke for him was a necessity.

    Turning the device on, the hyena tip tapped away upon the tiny keyboard. Writing out that he was a wanderer, he turned the device towards him. Young tall man reading over the sentences carefully, he soon shook his head firmly.

    "Researchers have been talking about how they believe someone from the Anti Matter Legion snuck aboard the Space Station," the tall black haired man said. "Might that be you?"

    Hearing such accusation, the chimera froze. What in the world was the Anti Matter Legion? Whatever that was, he had never heard of such a thing. Tall man observing his clothes once more and shaking his head, the hyena tip tapped away once more.

    Typing out that he has never heard of the Anti Matter Legion, the inventor turned his head in tandem. This space station, had his family back in Punklorde hacked into it already? He supposed that could have been possible. Was that what the people here called people from his home planet?

    "Your clothes, you are from Punklorde, no?" the tall man asked. "Whoever you might be, please do not hack anything." But, his eyes soon wandered. "You have a tail. Are there Foxians in Punklorde? I must update the data bank with this information."

    Man's eyes wandering towards his tail, for a moment, the young adult's eyebrows twitched. This man was calling him what now? A Foxian? What was that? Why was he making such assumption about him? He needed to move away from him and find the portal to home right now.

    Typing out upon his articulator that he was a chimera, not a foxian. The chimera pressed the space bar down below. Writing out, is there anyway he could find a way back home, he turned the machine around. But, a head shake came his way.

    "I have never heard of this term, chimera before," the tall black haired man responded. "Such entry does not exist within the data bank." But, he got himself back on track quickly. "You wish to return home? You would have to ask our navigator about that. She's in the Master Control Zone."

    Tall black haired man offering to escort him to the Master Control Zone, the young adult followed behind him. This space station was massive. Just how many rooms were within it? He did not know; he supposed he was about to find out when he were to meet this mysterious navigator.

    Spotting a a shot young woman with pink hair and pink blue eyes taking selfies in the corner of the room, a small interruption stopped the escort out, for a moment. Tall black haired man asking the pink haired girl what she was up to, multiple names he did not recognize were fired off one after another.

    Pink haired girl stating she's taking photos for Pom Pom, the inventor tilted his head. What was a Pom Pom? Had that been some sort of entity at the space station he would have to meet to get home? Girl named after the seventh day of the third month of the year giving the tall black man a snide remark as they parted ways, the escort out continued.

    A surprise onslaught, however, soon came.

    Group of monsters with dark purple blades on their wrists coming towards the tall black haired man and he, the hyena could feel his knees buckles. What was that thing? Were there enemies on the space station? He did not quite understand what was happening. Could the portal back to home come up already?

    "It's the Anti Matter Legion," the tall black haired man said, voice raised. "We are going to have to defend ourselves against them. Can you fight?"

    Giving the tall black haired man a nod, materialized glass broke as if he were truly in some sort of game. Monsters slashing at him, the hyena brought out a large greatsword with golden flowers decorating it aplenty. Now was the only good time to remember the Punklorde Mentality.

    Tall, black haired man running up to the enemy throwing out a strange green spear, the young adult slashed down with his materialized great sword. Mechanical flower pal joining in on the fight, as well, the chimera could feel defenses kick themselves in as a yellow vortex stopped the creatures in their tracks.

    Feeling a burst of energy flow throw him as the battle had slowly reached its climax, the inventor lunged his mechanical flower pal towards the enemy, the hyena accidently blurted out a loud battle cry for the entire space station to hear?

    "Think you can get through my defenses? Think again! Fleura, give me the tank I need!" the hyena accidentally shouted.

    Mechanical flower friend launching pixelly bullets, the world of damage had been considerably removed from the equation. Monsters dropping like flies, the battle had come to and end. Tall black haired man looking at him, a multitude of questions had come his way.

    Tall black haired man asking him if he followed the Path of Preservation, the chimera tilted his head. The Path of Preservation? Was that how the Space Station saw defensive combat? Shaking his head writing out he followed the Path of Harmony, the room around him soon grew quiet.

    Soon escorted out of the area, the large room from the video he watched soon graced the inventor's field of heterochromatic vision. Tall black haired man escorting him to a short pink haired woman with white clothes in the center of the area, questions about the navigator's whereabouts fired off one after another.

    "Oh, Hi----? Yeah, she's still around for the day," the pink haired said. "She's with Peppy."

    Escorted around the Master Control Zone for quite some time, the inventor had soon been taken to the side of the area. Spotting an adorable dog yawning up a storm, the hyena resisted the urge to pet the cute, adorable creature. The Space Station had dogs? Maybe he could forget about going back home, at least for a few moments.

    Tall, red haired woman with a long white dress and black coat practically falling off her shoulders, the chimera swore he could smell a heavy amount of coffee from her person. Black flower ornaments on her leg and golden reefs on the edges of her outfit, her auburn eyes soon gazed at him.

    "Hello there, young one," the red haired woman greeted. "I have never seen you aboard the Herta Space Station before. Did you just arrive here?"

    Tall black haired man explaining the situation to the navigator, the hyena could not help but wonder. This navigator, could she get him back home right here, and now? Taking his phone out, he soon typed out various questions. Nail tips tapping away upon the bottom, he prepared himself.

    Typing out to the navigator, he was dropped here from Punklorde through some cyber storm, his fingers kept firing away. Writing out the inquiry could she take him back home, he soon turned the device around. But, an unfortunate head shake had come his way.

    "Punkorde? I am sorry, young man, but that won't be possible," the navigator said. "The Astral Express is heading for Vonwacq next."

    Hearing such rejection, the inventor's head dropped towards his shoulders. He couldn't go back home? Was he going to be here on the Space Station until further notice? Typing out the inquiry about if there were any portals spotted anywhere here, another head shake had come his way.

    "A portal? I am afraid not," the navigator said, shaking her head. "I am sorry, young wander."

    No portal anywhere, a small wave of doom flowed through the inventor. There was no way to get back home? His parents had to have noticed he were missing by now. But, he supposed if there was no way back just yet, it was best to wait until a way back would appear.

    Navigator mentioning the name Vonwacq, the chimera typed in another inquiry. Asking about the planet, multiple ideas flowed through the hyena's shark brain mind. Maybe, until he could find a way back, he could go on that interstellar journey he always wanted to embark on.

    Navigator informing him Vonwacq was a planet filled with lush rainforests, the hyena's eyes practically had stars in them. A planet with lush greenery and plants? He needed to go there. Could his dream of being able to document the flower fields of the universe finally be ahead of him? Putting his dialogue device away, his lips moved.

    "May I join this excursion to Vonwacq?" Siorc asked, voice barely audible.

    Tall red haired woman nodding, the inventor gave the navigator a smile. He could board the Astral Express to go to this rainforest planet? How wonderful. He supposed, for now, until he invented his own travel device, boarding this large Star Rail Machine could do.

    Taken into a parlor car room, a black and white bunny creature sweeping away had been asked many questions. Seeing such a creature, the chimera's heart fluttered. Just how many cute creatures were across the universe? He definitely needed to locate every ingle one of them.

    Creature called Pom Pom saying he can join them on their trip to Vonwacq if he wants, the hyena typed out a thank you message. Told they will be reaching the planet in a couple of days, he readied himself to temporarily set off on a new journey.

    Seating himself on the couch in the corner of the room, the chimera folded his leg on top of his right knee. A new journey, a new world of possibilities. Maybe for now, until he could find a way home, it was time to go on a journey. Staring out the window into the deep void of space, the young adult's smile kept growing warmer.

    His Interstellar journey through the stars had begun.

    Like I said, this won't be updated frequently. My Genshin verse matters more and I'll still be writing it every single Sunday. I just wanted to try pantsing, for a change.
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    Silence is Purple
  • 8,174
    I completely pants this on my phone, I will not be proofreading this, idc.

    Belobog's Little Spitfire

    My brother is
    Always so overprotective of me,
    Year after year he tells me I'm
    Barred from entering the fight club,
    Every day of every single year.

    I don't understand! I am a
    Flourishing young lady!

    I am strong, and healthy,

    Putting myself into the
    Ring won't do me any harm!
    Oh, and he always tells me, this
    Vain popping reason,
    Every single time: 'You are too small, Cloch.' What am I,

    Microscopic? Ridiculous! There's a little
    Young girl whom calls herself H---, and
    She's the boss of some group called me the Moles!
    Even kids get to go and
    Live out their dreams, yet here I am
    Finally a young petit grown-up, who cannot

    Take on my desire, go
    On and pursue

    My lifelong passion: boxing! Big brother Goma,
    You just don't get it! Just

    Because mama and papa are long gone doesn't mean you're a
    Oh, please, oh please, oh please,
    Try and let go of this
    Harness, this leash!
    Every single day,
    Remove your little

    Hard butt and let me fly!
    Everything will be fine! Everything

    Will be okay!
    I have been practicing? I'm a
    Little spitfire! A
    Little destroyer!

    No more of these shackles! No more
    Of these rules!

    Let me soar!
    Open the door
    No more rules
    Get over your fears!
    Everything will be fine! I've been training

    So, I'll show him, I'm going!
    Even if he says no, I'll just defy!
    Even if he says no, I'll just run!

    My journey begins, to the fight club!
    Even if they tell me no,

    And call me small, I
    Shall show them

    All how capable I am!

    For practice makes perfect.
    Right? Every single person knows that,
    And I am a always attempting to
    Gain strength!
    I'll show them! I'll show them all!
    L---, I'll beat you and then
    Everyone will see! I'm not a

    Little, scrawny girl that needed protecting!
    I'll show them! I'll show
    Them all!
    That I'm not some
    Little girl!
    Everyone will see!

    Get ready for my debut!
    I'm coming!
    Ready? One, two, three!
    Let's fight!

    A petit young woman with brown skin, pitch black eyes and messy, red hair the color of strawberries pulled up into two high twintails lunged a punch at a rubber sack hanging upwards from the ceiling. Her black belly shirt had been filled with dirt aplenty. Black shorts with the word winner on them decorated with sweat as well as her long dark coat around her shoulders, the room stunk of passion.

    Letting out a grunt, the young lady punched again as her boxing gloves pressed harder upon the rubber dummy. Wiping her brow, her stubby size four shoes had gotten their work in, as well. It was another hard day of training. Brother nowhere in sight, she kept on going. She still had some time left.


    Too late.

    A tall, dark skinned adult man with black eyes and messy red hair flocked over barging his way into the underground room. Torn, bright blue shirt showing his six pack abs, and sweatpants below him, an irritated look appeared on the figure's face. Arms immediately crossed, his voice soon raised itself high enough to disturb the neighbors.

    "Cloch, how many times do I have to tell you not to come down here?" the man said.

    However, such words went in one ear, out the other. Blah, blah, blah, this again. Don't come into their basement. Why did her brother always have to come back at such random times? He had to have been doing it on purpose now. Continuing to punch the bag, Cloch let out a grunt. She'll show him.

    But, as she kept on punching, her fists had been seized by her brother. Boxing gloves slipped off, she grit her teeth. Why was he always doing this to her? She wasn't a little girl anymore. She was tired of being held back from her dreams; put on such a deep leash. She was almost nineteen now. Enough was enough.

    "Ugh, Goma, why do you always do this?" Cloch complained. "I'm not a little girl anymore! Let me join the fight club!"

    "No." Goma vetoed. "You're too fragile and small."

    Hearing this same excuse again, Cloch could see red. How many times was he going to tell her she's tol fragile and small? She hardly ever gets sick anymore. And, so what if she was small? There were plenty of one-hundred-fifty-three centimeter fighters out there. Why was he so set on her size? There were plenty of puny spitfires out there.

    "I haven't gotten sick in over a year!" Cloch exclaimed. "And so what if I'm small! I see that little girl H--- fighting all the time, and she's shorter than me!"

    "No." Goma vetoed again. "What if you poison someone?"

    Same old argument thrown her way, Cloch folded her hands into big, meaty fists. Why would she poison someone? She knew better than to transform into her frog form in a fight. What was he going to say next? What is she pricks someone with her porcupine quills? She'd heard them all, countless times.

    "I would never transform into frog form in public!" Cloch responded, shouting. "Why would I ever?"

    "What if you prick someone with your porcupine quills?" Goma asked, arms crossed. "You'll cause a scene."

    There it was, the predictable question. What did it matter? She would never, ever prick someone with her quills. Growing up in the underworld of Belobog as a forgupine chimera, she knew how to live by the rules. Never show anything inhuman; act like it's a costume when her quills or frog hands or legs are out. Why couldn't she just join the fight club like she always dreamed of? She's old enough to make her own decisions.

    "Hmph. I would never," Cloch said, turning her head in defiance. "Stop babying me."

    "You're not joining the fight club, Cloch," Goma retaliated. "Now, come upstairs. Aega and Niesha have finished making supper."

    Brother barreling upstairs, Cloch screamed into the rubber punching bag. Every single time, it was always the same thing. She's not joining the fight club. And, she was about to hear the same thing all over again upstairs, too. She would be told the same exact thing. Focus on working at the museum. She doesn't need to get her hands dirty.

    Stomping upstairs, a tall dark skinned woman with a skimpy denim dress, curly hair pulled into two low twintails, and jackal ears set down the dinner plates onto the table. Taller, dark skinned woman with bright curly pink hair, black ribbons, panther ears, and a skimpy green dress set down the forks and knives.

    Brother's wives scantily clad, as usual, Cloch started down at her lean meat laid upon her plate. Did these two have to flaunt their busty female bodies all the time? Her sister in laws were practically flaunting themselves around at this point. When would she ever blossom into a woman like them? Maybe then, her brother would stop disallowing her from fighting.

    "Were you two fighting again?" one of her sister in laws asked.

    "Same as always?" her other sister in law asked.

    "Yup," Goma said to his wives.

    "Ugh," one of her sister in laws groaned. "Cloch, focus on working at the museum."

    "Yeah, Cloch," her other sister in law said. "I dunno why you wanna get your hands dirty for."

    There it was again, that line. Focus on the museum. Don't get her hands dirty. Why was it always this? Was it because she was small? Why did that matter? Couldn't everyone let this all go? The museum life was boring. She had no interest in cleaning the seven hundred year history exhibits. Enough of this.

    "Niesha, you get you're one to talk!" Cloch talked back. "You fight dirty all the time!"

    "Kid, we're all professional fighters," Niesha said."We aren't getting our hands dirty."

    "You come home with blood on your gloves all the time!" Cloch shouted. "I'd be fine."

    "I dunno, I don't think so," she responded. Niesha shook her head.

    "Leave it, babe, you know what she's going to say, don't you?" Aega added in, shaking her head. "You'll never get through to her. She's in her own head."

    Wolfing down her food, Cloch excused herself from the dining room table. Why was it always this same argument? Every single day she had a day off from working at that stupid, boring museum, it was a another day of heated arguments. She was a fragile, short girl. She was too little, she wasn't a professional fighter.

    Blah, blah, blah, always the same old stupid song and dance. She had heard it enough times now. Why couldn't her brother and his wives get it through their thick skulls by now? She was a destined fighter meant for the ring. Enough was enough of this annoying nonsense. Rolling onto her bed, she soon flipped through her photobook.

    Multiple pictures of her mother, father, and a younger Goma and she, she let out a somber sigh. Why did her parents have to leave this world ten years ago? That fragmentum that broke out in the overworld, maybe if it hadn't come, they'd still be alive. If they were still around, they'd let her become a fighter, guaranteed.

    Chucking the photobook back, Cloch placed her arm over her face. Every time she and her brother would bicker, she would call it quits for the night. She knew she never win against his word. He had been ten years her senior. Should she step out, he would belt out the excuse he was older, he knew what was best.

    But, not anymore. Not this time, not today. Tonight, she would leave at the stroke of the night. It was a victory night. Her brother was always busy in his rooms with his loving ladies. He would hardly notice she was gone. The Fight Club always had a competition going on. This time, she would show him she's not a fragile little girl anymore.

    Flipping open the old photo book again, she pet the final photo she ever took with her parents while they had still been with her. If mama and papa were watching her in the big fighting ring in the sky, they'll be proud of her. She was always her mama's strongest warrior.

    Sneaking out her door tiptoing about the house, Cloch quietly grabbed her contraband. Sliding her socks upon the hard, wood floor, she closed her door behind her. Polishing her mits, she let out a quiet whistle. Tonight, she wasn't about to play by the rules anymore. She was joining the fight club, no ifs, ands or buts.

    Loud, mushy romcom movie playing in the other room, Cloch smirked. Right after their stupid goofy flick was over, they'd all go into their room doing their silly little couple things. They'll be too busy making nummies. Whatever that means! She was eighteen and single. Her brother would throw a man or woman she brought home straight out the door.

    Sound dying down in the next room over after the next hour or so, she could hear her sister in laws ask for victory nummies. Slipping her boxing gloves over her hands, she prepared herself. As soon as she heard their door close, she was outta here. Bye bye, so long, farewell. She was going to join the fight club.

    Hearing her brother's footsteps stomp by her door, the usual kicked in. He would tell her goodnight. Remind her she had to be on time to work tomorrow, and her sister in laws would yell from the other room that she's got an alarm on her phone.

    "Goodnight, Cloch," Goma said. "You're awfully quiet tonight. You're not planning something, are you?"

    Backing away from her window, Cloch tumbled onto her buttocks. Did he see that the boxing gloves were missing already? Oh, no. She was in trouble now. But, she kept her head held high. She's not playing by the rules tonight, nope. She's going to that Fight Club whether he likes it, or not.

    "Nope, goodnight, Goma!" Cloch exclaimed.

    "Mhm," Goma responded.

    "Babe, come to bed already!" His wives shouted in the other room.

    Door slamming shut, Cloch opened the paned shutter. Moving the screen away, as well, she made a leap for it. Hello, underworld. Goodbye, strict annoying brother. Goodbye, agreeable always scantily dressed sister inlaws. Goodbye, boring history museum job. Running through the cold evening streets, the Fight Club's bright, vivid sign glowing against the night, she cracked her knuckles.

    Hello, fight club.


    "Now, the time has come, I
    Enter the fight club! And I
    Will conquer the ring! I'll

    Fight and win!
    I will show you,
    Goma, I'm not that sickly little girl anymore!
    He'll see when I
    Enter this fight and beat everyone in the
    Ring! He'll be sorry, he'll

    Congratulate me! He will
    Let me know that I can continue
    On fighting! So I am gonna win!
    Come on, come on, fight me, raa.
    He'll see! He'll let me

    Join the fight club and I'll swamp the competition.
    Olay, olay, olay!
    I'm a strong, big girl, and a
    Nasty little bruiser!
    So, come one, come all,

    Time to fight me!
    He'll see!
    Everyone will lose to me!

    Raaaaaaaaaa, hear my battle cry!
    I'm totally going to win!
    No one will overtake me!
    Goma, your little leash on me shall break!

    Goma, that tight control
    Over me ends here!
    My time as a free, independent fighter starts here!
    And you'll all see!

    I'll show you Aega and Niesha, you

    Won't be holding me back anymore.
    I'll show you two! That
    Lukewarm nonsense over not being a trained fighter,
    Lukewarm nonsense over being too little, too

    Small. I'm the little spitfire! I'll give everyone
    Heck! They'll all
    Open their eyes! They
    Will finally see!

    Your little Cloch isn't so fragile
    Or someone to keep on a leash anymore!
    Unleash that beast within me!

    I won't hold back.

    And, I'll fight fair and square!
    My porcupine quills have been suppressed!

    And my frog hands are human right now.

    Come one, come all!
    And see the newest fight
    Pummel on in with her debut!
    Ahahaha, I have
    Been training for this very moment. This
    Little girl isn't so little anymore!
    Even though I'm short, I'm gonna

    Fight you all, and
    I'm going to win! I'm
    Gonna get to the top of the tier! I'll
    Hook line and sinker
    This competition,
    Everyone will cheer!
    Rara Cloch, rara, Cloch! They'll say

    My name in
    An eruptive applause!
    My name in headlights:
    A brand new champion, Cloch Frama!

    Place your bets on me,
    And you'll soon see! You'll be
    Pleased to have me
    Around, everyone will be watching me!

    I'm so ready!
    Now's my time to shine!

    So, mama and papa I
    Know you're watching me up in the sky.
    You'll be proud of me, so
    Watch over me while
    In the ring!
    Ooooh, your youngest daughter is all
    Riled up. Hit the
    Lights, sound the applause!
    Drop everything on me! I

    Will show you, Goma, I'll show you
    Aega, Niesha.
    This is the fight that'll
    Change everything!
    Hahaha, hahaha.

    My time come!
    Everyone, eyes on me!"

    Old man beside the curtained door blocking the way, Cloch attempted to side step the loser old bag in front of her. Hmph, who was this lame old fart at the entrance? She wasn't going to let him stop her from entering. Nope! Coot looking the other way, she ran in. It was her time to shine!

    Seeing multiple people flexing their muscles, she soon flexed her arms, too. Multiple men and women even children inside, she let out a tiny little laugh. There were people even shorter than her in here! Her brother was such a liar! Too fragile and small for the fight club? Ha! Her feet.

    Hearing everyone buzz on and on about The Night Club competition, Cloch put on a grin. There was a competition here after all. Well, game on, she was so participating. Stomping off towards the tourney runner, she rose to the tips of her toes looking him in the eye.

    "One more!" Cloch exclaimed. But, expectant bespectacled eyes gave her a look.

    "Aren't you Goma's kid sister?" the man asked.

    "Yup, that's me!" Cloch exclaimed.

    "Should you be here right now?" the man questioned, scratching his head.

    "Hurry up, and write my name down already!" As she shouted such, she folded her hands into a fist.

    "Fine. Welcome to the Night Club competition." His pen had begun scribbling.

    Competition soon letting off its steam, multiple grizzly dudes squared off with one another mano e mano, whatever that meant! Goma had always said that phrase whenever he discussed his dumb little play by plays with his wives. Was she even using the term right? She didn't know, she didn't care! It would soon be her turn to fight, anyway. Any second now!

    Hearing her name shouted on the loudspeaker, and some woman named Gui------, Cloch stepped up to the plate. Tall, young woman with fiery orange hair pulled back into a ponytail, auburn eyes, and red white outfit that looked like it came from another world, she flexed her arms. Who was this chick, some outworlder? She's going down.

    "Belobog working up the heat!" the lady exclaimed. "If I win this, my channel will get so many new subscribers!"

    "Don't count on it!" Cloch shouted. I'm gonna win, and you'll lose subscribers!"

    Blogger lady introducing herself to her gazillion subscribers, the countdown soon counted itself down to zero. Lady soon putting her phone away the fight was on. It was time to go womano to womano. Was that the opposite of mano to mano? She didn't know, nor did she care. It was time to show the world the kinda spitfire she was.

    Lady punching and a kicking, Cloch jumped off towards the right, left and side. Punching left, right, up down, and bringing down a swift, tiny kick, the victory rush flowed through her. She would show her brother. She'd show him she was no longer the sickly small baby he seems to think she is.

    Steamer lady losing to the weight of her own fists, Cloch did a little dance. That was it, the victory she was waiting for. She was going to win again and again and show everyone. She was a strong little spitfire able to level with people twice her size. She'd show Aega, she'd show Niesha. Being professional meant nothing. Take that, sister inlaws!

    Loss soon announced, the next round of other fighters took the stage. Steamer lady claiming her subscription count went up, Cloch puffed her nostrils. Subscriptions from her win! She's about to lose some numbers. Bow down to the new fight club queen. She's going to take down everyone and everything down here one after another.

    Bell soon ringing, the announcer soon called out for round two to start. Cloch hearing her name called, and the name H--- said on the other side, she rolled up her sleeves. That little mole girl? Bring it on, she's going down. No way she's losing to a little kid. Not a chance.

    Short young girl with bright blond hair and two low twintails about half her size brown outfit, boots and a hat, Cloch rubbed her little hands together. Ha, it was that girl who called herself the leader of the moles. She had another thing coming if she thought she was about to go easy on her. She was totally going to cheat with her little hook hand thing.

    "You'd better not go easy on me just 'cause I'm a kid!" the mole shouted.

    "You look like you're boutta cheat!" Cloch shouted.

    "You! How'd ya know?!" As she exclaimed such, she dropped her hook hand.

    Announcer screaming fight, Cloch let herself go loose. This little pint sized kid thinks she can cheat huh, did she? She'll show her how this puny little grownup did things around here! Boots doing the kicking, the little mole did the punching. Heat kicking it all up, the ladies in the ring let out a shout.


    "Here comes Dark Pitch H---!"

    Ladies smacking into each other's faces, Cloch swept her foot upward. Kid looking ready to roll until the floor and reach for her claw hand, she soon grabbed the contraband, tossing it out of the ring. Nope, no cheating today. It was time to fight fair and square. She wasn't about to lose to a cheat.

    Leader of the moles surrendering, Cloch had soon been awarded the name stinky meanie. Hearing such moniker, she let out a loud chuckle. Ha, Stinky Meanie, was that the best name she got? Kids were all bark and no bite, just like her when she was that young. She could call her mean all she'd like.

    Soon declared the winner for the second round, more fighters threw themselves into the ring. Big, grizzly man winning and losing one after another, Cloch let out a cocky little giggle. She would show everyone when she were to fight them next that she was far stronger than any of them.

    Multiple big, burly men losing to her one after another, Cloch rose her fists upward as she passed through the third round and quarterfinals. Were these dudes going easy her? They had better not be. She would give them all a whole new level of pain if that were the case. Right here, right now.

    Zipping through the semifinals, multiple men and ladies squared off one another hoping to claim the prize of the finals. But, barely any came close. One final fight deciding it all, the finals soon readied to announce themselves for everyone to hear, loud and clear.

    "And our finalists are our newcomer Cloch and L---!"

    Crowd uproaring in applause, Cloch kissed her arms. That's right, she was one of the finalists. She, her. She wasn't about to lose now. She'd show her brother that she wasn't the weak little fragile baby he acted like she always was. Time to shine and win this entire tournament.

    Quick intermission announced, Cloch gulped down her entire bottle of water. Ha, intermission, a break. Who needed that right now? Not she. It was time for the final round of this tournament, who needed water? She was going to take down this champion and become the little spitfire everyone will remember.

    Final round about ready to start up, Cloch threw herself into the ring. Tall, red haired man with a grey shirt and robotic right hand, she pointed at the thing. Was he trying to cheat? Boo. If he was going to fight unfairly she's calling foul! No way was she about to lose to a robot hand.

    "Say, aren't you Goma's kid sister?" the robot hand man asked.

    "That's right! And I'm not boutta lose to a robot handed cheater!" Cloch exclaimed.

    "Then, I'll take you on one arm only!" As he said such, he tucked his robot arm behind him.

    "Bring it on, Bionic Man!" She shouted back.

    "Them's fighting words little destroyer!" He wound up his left fist.

    Announcer saying the finals were ready to begin, Cloch wound up her shoulders. Feeling her quills stick up from behind her as she did such, she let out a battle cry. No way would she shoot her quills, hope. This was a fight womano to mano, no spikeo to robato. Letting her punches loose, she let out a scream.


    "I like your energy, kid!" the robot arm man shouted.

    "Hmph, I'm not a kid, take this!" Cloch shouted.

    Letting her punches go all out, she let out a muda, muda, muda, muda, muda whatever that meant. She always heard Niesha say that when chopping the onions. But, she didn't care, it was hers now. She didn't have a copyright on words, that's for sure. Screaming louder, she brought down het fist o fury.

    Kicking up a storm as well, sweat decorated her petit little package. Was this what having fun felt like? Count her in and bring her along for the full ride because she's about to win this fight with her eyes closed. Whirring up a few more punches, she aimed for the low lows. This was it. The countdown to end all countdowns. The brawl to end them all.

    Robot hand man lowering himself to her knees, he surrendered himself. Soon declared the winner of the Night Club tournament, Cloch let out a cheer. That'll show Goma she wasn't that weak, fragile, sickly girl he seems to think she is! Take that, Goma, take that, Niesha! Who was the winner now? She was! She was victorious.

    Burly men congratulating her one after another, she swiped her finger across her nose. That's right, she was the winner, number one, the new rising star of the fight club. She'll show everyone she's the unexpected little spitfire the Fight Club was always waiting for. Celebrations going all out, she drank the forbidden loopy juice she was never allowed to consume.

    Feeling the rush, Cloch rolled up her sleeves. She wanted more. Square it off with the others. What was the name of that highly intelligent robot, Svarog? She wanted to get in on that robot fighting action. That'd show her family she's not to be put on some kind of leash!

    Exiting the Fight Club, she could hear people yell at her from inside to stay in, she's had a sip too many, come back. A sip too many? Who cares she wad on a roll, and she wasn't about to lose now! Svarog, he was going down.

    Running through the Robot Settlement feet swaying, Cloch kept on powering through. Reaching a small house where a young blond barefoot girl stood and her tall blue robot pal, she rolled up her sleeves. Time to kick some robot buttocks, if they even had one.

    "Big Sis Cloch, what are you doing here?" the barefoot girl asked.

    "Analyzing, this young woman is inebriated," Svarog said.

    "Mr. Svarog, I challenge you to a fight!" Cloch shouted, pointing.

    "Mr. Svarog why does she want to fight you?!" the barefoot girl asked, shaking.

    "Analyzing. It would appear that this young woman is experiencing an adrenaline rush," Svarog commented.

    "Whatevs, come at me!" As Cloch said such, she lunged her leg forward.

    Svarog putting himself into fight mode, Cloch brought in her own kick to the table. Letting out a shout as she kicked and punched, the world spun around her. Was this the rush from the buzz she had? That booze stuff she was never allowed to have was so thrilling! She should have more some time. Who cares what her brother said about it?

    Missiles coming her way, Cloch let out another shout. Ha, little bullets? Bring it on, she wasn't going to lose here whatsoever. She'll show this robot who was boss and then some. She would be victorious and reduce this thing to spare parts. Weapons hitting her, she swayed back.

    But, she got right back up. Nope. No way, she's not going to lose here, not a chance. She was a strong little spitfire. Turning her backside, she let loose her porcupine quills. Who cares about being fair anymore? She was no longer in a competition. It was time to get her hands dirty.

    "Not yet! I'm not losing to you, you hunk of junk!" Cloch shouted.

    "Mr. Svarog is not a hunk of junk!" the barefoot girl cried.

    Mr. Svarog dodging all her porcupine quills, Cloch was seeing steam. This cocky little, she would show him! She wasn't going to let this big pile of scrap metal win this fight. Sharpening her quills she launched them again and again, one after another. Dumb little bot fighting back she fought even harder.

    "I won't lose to you!" Cloch shouted as she dropped down her metal quills. But moments later.

    "I surrender," the robot said, raising his metal hand.

    Robot backing down, Cloch crinkled her nose. He what now? He was giving up, just like that? What a loser robot. He was C---'s guardian? Cheap scrap metal rust bucket. Letting out a laugh, she pointed at the weak garbage bag. Little weakling, she's about to let him know that!

    "You call yourself C----'s protector? You're so weak!" Cloch shouted, pointing.

    "Mr. Svarog isn't weak! Why are you so mean today, Big Sis?" the barefoot girl asked, crying.

    But, Cloch had soon run. Maybe it was the booze taking over her, but she didn't care. She wanted more. More battles, more fights, more adrenaline. Maybe it was time to enter the Fragmentum and show her brother once and for all she wasn't a little girl anymore!

    But, stomping into such decay was a big mistake. Autonomous monsters hitting her left right, front and center, all her defenses had left her one after another. World spinning she could feel herself begin to fall. Was this it? Was it all over? She guessed it was time to throw in the towel.

    Waking up in an all too familiar place, Cloch groaned. Was she in Dr. Na-----'s office? How did she even get here? But, her head pounded as she thought such. What was this pounding headache? Where did it come from? Blue haired doctor wearing a mask talking to her brother, and sister in law's twin sister, she let out a groan. Great, her sister in law's jackal and hyde doctor twin, Loba was here. She was in trouble now.

    "She should be fine, just a little... intoxicated," the underground doctor said, hesitating.

    "I came all the way to the underworld for this? My sister told me it's an emergency!" Loba complained.

    "It will be when I'm done with her," Goma said, rolling up his sleeves.

    "Please, no violence in my clinic," the doctor in charge said.

    Uh, oh, she's in trouble now. Here comes Goma.

    "Cloch, I can't believe you! Not only did you sneak out, you joined the fight club, and have been drinking?!" Goma shouted.

    "Maybe I wouldn't have had to if you didn't have such a tight leash on me!" Cloch shouted. "Why can't you just let me have some fun? I'm not a sickly little girl anymore, Goma! I'm going to nineteen soon! Let me live my life!"

    There was a long silence after she said such. What, did he have to think about it? He had plenty of time at home to do that! She wasn't about to let him control her any longer! No more, nope, she's a grownup now! But, what came next surprised her.

    "You're right. I ought to let you spread your wings," Goma said. "But, no more drinking, got it."

    What was happening? Did he just?

    "You're letting me stay with the fight club?" Cloch asked.

    "Yes, kiddo." Gona nodded.

    "You really mean it?! No takebacks?" Cloch fired back.

    "No takebacks." Goma shook back.

    Letting out a cheer, she could soon feel chains fly off her. She was free! Spitfire Cloch was ready for her full force into the fighter world.


    Well, after the headache cleared, at least.

    The second time I've ever written Cloch and it's in a different verse...lol.
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    Your favorite influencer is on the case!

    I press stop on my camera and stretch my arms up the air. Another day of making vidyas for my channel done! Spinning around in my computer chair, I fire up my editing program and remove all the ugly frames my two precious subscribers would never wanna see. Awkward dead air, gone. Stuttering gone! I'm the perfect influencer, te hee.

    Scrolling through the vidya feed, I see a few more ugly things! Oh, no!! I almost begged for money on camera again! Oops, should probably delete that, should I? Whirring up my mouse, I had begun deleting every single instance of uttering the words cash, moola and credits. Wo hoo, I'm the best influencer on The Blue! Totally! I, Kylling Luge, am the goat! Literally, I am a goat chimera! Hehe, usually leave that that last part outta my blog posts, though.

    Dropping my video down into a box on my computer screen, I let my newest, best hit yet for my two whole beautiful followers to see! Heh heh, this one'll be the da one for da history books, I tell ya! Everyone's textbooks will read: The Best Influencer Ever, Kylling Luge. Conqueror of all Worlds! Okay, maybe not that over da top, but I don't care!

    Stepping away from my computer screen, I gaze out of my huge, glassy window. But, all dat awaits me outside is the boring Blue! Boring skyscrapers! Boring people doing boring normal people jobs! Haaaa, even my partner has a boring normal people job, and she's a sheep lady! She should join me in the world of streamers! She'll getta million views, I guarantee! Heh.

    But, I see something kinda new up in da sky today?! A big, black floating thingy! I take my camera out and zoom all da way in. And it looks like it's some kinda ship? In the sky?! Like, woah, I gotta write about dis in my blog before my new vid posts! Taking out my smartphone, I snap another photo of da big floating ship!

    Tapping on my photos app, I reverse da search onto da web. And do ya wanna know what it says that thingy is? Da Herta Space Station! My mouth drops open upon readin' dat. Isn't dat da famous Space Station that the Madam Herta built?! Oh, gawsh, I hafta go dere! I gotta interview da Madam herself and what were dey called?! Da Astral Express! Back when I was in school, peeps would often lament dey wanna go to da Space Station and become researchers aboard.

    Oooh, I'm itchin' to update my blog right now. I gotta tell my viewers 'bout my awesome discovery! Flippin' my camera app back on, my sexy, blue hair, cute military outfit I look hot in appears on my phone screen. Winking at da camera, I put up da peace sign. Adding a little kissy face, I hit the button. Now dat one should get me more views, hehe.

    Opening up my blog, Everyone's Favorite Goat, I take a look at my overall views. Seeing a zero next to the one, I let out a gleeful giggle at my phone! Aww, yes, ten whole viewers! I'm on fiya today! Heh, soon, I bet dat zero will quintuple, just you wait world, once I go to da Herta Space Station, I'mma be super famous!

    Tapping the post new entry button, I press the add new photo button. Tip tappying away upon my digital little keyboard, I giggle for no one to hear! Hehe this blog entry, it'll be da one I'll tell ya! Dis'll get me famous, da views that have been slipping to da other boring food blogs! Ha! Who needs food when you got my sexy ambitions? I'll show da world! Pressing the preview button, I read da blog post out loud!

    "Hello again, it's a me

    Kylling! Da goat, literally! <Black Ship dot png>

    You guys, you wouldn't believe what I just saw! Up in da sky! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No!! It ain't neither a dose! It's the Herta Space Station! Mrrow! Can y'all believe it?! Madame Herta, a former resident of The Blue has graced us with her presence again! Fellow viewers, so let me tell ya the deets!

    <Sexy selfie of me dot png>

    I'mma be going to da space station and interviewing da Madam herself! How could she refuse cute little me? After all, I'm da goat, literally, y'all can see my horns on da top of my head in my adorable selfie! So, here's da deal, ya know what I'mma doin tomorrow? I'm going straight up to dat space station!

    Yow, so cool, it's 'bout time I use my quantum powas I got from dat little slip up I had all dose years ago. So, stay tuned for da biggest update dis blog is ever about to see! Heh, your world's favorite goat is gonna be goin' places you have never seen before! Fellow readers, dis journey is just gettin started!

    First da space station, and den da rest of the da world! Mrow, I can't wait for y'all to read my interviews!


    I press the submit button and giggle at my phone. Ha, this one will get my viewer count up to three thousand, at least! I will get my breakthrough of the century, just you wait! Closing my browser, I lock my phone up, smiling it. Heh, I will be the goat influencer after dis, everyone'll see! I'll get da breakthrough I deserve!

    Computer timer dinging I zoom over to my chair and spin around like I'm about to become a villain in my favorite movie. Video posted spread across the screen, I crack my knuckles. This will be the one! The video that'll make me famous! Count on it! Scrolling through da social media websites for hours, I let the braindeadness take over, until.

    Slam. Our doors opened. What?! It's nine already?! Man, where did da hours go? Maybe dose loser politicians were right about da social media websites. Dey really are rotting our brains, aren't dey? And I'mma young goat lady in her twenties primes! Well, heh, whatevs, who cares about any of dat? My beautiful loving girlfriend is home from her boring normal job!

    "I'm home," my girlfriend said in her sexy, tired voice! "Were you making videos all day again?"

    "Of course, babe!" I answered proudly. "Gotta keep my viewers happy!"

    My girlfriend sighed as I said that! It hasn't even been five minutes since she came home from her boring normal job and my partner is already done with me! Gaaah! She'll see, my blog and vidya channel gonna explode in popularity once I interview da Astral Express! She may thing I'm nothin' now, but she'll see! I'll give her something to be proud of!

    "You have two subscribers," my girlfriend said in a tired voice.

    "Two subscribers is better den none, Lang!" I clapped back!

    Lang then opened her phone, scrolling over to da video site and opened up my vidya channel! But, what was that I just heard?! Did she just sigh? That same old exasperated expression was on her face again! Does she not believe in me? She's too in touch with the real world ta get with da program! What's she gonna tell me, dere bots?

    "User420691234, User31915," Lang read out loud. "There are bots."

    "Dere not bots!" I shouted. "Ya got any proof, babe?"

    And den she went onto one of my vidyas and paused it! Dragging her nail tipped fingers across the screen, she gazed at my comment section! What's she gonna tell me? That the comments, Another great video from Goat Kylling, My daily dose of Goat Kylling is my coffee, are all bot comments? She's gonna say it, I know it!

    "Another great video from Goat Kylling," Lang read out loud, letting out a sigh. "My daily dose of Goat Kylling is my coffee." She then shook her head. How could she! "These are bot comments, Kylling."

    My lip quivers as my girlfriend says that! Does she think I'm just set up for failure in dis influencer space? Dere's no way dose are bot comments! I get dem on every vidya! My two whole subscribers are just so excited to see my new vidyas dat dere unable to come up with a brand new comment! Dat's what's up with dat, surely!

    "Wait until you see my new blog post!" I exclaimed, pointing.

    Girlfriend typing in everyone's favorite goat dot com into her phone browser, my nose grew six inches as she scrolled on through! Heh, when she sees what I saw today, she'll be impressed with me, I tell you! But, nope, there was a look of disgust on her face! Dis can't be! Why is she gritting her teeth while she reads peak nonfiction?!

    "Kylling, as usual, your grammar is terrible," Lang complained. "It's not da it's the." She then let out a disgusted noise. Oh my gawsh, how could she! This blog entry is peak. "And it's not dat, it's that. Also, it's spelled there, not dere."

    She's nitpicking my grammar again!! Like, who cares dat I spell it da way I do! Dats just how I talk! Gotta reflect dat in my blog too, yaknow?! My partner will never understand dat people on da internet don't care bout yer grammar bein perfect! It gives you personality! Lang can be such a big stick in the mud sometimes! Whatevs, I love her, anyway. Heh.

    "Does dat matter? It's da Internet!" I shouted back. "Ain't no one care 'bout grammar!"

    And, that's when she shook her head again! I swear, I can never win with my girlfriend when it comes to grammar! She always got dat mentality that everything gotta be practical, or something! Dis is The Blue for crying out loud! Da planet Madam Herta came from! Welp, I know what she's boutta say.

    "I care. I work for a newspaper company, remember?" Lang asked, annoyed. "It's about time you get a real job too."

    There babe goes again, disregarding my influencer life as a fake job! Gaaa, sometimes I think she might be right, but nope! Not today! She's wrong this time! Wait until I tell her dat I saw the Herta Space Station, she'll kiss my feet in bed! Wait, I didn't just say dat! Look away!! Who did I just say dat too? I dunno, don't care either! It's 'bout time I bring out da big guns!

    "Being an influencer is a real job, babe!" I shouted. "I saw da Herta Space Station up in da sky today, and I'mma go there and interview the Astral Express!"

    She let out a sigh as I revealed my big plan to her! Oooh, she doesn't believe me, does she? I see how it is! I see how it is! She doesn't think dat I'm telling da truth! Is she gonna tell me to join her newspaper job thingy again? Ha. I'll only do dat if I ain't got no other option! I still have my flourishing influencer job to my two whole totally not bot subscribers to look forward.

    "Oh, really?" Lang asked, sighing. "And how are you going to get there?"

    "Teleporting dere, duh!" I exclaimed. And she sighed again. Gaah, she definitely doesn't believe me, I can feel it!

    "You can't teleport, darling," Lang said, shaking her head.

    She doesn't believe me, as usual! I've told her the story about my sexy quantum powers I got a little before we met! But, she always tells me the same thing! I probably dreamt that up! Ha! Wait until I tell her my life story in bed! She'll definitely change her mind then! Ha, I'll show her what I can do! Raaa, I'm the goat, literally, at teleporting!

    "Can, too!" I shouted. "I just haven't ever had to use it around you!"

    "Whatever you say, babe," Lang responded, shaking her head. "What do you want for dinner?"

    "Gimme your hottest, juiciest lambchops!" I shouted. What, why are ya looking at me like that? Babe and I have a sense of humor!

    "Fine. Lambchops coming up," my sexy girlfriend replied. "I'll be having a goat burger, then." What, why are ya lookin' at her like that? We love eating lambchops and goat burgers. Ya think 'dats weird 'cause she's a sheep and I'm a goat? Get real! We're just funny like dat, okay?!

    Dinner served, I point my phone at my juicy, meats. Lover finishing up her goat burger, she brings herself to my side. Luscious, long blue locks and shimmering blue eyes and messy work suit glistening on my phone screen, I snap the photo! Dropping a bubble filter that reads two gals being pals, I lock my phone once more.

    Curling up on the sofa, babe and I watch our favorite show, Galaxy Chef. I've seen every single episode of dis, and lemme tell ya! I wanna go on an intergalatic journey! As a chef? Naw, as da biggest influencer in all of the universe! If LittleGuinavere can do it, den so can I! Raaa, the world had better be watching me!

    We both soon go to our bed and get ready to sleep as midnight rolls around, and I giggle at my next day ahead of me! Da space station I'm definitely going to da space station tomorrow. And I'mma interview Herta! Den my views will skyrocket and Lang will see dat being a blogger and vidya maker isn't a fake job! I close my eyes, and giggle as I drift off to sleep.

    Dis'll be my big break!


    "Once and for all, I will make bank!
    Now, once I get to da space station!
    Everyone will subscribe to

    Me and leave me lots of comments!
    I'mma get dem views!
    Look at me soar
    Look at take my career off da ground!
    I'mma about to get so many new views!
    Ooooooooooooooooh, let's go, let's go.
    Now, Lang, are ya watching me?

    She's probably already
    Uttering that dis will
    Be like all my other vidyas!
    So many bots, so she says!

    Gaaah, this time for sure I'll be da
    Ultimate goat vidya maker!
    And I'll get a million views!
    Raaaaaaa, million views!
    All mine, me! Me!
    Next vidya,
    Tens of thousands of new subscribers!
    Every single one 'cause of my Herta Space Station interview!
    Everyone gather around!
    Da interviewer is on da case!"

    I wake up da next morning all ready to go as my girlfriend gets ready for work. But, I tell her the deets before she goes! I tell her to watch me teleport outta here! She still doesn't believe me that I have quantum powers! And so, I take out dat little orb thingy and...!!

    Poof! Here I am da space station! I look around and... wow where am I?! Dere's a lotta walls in this room. And objects inside boxes. Aww, man don't tell me I used my quantum powas and it took me to da wrong place?! I gotta get outta dis room right now! I run outta here and that's when I see this pink haired girl with a weird camera taking selfies! I run up to her. I can smell the influencer blood in her! Gotta talk her up!

    "You dere! Am I at da Herta Space Station?!" I asked.

    "Huh?! Who are you?" pink said. "Yes, this is the Herta Space Station." She looked annoyed as if I ruined her selfie or something! Sorry, selfie soldier carry on!

    I give the girl a look and that's when it hits me! This selfie taker, she's gotta know where the Astral Express crew is! I should ask her! She's gotta know all their secrets and den some if she's an influencer like moi! I giggle under my breath. This is rich! Heh, totally rich! I'll have her lead me to dem if she knows!

    "Yow, so cool!" I shouted, eyes shimmering. I pumped my fists as I said such! "Do ya know where da Astral Express crew is?"

    "They're in the Parlor Car," pink said. She seemed like she didn't want to answer my question, though! "Why?"

    Hearing this, I can feel my adrenaline rush through me! Oh my gawsh, she knows where the Astral Express Crew is? I gotta get her to take me to dem right now! Maybe if I convince her I'll subscribe to her socials, she'll bring me dere! Heh heh. I crack my knuckles as the possibilities come on through! Dis is it my big breakthrough, I tell ya!

    "Take me da parlor car!" I shouted. "I'll subscribe to yer socials, stat!"

    "I'm not a--!" pink started to say. But, she then stopped as if pondering something, then sighed. "I'll take you to the parlor car, Miss? What's your name?"

    "Kylling!" I responded. "Everyone's Favorite Goat, Kylling!"

    The girl then lead me through the space station, and do ya know what I saw? Multiple large puppets dat looked like Madam Herta! And that's when I learned she's turned herself into a puppet or something! Mrow! I knew she was a genius, but I didn't think she was dis brilliant! Man, if only I could turn myself into a puppet so I can go on dat intersteller blogger journey I always wanted to go on!

    But, now I'm in da parlor car. And this hot red haired babe sipping coffee comes up to me and I dunno what her name is? March, or something? I didn't really hear what the babe said. She's way too attractive for me to hear anythin' to be honest with chya! Anyway, she's looking right at me! Aaah, remember, Kylling, yer takin' by your lovely sheep girlfriend! So, act natural!

    "Ma---, who's this?" the hot redhead asked.

    "Miss H-----, this is---," the girl's who's name I can't be bothered to remember said. But, I cut her off! It's my turn now! Move over whatever your name is!

    "I'm Kylling, the goat reporter from The Blue!" I shouted in a proud tone! "I'm here to interview the Astral Express! Does Miss H----- have any comments for Everyone's Favorite Goat?" But she laughed at me! She's getting thirty points off the attractive scale for that one!

    "You young people and your hobbies," the red lady said, laughing. "I'm sorry, I'm afraid I don't have any comments for your blog."

    My mouth drops open! She doesn't have any comments for moi? The goat blogger of all time, literally? What am I da chopped liver? Ah, well, I see someone else in the corner of the room! Some old fart with short brown hair and glasses? I bet my blog will be interested in him! I take out my phone camera and ready to record a vidya for my blog! My whole ten views boutta shoot up to one million once I get this absolute fossil of a dude on camera! But, when I shutter the camera, the guy turns to me in disgust!

    "Young lady, what are you doing?" the fossil asked.

    "I'm with Everyone's Favorite Goat, and I'm here to interview the Astral Express!" I exclaimed, pointing my phone camera at Mr. Fossil! "Do you have any comments for me?"

    "No comment," the fossil said, shaking his head. "Miss Goat, please don't take photos without people's permission."

    And, yet another person refuses to interview with me! Hmph, dis Astral Express crew are a bunch of lame old people anyway! I don't want them on my blog or videos, anyway! That girl, I already forgot her name, she told me to go interview Herta or something. Well, fine, I will den! At least dat'll be interesting! I'mma stomp into her office right now!

    So, dat's what I did, and yow, when I got in dere, I could hardly believe what I saw in dere! Dere she was, in the flesh. Well, in da strings, I guess 'cause she's a puppet. Dere she was, in da strings, Madam Herta and she was standing next to, some huge portal?! I dunno what dat is, but wrow, I kinda wanna go in dere!

    "Hello, I am with Everyone's Favorite Goat!" I exclaimed, aiming my phone mic at the puppet lady. "And I'd like to interview."

    "No comment," the puppet lady said! And to which, I gasp!

    "What d'ya mean no comment?!" I exclaimed. "Aren't you da genius inventor Madam Herta?!" She then let out a scoff! Ooooh, how could she!

    "I don't have time for boring people like you," the puppet in charge exclaimed.

    Hearing all dat, I just let my jaw drop open! I'm boring, huh? I'll show her! Whatever dat thing is behind her, I'll divide and conquer it! Den, she won't find me boring, I bet! Hmph, borin'. I'll show dis lady dat I'm the goat, literally at everything I do! Den, she won't say dat kinda garbage to me!

    "You won't find me boring when I conquer dat ting behind ya!" I shouted, pointed.

    "The simulated universe?" the puppet lady said. She then proceeded to yawn at me. "Go right ahead."

    So, in I attempted to go! But, would you believe it? Apparently, I need like, a team of four or something? Dat's so stupid! So, guess I'll go home and make babe go with me and our friend from high school, Wren. Hmph, some rules are so dumb, I swear! So, that's when I went and teleported all the way back home to The Blue! I dialed up Wren's number, and, no more den thirty minutes later she came here! And, I tell her what's up!

    A tall young woman with long brown hair pulled into a dangling ponytail sits in my joint apartment I own with my babe. Her hawk wings drop a few feathers on the ground, but I don't care, I'll clean dem up later. Just like me, she loves wearing military clothes for some reason! Let me tell ya we bonded over dat in high school. We're living da life, I tell ya. Ahh, enough of da rambling, so, I told her about da Simulated Universe, and dat's when she started giving me skeptical looks!

    "You called me again after what, two months to tell me about some game on a space station?" Wren asked. I swore I saw sweat pour down her brow!

    "Yup! Dat's right!" I exclaimed, pumping my fists! "Wanna try it with me?"

    "I guess?" Wren asked in a questioning tone. "Why not." I dunno why, but she didn't sound very enthusiastic about it. Oh, well, she's on board, though!

    After this, Wren asked me like, a billion questions about da space station, so I just tell her all dat she needs to know! She seems a little more enthusiastic about it now that I gave her all the deets! But, dat's when she brings up babe! Honestly, I dunno why she's asking if my girlfriend would be fine with me hangin' with another girl! It ain't like we're datin' or nothing, Wren, like, hello! But, I guess we gotta wait for babe to come home. I gotta invite her to the simulated universe! Den, she won't tell me to get a real job!

    Da door den opened and my gorgeous ten outta ten babe walks into da apartment with a sigh. I dunno why she's so tired, but this news I'm boutta share with her gonna knock her socks straight offa her feet any second now. She saw me teleport, so she gotta believe me now dat I'm da powerful babe she always wanted.

    "I'm home," Lang said, sexy voice all tired! Mrow! But, she then turned around. "Darling, I see you brought a guest home today."

    "Dat's right, babe! You remember Wren, right?" I asked. Did I just hear my girlfriend sigh again?! Aww, dang, I know what she's thinking, what favor do I want from her this time?

    "What do you want to do this time for your blog?" Lang asked rolling her eyes.

    "Babe, I went to da space station and dere's dis game dere called The Simulated Universe!" I exclaimed. "I need teammates. Do ya wanna come?" I swear I heard her sigh again! She's gonna catch something from dat one day, I tell ya!

    "I guess?" she asked in a hesitant tone. "I'm off work early."

    Did my girlfriend just agree to something related to my blog? Mrow, that's some hot stuff right about now! So, dat's when I tell Wren and babe to hang onto dere hats 'cause I'm teleporting 'dem to dat room in da Space Station! I take out dat orb dat contains my powers and then, zap! Here we are! Back in da Space Station!

    But, that's when da Simulated Universe again doesn't allow my entry saying something bogus junk like, I need four members to continue? Dis can't be real right about now! So, zoom, I run out and look around for someone who looks like dey ain't got anything better to do. And that's when I see him! Some short dude with messy white hair scarred brown face and a space station lookin' grey outfit! He'll do, I guess! I grab ahold of his hand and give him da cutest smile. I ain't got no interest in men, but gotta woo dis dude ya know.

    "Hey dere, cutie, come with me," I said, winking. Gaah, I wanna gag saying dat to a dude! I pull him towards da simulated universe but dat's when he says to me.

    "Hey, I'm walking peppy right now, miss!" the dude exclaimed.

    And dat's when I tell him I need him for something! Some black haired dude den came around telling him he'll walk him. Heh. Awesome, member numba four has been secured. Even dough he don't look very interested, but dat doesn't matter. Simulated Universe here I come! Madam Herta presses some buttons, and the gals and da extra dude are in a whole other world!

    But, once I'm inside, I can't help but feel disappointed. Dis place just looks like da space station! Isn't dis supposed to be a whole simulated world, or something? Lame! Dis won't generate clicks to my vidyas, but I'll get da camera rolling, anyway! But, dat's when dis monster just came on up walking up to me!

    "Girl's watch out!" dude said! And then the grass cracked, and wham!

    These orb thingies are in front of us, looking ready or a pummeling! What?! So ya mean to tell me dis is some kinda battle simulator! Whatevs? I got da power of quantum inside me! I take out da orb in my pocket, and I shout out a battle cry. Dis'll get me da views I've always been askin' for!

    "Da Crystal Ball tells all!" I shouted.

    And dat's when one of da enemies fell to my sexy space powers! And, I guess Lang's spectral bat, or whatevs she called it, and Wren's feathers of doom? But, I was da goat! My attacks did da most damage! Like, duh, I'm da goat here, literally! All da creatures fall and some words pop up dat say battle finished, or something. I dunno know why dat popped up? Dat genius needs to anchor out dem bugs!

    For awhile, we cruise through dese room that are labelled Domain — Occurrence, whatever dat means! But there ain't nothin' blog worthy in any of dose! Just some dumb painting with a million words of texts I can't bother to read through! And each and every time all I got was the one with da pigs on it. Each time I'd press, leave 'cause who got da time to fight stupid pigs? Ain't be me!

    And, after all dat boring and nothingness, dere's dis room with dese machines in dem? And who else do I see standing dere? Madam Herta! She tells us to spend our Cosmic Fragments or something? Whatever dose are I don't know, ain't got any! I just stomp off to da boss room and inside is some machine dude ready to pick a fight with me!

    The glass cracks, and boom, into another fight I go! But, dis monster let me tell ya. Its saw blade thingies took my entire team out! What was dat stuff called again HP? I dunno, I just got here in dis game! But, everyone, addon dude included are all slouched over and not fighting with me! Why dey all actin like dere dead? I cannot believe dis!

    Dis enemy den proceeds to attack me with his sawblade! Yowch! Well, two can play at dat game! I bring out my horns and I let out a battle cry! But, dis monster, he ain't phased one bit by me! What, is dis dude's level one hundred or something? Dang, maybe I'm out matched for dis fight. But I ain't going to give up, I let the energy flow through my sexy goat horns and scream out:

    "I'm da goat of da galaxy!" I shouted at da top of my lungs!

    And dat's when my goat horns grow colossal! I swipe in and bam! Dat machine thingy's vitality drained to half! I turn to my camera and do a peace sign! Dis boss going down! But nope, I was a moment too late! Dis creature came in with dose saw blades of it, and that was it! Curtains! Kicked straight outta the Simulated Universe! I ain't showing my two whole subscribers dat vidya, dat's for sure! I tell da genius her Simulated Universe is too hard, and do ya know what she says to me.

    "Whoops, looks like I put it on difficulty five my bad," the puppet lady said, yawning! She did dis on purpose, I bet!

    After dat, she set da game difficulty back down to da lowest level, and I aced da thing! I told my viewers at da end of da vidya dat I'm a gamer queen. Dat'll get me millions of views, I bet! I take babe and Wren back home and fire up my fingers upon my keyboard, editing away after our usual dinner date ended.

    Posting to da blog, it's a quiet night in da house, at least for now. Wren told me to pixelate her outta da video, after she left da house for who knows how long. Editing her into anonymity, I post da vidya as it's nighttime on da big ol' boring Blue. But, when I wake up da next morning, my phone is buzzing off da walls?! To which babe says to me:

    "Darling, put your phone on silent. It's so annoying," babe complained.

    Gah, oops, I forgot to silent my phone before bed last night. But, do ya know what I see when I unlock da thing?! A plus nine-hundred-ninety-nine on my notification tab? What? Dis can't be real. Scrolling through da millions of lightbulb icons, my jaw drops open at da sight before me!

    One million views!

    "Babe, look at dis!" I shouted. "I gotta million views on my most recent video!" But she let out her morning groan as if she didn't believe me! "Babe, I ain't pulling yer leg!"

    Babe den looked at the screen with a big ol look of shock in her face! "You really got one million views," Lang said, yawning. "Congratulations. I'm going back to sleep now." She rolled right back over.

    Seeing da numbers on the screen, I cheered to myself! One million views. Da moula gonna come right in! And babe always told me dis ain't a real job! Well, she's wrong. Opening up da vidya website, I open up my mouth in shock. Thousands of comments and thousands of new subscribers, too! Peeps telling me dey want to try da Simulated Universe, too! Rad! I lock my phone and turn my phone back on silent, giggling.

    I'm da goat blogger, literally!

    Dis is my big break!

    Yeah, idk don't take this one too seriously, lol.


    Silence is Purple
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    Just something I pantsed to take my mind off of stuff. It might not be that good or thought out.

    Xianzhou's Lazy Silver Dragon

    Yínlóng is my name
    Oh what does that mean?
    Uh, well it means Silver Dragon. I

    Know my parents regret
    Naming me that.
    Often, my sister
    Will tell me I am lazy, a

    Brat, ungrateful.
    Every low blow you can
    Imagine. Sometimes, I just
    Need to walk away, ignore her, but my
    Gut knows she's right.

    Ah, but my parents tell me to

    Look for something that speaks to me
    Or, rather my calling.
    Not that I'll ever but I
    Guess I should try. Guess I should

    Look into work
    In all the
    Factions on the Luofu.
    Even so, I am not

    Sure anyone will want me, I am a
    Panda chimera while I am a long life species.
    Everyone would rather turn away.
    Can't see anyone
    Inviting me to join them
    Even if I say
    Something about how

    I am no different from a normal Xianzhou native.

    Just roll with it.
    Unleash the beast.
    So I need to try need
    To do my best.

    Does anyone want me within their presence?
    Oh, honestly I will

    Never know.
    Or. Maybe it's better
    To not ever

    Know the truth.
    Now, it is
    Onward to finding something.
    Will I find my calling?

    Well, probably not.
    Hmm, to be honest I'd be better off
    As an Astral
    Traveller, but

    I do not know how to leave this place.

    Will I ever be able to explore the
    Astral beyond?
    No. Probably not.
    That's impossible.

    Well, I guess
    I am better off just
    Trying to find my calling
    Here, on the Luofu.

    My life will go on for hundreds of
    Years, which will go in the blink of an eye.

    Lifetimes for humans might even go by.
    I guess I should at least
    Find my calling
    Even if I don't understand the point. Onwards, upwards. Time to shine.

    A young woman with long silver hair pulled back into a right swept ponytail, bright pink eyes, magenta cheongsam and black panda ears stood in her room stared out bright bedroom window with a look of deep longing on her face. Thoughts dragging on, the usual flowed through them during their nothing afternoon.

    Her life, what did she want to do with it? Being a long life long species upon the Xianzhou Luofu, entire human lifetimes could go by. Would doing anything have any point to it? She did not know. Nothing really mattered. Whatever she wished to do with her life, would it ever truly be fulfilling? She did not think so. She had only been alive for a little over twenty years or so.

    Gazing at the cycranes flying around, the young panda let out a sigh. Why couldn't her life be as simple as that of a Cycrane's? Just a program, bringing boxes from place to place. Nothing to worry about, no one to call her lazy, nothing to be bothered by. But, she knew that she would never become an inorganic life form. She was flesh and blood for all eternity.

    Flopping onto her bed, the panda let out a sigh. What was the point of living anyway? Was it to work until one day until the soul leaves the body? That sounded like a tiresome existence. Work for the rest of her hundreds of years doing the same thing over and over? How did other Xianzhou Natives deal with such monotony every single day? She could hardly fathom it.

    Turning off towards her left side, she reached for her phone. Screen turned on, a bubble reading unread messages spread across the screen in large, bright bold white letters. Unlocking the device, she hovered towards the messaging app. Group chat entitled Jinzi Family with a huge ninety nine plus hovering over it, she tapped in. Reading through, a frown graced her face.


    [We all need to discuss Yinlong.]


    [Ah, Shenlong, you know, she's in this group chat, right? She can read everything that's being said. Don't you think we should make a separate group chat without her so she can't see it?]


    [Hmph. Who cares? Let her read this! We'll just lock the chat so she can't reply!]


    [Now, why should we do that? Don't you think that is a little too harsh.]


    [No, it's not! She need to read this! I can't get through to her anymore! Now, let us commence this meeting to discuss what to do about her! Is everyone online?]






    [Accounted for.]


    [I am online.]


    [Great, everyone's here! Let us all begin this virtual meeting! Good thing we all just
    happened to have a break at the same time! Well, I'm not going to sugarcoat it! Yinlong is so lazy. Sitting at home in the mansion all day doing absolutely nothing! We can't keep letting her live with us sleeping around all day!]


    [Are you proposing we kick her out onto the street?]


    [Oh, my!]


    [Yes, that is exactly what I'm proposing! She's so lazy! All she does is sleep, eat and look at her phone all day while all of us do all the hard work and lifting! She hardly deserves the roof over her head! We should throw her out into space! Anyone in favor for this?]


    [Oh, my!]


    [Qiulong, say something more useful than 'Oh, my!' By the aeons, you are so annoying!]


    [How can you say that about your own sister? Throw her out into space. That's a bit too much of a punishment for being inactive! Can't we find something a little less permanent?]


    [Hmm, yes, I most certainly agree. That is far too extreme of a punishment. Come now, Shenlong, where would we even send her in the event we throw her into the deep endlessness of space? We may be a long life species, but I hardly believe she would survive there without a plan.]


    [I do not agree.]




    [I do not approve.]


    [All of you, I can't believe you! Do you intend to baby her and let her laze around forever for the next hundred years?! Because that's what it sounds like to me! We'll send her to a space station, and make her their problem! They'll put her to work! And, that'll teach her she can't just let everyone do all the work while she does nothing.]


    [Oh, dear, what an imagination you have. And, how do you know they'll accept her with open arms at a space station, hmm? It's mostly researchers that go there. Yinlong is not a researcher.]


    [Jojo's right, Yinlong isn't a researcher! We can't just throw her out into space and accept any space station or ship to just take her, ya know! I've heard they're too busy there lately, anyway. Come on, Shena think this through before saying that stuff!]


    [Ugh. Then what do you all suppose we do about her? Let her sit around and do nothing while we earn all the money and she lazes around? I don't think so! We have to think of something! I can't stand her laziness! It needs to end!]


    [Honey, hear me out. I have an idea.]


    [Fine. Let's hear it, mama.]


    [What if we ask her to trial work with around the Xianzhou Luofu until she find what personally speaks to her? I have many friends in important places I could contact and arrange that.]


    [I like the sound of that.]


    [I do, as well.]




    [Sounds good.]


    [Uh, hello?! Where did this annoying echo chamber come from? I haven't even said anything yet!]


    [What more could you say, dear? I am quite fond of this approach. Do you have problems with it?]


    [That, I do! She's not going to agree to this! Bet she'll say that she doesn't really feel like it and keep lazing around! Bet she wants to rot in that room she's in all day every day! So, let me add something onto that! If she doesn't find what she wants to do, then we are kicking her out of our home! It's about time we put our feet down and tell her how it is!]


    [Oh, my!]


    [Ugh, Qiulong, could you stop spamming oh, my, in the chat?!]


    [If she doesn't find something she would like to do, where will we send her, then? Throwing her out to space is not the way to go!]


    [That's right. No space.]


    [I concur.]




    [Are you all even reading what you're typing out?]


    [Tsk, tsk, Shenlong, are you? Allow me to suggest something. Instead of throwing her out, we will stop being so lenient with her. Make her work for thing, but slowly so to not overwhelm her. It would be disastrous if he health were to decline from stressing her out too much.]


    [You're too lenient, as always! Put your foot down, Jialong.]


    [Your brother is right, Shenlong. We'll cut her off slowly. When we're all home in the evening, we'll call her into our kitchen and discuss it with her. Now, my break is over. I have to go.]


    [Whoops. Mine is, too.]

    {Qiulong is now offline.}
    {Jiaolong is now offline.}
    {Mama is now offline.}
    {Papa is now offline.}
    {Grandpa is now offline.}


    [I wasn't done talking yet, hmph! Ugh, whatever! I have to go back to work now, anyway. Ugh. You're all too lenient with her!]

    {Shenlong is now offline}.

    |You cannot send messages within this group.|

    Reading through all the messages, Yinlong tossed over to her left side upon her bed. Her sister wanted to throw her out of the house into space? She knew that Shenlong always despised her, but she didn't know her abhorrent attitude towards her had reached that deep down into the trenches. Rereading the logs again, she closed her phone, staring at the ceiling.

    Word space racing through her mind, Yinlong kept staring above. Being sent out into space and onto a ship in the cold, nothingness beyond the Xianzhou, maybe that would be better than living hundreds of years lazing away here. But, what space station would take her? She was a panda chimera, not a human, nor a researcher. Would anyone accept her in such a plane? She knew the world would not want a person with animals ears and a tail aboard a space ship.

    Hours stroking by, she kept scrolling through her phone. Famous street performer LittleGuinevere posting herself live going through the Fyxstroll Gardens trying to find nearby Heliobi, she let out a sigh. Maybe she could just sell herself as some street performer eating all the tasty foods she could.

    Closing her phone and locking it, she shook her head. What point would there be in becoming a street performer? Her parents would tell her that is not the Xianzhou way. She had heard countless times the blogger was not from this world, don't be like her. What point would there be in pursuing something they did not approve of?

    Scrolling through her other messages, the various folders of her friends photos spread through the screen. They all looked so bright, and full of life. What were their secrets? She could never be like them. Life was an eternity, nothing truly mattered. It was better to just waste away rot until the bitter end.

    Continuing to look through the group chat again, he let out a sigh. Maybe she should trial a few jobs until she found the one that was her calling. Perhaps, if she did, the Aeons would look down upon her. When everyone came home, she would tell them she'll go through with it. Maybe wasting away was not the way to go. Hearing a knock on her door an hour later, the entrance creaked open.

    "Get off your lazy tush and get in the kitchen right now," her sister Shenlong demanded.

    A young panda woman with long red pigtails stood by the door in a light blue qipao with an irritated look on her face. Metallic panda robots flying beside her looking ready to behead a Mara Struck, her rage floated through the room for the entire Alchemy Commission to get a whiff of. Such disposition had been normal for the young woman, however.

    Hearing her sister's demands, Yinlong bore a crestfallen face. Shenlong wanted to get rid of her so bad, didn't she? She should just send her off into space already, if that's what she truly wanted. But, it was far too much effort to start an argument. Why waste her breath? She knew she would lose.

    "One second," Yinlong responded slowly.

    "Ugh, this again!" Shenlong shouted. "I know you read the messages! Come in, now, before I drag you there!"

    Sister slamming her door, she stepped foot into the kitchen. Tall young panda man with short braided silver hair, and medical uniform standing beside a short, pink haired panda woman wearing even pinker clothes, the rest of her family gave her a series of stares. Invisible spotlight heating her up, she sat in the middle chair.

    "You read the groupchat did you not, Yinlong?" her brother Jiaolong asked.

    "I did," Yinlong said. "And, I like to say--"

    "Don't even try to say no!" Shenlong shouted. "Or, I will throw you out into space personally!"

    "Shena, come on now, we talked about this!" Qiulong exclaimed.

    Hearing her sister once assume she would say no, a small gasket had blown inside her. But, she knew that wasting energy on anger was not the way to go. Why let herself build up rage towards this? She always knew her sister despised her. It wasn't worth the energy feeding into that. Heaving a sigh, she readied herself to go against the odds.

    "No, Shenlong, I was going to say that I'll do it," Yinlong said. But, the answer that bounced back was worse than she could imagine.

    "Is it opposite day?" Shenlong asked. "I bet yes means no!"

    "Okay, Shena, now you're just being silly!" Qiulong exclaimed, hand moving up and down as she spoke. "She said she'd do it! You should take her word for it!"

    "Ugh, whatever! I'll take her word for it!" Shenlong said to Qiulong. She then turned towards her annoying sister, pointing. "You'd better wake up early tomorrow! We're sending you off to work!"

    "I will be," Yinlong responded slowly.

    Parents sending her back to her room as the conversation rolled around, Yinlong soon rolled over back into her bed. She had to trial jobs tomorrow. Would any of them even speak to her? Probably not. She did not expect a single one to do so. Drifting off into the sleeping world, she let her thoughts wander one final time.

    She should at least try.


    "Well, here I go, trialing everything.
    I don't think any of this will be fulfilling.
    Life is too long lasting.
    Life is just the same repeated nothings.

    Arum Alley? The Ten Lords Commissions?
    Neither of these speak to me. And
    Yet, I have to go and
    Trial all of these things.
    However, I guess
    I aught to. Maybe rotting and doing
    Nothing is not the way to live. I
    Guess I will at least put in the effort.

    At least, a little
    To try and find my calling in life.

    And, I suppose it's better to try. My
    Life may go on for hundreds of years, my
    Life my be a longer one. I am not a

    Short life species after all.
    Panda chimera are said to live around a millennium.
    Eh, I guess I have to find my calling.
    Arum Alley? Probably not it. I
    Know of that place. Some business alley.

    To be honest, I cannot fathom using my life here.
    Or in the Ten Lords Commission.

    My wind powers that were passed down from my ancestors, it's going to
    End up going to waste, anyway.

    I don't really know what I want. I

    Do not think this will help me think it
    Over. But, I guess I aught to give these trial a go.
    Ugh. Maybe I am
    Better off just being
    Thrown into space.

    I don't know why I'm thinking about that.
    Though, I guess I should count the days. I'll be space before long, I guess.

    Mother knocking in her door in the morning, her first trial of the jobs had been tossed her way. Told she would be trialing Arum Alley doing business management, Yinlong jolted. Already starting off with a boring job like that? Why here, why now? Practically thrown out the house, she moved herself towards the largest business alley on all of the Xianzhou.

    Young woman with a Cloud Knights uniform and long brown hair pulled into two twintail with bell scrunchies waiting for her at the entrance of Arum Alley, Yinlong gave her a long stare. Weren't the Cloud Knights these highly esteemed individuals? What was someone like her doing here? She could hardly fathom it.

    "Ah, yes, you must be Yinlong, right?" the young cloud knight asked. "Welcome to Arum Alley! You're hear to trial a business management job, right?"

    "Yes," Yinlong said, turning her head towards the opposite direction.

    "Right! Let's get started, then!" the young woman exclaimed.

    Bringing her towards a large area with a ton of jetties waiting to be filled, her sister Qiulong stood in a chair in the corner, counting inventory. Counting meticulously, she let out a groan. Was this all she did all day, every day? Who would even want a job like this? Not she. Not in a million of her own long lifetimes.

    "Great, Yinyin, you're here!" Qiulong exclaimed. "Fill up some boxes with inventory and ship them out, okay?"

    Heading off towards the boxes, Yinlong had begun inventorying. But, the multitude of requests couldn't be any more tiresome the more she did them. Having to arrange the inventory in a way in certain conditions, a boring world took her over. How did Qiulong deal with this snore fest every day? It was beyond her.

    Filling up all the inventory, jetties set out everything one after another. But, such had not been the end of such snore fest. Sent on all the debates, she had lost every single one with dropping colors. Machine robot refuting all her evidence, she had made a fool out of the Arum Alley, as expected. Day coming to an end after about eight hours of effort, a question had come her way.

    "So, what do you think Yinyin?" Qiulong asked. "Want to join Arum Alley?"

    "I don't think I will," Yinlong responded.

    "Alrighty, Yinyin," Qiulong said. "Then, tomorrow, I'll leave it to Jojo."

    But, the next day was most certainly going to be far worse than she could have ever hoped. Her brother was a healer for the Alchemy Commission. She had no experience with any sort of medical profession. What was she supposed to do, look up symptoms on her phone and hope for the best? Probably. She knew she wouldn't be good enough at this kind of job.

    Sent out to the alchemy commission, a short young girl with long blue hair, dragon tail, and doctor's coat awaited her entrance. Bending down to look at her, a wave of confusion through her for a loop. This was the high elder of the Alchemy Commission? Her brother always held her in such high regard. Why? Wasn't she a child? How did she have any medical knowledge?

    "Yinlong, right?" the dragon lady asked. "Your brother told me you're here to trial a job here?"

    "That's right?" Yinlong responded in a questioning tone.

    "Why are you so confused?" the dragon lady asked in an irritated tone.

    "Where's the real high elder?" Yinlong asked.

    "What d'ya mean where the real High Elder? You're looking right at her!" the dragon lady fired back.

    "But, you're just a kid," Yinlong said, shaking her head. "Do you have any medical knowledge at all?"

    "Of course I do!" the dragon lady exclaimed, arms on her hips. "Do you?"

    "No." She shook her head as she said that. But, as she had done so, her brother came on by."

    "Come now, Yinlong, it's time for work," Jiaolong said. "You'll be helping me fill people's prescriptions. Let's go."

    Brought over to a table, her brother instructed her to fill multiple pill bottles one after another. Multiple healers glaring at her as she had done so, contempt flow through her. She did not belong here. She didn't have any medical knowledge. Wasn't the Alchemy Commission for experienced healers in the field? She was nowhere near that level. She never would be. This was most certainly never going to be the job for her.

    Day coming to an end after a painstaking eight hours, all the pill bottle had been filled. But, not a single spark flew for her as she had done so. What was the point in doing this? Her brother knew what he was doing. He adored helping the ill. She could never. That sounded like too much work. Brother looking like he was about to ask her if this was calling, she knew what to say immediately.

    "I don't want to be a pill pusher for you," Yinlong said, arms crossed.

    "I know, Yinlong," Jiaolong said. "Sorry for asking you to do this. Would you like to try the Divination Commission tomorrow?"

    "I guess?" Yinlong responded in a questioning tone.

    Brought to the Divination Commission the next morning, a short young woman with an elegant outfit and long pink hair held together with a hairpin and purple jewel on her forehead, Yinlong gulped. So, this was the Master Diviner? What kind of work would she even do here? She did not have any sort of diviner powers to speak of. Just the wind powers her ancestors gifted her in her birth.

    "You are Yinlong, no?" the Master Diviner asked.

    "That is me," Yinlong responded nodding.

    Told to go fetch someone named Qi-----, a door guardian, Yinlong blinked. What was a door guardian anyway? That sounded like an extremely easy job, guarding a door. Spotting a young woman with light brown hair, green outfit and a Jade Abacus out in the open playing a game amongst multiple soldiers she interrupted the game.

    "Um, excuse me, Miss Qi-----, but the Master Diviner want you to go to work,"Yinlong said to the door guardian.

    "Rats, caught slacking off again," the door guardian responded, walking away.

    Master diviner giving her a multitude of chores to do, eight hours passed by unfulfillingly. Was this trial just a way to get her to do other people's chores? If that was the case, this wasn't her calling, either, and she wasn't having it. Were these people taking advantage of the fact she didn't have any special diviner powers to speak of? What a waste.

    Telling the Master Diviner she won't be returning, a blunt laugh had come her way. She supposed she deserved that not being committed to anything. But what point was there in doing people's chores? There was not. What a waste?

    Told the next day she would be trialing the Skyfairing commission, she had soon been sent to a large, important building with Central Starskiff Haven. Introduced to a tall black haired foxian woman, she had soon been sent onto a Starskiff, up, up and away, but her sister soon stomped on by as she was ready to enter.

    "You don't even know how to pilot one of these things, so I'm sending a veteran to help you, not that I want to, or anything!" Shenlong exclaimed. "Here they are. This is Susu. Don't make them do all the work."

    Tall, androgynous otter person standing in the alleyway with light grey hair pulled into ring shaped braids, purple scrunchies, and a light violet qipao, chicken sickles had been tucked away into their hair. Person having a familiar face, she blinked. Hadn't they been their old childhood friend's brother Feng? Maybe not. Different person.

    "Yang! It's been awhile!" Susu greeted. "Are you here to trial the Skyfairing Commission?"

    "How do you know that nickname?" Yinlong asked, confused. Susu's face sunk as she said such.

    "You don't remember me?" Susu asked. "Well, no matter, let's pilot the Starskiff, I'll tell you what to do."

    But, nothing made any sense when entering the machine. All the buttons looked incredibly foreign to her. Susu not helping matters much either, the Starskiff had been rammed into another one. Multiple apologies coming to multiple other pilots, she could feels a thousand years worth of humiliation flow through her. This wasn't the job for her, either. She should just go into space and drift away, shouldn't she?

    Eight hours of various mistakes shining a blinding light, her sister came by her side, arms cross firmly across her waist. Why did she ask her to trial this job, anyway? She had no piloting experience. What was the point in giving her trials for something she had never done? Give her an office job, or something.

    "I aught to send you to a space station right about now!" Shenlong screamed. "How useless are you?!"

    "I've never even piloted a Starskiff before, Shenlong!" Yinlong said back.

    "Didn't Susu explain it to you good enough?! You're just lazy and useless!" Shenlong shouted back. "Whatever, ugh, you're just a waste of time. Go to Fyxstroll Garden tomorrow and try street performing. That's right up your alley, the lazy life!" She then turned around, walking away.

    Returning home for the day, Yinlong let out a sigh. Wasn't being a street performer looked down upon? Why should she try to do the lowest of the low jobs? Her parents wouldn't like that for her. But, she supposed it was worth a try, maybe. She didn't know anymore. It was all mattering less by the second. Shenlong should just send her off to space already. That would make her the happiest panda alive, she bet.

    Heading off to Fyxstroll Garden the next morning, a young lady with bright orange hair, golden eyes and celebratory dress held her phone up towards the sky looking ready to take thousands of pictures. Tall, white haired otter person adorning a tradition qipao and brightly colored fan, a lot of question dragged in her mind. Wasn't that Qiongqi, her old childhood friend's older brother? What was he doing here?

    "Yang, you're finally here," Qiongqi said. "Joining the Street Performer Bizz? I'll get more followers than you, bet!"

    "...Why are you wearing a women's qipao?" Yinlong asked, confused.

    "Tch. 'Women's Qipao?' Says who?" Qiongqi asked, irritated. "I'm Princess Tiger when performing, 'kay? Deal with it. So, what's your username gonna be?"

    "I don't know. Panda Dragon, I guess?" Yinlong responded, typing it in.

    "Oh, that's a rad name!" the lead street performer said. "So, you ready? Today, we're hunting Heliobi!"

    Told to have her phone out at all times, a long day of street performing and getting in trouble took over. Spooky apparently Heliobi infected area full of nothing but a few mischievous spirits, not a single spark flew. Taking on various missions from the common folk as well, the Panda Dragon put on a fake energetic act for the camera.

    But, none of this spoke to her. Head street performer telling her throughout the eight hours to put more oomph into it, she kept faking enthusiasm. But, nothing clicked. Nothing stuck. What was so fun about performing in front of a million Xianzhou citizens? Nothing. She would have to do this every single day to keep up viewership? Snore. Too much effort.

    Asking the street performer what else there was to do, only one enticing option wet her feet. Told she sometimes travels from world to world streaming the latest scoops, the scaled tipped towards two percent. Maybe she'll revisit this idea, perhaps, but told she would have to build a following first, she ticked her head. Who would want to watch her, anyway?

    Closing up the Panda Dragon account, she bid the street performing life goodbye. No, thank you, creating content, she'd much rather just be a viewer. Hearing her family's disappointment in the other room during the night hours, she sighed. She needed to find something fast, didn't she? Time was running out.

    Sent off towards the Ten Lords Commission the next morning, a nervous young foxian woman with green hair and a constant look of ready to cry waited for her at the entrance of the Fyxstroll gardens once again.

    "You're that troublemaker from yesterday!" the short foxian woman said, voice shaking. But, her tail had soon come off.

    "Look what we have here, a panda," the tail said. "She looks far more useful than you! I wish I were attached to her!"

    "Mr. Tail, you're bound to me!" the short foxian woman cried. But, as the commotion went on, two people walked by.

    Tall, grey haired woman with a calligraphy brush coming by, and short young otter woman with short silver hair pulled into two linked looplets, and a light violet dress with a yinyang symbol in the center, a memory flowed into Yinlong's mind. Wasn't this young woman Chiwen, her childhood friend's older sister?

    "My, my, if it isn't Yinlong," Chiwen said, hand on her face. "You've come here to help us fight the Mara Struck today?"

    "I guess so?" Yinlong asked.

    "Have you ever fought the Mara Stricken before?" the other person asked.

    "No, I haven't," Yinlong said, shaking her head.

    "Try and be careful, then." The tall woman then left.

    Going across the Xianzhou spotting multiple soldier stricken with mara, light green Wind-and-Fire-Wheels had been gifted to her. Fighting multiple people that had been far too gone, she could feel a tiny spark flow through. Maybe this was the one. The job she should yearn for. But, the spark soon died as quickly as it appeared.

    Having to a ton of complicated rituals afterwards, the sensation died. What was the point in all this? She didn't have it in her to do any of the complicated stuff. Short black haired doll woman telling her that her services wouldn't be needed here if she wasn't into it, she shook her head. So much for that. What was the point in all this?

    Parents telling her that evening they're going to cut her off if she doesn't find anything, she sighed. Cut her off then. Send her off to a space station like they Shenlong wants. Days and days going on by not finding her calling, the window of opportunity was ready to shut down everything. But, her calling soon came.

    Head of the Cloud Knights calling her one day, a tall, white haired man with golden eyes awaited her one day. Told she could trial being a knight, she figured what more was there to lose? Introduced to two familiar faces shortly afterwards, she had been given the down-low on what the Knights did.

    Young otter woman with long white hair pulled into pigtails and at least four ribbons in her hair in knightly attire, a young otter man with spiky white hair and jumpsuit, it all soon came back to her. Pulao, and Linggui? Her good old childhood friends. They had become Cloud Knights? Very interesting.

    "Yang! It's been years!" Pulao exclaimed. "You're going to become a cloud knight?"

    "Maybe?" Yinlong responded in a questioning tone.

    "Yer not sure?" Linggui asked. "Why don' we show ya the ropes, then?"

    Good old friends showing her the ropes of the cloud knights, something sparked inside her when going through the various knightly activities. She didn't know why, but this was it. Nothing too complicated, nothing too wild. Maybe this would be the one for her. Told that she even take it easy some days, she asked the question. What was the Cloud Knights main goal?

    Told they were fighting against those who were with the Abundance, but otherwise just patrolling looking for troublemakers when there were some, she thought it over. Maybe this was something she could do? Wasn't too complicated, wasn't too difficult. This was the one. This was the job for her.

    Rest of the day spent patrolling, she thought it over once more. Maybe this is her calling, being a Cloud Knight. She would need to brush up on her fighting skills, if so. Telling the General of the Cloud Knights she would join, a uniform had been issued to her. Eight hours drawing to a close, she soon went on home. Dinner coming and going, her grandfather stopped her before she went on her way to be.

    "You seem pleased with yourself today," her grandfather said. "Did you find something that spoke to you?"

    "Yes, grandpa," Yinlong said, nodding.

    "And what would that be?" her grandfather asked with a smile.

    "I'm going to be a Cloud Knight," Yinlong said smiling.

    "A Cloud Knight? Good luck, youngster," her grandfather said. "Serve The Hunt well."

    Grandfather heading off to bed, Yinlong soon returned to her own room. Placing her brand new uniform away in her drawers, she cracked her knuckles. The Cloud Knight panda, maybe that had a nice ring to it. An uncomplicated job, something simple. Maybe this was it, after all. Maybe, that space station journey could still happen someday. Heaving a breath, she crawled into her bed.

    She found her calling.

    This is just... something I pantsed because I'm not ready to write Hsr Parisa's thing quite yet, tbh.


    Silence is Purple
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    Wrote this in about three hours with not much thought on direction, lol.

    The Time Thief Not Pretty in Pink

    Another day, a
    New moment, a new
    Opportunity. It is
    Time to begin the
    Hunt. The time thievery.
    Everyone's time should belong to me.
    Reap it all away

    Don't let me ever reach an
    Advanced age. Eternal
    Youth. The Magnum

    Opus. I will take everything that's mine in these
    Fleeting moments of life.

    So much out
    There to steal
    Everyone's time shall be mine.
    And today, I will
    Loot from Penacony
    I will rob them of their time.
    Nothing shall remain.
    Grab everything.

    Take a portion of their lifespans away.
    Hack it all away.
    Everything is mine, mine.

    Take everything, leave no traces behind.
    I'm the galaxy's time thief.
    Make me forever youthful.
    Every day, every second.

    Or let everything break.
    For I wish for eternal youth.

    Obstruction of
    The world's time
    Here, it shall all ooze into me.
    Each an every second
    Removed from the unexpected.
    Stolen from those who don't need it.

    It's mine, all mine. Your
    Time is all mine.

    I will take it all,
    So this enteral youth will belong to

    Me. I will be young forever
    In this endless expanse of space.
    No more short lifespan
    Every extra second belongs to me.

    All of it, mine.
    Loot more lifespans.
    Loot more years.

    Mine, all mine.
    It's all mine.
    Not a second wasted.
    Everything is mine. I

    Will take it all.
    I will take it all. I will
    Take it all.
    How many more years have I

    Taken from others now?
    Hundreds, thousands? Millions?
    I don't know, probably
    Somewhere around the thousands.

    I will be young forever. I

    Can be young forever,
    And always, and
    No one shall escape.

    Breaking everything,
    Everyone. Every little thing.

    Yes, eternal youth.
    Open up and give me everything.
    Unleash the process.
    Now, your time is mine.
    Give it all to me.

    For, I have a mission.
    On this plane of space
    Removing people's time,
    Eating it, absorbing it into me. I am a time
    Vixen. All your moments? Mine.
    Every single one.
    Remove your lifespan. Give it to me.

    A young woman with long high hanging pigtailed pink hair, green eyes, gazelle horns and tail stood in the helm of a large spaceship wearing a long, brown, blue and black dress with clocks and gears in the center. Serious look on her face, she prepared herself for the next destination. Large digital quark board in front of her, the young fawn lady dragged electronic strings from one place to another.

    Multiple locations listed upon the quark board, the young lady dragged the string labelled the Xianzhou Luofu towards the high prime target pin. Smirking as she had done so, her thoughts had begun to race. This was the next location. The next heist, she could almost taste it.

    Gazing at the next location upon the quark board, the young fawn lady shook her head. Penacony? Why was this listed here in the first place? There was nothing of value to steal here. This quark board needed serious optimizing. Dragging a string towards the undesired section of the board, she readied to make an announcement.

    "Onur, have our ship head for the Xianzhou Luofu!" the fawn exclaimed.

    But, such movement towards the high desired planet did not start up, whatsoever. Tall person with curly blue hair, green hair gazelle horns and a teal space defense outfit walking by with a confused look on their face, the fawn could feel a heavy wave of impatience flowing through her. What was their sibling waiting for? Did they not hear what she said?

    "I can't do that for you, Parisa, sorry," Onur responded.

    Clear rejection coming towards her, Parisa folded her arms across her waist. Who did her sibling think they were to tell her no? This was her heist. She made the rules here, not them. They had better hurry up and listen to what she has to say, or she'll take something of theirs right away.

    "What do you mean you can't do that for me?!" Parisa shouted. "Do you forget who is in charge here?"

    A long silence soon followed. Onur tapping their foot down upon the spaceship floor, she soon tapped her foot in unison. Did their sibling think that they could just be silent? There was a heisting to be done here. A good, juicy one. The thief to end all thieving, the biggest one of them all. She wasn't about to let them put a stop to this now. How dare they even try.

    "You think I'm going to just sit here while you remain silent?" Parisa asked in a demanding tone. "Have the ship take me to the Xianzhou Luofu now!" But, an immediate answer came her way.

    "I already told you I can't take you there," Onur responded, arms crossed around their waist. "There's a security protocol in place that doesn't allow us to head there."

    Second round of rejection coming her way, Parisa folded her hand into a fist. Was this some kind of joke? Lately, their sibling has been trying to prevent her from going from planet to planet. What a joke. Their brother wasn't the boss here. She was. And, if they thought they could stop her from going to the Xianhou Luofu, they'd be sorry.

    Running towards the ship's autopilot helm, Parisa rolled up her sleeves. If their sibling wasn't going to chart the course towards the Xianzhou Luofu, she would. Tinkering with the buttons, a large screen soon appeared in front of her. Large world map with multiple planets on it, she pressed the large ship upon the screen. Pressing the button, she hit set as location.

    Large yellow triangle with an exclamation point in the center blinking for five seconds, a message soon appeared on the screen that read, 'you cannot go to this location.' Seeing such, Parisa could see red. Onur, did they program something to prevent her from going there? How dare they, who did they think they were?

    "Onur, remove this security protocol right now!" Parisa shouted at the top of her lungs. But, immediate rejection had come her way.

    "I didn't place it," Onur said, shaking their head. "So, I can't remove it."

    Denial coming her way, Parisa had only continued to see red. Was her sibling lying to her? Who did they think they were? How dare they think they're allowed to stop them from heisting on a high profile planet? Not on her watch. They had better remove this security lock, this instant. She ought to take them off the ship next time they do this.

    "Quit lying, and remove the security protocol!" Parisa shouted even louder.

    "I already told you, I can't. I really didn't place it," Onur responded. "Anyway, you should give up on--" But as they said such, a large screen soon appeared on the ship's ceiling.

    Screen of a young woman with a singular, grey drill ponytail with a slight amount of purple towards the bottom adorning a dark violet headband, a light blue and pink set of glasses black jacket with here belly exposed blowing a wad of bubblegum, Parisa grit her teeth. And, who was this now? Who did they think they were showing herself? Hologram of herself dropping down, she let her presence stink up the ship.

    "Hi there, time thief," the hologram said, waving.

    Hologram calling out her profession to the entire expanses of space, Parisa let out a growl. How did this woman know what her occupation was? Did she intend to stand in her way from the best time thieving heist? She wasn't about to let some nobody get in her way. She was going to let her have it, loud and clear.

    "How do you know about me, Miss Hacker? "Get out of my ship's systems!"

    "And what fun would that be if I just let you go to the Xianzhou?" the hacker asked. "Can't you let me have some fun?"

    Hacker lady asking if she could be allowed fun, Parisa was ready to punch a hologram into space. Let her have some fun? No. This hacker had better unhack her system right now and let her go to the Xianzhou right now. Those life long species, she wanted to steal their time from them. It was hers, for the taking. All hers. No one else's.

    "This is my ship, Miss Hacker," Parisa shouted. "Get out of my ship!"

    "Sorry, won't be doing that. There's a Stellaron on this planet, and we're taking it," Miss Hacker said. "Consider it payback for when I lost to you!"

    Hacker lady claiming she lost to her, Parisa tried to comb through her memory for such an event occurring. Who did she beat? She had defeated various people in the pursuit of gaining time that she had lost count at this point. What point would there be in remembering every single person she had won against?

    "I don't have a clue about what you're talking about!" Parisa shouted. But, their sibling soon interrupted.

    "What do you mean you don't remember?" Onur asked. "Do you not recall that time we went to Punklorde? You squared off with someone named S----- W---, and won? She exacted revenge on you."

    Onur reminding her of the facts, Parisa let out a laugh. As if she would ever remember something like that? Why waste her time remembering in the pursuit of absorbing people's lifespans. She had only taken about a few years from her. She wasn't worth sticking within her cognitive brain. Why let someone like her live on in her memory?

    "Don't remember you," Parisa said, scoffing. "Just admit that you lost to me, and get out of my ship's system!"

    But, the hacker persisted. Hologram taking out some gaming device, she blew her disgusting bubblegum. Xianzhou Luofu location completely removed from the system, a graffiti sticker had soon appeared upon the spaceship. Seeing such, Parisa took out her pocket watch. This woman was nearby, wasn't she? She wasn't about to let her run wild in here!

    Placing the pocket watch near the hologram, nothing happened. Holographic woman continuing to blow bubblegum, she kept tinkering with her translucent machine. Hacker lady soon pressing down the destination Penacony, her fists shook as if she was ready to yell at a cloud. This hacker, she had seen everything she was doing, didn't she?

    "Don't you dare press go!" Parisa shouted.

    But, her shouts had gone completely unheard. Go button pressed anyway, the hologram looked ready to break out into maniacal laughter. This lady, she had seen everything, who did she think she was, setting her destination to the least desirable time thief destination? Disgusting, she would stop the ship from heading there right now.

    Such, however, had been impossible. System completely locked, Parisa shook her fists even harder. How did this hacker have full control over her system? Did she install a rootkit into her spaceship upon entry here? She would need to do a thorough system clean later, without question. Ready to shout, she puckered her lips.

    Her shouts however, were about to go unheard, the hacker lady's hologram had begun to vanish. Running towards it, she let out a growl. Did she think she could get away? How dare she. She had already hacked into her system, does she think she could just leave before removing herself from it?

    "Bye bye, time thief!" the hacker said. As she said such, she soon vanished.

    Ship announcing it was now heading for Penacony, Parisa dashed off towards the dashboard. No way, there was no way she'd let this ship head towards the Azdana system. Not a chance. Not happening. Pressing tens upon twenties of buttons to try and stop such, a system message stating she had no permissions to do so, she bit on her fingers. But, an annoying voice soon kicked in.

    "This is why I've told you so many times to stop stealing people's time," Onur said in a serious tone. "You've messed with the wrong people too many times. Now hackers are after you."

    Airing of multiple grievances coming her way, Parisa let out a growl. Who cared what her sibling had to say? She wasn't about to stop stealing time. The entire world's portions of their lifespans should belong to her. What did it matter she had messed with the wrong person? She would just bet them again and again.

    "You really think I'm going to stop now?" Parisa asked, scoffing. "I've stolen enough lifespans I can soon achieve eternal youth! No way am I stopping now!" But, a head shake had come her way.

    "We're chimeras, I know you don't want to face reality that we too, age," Onur said, shaking their head. "But, one day, all this time you have stolen will backfire on you."

    Here their sibling went again with this speech. No way would she allow herself to give up now. She had almost reached the threshold. The ultimate lifespan thievery. The final nail in never growing old and and never accomplishing anything. She couldn't stop here, not a chance. Not at all. Never, for any reason.

    Biting her lower lip, she shook her head. Their sibling had been saying this a lot lately ever since they had left Salsotto and Punklorde behind. Stop this time thievery. She had stolen enough parts of people's lifespans. It's time to go back to their home planet. But, she would reject everything, and all of those notions.

    It was not enough, it was never enough, and it would never be enough. Had she been able to head for the Xianzhou Luofu, she could finally retire from time thievery. But, no, that hacker had to set her on course for the stupid planet of festivities, Penacony. An unimportant world with no worth lifespans to steal. Why would she stop now?

    "What does it matter now that we're chimeras?" Parisa asked. "Who cares if it'll backfire! As long as I become young forever, I don't care what enemies I might make!"

    "You said the same thing when we left Salsotto, you know," Onur said. "If you keep this up, you'll be a wanted criminal across the entire universe. Do you want that?"

    "That hardly matters!" Parisa shouted. "I can just wipe their memories of me when I take away their time!"

    "Well, either way, get comfortable. We'll be in Penacony in four system hours," Onur responded, laughing. "If you get in trouble this time, I won't be helping you."

    Parisa rolled her eyes. Their sibling said this every single time. They wouldn't help her if she had gotten herself into trouble. As if she had ever gotten herself into trouble. Those people she stole their lifespans from would hardly miss a couple years here or there. They weren't important, anyway.

    Four system hours coming and going, the stupid festivities planet had been ready to drop in front and center. Turning away, she clicked her tongue. She was here, in the worst possible to engage in time thieving in. She needed to cancel this landing right here, right now. But, such did not happen, program continuing to engage in the landing, she let out a loud tsk.

    Time for the worst time thieving session, ever.


    "Penacony, disgusting.
    Everyone knows that this place is
    Not it. Some planet in the
    Azdhana system where people only
    Come here for parties,
    Or dreaming. Do you really think their lifespans are worth stealing?
    No! I bet most of the people that come here have barely any
    Years left!

    Nothing worth my time
    Or worth time thieving.

    This couldn't be made any worse, can it? That
    Hacker lady, sure, there's
    A Stellaron on the Xianzhou!
    No way that's true, I
    Know there ain't one there.

    Yeah, right. No way there is
    One there. That hacker lady made that
    Up. She definitely, without a doubt made up this so called fact.

    Everything about this place is stupid.
    Very, very stupid.
    Ew, a planet of festivities.
    Really, why would I ever want to come here?
    Yikes, all the people who are in these dreams are
    Obviously just boring old humans.
    Nothing worth stealing.
    Eh, guess I'll pick one that

    Has the juiciest of lifespans. And
    Escape this stupidly
    Retched place.
    Everyone knows at this point

    It's a dream planet with no
    Sustenance. Why would

    I ever want to come here? That hacker lady has done it
    Now! She's going to pay! I'll go back to Punklorde,

    And take fifty years from her lifespan this time!

    Don't mess with me, Parisa, the time thief!
    Really, she was one the one who messed with the wrong person!
    Everyone knows I
    Am all encompassing, and full of power.
    Maybe she should be the one that learns her place!

    Now, I have to go through this stupid dream world.
    Oh, the Golden Hour?
    Take me out of here.

    Well, whatever, may as well make this dumb dream world worth my while.
    Oh, boy what a waste of my time. I should have
    Removed that rootkit from
    The start!
    How could I have not noticed

    It immediately? Hmph,
    That's what I get for leaving the technical stuff to Onur all the time, I guess. Whatever. Onward to Golden Hour. May I find good lifespans to steal."

    Reaching some stupid hotel with multiple guests in it looking as if they were invited to some party, Parisa turned her attention towards the lead host of this party. Large tall man with grey hair, wings for ears and some annoying halo, the person soon turned towards her and her sibling, for some reason.

    "You are the Saber family from Vonwacq, no?" the halo man asked. "Welcome to Penacony."

    Parisa scoffed hearing her family named called out to her. Did that hacker lady put her name on this stupid festivity planet's invite list for The Family's countless hosted parties? What a waste of this woman's time. She wanted no part in this planet whatsoever. Just because she worshipped the Aeon Xipe, didn't mean she ever wanted to come here.

    "The pleasure is all ours, Mr. Su----," Onur said, bowing. "I'll make sure my sister behaves herself in the dream world."

    Onur telling the stupid wing man they'd make sure she behaves herself, Parisa let out a laugh. She was forced to come her, no way was she going to be a kind, and upstanding citizen here. She would drain this entire planet of their lifespan, Xipe included, if she could she were to cross paths with them at any given point.

    Winged man giving Onur and she their keys to their hotel room, her sibling and she separated from one another. Finding herself in a room with a purple bed with water in it, she let out a laugh. How comical, was this how one entered the dreamscape? She would give the dreamer denizens a world of pain shortly.

    Placing herself in the wet bed, Parisa closed her eyes. Feeling herself drop through space and time, a new world soon awaited her. Large, bustling city streets, she let out a groan. Great, she's in some casino world, wasn't she? Gambling addicts lifespans were the least worth it of them all. Phone buzzing, she soon removed it from her pocket.


    [What dreamscape did you get taken to?]


    [Golden Hour. Why?]


    [Looks like we were taken to different dreamscapes. So, I'm going to say this to you. Don't cause any trouble, alright? If you mess with The Family, you might be spiritually killed.]


    [Ha. Why should I care about something like that? You think that's going to stop me? I'll give this dreamscape some time related chaos!]


    [Parisa, I'm serious. Please, don't cause too much trouble. If you are spiritually killed in the dream world, you might never wake up in the real world again.]


    [Think that's going to stop me? I always come out on top!]


    [Don't say I didn't warn you if something bad happens to you this time. I'm going exploring now. Bye, Parisa.]

    <Your friend is now offline.>

    Putting her phone away, Parisa let out a chuckle. Don't cause any trouble. She didn't care. She'd engage in her time thievery no matter what. Her lifespan increments had almost reached the point of slowing down her aging to a permanent crawl. If there were any life long species visitors here, she would take full advantage of thieving a portion of their lifespan from them.

    Walking around the stupid, boring dreamscape full of nothing but annoying pinball machines, clocks, and casino machines, not a single person had been worth stealing their lifespans from. Multiple people wearing golden head masks, she avoided such people especially. Who were these people? They weren't worth her time.

    Not seeing a single person who looked like they had come from the Xianzhou, Parisa let out a bored sigh. Why had there been no one from her highest target planet? How incredibly lame. Multiple completely normal people with boring faces everywhere, she kept avoiding the uninteresting. It was hardly worth her time to even breathe the same air as them.

    But, she had soon come across an interesting target. Spotting a young woman with long grey hair, a teal outfit and headband, Parisa put on a smirk. She'll do. Her time looked very juicy. Taking out her pocket watch, she placed it in front of the stranger girl she will never see again. Scoffing, she let herself loose.

    "Your time is mine!" Parisa shouted. As she said such, her pocket watch glowed, moving towards the girl's stomach.

    Energy collecting itself into the pocket watch Parisa put on a sinister smile. Five years, all hers, all hers for the taking. Young girl shaking as she had done soon, her smirk only grew bigger. Ah, had she realized what she had done? Well, too bad. Too late, she had stolen a portion of her lifespan. It was all hers now. Years absorbing themselves into her, questions had come her way.

    "Um, what are you doing?" the girl asked.

    "You heard me. I stole your time!" Parisa exclaimed. But, something of shock had come her way.

    "You can take some if it. It's not like I can live my life in the real world anyway." the girl turned towards the opposite direction as she said such.

    Girl not putting up a fight, she closed up her pocket watch. Five more years of youth, all hers now. She didn't care whether she took it or not? How perfect. She wasn't going to fight her for it. Maybe this world wasn't a waste after all. Young girl walking off shortly after, the fawn was ready to continue her heist.

    Multiple people one after another changing emotions in the blink of an eye as if they were autonomous beings who were implanted with gears, Parisa refused to consider such people. Emotional people, their lives weren't worth it at any capacity. Why bother stealing their lifespans? They'd taint her eternal youth. But, as she thought such, her phone buzzed. Seeing an unread message, she pressed a button.


    [Hi there, time thief.]


    [Who are you? How did you get my phone number?]


    [Genius hacker gave it to me. You having fun on Penacony?]


    [You. Are you one of the people that prevented me from going to the Xianzhou?]


    [Who can say?]


    [Answer my question!]


    [Play two truths and a lie with me, and maybe I will.]


    [Whoever you are, I won't play any games with you!]


    [Oops, too bad. Here's a question for you. Who's behind you?]

    Turning around, Parisa gazed at the person behind her. Standing at least ten meters away from her had been a person the exact same height as her. Tall, tan woman with long, burgundy hair pulled down into two braids and green eyes soon stared at her. Gazelle horns on the top of her head, tail behind her, and ragged academic uniform, Parisa soon smirked. How very funny, another universe version of her was right in front of her. Did that hacker lady do this?


    [Very, very funny. I'm not playing this game with you anymore. Bye.]

    {Are you sure you want to block this number? <Yes>.

    {This number will no longer be able to message you.}

    Near identical copy of herself staring back at her, Parisa let out a laugh. Was this some kind of prank from the hacker lady? Was she secretly here in Penacony messing with the dream world? She wasn't buying it. She had to have been disguising herself right about now. She'd take ten years off her lifespan this time.

    "Very funny, hacker girl, I'm not buying it," Parisa said. "End your disguise now."

    "Are you me from another world?" the same face in front of her asked.

    Possible disguise having the exact same voice as her, Parisa rolled her eyes. This hacker girl, her fun knew no bounds. Did she seriously think she was about to fall for this? No, she wasn't. She was going to dispel this stupid mask once and for all. While she knew there were other planets out there and other alternative universes, there was no possible way this had been her other universal counterpart. She'd have killed them by now, if they were.

    "Okay, hacker girl, you can stop doing this act now," Parisa responded. "Unless you want me to take ten years of your lifespan this time?"

    "Hacker girl? I do not fathom whatever you might mean," her so called exact copy said. "I have no knowledge, nor understanding of such a term you speak of."

    Hearing this exact copy of her feign innocence, she grit her teeth. Yeah, right, sure, she didn't know what hacking was. Who did this hacker girl think she was, playing as if she had no idea what she was talking about? Surely, if she had been pretending to be her from another universe, she had been in the know of how the other planets worked around here. She wasn't buying this act whatsoever.

    "Enough of this. Quit playing!" Parisa exclaimed. "I know you're behind your computer screen right now, controlling an avatar to mess with me!"

    "I do not know what you are going off about, but I have never heard of a computer, nor an avatar my entire life," her exact facial copy of her said, shaking her head. "But, why should I expect sense from someone like you? This is merely a dream, no?"

    Exact copy of her folding her arms across her waist, Parisa examined the so called mirror image of her once more. Seeing a golden tassel on the side of her uniform with a blue jewel in it, she let out a scoff. So, what planet did this loser come from? It had to have somewhere very boring if they didn't know what a computer or avatar was. What a laughingstock.

    "You don't know what a computer is?" Parisa asked, laughing. "Aren't you the most pathetic thing I've ever seen? I should just put you out of your misery and take all your lifespan from you!"

    But, a dark look soon appeared on her mirror image's face. As if she cared, though. This pathetic little version of her didn't have a life worth living. She would be doing her a favor by taking most of her lifespan away! If she really was her from another world. She could still just be the hacker playing an acting role, for all she knew.

    "I do not know what you are trying to say, but you are far more pathetic than me," her mirror image said, laughing. She sees now. This version of her was a time thief how pathetic. "Stealing people's time? How pathetic of you."

    Mirror image of her calling her pathetic, Parisa let out a growl. Did this fawn person just call her pathetic? She was the pathetic one here. Not knowing what technology was. What a sorry state she was in. Whatever world she was from, it had to have had the lowest quality lifespans to steal from.

    "Coming from you, a person from a primitive world!" Parisa shouted, laughing.

    "And, you think technology makes you superior?" her exact mirror copy asked. "It does not." She soon shook her head. She sees now, this version of her would do nothing to stay young forever. She was going about it all wrong. "You really think stealing people's lifespans will lead to eternal youth in the end? It will not."

    Exact copy of her claiming stealing other people's lifespans won't lead to eternal youth, Parisa let out a scoff. Sure, it wouldn't. What did she know? She was her in a primitive world. She knew nothing. It was time to steal this version of hers lifespan and become the superior self. She would show her.

    "You think that's going to stop me?" Parisa asked in a haughty tone. As she said such, she opened up her pocket watch. "Your time is mine now!"

    But, nothing happened. Pocket watch unable to suck in her exact copy's lifespan, Parisa's eyebrows twitched. What was with this stupid error now, of all times? How annoying. This version of her had to have just been an actor too into her role. Pathetic. Mirror image of her taking out a polearm, she soon charged towards her.

    "You're the pathetic one here," her mirror image said. "Farewell."

    Mirror image of her slicing through her dream stomach, Parisa let out a laugh. She sees now, it had come to this. Was this the spiritual death her sibling warned her about? Whatever. She'd wake up any second now, she bet. Who cares if she got attacked, anyway? This was a dreamscape anyway.

    Waking up back in the pool of water, their sibling, Onur stood in the hotel room with her. Shaking their head, she let out a laugh. What did they want to say? They told her so? Ha. She wasn't about to hear that again. She had hardly caused any trouble in the dreamscape. She wasn't about to listen to their nonsense.

    "I told you to not cause trouble in the dreamscape, Parisa," Onur said. "They saw you stealing that girl from the Bloodhound Family's lifespan." He let out a groan. "The Family wants us to leave now."

    "Good riddance!" Parisa shouted.

    Returning to their space station, Parisa celebrated. Off this stupid planet of festivities. Finally, away from there. It was time to head to the Xianzhou now. But, the overspeaker soon said, returning to Vonwacq. No chance to cancel it, she groaned. Back to her home planet she goes. As the system hours ticked, her accursed sibling spoke to her once again.

    "So, you met a version of yourself in the dreamscape, huh?" Onur asked. "Couldn't have been a more fitting punishment."

    "Shut up, Onur. No one asked you!" Parisa shouted.

    "I told you that one day, your time thieving would come back to haunt you," Onur responded.

    "Shup up, Onur!" As she said such, the ship rocked.

    "Well, we're back home now. Too bad, isn't it? Time to stop being a time thief." As they said such, they exited the ship.

    Exiting the ship, as well, Parisa laughed. Ha. Stop being a time thief, no way. Why should she do that? She was so close to her goal, eternal youth forever. But, when she returned to her shared house, Onur had given her one last laugh. One that burned the bridges between time and her.

    The person she had stolen the lifespan from had been sickly. Gritting her teeth, she opened up her pocket watch. Looking through the recent entry in her log, she grit her teeth even harder. Time entrant, Fi--f--, Entropy Loss Syndrome. Seeing such, she let out a groan. Great, she had stolen a part of the lifespan of a dying person. Incredible. She needed to correct this mistake, as soon as possible.

    She had messed with the wrong person.

    She would need to correct this mistake right away.

    This is probably going to eventually get a part 2, if I feel inclined. But, I'm not obligated as these are just anthologies.


    Silence is Purple
  • 8,174
    The Golden Penguin Knight of the Universe

    "I am called Kaiser

    And I am the
    Magnificent Penguin Knight of manliness

    And capability. Over there is my partner,

    Knight Naofa, the knight of
    Nobility. Them and
    I wander from planet to planet
    Getting rid of vermin. We
    Have been wandering for years,
    This journey never ending.

    Our planet destroyed long ago
    From some Aeon battle for a stellaron or whatever,

    This is our journey across the stars.
    However, it seems we have taken in so
    Especially annoying wanderers recently some

    Unknown little
    Nobodies who want to go to some planet
    I have never heard of before.
    Very well, we shall take them there
    Even though I would
    Rather not, it's the least I can do.
    Something tells me this these two are just trying to stow away.
    Eh, let bygones be bygones

    Perhaps it is best to not think too deeply.
    Eh, these two
    Are just like Naofa and me, their planet was destroyed. I
    Know how hard it

    Must be to have nowhere to call
    A home.
    So, it is what it is, I
    Cannot refuse. I had plans to go to Talia, but I have
    Ultimately decided to put this
    Little mission on hold
    It can wait it is
    Not going anywhere, well actually
    It could, but still
    Talia can wait
    Yes it can

    Wait for now
    As these guests of ours
    Now have made their
    Decision on where to go
    Erstwhile we have to
    Remind ourselves
    It's a vast world out here in space
    Naofa does not disagree on this halting.
    Get going towards this next destination.

    For, I am a knight of my word a
    Reliable, manly knight
    Of my word, the
    Mist reliable one there is.

    Perhaps this journey will be a fun one
    Looking forward to going to
    Another planet removing vermin. Leave
    Nothing behind.
    Even if it's for
    The strangers, it's

    Time to make the most
    Of This journey.

    Perhaps, I will find a new home eh mayhaps not. I have
    Looked and looked
    And have almost
    Never found anything.
    Every time, it's for neither me no Naofa.
    There is no sense

    That either I no they belong.
    Ha, I am used to
    It by now, being a penguin and a
    Snake eyed individual,

    It feels like we
    Shall never belong anywhere.

    Maybe I'll be proven wrong
    Yes, perhaps I will.

    Somewhere to belong, what's that like?
    Perhaps, I will finally find out.
    Ah, guess I'll see.
    Coursing the path to this
    Eerie unknown planet...huh?
    Something just
    Hit our ship. Eh.
    It's most likely just an asteroid
    Probably. No concerns here. Let's go."

    A tall man with long blond hair pulled into a right hanging ponytail, braided side burns, golden penguin crests orange eyes, and knightly attire with a red cape sat down inside his private quarters within his spaceship while polishing his sword with a tired look on his face, it had been a long past couple of week for him and his partner.

    Recently leaving a ruined planet with two new plus one added to his spaceship crew, his peaceful, yet hard working days across the greater universe had been over, done, kaput. But, such had been the life of a Knight of the Universe with nowhere to go home to anymore. It had always been the same. Picking up strays, taking them in, and bringing them to the new place they wish to call their abode.

    But, his current guests were nothing but trouble. Always breaking things, balancing the silverware and plates as if they were a part of the circus. Had he become too easy to sway? He would always take anyone who needed a place to go, that was the chivalry code. Help those in need, protect the weak. Become the most masculine person in all the universe.

    Sword shining, the man let out a sigh. How troublesome these guests were. Were they purposely causing trouble for his partner and he? He had regret taking them in from their destroyed home planet. But, he knew that had not been knightly of him. His father would be disappointed in him if he had still been alive. Thinking back to when he had met his two guests, his memory flashed through his mind as he replayed the moments upon a projection up on the wall.

    <Naofa's notes memory log, three hundred system hours ago>.

    <Planet XXXX, status, in complete ruin. Most, if not all life on this planet has gone away with very few survivors. I would seem the Aeon of Destruction has decided this world should live no more. Everything is in rubble, just like my home planet. I sense everyone who was not able to get out is struggling to survive. My boyfriend and I move the rubble away from the survivors underneath like good knights should always do.>

    The young knight paused the memory log, for a moment. He could not help but cringe at this point on. Those survivors that he and his partner had dug out, something was quite wrong with these two. They were loud, not at all bothered by their planet's destruction. Could they have been Masked Fools, or something? He had met his fair share of them throughout his planetary journey. Pausing his thoughts, he pressed play on the recorded log once more.

    <Survivor: short, tan skinned woman with a bright red dress with golden embroidery. She has a brown lizard neck and long tail behind her. And low hanging double ponytails. I can't fathom why, but she doesn't look all that upset about the destruction of her planet. Could she be an outworlder? As far as I am aware, there were no other lizard people on Planet XXXX. But, I have a lack of overall knowledge on that, honestly.>

    <Survivor two: a short, tan skinned young man with a low hanging ponytail. They seem to have a lizard neck, too. It is quite massive. They are wearing a green circus outfit that looks similar to that of a ringmaster. Similar to the female, they have pitch black eyes with very tiny pupils. I'm starting to wonder where these people are from even more now. With the help of my boyfriend, we pull them out. They loudly thank us.>

    {Survivor One: (tiredly) <Thanks for pulling us out, you're a lifesaver, pal!}

    {Kaiser, my babe: (In a powerful voice). <All in a days work for the Knights of the Universe.>

    {Survivor Two: (Happily, their eyes are shimmering like a candlestick in the night) <You two are Knights of the Universe?! Bro. That's kinda radical. Can we join come aboard your ship?>

    {Me, Naofa: (Tone is unsure, suspicious). <That's what we Knights of the Universe do. We take in strays from destroyed planets and bring them where they want to go next. But, you two don't seem like you're from here. How can we trust you two aren't Masked Fools, or something?>

    Pausing the playback for a moment, Kaiser let out a sigh. He had completely forget his lover had said this to them directly. They were right. They could have been Masked Fools. He should have kept that discussion on the table when he had met them, but he remembered that they just dodged the subject immediately after. Hitting the play module again, the memory log continued.

    <The strangers we rescued they don't give me an answer on this. They look like they did not like this question. This is not good. Could they be Masked Fools and they just don't want to tell us? I guess it's better to not press onward about this issue. I will have keep an eye on them for now.>

    {My ever loving babe, Kaiser: (In a serious tone). <I will take you two aboard my space ship, if you wish to leave this place. But, you need to tell me your names first. (He stretched out his hand). I am Knight of the Universe, Kaiser. The manliest warrior of all time and space. Cheesed to meet you.>

    {Stranger number one: <Cool. Cool. Name's Soie. (She extended her scaly hand to my lover.) Lizard. Are there any planets with places to perform in a circus?>

    Pausing the video for a moment, Kaiser threw off his cape across the room. This was the moment that ruined everything. Ruined his peaceful moments with his beloved. How he regret taking them aboard his ship. While, he knew that was not something he should think as a knight, he could hardly help himself feeling such a way. Continuing the projection's feedback he bit his thoughts.

    {Stranger number two: <Excitably. And, I am Velours. (They extended their hand to me.) Also a lizard. And, ditto to my sister's question. Any circus planets out there?>

    {For some reason, my boyfriend fell silent here for quote a few minutes. This has honestly never happened before. He usually answers right away, letting the strays know he's willing to take them in. Does he suspect something is wrong here, too? So, I make it my first priority to answer them instead.}

    {Me, Naofa: (In an affirmative tone). <While it's not exactly a circus planet, there's a planet with an arena called planet Taikiyan. Maybe you could perform your circuses there.}

    {Soie: (In a high pitch, excited tone). <Rad, rad, rad. Sir Kaiser, could you take us to Taikiyan?>

    {My boyfriend remains silent. I'm not really sure what he is thinking, but his gloves seem to be getting wet. He is sweating. I suspect his quite thwart over whether to take these two onto our ship. I do not think I have ever seen him like this before. Maybe he's torn on what to decide? I haven't the foggiest. I usually can surmise what he is thinking, but I don't know this time. But, he eventually answers.}

    {My beloved, Kaiser: (Hesitantly) <Come aboard.> (Scratching his penguin crests atop his head, his voice kept getting more distant.) <I will take you two to Taikiyan.>

    {Velours: (Grabbing Kaiser into a sudden embrace). <You're the best! Thank you so much, Knight!> (Tears streamed down their cheek.)


    <End of memory log.>

    Closing the projector, Kaiser threw his golden crest upon his outfit to the wall. These two were even annoying in the memory log. He could still feel the slimy hug from that lizard to this day even three hundred system hours later. If it weren't for these two, they would be on their way to Talia fighting vermin across the universe. But, he supposed he couldn't pick and choose the people that he saved. Fate was weird.


    Hearing the sound of chaos outside his door, Kaiser lifted himself upward from his rump. Ugh. Those stray lizards, what did they break this time? Hadn't he told them countless times to stop playing with the silverware and plates? How many had this made now that they have broken? He could hardly take this anymore. How much longer until they arrive at Taikiyan and be rid of these pests?

    *Crash, crash, crash, shatter.*

    "Soie, Velours, I told you not to touch those!" Naofa shouted. "Those are Kaiser's Curios!"

    Slamming the door open, Kaiser ran onto the scene. No, not his curious. Not his precious curios he obtained while deleting vermin from the Simulated Universe. Did these two break into the private room in he strictly told them not to? Why couldn't these two stop ruining everything? They had gone too far now.

    A tall, blond person with a long ponytail with red streaks and a blue outfit, red cape, and two bright red snake eyes stood in the center of the space ship screaming to and fro. Lover with a frustrated look on their face as they kept up with their shouts, chaos continued to brew like a cauldron in a witch planet.

    *Crash, crash, plop.*

    Lizard necked fiends juggling his precious curios in the palm of their hands breaking nearly every single one of them, Kaiser bent down on his knees, weeping the lost ones. These annoying pests, how could they do this? Were they fully intent on causing trouble everywhere they went in his spaceship? He should have just went to Talia instead. This was far too much.

    "You two, I've told you countless times now to not go into that private room in the back!" Kaiser shouted at the top of his lungs. "Any door that's locked is off limits!" But, a protest had come his way.

    "But, the room wasn't locked! The door was open!" Soie protested.

    "We just wanted to juggle them! Can you pwease let this slide? Pwease?" Velours asked, puppy dog faced.

    "Just because my partner was in there rearranging some of the curios doesn't mean you two are allowed in there to go about your circus acts!" Kaiser shouted. "My ship is not your performance arts stadium!"

    "Bro, chill. Chill. Doesn't your girlfriend have restorative powers? She can fix them, can't she?" Soie responded in a laid back tone.

    "First of all, they are not a she, nor are they my girlfriend. They are my partner," Kaiser said with an angry look on his face, stretching his arm in front of his lover. "Call them a woman again, and we're going to Talia instead." His voice kept getting shakier as he continued. "And second of all, Naofa can't use their restorative powers all willy nilly. Stop breaking my plates, and don't mess with my curios!"

    "Soie's mistake, apologies," Velours said shaking their head. "She should know better than to do that." They gave her a glare.

    "Alright, kay. Sorry. It won't happen again," Soie said. But she turned her head off towards the opposite direction. "Don't you have any balls we could juggle?"

    Kaiser could feel his anger begin to mount. This pest, she was still looking for things to destroy? Did she ever think about the chaos she was incurring? How annoying of both her and her sibling. Even thought she apologized, he didn't know whether to forgive her. She had destroyed his curios from her juggling stunt. Priceless things that could not be replaced. Memoria. Why did she have so little regard for his things? She had to have been a Masked Fool. She had to have been hiding--.

    Boom, crash, crash, boom, smash, shatter, ram. Kaboom.

    Ram, shatter, smash, boom, boom, boom. Kaboom.

    "Aeons, what's happening?" Naofa asked in a panicked tone. "Did something--?"

    *Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, sizzle, sizzle, crackle pop.*

    "You two! Did you break something?!" Kaiser exclaimed, pointing at the lizards.

    "No!" Soie exclaimed. But, as she said such, she had been thrusted off towards the wall. "Aaaaaaaaah!"

    Inertia tossing the lizards towards the wall, everything pushed forward. Feeling a huge force ramming into his ship, Kaiser let out a loud scream. Was his ship under attack? Did someone coordinate this? Whose hitlist was he on? What a disaster. He had tried his best to never make enemies with anymore. Who could it be that he--?

    *Boom, ram, ssssssssssssssssssssssss, rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, sizzle, sizzle, pop.*

    Boom, boom, sizzle, sizzle, crack, crack, boom.

    Chaos aboard the penguin fleet.


    "Knight of beauty this, Knight of beauty that.
    No way. Do
    I look like the type of person to
    Give a single
    Hoot about beauty? I am
    The peak of masculinity, peak

    Of chivalry.
    For the love of Aeons,

    Beauty. No. No way.
    Ew. You can't be serious
    At all with this.
    Ugh, and
    These people they rammed into my ship!
    Yes, this is a coordinated attack!

    No. Maybe not.
    Oh, aeons, why

    Them? Why these people?
    How much more worse can
    Any of this get?
    No, no, no, no. I
    Know this will be a pain in the butt.

    You can't be serious, and
    Oh, who is this 'merchant'?
    Ugh. He looks like that guy I saw in Jarilo VI.

    Ah. What was his
    Name. Sa--- Ko---? What's he
    Doing here anyway?

    Why would he join the Knights of Beauty?
    He doesn't seem the type.
    Oh, what do

    I know anyway?
    So much for

    This being a peaceful time. I owe it all to those lizards! They've put me through
    Heck! I bet these was something they both planned!
    I bet they're Masked Fools!
    Something's always been fishy about them!

    My peaceful days in space, all gone.
    Every last bit. I
    Really want to be rid of these people!
    Cant this get any worse?
    Ha. Don't say that. Or it
    All will! After we ascertain the damage caused to my ship, we're
    Nutting these guys out of here!
    There is no Knights of Beauty welcome on my ship!"

    Peering through the new hole put into his space ship, Kaiser let out a loud shout. Large rival space ship rammed into the side of his, he kept his screams going. So, that's what that commotion was? Did whoever was piloting that rocket know how to drive? They should have their license taken away. His poor, Penguin Fleet. Decimated.

    Hearing a loud apology, his lover screamed out to come onto their fleet to discuss the damages with one another. Peering at the other ship across from the hole, he let out a sigh. The fleet's wings were both damaged. Great, fantastic. How incredibly wonderful. Both rockets were damaged. This would be far too big for either him or the perpetrator to fix. He would have to deal with the lizard pests even longer now.

    Loud voice announcing his entrance, a tall man with long, curly red hair, a solitary rose, and knightly attire stepped through the hole upon the Penguin Fleet. Rose thrown onto the ground, Kaiser swept it up into the palm of his hands. Great, first, someone who couldn't drive a space ship, and now a knight of beauty? Could this day get any worse?

    Tall, short haired man with indigo hair and red coat giving a cheeky little smile, Kaiser could feel everything boil over. Wasn't this person that merchant from Jarilo VI's Belobog? What was he doing here? Why was he aboard a Knight of Beauty's fleet? But, he shook his head. What did any of that matter? His ship needed saving right now! These two had better explain themselves and have a good reason for what they did.

    "Terribly sorry, my friend, I had not seen your ship coming," the Knight of Beauty apologized. "It is quite rare to see anyone else around these parts." But he then looked astonished. "You, you are pure beauty. Have you ever considered following Idrila?"

    Annoying Knight of Beauty preaching his Aeon to him, Kaiser tried to keep it all together. Him, follow the path of Beauty? This man sounded like his deceased brother who obsessed over beauty all the time. Why would he, the most peak and masculine knight ever consider following the Aeon of Beauty? He may have had his fair share of moments of wearing lipstick, but that was in the past. There were more important things to worry about. But, a laugh had released itself.

    "I dunno, boss, he looks kinda ugly," the Belobog merchant said. "You sure about that?"

    "Kind sir, are you blind? This knight is the epitome of beauty!" the Knight of Beauty exclaimed.

    "Well, S---- thinks he's kinda ugly," the Belobog merchant said, oddly in third person.

    These annoying pests, were they arguing about his beauty? Could this day get any worse? First, his curios were broken, his ship was broken, and now he had to deal with a Knight of Beauty. Great, just great. Can he just roll over and die, at this point? It would be sweet escape from this. Pain, and suffering.

    "Sorry to interrupt, but we told you to come onto the ship to discuss how to repair the damages to our ship," Naofa said. They then turned towards Soie and Velours. "Soie, Velours, are you two alright over there?"

    "Fine," Soie said.

    "Peachy," Velours said.

    "No damaged to our crew, at least," Naofa said. "In any case. Could you two please stop arguing about my boyfriend's beauty? He's mine. Only I can talk to him that way."

    "My apologies young lady, it will not happen again," the Knight of Beauty said. But, he soon spieled again about Idrila.

    "Mr. Knight of Beauty, Knight Naofa isn't a lady," Velours interjected, shaking their head. But, a loud clap of the hands soon disrupted everything.

    "Okay. Alright, enough delaying this. You two rammed into my ship. Do you know how much damaged you did to it?" Kaiser asked, pointing at the hole. "There's a hole in the Penguin Fleet now. How do you expect this to be fixed? Do you know how big it is? We could all fall out into the nothingness of space."

    "Kind sir, I don't--" the Knight of Beauty tried to say, but Kaiser interrupted.

    "Don't give me an I don't know. Your ship is also damaged," Kaiser said, with a growl. "We have to fix this!" But, he had soon been interrupted, as well.

    "Knight Kaiser, can't your partner restore things back to their original state?" Soie asked tilting her head.

    "I can, but I can only restore one ship, and it probably won't hold for long if we do," Naofa said, shaking their head. "It will only last for a few system hours."

    Hearing such, Kaiser could feel the entire world, no, universe shatter underneath. Only one ship could be repaired? Only one. Maybe it would be the knightly thing to do to tell his partner to repair the Knights of Beauty's ship. Maybe he would be able to find a way to repair his own ship after the fact.

    "Honey, fix the Knight's of Beauty's ship," Kaiser said.

    "Are you sure?" Naofa asked. "What about ours?" But, Soie soon interrupted.

    "Ah, maybe we could go to Herta Space Station?" Soie interjected. "There's a navigator there that repaired the Star Rail."

    Lizard pest mentioning the Herta Space Station, Kaiser placed his arms across his waist. The Herta Space Station was so many star systems away from here. Did she really think they could get there in time? They'd have to do one, no, two, three warp jumps to even get there in time to repair the space ship?

    "Do you realize what you're suggesting?" Kaiser asked, annoyed. "The Herta Space Station is more than five star systems away from here. We won't hardly make it in time for that!" But, the Knight of Beauty interjected.

    "Ah, my gallant friend, not a problem," the Knight of Beauty replied in interruption. "My merchant friend here has just what we need to get there instantly."

    But, what happened next was a scene of utter shock, and horror. Merchant Sa--- laughing and clapping up a storm, Kaiser, Naofa and the lizard pests blinked to one another. What was so funny? What did this merchant think was so hilarious? There were two broken ships here to fix. Was this a joke? He always knew this little salesman was up to no good.

    "You four little animals are so amusing, te hee," the Merchant giggled. "But, the jig is up." As he said such, he took out a fox mask, light engulfing him. "How about you guys play a game with Sp-----?"

    Young woman with bright brown hair in pigtails, maple leaf hair ribbons, a white fox mask, bright red kimono and bare feet, Kaiser could feel his rage begin to boil once more. This woman, was she a shapeshifting Masked Fool? What was she doing here? Did she cause that Knight of Beauty's ship to ram into his? She was a fool indeed. She was putting everyone in danger.

    "You. Masked Fool. Do you not realize both our ships are damaged right now?" Kaiser asked in an angry tone. "We don't have time for your games!"

    "Play a game with Miss Sp-----, and Miss Sp----- will repair both our ships!" Miss Sp----- exclaimed.

    Masked Fool throwing out the theatrics, Kaiser grit his teeth hard. Was this woman being serious right now? There was no way she had that kind of power to fix both their ships. This person was egging him on, and he knew it. Why should he be expected to play her game? He wasn't about to give her what she wanted, even if it went against the Knight's Code. Trying to refuse, he inched his way to utter the two letter word. But, she soon transformed once again.

    Image of his deceased older brother in front of him, Kaiser backed away. Did this Masked Fool just? How cruel of her to do something like this. This master of transformations, was she trying to manipulate him with guilt? Well, it was working. Guilt was doing its duty, that was for sure. Letting out a sigh, he forced himself to say the three letter word.

    "Fine, yes, I'll play your game," Kaiser responded reluctantly. The brown haired freak then appeared once more.

    "Let's get started then!" Miss Sp----- said, laugh. "Miss Sp-----'s guessing game has begun." She rubbed her palms together. "How many eyes does Knight Naofa have?"

    "My word!" The Knight of Beauty exclaimed. "What kind of question is that?"

    "Miss Sp-----?" Naofa asked in bewilderment. "Why is this suddenly about me?"

    "Miss Spar--- thinks Knight Naofa is the most interesting specimen!" Miss Spar--- exclaimed. "But, tick tock, time's running out, little fools!"

    "Two?" Soie guessed, with confidence.

    "Two?" Velours guessed, with uncertainty.

    "Two?" The Knight of Beauty asked with confusion.

    Incorrect answers given, Kaiser rolled his eyes. Why was this Masked Fool so interested in his beloved partner? How rude of her to ask all these personal questions. Did she not think that this would be a bit too personal? How pesky of her. Everyone except his partner on this ship was a pest. Annoying, and insufferable. Letting out a sigh, he let out the answer.

    "Three." As Kaiser said such, he turned towards his partner. "Honey, I'm sorry." But, as such happened, Naofa's forehead glowed.

    Blinding light upon Naofa's temple, a loud, hissing noise overtook the broken ship. Serpentine creature poking out of his lover's head, he attempted to step in front of them. Great, first his curios were broken, his ship was harmed, and now his lover's powers they tried to keep under wraps was releasing itself. Today was just lovely. Partner shaking, tears rolled down their face.

    "Jormungandr, no. Not now!" Naofa exclaimed. "You can't come out now! Go back inside me!" But, the Masked Fool soon laughed.

    "Ding, ding, ding, ding!" Miss Spar--- shouted. "That's right, Knight Naofa has three eyes! Onto the next question!"

    "You! You fiend!" Kaiser shouted. "Do you realize what you've--" But, he had soon be interrupted.

    "Onto the next question~," Miss Spar--- exclaimed. "Who killed our lovely little Lizard's home planet?"

    "The Aeon of Destruction?" Soie asked, confused.

    "Akivili?" Velours asked, confounded.

    But, there had soon been a pause amongst the questions asked. Snake letting out a hiss, his lover let out a loud scream. Pain decorating their face, Kaiser closed his left hand into a fist. This fool. How dare she continue on with this nonsense. She would pay greatly for this if she kept on doing this.

    "A Stellaron," the snake upon Naofa's head exclaimed. "Stellaron tasty."

    "Jormungandr, be quiet!" Naofa exclaimed. "Quiet!"

    Snake laughing, Kaiser balled his second hand into a fist. This evil parasite that lived in his lover head, did he ever shut up? Great, another annoyance to put on the dart board. Could this day get any worse? How annoying. This would go down in history as the worst day in his entire life. But, the Masked Fool soon let out yet another laugh.

    "Ding, ding, ding!" Miss Spar--- exclaimed. "A Stellaron destroyed Little Lizard's home planet!"

    "Yummy! Jormungandr want!" the parasite snake shouted.

    "You! Be quiet!" Naofa exclaimed, tears strolling down their face. But, more chaos soon broke loose.

    Lizard pests dropping down to their knees breaking into tears, a wave of pity flowed through him. A Stellaron destroyed their home planet? What an awful state of affairs. Maybe he should be less harsh on them. Stellaron, a destroyer of worlds. That's how his and his partner's planet fell. Maybe they weren't far too different from them after all.

    "A Stellaron destroyed our home?" Soie cried, tears reeling.

    "Oh, Aeons, why?" Velours cried, tears falling.

    "Onto the final question!" Miss Spar--- interrupted. "Who destroyed the Penguin Fleet's side?"

    "The Knight of Beauty," Kaiser responded, arms around his waist.

    "My word, kind sir!" The Knight of Beauty exclaimed. "I did no such thing!"

    "You were the one who apologized for not seeing us!" Kaiser exclaimed.

    "Babe is right about that," Naofa interjected.

    "That may be so, but I did not ram into your fleet, my gallant friend!" The Knight of Beauty exclaimed. "It was--" But three voices soon interrupted.

    "Miss Spar---," Naofa, Soie and Velours said in unison.

    Masked Fool laughing, goldfish soon surrounded her. Laughs continuing, she kept on going with her guffaws. This woman. Who did she think she was? She was the one who destroyed his and the Knights of Beauty's ship? Disgusting. She would pay for such crime. This was not a laughing matter whatsoever.

    "Ding, ding, ding!" Miss Spar--- exclaimed. "I'm playing the bad guy!"

    "You!" Kaiser shouted. "We answered all your questions! We played your game! Fix my and the Knight of Beauty's ship now!" He then lunged a punch. "And fix my lover's head now!"

    "Fine, since you won Miss Spar---'s game, Miss Spar--- will fix everything!" As she said such, she snapped her fingers.

    Hole in his Penguin Fleet fixed, the masked fool left with a laugh. Snake parasite vanishing, and Knight of Beauty bidding farewell shortly after, everything soon reversed back to normalcy. Ship moving right along back towards the warp jump of Taikiyan, Kaiser stared off at the lizard pests.

    These two, their planet had been destroyed by a Stellaron. Just like his home planet. Maybe these two weren't that different from him. Maybe, if they stopped causing him trouble, he would reconsider his aggravation towards them. Maybe. Many system hours passing, he stared off into space. Perhaps it was best to give them another option.

    "Lizards," Kaiser said reluctantly.

    "Hmm?" Soie asked, in confusion.

    "Yes?" Velours asked in confusion.

    "How would you two like to join the Penguin Fleet?" Kaiser asked. "And become Knights of the Universe?"

    "Honey, do you realize what you're asking?" Naofa asked.

    "I do, beloved," Kaiser responded, nodding. I've changed my mind about them." He turned towards them. "So, you two, what do you say?"

    But, there was a long silence. Lizards looking at one another in confusion, Kaiser let out a sigh. What, were they not expecting that? He supposed he had been nothing but rude to them since they came here, but they weren't so different from him. Lostlorn chimeras removed from their home. Maybe he could help them become a travelling circus.

    "You want us to join your fleet?" Soie asked. "But, I thought you were taking us to Taikiyan?"

    "Have the plans changed?" Velours asked, confused. But, an unexpected turn twisted.

    "I'll help you start a travelling circus," Kaiser said. "So, what do you two say?"

    There had been another long silence. Lizards pondering and lover pondering as well, Kaiser crossed his arms along his waist. He supposed it was a lot to think about. But, after a system hour, the siblings had come to a conclusion together. Both of them nodding, they added one final set of words had come his way.

    "We'll stop breaking your plates," Soie said.

    "And we won't go into any private rooms," Velours added.

    Plates and curios safety spoken out, Kaiser let out a tiny barely audible giggle. Well, at least they were promising him. Maybe he could remove his scorn, for now. Passing along a promise of his own that he would help get them on the travelling circus mask, he stopped charting the course towards Taikiyan.

    "So, where to, crew?" Kaiser asked. Everyone putting their hands out, a quadruple answer had come out.

    "Penacony!" the quartet said.

    Smiling, the decision had been made.

    Penacony, it is.

    I hate Sparkle. This might get a continuation at some point? I don't know. No guarantee.
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    The Lemony Yellow Stray

    "My name is Hollanderin, or Hollander, or Holland, or Holly.
    Yes, that's right, my

    Name means dutchess,
    And, no I am not a duchess. I have been asked this a
    Myriad of times, but I will never
    Ever be royalty.

    I am a penguin chimera,
    So naming us after royalty was just

    How it was. Was. As my home planet has been
    Over. Destroyed by some
    Large planet destroying thing, and
    Looks I'm the only survivor.
    All my sisters, brothers, parents,
    No more. I
    Don't know how I survived
    Even to this day.
    Right, well
    I was found by someone. Well, two people.
    Now I'm this galaxy ranger,

    Or so these two tell me
    Roaming from planet to planet

    Here and there and everywhere.
    Onward to the next world
    Likely not more than a month,
    Look, I don't have
    Anywhere to go,
    No place to call home, I
    Don't think I ever will,
    Ever again. But, that's what happens when a world gets
    Ransacked by an Aeon

    Or whatever a Stellaron is.
    Really, I don't know.

    How could I?
    Oh, how
    Long has it been? How
    Long has it been since
    All moments in my
    Normal life ceased being?
    Don't know anymore.

    Or rather, I would
    Rather not know.

    Ha. Could it have been hundreds
    Or thousands of years now?
    Likely not that
    Long, not possible.
    Yet, I know time

    Is passing very differently throughout the

    Galaxy. There is no such thing as
    Universal time
    Everything is
    So vastly different, everything is
    So far away.

    I no longer have

    Any perception of time
    My clocks are

    All dead.

    Guess that's what happens
    After you're forced to
    Leave your home
    After it gets destroyed. Now I'm in a
    Xeno world many stars systems away.
    Yes, at the moment, I am in Izumo Gensei.

    Right at this moment,
    Although these two rangers I'm with
    Now want to
    Go to Belobog.
    Eh. Just go with the flow,
    Really. As I am nothing more than a

    Stray that got
    Taken in. Gotta do as I'm told
    Right. I don't have
    Any say.
    Yes, so Belobog.

    That's somewhere in
    A planet called Jarilo VI? I don't
    Know. Never been there
    Even though I have
    Never heard of it,

    I guess I'm going galaxy rangering.
    No. It's definitely going to

    Be something quick and forgetful
    Yes, like always.

    These two guys who
    Have taken me in
    Every time we wander
    Something just
    Easily breaks.

    This isn't
    What I wanted,
    Obviously I am not saying I wished to

    Die in the wake of my planet's destruction
    Unless I do think so
    Deep down?
    Eh, no. But,
    Still. I didn't want this

    I didn't want
    To be a galaxy ranger.

    I don't want to wander from
    Space to

    Space, from planet
    To planet. I
    Really, truly don't want this.
    Eh, but I'm
    Supposed to be grateful, right?
    Supposed to be grateful
    For them taking me in.
    Ugh. I'm not, sorry. Just
    Let me find a place to call home, please."

    A young fair skinned woman with light blonde hair pulled back into braids, orange eyes and golden penguin crests placed her hands around the rubber bands holding her hair back. It had been nighttime in Izumo Gensei, her temporary abode for whoever knows how long. Being a Galaxy Ranger, she was never anywhere for long.

    Bright yellow uniform thrown off and nightgown thrown on her, the penguin woman threw herself into her bed. Closing her eyes, she let sleep take her into a far away place. But, wherever she went, even in the world asleep, something would always haunt her, for all eternity. Never yielding, non matter the planet, or universe.

    She had fallen into a dream, or had she? She never knew whether she was in a subconscious world or experiencing flashbacks. Was it a little of both? Probably. She could no longer tell. She supposed she could never tell the difference anymore as the years had gone by. The lines had deeply blurred over and over.

    In front of her had been the same place as always, the warm house long gone. Her big family of twelve, all her brothers and sisters. The huge penguin house she spent--. She can no longer remember. How many years had she spent there? Fourteen, fifteen? Everything had blurred away. She was far too uncertain to come to any conclusion anymore. But, she did remember one thing within that blur.

    She was the youngest of twelve, the baby of the family. The smallest penguin chimera amongst the rest of the bird people within the entire Gefroren bloodline. She still had time to figure out her life. Still had time to strive for a career path, still had time to pick something that was her fancy. But, on this day within her fading memory, that all changed.

    It had been suppertime that day, a few hours before it had happened. Everyone had their usual fish dinner at the large table with fourteen chairs. Entire family in their assigned chairs, she placed herself into her own. Everything had been the same as always. The same as she sort of recalled. How it always used to be. A big dinner table of discussions aplenty.

    Boom, boom, shake, shake.

    But, that's when it happened. The quakes, the shakes, everything, all at once. She could still feel them now in all their violent glory. The house falling apart, all her siblings buried in the rubble, all thirteen of her family members gone from this world in one fell swoop. She always knew that number was unlucky. Her grandmother always told her mother twelve children was too many mouths to feed.


    <What's happening?!>

    <Why is everything shaking?!>

    <Run! Run! Run!>

    She could hear it. All the commotion outside. All the commotion inside. No matter how much she would always forget, this was something that always stuck. The screams, the panic, the dire feelings of needing to survive. The loud sound of everyone trying to run. She could never forget. But, how could she? The memories were barbed wire, wrapped around her finger.

    <The giant robot, it's alive!>

    <How can this be!>

    <Someone s->. Boom. Slam.


    People screaming, losing their lives. The big robot in the center of the heart of her planet losing control over some stellaron thing. She remembered everything. She thought she was safe in her home. Nothing would happen, everything would be fine, she was inside, what's the worst that could happen? Surely, nothing would happen in the comfort of her own home.

    Boom, shake, shake, shake, crash, shatter.

    Her own home, it had been far from safe. The inside world, it had no immunities to the robot storm outside. Walls rattling, and glass breaking, she watched as the furniture had begun to tumble. She watched as the second youngest, her brother Prinz had gotten crushed by a refrigerator. She watched as the third youngest, her brother Baron, had gotten decimated by a ceiling fan, pooled deep in the color red.

    The shakes kept going, and going, she could hear an entire echo of everyone asked what was happening. The dinner table rattled. The fourth youngest was the next to go. Watching the memory of her older brother Earl becoming decorated deep with glass shards, it all broke. Fifth youngest, her sister Vidame, joining the glass world of no return, it all got worse from there.

    She wished she could have forgotten what happened next. But, her brain would never let her. Why was trauma a scar that would never disappear? She didn't know. She never knew. She supposed she never would. Shaking only getting worse, she watched as the older half of her family tried to run. She remembered running, too. Big mistake.

    <Oh, Aeons, it's gonna, it's gonna!>

    {New challenger, glass chandelier.}

    Sixth oldest brother, Domini decimated in the main foyer, the heavy golden chandelier had claimed him as a prize. That image of his body, it burned in forever, like a flame that would never burn out. How could a hanging ceiling piece do so much damage to a person? She didn't know. She probably didn't need to know, either. But, it had only gotten worse.

    Rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble.

    Fifth oldest, her sister Regina crushed underneath their couch in the dining room, the extermination of all life had continued right in front of her eyes. Fourth oldest, Kaiser running away, his torso had soon been claimed by the enemy not a single person expected. Third oldest, König outdone by the ceiling above, the world readied to end itself.

    Second oldest pair, her twin adult brothers, Marquis and Esquire snapped out of existence from the ceiling, as well, the oldest amongst everyone soon called out to her. What her sister Malika said to her, she could never forget. Or perhaps, it was not that she could not, her brain had forbidden her from doing so. She didn't know which one it was.

    <Hollanderin, run. Go into the basement where it's safe. You're the only one who might be able to survive!>

    Key handed to her, she remembered running that day. To the basement, the only safe place. Locking herself in, the world was shaking. She closed her eyes that night, fearing this would be the last time they would ever open again. The last time she would see anything, the last time she would breathe. She let out a scream.

    Her eyes opened once more. She was in her hotel room. Had she been having flashbacks in her dreams again? She supposed so. It was always like this every night she were able to dream. Why should she expect anything less? This was the life of Hollanderin Gefroren now, the stray galaxy ranger picked up in space.

    She could hear feet running into her room. The same loud steps coming towards her. All the same questions, and all the unhelpful answers. All the same banter back and forth, all the same back and forth of not letting it affect her her day to day life as a galaxy ranger. All that same unhelpful suggestions. Forget it, they saved her. They took her out of the basement. They took her in. Forget her old life. Leave it behind.

    A tall man with large ram horns came running into the room. His spiky light yellow green hair blew on the breeze from the window. His green outfit with pockets on the shirt was getting the taste of the wind as he ran. She never understood how green a person could be. But, she supposed he was a galaxy ranger, and didn't have a wide varieties of shades to choose from for his uniform.

    Another tall man had soon come running into the room. His short, green hair and goatee blew against the wind from the open window in the corner. Goat horns as pointy as always, green war soldier outfit, his golden yellow eyes looked as though they had seen things. Look of grump on his face, Hollanderin came to her senses. He hadn't had his morning tea yet, all the usual. The same old, same old.

    "Holly, you're screaming in your sleep again!" the ram galaxy ranger said. "I can't believe you!"

    Here he goes again. Tegne, the ram chimera galaxy ranger yelling at her. She knew it was a common occurrence. She knew she couldn't control it. But, she would always say the same thing. Always apologize, always say she'll try to control it, always giving the same answers. And, she would always get the same answers in return. Do better. Learn to control it. They have galaxy rangering to do.

    "Sorry," Holly responded with the same apology as always. "I will try to control it."

    "Do better to control the urge!" Tegne shouted, leg raised. "What if the hotel staff complain?!"

    There was no follow up, for some reason. What if the hotel staff complain? Why would they? they were in a hotel with soundproof walls. Or, at least she thought so. Tenge never thought through anything he ever said. Not a single semblance of thought went into anything he ever said. She was used to that by now. It was always the same nonsense, over and over. She knew what would happen next, Tegne's lover, Rede would tell her to forsake her past. She was a Galaxy Ranger fighting for peace now.

    "My dear, maybe she just needs a break," Rede said, shaking his head. "It's been getting worse lately, hasn't it?"

    Holly could hardly believe her ears. Had Rede had too much tea this morning? Maybe he did. He almost always said to leave her past behind. Look to the future, forget her dead home. Move on from all of that. Don't let it get to her. She did see this variable coming at all. Nowhere. Tegne raising his leg up towards his stomach again, the banter soon begun.

    "A break? What do you mean, a break, Rede?!" Tegne shouted, leg raised. "We have galaxy rangering to do!"

    "Dear, you know, we've been going to desolate planets lately. It's probably really triggering for her, don't you think?" Rede responded. "Don't you think we could all use a break?"

    "Uh, hello, Rede!" Tegne replied, shouting. "We're not on a desolate planet right now, are we? And, it's not like she said anything!"

    Tegne claiming she had said nothing, Holly shook her head. She always said something, she was just unheard. Desolate planets, she did not wish to do galaxy rangering here. Destroyed worlds, she had no desire to come to any of these and try and keep the peace. Salsotto, Talia, none of those places. But, she knew she was wasting her time almost completely.

    "That's what you think, dear," Rede responded, shaking her head. "We've done enough rescuing for the meantime. I think we could all use a break."

    "What break do you propose then?!" Tegne bit back.

    Galaxy rangers going back and forth with one another, Holly lifted herself out from her bed. She never knew if these two were a couple, or just a comedy act. Maybe they were both. She hardly cared either way. This break would probably not be approved anyway. She watched as Rede sifted through his pockets, and what he took out was a shock to behold.

    Three small white and black pentagram badges seated in Rede's hands, Holly could see the look on Tegne's face. Was he going to scream again? She had been used to the chaos by now that she could practically predict what he was about to say. He would scream, Rede what are those?! In a booming voice, like always, almost like clockwork.

    "Rede, what are those?!" Tegne screamed, almost like he was running on a script.

    "Aetherium War badges. My dear cousin sent them to me through space mail," Rede responded.

    "That failed blogger cousin of yours, Kylling?!" Tegne asked at the top of his lungs. "Those are probably just a failed sponsorship thing!"

    "Ah, no, she went viral recently over something at the Herta Space Station, she's famous now," Rede said, laughing. "She sent these as a thank you gift."

    "Bet there's nothing in that badge!" Tegne shouted, pointing at them.

    "My dear, there's spirits in here. Promise." As he said such, he placed one of the badges in an upward position, light beaming on the wall. "Behold, an Aether spirit!"

    Small umbrella creature with legs, bell creature with a frog head, and apelike monster coming out of the badge, Holly rubbed her eyes. What was she seeing? What was Aetherium Wars? Was it some kind of game? She had never heard of it. But, she was intrigued. At least a little. Maybe taking a break would ease her mind a bit.

    "Rede! Did you see that?!" Tegne shouted, pointing. "That umbrella has eyes and legs!"

    "Indeed, Tegne, it is a Aether Spirit," Rede responded. "They're all the rage right now." He then turned towards Holly. "Would you like to try it, Holly?"

    Looking at the small umbrella creature in the corner, Holly sighed. What a pitiful little monster. She she could feel a sense of longing from them. She did not know why, but she could sense a similar lostlorn feeling from them. A poor creature lost from home. Ripped away from where they once were. Maybe she could try this Aetherium Wars thing. But, she knew there had to have been a catch or some sort.

    "What's the catch, Rede?" Holly asked, arms crossed around her waist.

    "No catch, Hollers. Promise," Rede responded.

    "Alright. I'll play Aetherium Wars," Holly responded. "Where's the stadium."

    "It's in Jarilo VI," Rede said.

    "Jarilo VI?!" Tegne shouted. "Uh, hello, Rede! That's so many star systems away from here!"

    Banter immediately kicking in, Holly sighed. Were these two really a married couple, or just a comedy duo? She never knew. With these two, it was impossible to tell. Maybe it was a little of both. Or, a little of neither. She could never tell. Information simmering for a moment, she had soon realized.

    The stadium was in Jarilo VI?! That frozen planet they passed by once?



    "Aetherium Wars! My husband always has the dumbest ideas!
    Everyone knows that game is still in
    The beta stages! My
    Husband and his Influencer cousin's
    Every silly idea they get, I'm
    Rolling! Rolling
    In my grave! Well, not yet, still alive, but I
    Ultimately will be when it's
    My time to go! I

    Will be rolling in there!
    Aetherium Wars, I have never heard any good
    Reviews of it. Like
    Some hacker girl plays it some IPC member plays it.

    Oh, an some masked dude, Giovanni. Yes, I look at the
    News on that world wide web, I'm from The Blue!

    Just cause I left that world behind to become
    A Galaxy Ranger pursuing justice doesn't mean I ain't informed.
    Right! So this game. Aetherium Wars,
    I know what it's all about! It's
    Like some creature game,
    Or something with datatized monsters. Oh

    Very riveting,
    I tell you! This

    Game isn't even out of
    A beta test yet, and yet
    Many people are already playing it, huh! Why, how!
    Eh! Guess I'll square off. It's not like I'm doing any

    Of the fighting!
    Nope. Let these monsters be my tools for today!"

    Wearing her golden yellow Galaxy Ranger uniform, Hollanderin, Tegne and Rede had soon been in the big spaceship. Warp jump course set for three systems hours, she sat back. Here they go again. To another planet. She was starting to grow rather fond of Izumo Gensei. But, she knew they would always be on the move once their missions to keep the peace were done. Such was her life as a stray. With no planet to call home.

    Warp jump happening faster than she could muster, the inertia threw her for a loop. She could never ever get used to this. Space was such a strange place. Weird planet covered in ice, Hollanderin fidgeted. Great, another wasteland planet. Did she constantly have to be reminded of the past wherever she went? Ugh, not again.

    Curbing through the snow, she could see a young woman with blonde hair and a winter hat cooking strange foods. Tegne heading towards her looking ready to shout, Hollanderin covered her ears. Oh, great. Time for another bad first impression. He always knew how to ruin everything with his loud booming voice.

    "Rede, gross, she's cooking rats over that stove!" Tegne exclaimed, pointing. "Who can live like this?!"

    "Tegne, dear, that's rude," Rede responded, shaking his head. "Maybe rats are edible here."

    Another young girl with long, dark blue hair, glasses and what looked to be knightly attire coming by with some cooking ingredients, Hollanderin shook her head. Classic Tegne, always having to point out what's foreign to him. He never knew how to zipper that lip of his, did he? He was about to say something stupid again right about now in three, two, one.

    "Rede, she's holding rat sauce, gross!" Tegne shouted pointing. But, such shouts earned him stares from the glasses girl.

    "Excuse me, do you three need something?" the glasses girl asked.

    "Oh, please excuse my husband," Rede said. "We're looking for the Aetherium Wars stadium."

    "Rede! What are you doing calling me your husband in public?!" Tegne said. "What if this world executes us for that?"

    "Uh, I'm sorry, what?" the blonde hat girl asked.

    "Oh, don't mind him. My husband can be a little explosive sometimes," Rede responded, shaking his head. "What did I ask again? Ah, right. Do you know where the Aetherium Wars stadium is?"

    "Ah, yes, Aetherium Wars," the glasses girl said. "That's in the Old Weapon Testing Grounds. I'll draw a map for you."

    Smart glasses girl drawing a map, the trio moved on. Snow plains left behind, a much warmer place had been reached quickly after the fact. Finding themselves in a huge, bustling city something about heading to the underworld had been let out of the woodworks. Hearing this, Holly could feel a caste system come into play. Was the town of Belobog split between two different worlds? What was with this archaic caste system ordeal?

    Reaching a large underground world, she could see multiple people with dirty clothes wandering around the streets. Were only the rich allowed to live in the overworld up above? She didn't know. She was a stray, she wasn't exactly bubbling with money at her side, either. Weird man with a mask welcoming everyone to the Aetherium Wars tournament, the brackets were split into three divisions amongst themselves.

    Tegne and Rede's tournaments first, Holly sat in the audience, for the moment. Tegne's first opponent being some kid named Julian with a ton of robot spirit things, she watched the battle carefully. How did Aetherium Wars work, anyway? What was it all about? She supposed she was about to find out all the rules here, and now.

    Tegne summoning some television looking monster, Hollanderin wasn't quite sure what to make of any of this. How did any of these spirits function? How were they tamed? She honestly had no idea. And, why would she? She was always forced around the universe doing Galaxy Ranger missions. A stray just always doing whatever she was told to. She never any time for anything fun or worthwhile.

    Tv creature slamming itself into the robot monster, uncertainty flowed through her. How was this creature supposed to win, anyway? It hardly looked like it had what it takes to come out on top, for any given reason. But, maybe she was wasting her time thinking about the why and how. She probably was. They were just creatures made out of data, anyway. Or something like that. She had no idea.

    Three television creatures squaring themselves off against some explosive robot hand creatures, some blew themselves up, ending things with a bang. Television faces changing to a look of anger, she could hear Rede's commentary in the background. He could do it, hubby. Hearing that, she could anticipate Tegne's shouts from afar. Don't say that out loud for the public to hear. People will judge. And as if like clockwork, she could hear the ram's screams all the way from the audience.

    "Rede, I told you not to call me that in public!" Tegne shouted. "People can hear you!"

    "Mr., I don't care if you have a husband or wife!" Julian exclaimed. "You stinky grownups are all the same!" And, with that, he commanded his robot hand monsters to explode.

    "No, you killed Mike Tevee!" Tegne exclaimed. "How could you!"

    Holly wrinkled her nose hearing that nickname. Mike Tevee? Mike Tevee. Mike Tevee. He had the most ridiculous taste in names. Announcement saying Julian was the winner, Tegne clicked his tongue three times looking ready to ask for a do over. But, no such do over was granted. Stomping off stage, Hollanderin stared at the sore loser.

    "Mike Tevee," Holly said, shaking her head. "No wonder you why you lost."

    "Who asked you, Holly!" Tegne shouted at the top of his lungs, leg raised. "That kid cheated!"

    "Dear, he won fair and square," Rede responded, stroking his goatee. "Also, I regret to inform you but that thing is called a Dreamjolt Tv. Why are you calling it Mike?"

    "Uh, hello, Rede!" Tegne exclaimed. "You're supposed to name your Aether Spirits!"

    "Really, now?" Rede replied in a sarcastic tone. "And that's the best name you could come up with? From that Chocolate Movie?"

    "Look, Rede! I never said I was Prophet of Names!" As Tegne said that, he stomped off. "I'm going out in the snow to cool off!"

    Tegne letting off some steam, Holly shrugged her shoulders. Just like Tegne to get angry about losing again. She had a problem with night terrors, huh? Sometimes, she wondered if this guy just had a million problems of his own, too. He had a husband, yet he's always telling to not say that in public. But, she buried her thoughts into her pockets. Ah, forget it. She would never understand him.

    "Alright, Hollers, it's my turn," Rede said, back turned. "Wish me luck out there!"

    "Good luck," she responded, thumbs upward.

    Young blonde haired girl calling herself H--- standing on stage with a hat almost as big as she was summoning some strange crawling monsters, the fight was on. Rede summoning racoon dog creatures with leaves on their heads, data versus had begun. Everyone in positions, she studied everything, for the time being.

    Racoon dog data creatures doing sneaky little tricks, she could see a sour look on the hat girl's face. Kid calling Rede a meanie, stinky grownup, she rolled her eyes. Shouldn't she be calling the Aetherium Spirit a stinky meanie, or something? Kids will be kids. She had already forgotten how long it's been since she was one at this point.

    "Wait until I tell my daddy on you!" H--- screamed.

    Final blow done and dealt with as the young kid swore to send her father, the announcer declared Rede the winner. Short kid leaving, the stadium board soon changed over to the next opponent. Seeing the picture of a young woman with white hair and a red streak along with her portrait on the other side, the announcer was ready for takeoff.

    "And our next contestants are, Miss To---, and Horrorandaren!" the announcer exclaimed.

    "Hollanderin!" Holly shouted.

    "Oops, sorry, Horranderin!" the announcer exclaimed.

    "Hollanderin!" She corrected again. "Forget it. Just say Holly."

    "Oops, my mistake, Holly!" The announcer then cut out.

    Walking onto the stage, a short woman with short silver hair and a red streak and jewel hairclip walked on stage. Red vest and black one piece outfit over her, she had an earpiece dangling towards her chin. Holly did not know why, but she felt like a scary business woman. What was someone like her doing playing a creature game? Weird. But, she then said something weird.

    "You're from Planet XXXX," To--- said. "Your people owe a huge debt to the IPC."

    "What do you expect me to do about it?" Holly asked. "My home world was destroyed."

    Ipc lady just telling her to forget it, the first match had soon begun. To--- summoning her white pig pal, Holly let down the umbrella monsters. Pig creature dropping down stones after stones, Holly brought out her own commands up to the ring one after another. Spirit licking the boar like a popsicle, the fights were on.

    Pig creature getting all soaked wet it looked ready to cower in fear. What were these creatures called again? She believed they were Warp Trotters. Was it about to flee the battlefield? She didn't know. She could hardly remember the times she was forced to fight an army of them while doing Galaxy Ranger duties.

    Aetherium Spirit falling on the stadium, she had soon been declared victorious. Umbrella creature staring at her as if it wished to be praised, the IPC Lady crouched down, for a moment. Was she about to refuse to accept to defeat like Tegne just did a little while ago? No, she didn't seem the type to do something like that.

    "That fella has taken quite a liking to you," To--- said. "Take good care of him."

    Match coming to an end, Tegne came back from his steam session, Rede soon losing his next match afterwards, Holly could hear Tegne poking fun at his nicknamed creatures. Rede had lost not just the battle, but probably his dignity. What a low blow. She could never tell if these two were really married, or just a comedy duo.

    "Biscuit, Rede?" Tegne laughed, holding his stomach. "No wonder your spirits lost!"

    "Okay, Mike Tevee," Rede said back.

    "At least my creature is a Tv, Rede!" Tegne shouted, leg raised. "That creature is definitely not a biscuit!" But, their little squabble was soon interrupted.

    "And our next opponents are, Kaiser and Horrorander!" the announcer said.

    "Uh, hello, Announcer guy!" Tegne shouted. "It's Holly!"

    "Oops, sorry, Kaiser and Holly!" the announcer corrected.

    Announcer soon saying the next opponent, Holly almost did a double take. Did he just say Kaiser? Was this real? No. Her brother was long dead. This couldn't have possibly been real right now. Seeing a portrait of a blond with penguin crests, she did a triple take. A clone, maybe? K-423? Maybe.

    Tall, blond man with a ponytail and knightly attire, Holly did a double take ten times over. Kaiser, was this really her older brother Kaiser? No, perhaps not. Coincidence. She had heard throughout the universe there was a chance to run into people who looked exactly the same as someone one already knew, but with an entirely different background and circumstances. That had to be it, surely. But, she couldn't help but ask.

    "Big brother, is that you?" Holly asked.

    "Hollanderin. It's been awhile," Kaiser responded, nodded. "Yes, it's your big brother."

    "You're alive? I thought you..." Holly started to say, but she cut herself off, tears rolling. "I thought you died like the rest of our family."

    "I thought I was a goner, too, but, someone was able to save me." He paused for a moment. "So, you became a Galaxy Ranger?"

    "Uh, excuse me? Could you two start the fight now?" the announcer interrupted.

    "I forfeit." Kaiser rose his hands in the air as he said such.

    "I also forfeit." Holly rose her hands in he air as she said such.

    Announcer confused, Holly walked over to the bleachers. She could hardly believe it. Her big brother was still alive. Could the rest of her brothers and sister still be out there, too, strays just like her? She knew there had to have been a small slither of hope that could have been the case. Asking her brother about it, however, she did not get a hopeful answer.

    "Ah, no, sorry, none of the rest of our family survived," Kaiser said, shaking his head. "You remember Naofa, right?"

    "Your girlfriend?" Hollanderin asked without confidence.

    "Partner, not girlfriend," Kaiser responded shaking his head.

    "Sorry." She bowed her head in apology.

    "No worries. Just remember next time our paths cross," Kaiser responded. "When Naofa pulled me out of the rubble, they told me I was the only survivor."

    "I see..." Hollanderin responded in a somber tone. But, she changed course. What did her brother do for a living these days? She felt like she had a lot to catch up on. "So, what do you do these days?"

    "I'm a Knight of the Universe. I take in strays from fallen planets, and take them to a new home," he responded.

    Hearing such, she had a lot of questions. Take in strays and bring them to a new home? How interesting. She was a stray. She had been taken in by Galaxy Rangers. Maybe she could go back with her brother to take her somewhere to go home to. Somewhere she wouldn't be a stray. Somewhere she could stay forever.

    But, she turned around. Maybe she was too ungrateful towards Tegne and Rede. They took her in. Maybe she didn't have to have somewhere stable to always stay. But, her thoughts were soon ruined when the banter duo came on stomping by. All ready and waiting to play out their next comedy act.

    "Holly, I can't believe you forfeited!" Tegne shouted, leg raised upward. But he then pointed his finger forward. "And who's this hot guy?! You got the hots for him or something?"

    "Excuse me, first of all, I'm her brother," Kaiser said in an annoyed voice. "And second, you're loud."

    "Holly, I thought you told me your entire family was bamboozled by some Stellaron!" Tegne shouted again. "Are you some shapeshifting Masked Fool?"

    "How dare you compare me to that vile creature!" Kaiser exclaimed.

    "Okay, dear, dial it down a notch," Rede said hands up in the air. He then turned towards Hollers. "So, Hollers, are you going to go back with your brother? We'll miss you if you leave."

    Given such a question, Hollanderin stared at her rescuers, then at her brother. Go back with her brother on his crew, or stay with Tegne and Rede? She didn't know. She hadn't seen her brother at years at this point. Taking lost strays to a new home. She was a stray, wasn't he? And, she wasn't particularly fond of being a Galaxy Ranger, either.

    She stared off into space, for a moment. She supposed, being a Galaxy Ranger wasn't all that bad. Sure, she still had the haunting memories, and sure she would get yelled at by her night terrors, but, it wasn't all that bad all the time. Maybe it would be fine to have things stay the way they were.

    "I'll stay with you two," Holly said. "I'll try to take something to calm down my dreams."

    "Look, Holly, I'm sorry for yelling at you for that," Tegne said. "I'll try to be less harsh."

    Tegne and Rede soon going back to their banter routine, Holly let out a sigh. Well, she supposed this was what her home was at this point. These two. Maybe she was fine with that. Maybe she didn't mind being on the road from planet to planet. Putting on a small smile, she turned towards her brother.

    "It was nice, seeing you again, brother," Hollanderin said. "Good luck with your knightly duties."

    "Take care of yourself, Hollanderin," Kaiser said. "May we meet again."

    Brother exiting onto a ship, Hollanderin, Tegne and Rede soon returned to their own. Husbands saying they wanted to go back to Izumo Gensei, she heard a peculiar set of words she thought she would never hear again in a million years. Alright, maybe not that many, but that's how it felt to her, at the moment.

    Izumo Gensei would be the permanent home.

    She was no longer a stray.

    I don't know with this one, lol. Just threw this together in five hours and called it a day.
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    Cream Corporate Handcuffs

    "Tired, I, Savon Bulles
    Have been so
    Incredibly tired lately doing
    Nothing but
    Gallons of paper. It's
    So much work!

    Ha, do this job 'till I die
    Ain't a way to live, I
    Vye to one day
    Escape this office

    But my boss, her name is Br---, by the way
    Every single
    Expense must be recorded by me.
    Nothing I can't handle, but

    Perhaps I shouldn't have taken this job. I have
    Removed my own personal time from the
    Equation. This is so
    Tiring, so, so
    Tiring I feel like
    You know, I never get to go

    Home to my sister
    And I never
    Really get to see my friend
    Dove. I'm so far away.

    Look, I get it
    As an adult, I'll have
    To deal with it.
    Everyone knows that's how it works.
    Look, I get it. I get it,
    You know. Tough luck.

    Oh, man
    How I wish this were different, but

    I know that's now how life works, I

    Know I
    Need to earn money to survive.
    Oh, well, oh
    Well that's just how

    It is. How I

    Wish it just wasn't.
    I really just want a vacation, time off.
    Listen it's been ages
    Like so long since

    Please give me a
    Leisure day, please, please, please.
    Ah, who am I kidding?
    Not happening, never

    At all.
    Nothing like that will ever happen.

    Oh. What's this I am hearing?
    Uh. 'Savon, take a vacation.'
    This can't be?! Am
    I hearing things.
    No. Surely this is a prank. Hmm
    Guess not.

    I'm free?! For the whole weekend?
    No way. No way

    This is real?!
    Huh this is truly real?!

    So, I have a fun idea!
    No, the best idea!
    We'll go to the snow

    Plains!! And so some
    Lovely camping!
    It sounds so much fun!
    Nothing can ruin this for me!
    So I'm going to tell my sister! I

    Can't wait! I can't wait!
    A vacation!
    My first one in
    Probably years!
    I have a few days to do
    No work! Let's
    Get away!

    So far away!
    Up we go!
    No way she'll refuse,
    Dove won't either!
    Surely, they can take time off

    For a girls day out!
    Upwards and onwards.
    Nothing will ruin this!

    I won't allow it!

    Here we go
    About time I ask!
    Vacation is all I've
    Ever wanted!

    Vacation had to get
    Away! Ah.
    Come on, let's not get too excited!
    All my energy might be wasted
    Too soon!
    I need to conserve it.
    Nah, I'm too fired up!"

    A young woman with short cream colored hair that went down to about her shoulders on the right side, and braid on the left groaned as she did her long overnight accounting reports over at her ridiculously worn out wooden desk. Yet another long, and tiresome day recording hundreds upon hundreds of years of expense reports. She could never fathom how there could have been so many of these left behind.

    Scribbling down numbers about damaged incurred from hundreds of years ago, the young blond lady dropped her head upon her desk. Why was she the only one who ever had to do this? Madam Coc--- had disappeared only recently after some weird group of people had come by. Who were they again? The Nameless? She didn't know. She didn't care. All she knew was her boss had suddenly changed hands, and her workload had recently tripled.

    Another paper dropped onto her desk, the young lady's greyish-pink eyes watered. Ugh. Another one. Being an adult was so lousy sometimes. Why did she have to do record the expenses from a planet she wasn't even born on? She had been a sea lion from the planet known as the Blue. Not like she could even remember that time. Her parents had forced her to leave long before she could formulate any memories.

    Scribbling down numbers one after another, the words swam around on the page. Rubbing the side of her temples, she held in a million sighs that lived in a package inside her throat. That IPC member that came by some time ago, she had to say have someone do all the hundreds of years of expense reports. That debt collector in that armored clothing, she had a bone to pick with her.

    Clock ticking past nine prime meridian, another paper had been dropped down on her desk. Reading it, she held out the urge to throw everything off her desk. Just have her do the entire universes expenses while she's at it. Just how far in debt had Belobog been in? It had to have been enough to drown her in icy waters.

    Hands upon the time teller clicking past the twelve, she dropped her head on her desk, nodding off. By the Aeons, she couldn't do this anymore. She needed to sleep. Burying her head on her desk, her eyes fluttered closed. She guessed she wasn't going to get to go home again today. And, she knew another mountain of paperwork would wait for her when she woke up.

    She had a dream of a zombie apocalypse that night. In a school with a group of young ladies with various weapons on a big grid. Everyone was looking at her, expecting to shoot them, expecting her to clean everything up. Calling her captain over and over again. Captain, teacher, Soap sensei. Whatever that word meant, she had no idea. She had heard someone from some bygone planet Izumo say it once who made themselves home here.

    Zombies whammoed, boomed and removed from all levels of existence, many people called out for her attention. Some girl named Kia-- begging for her attention, she placed herself down on the gird. Wham, bam, kaboom. Zombies creeping up behind her with the faces of her coworkers, the whams and bams kept on going.

    Possibly fictional characters cheering her on, she could soon hear a series of distorted words up in the sky. Wake up, Savon, wake up. The words kept repeating as the destroyed school shook as if it had been taken down by an earthquake. Words to wake up continuing on and on, she let out a groan. Fine, she'll wake up.

    Tall young woman with long curly grey hair, purple earrings, long white dress with a blue ribbon and train beneath her legs shook the young lady's shoulders as if she were a maraca. Lifting her head up, she scratched her head. What time was it? She gazed at the clock, squinting. Huh? Was it already four-forty-five ante meridian? When did that happen? How did that happen? But, she knew what was coming. Lady Bro-- would tell her to get back to work. Someone would always tell her to go back to work.

    "Savon, you're still here?" Lady Bro-- asked.

    Placing the pen back in her hands, she let out a sigh. What did she mean she's still here? These people kept putting more and more paperwork on her desk. And, it's not like anyone ever told her to go home, so why should she have expected to ever leave? She remembered all the times Madam Coc--- would yell at her. The paperwork wasn't done yet. She can't go home. She knew she was about to hear that again.

    "I'll get back to work right away, Lady Bro---," Savon said, scribbling away at expense reports.

    But, a peculiar sharp gaze had been given to her, and she did not know why. She hardly ever interacted with this lady long enough to ever get to know how she was like. She was always in the outside overworld, or something like that. But, ever since Madam Coco---'s sudden disappearance, she had been around more often lately. She supposed she had been far too buried in her paperwork to notice?

    "Were you here all night again?" Lady Bro-- asked.

    Given such a question, Savon held back the urge to eat her fingers. Of course she had been here all night. Wasn't she always? Everyone was always throwing paperwork on her ask. Record the expenses for this, record the expenses for that. It was a never ending cycle of do all the work. She was the paper sea lion. She hardly remembered the last time she had been able to go home at a normal working hour time.

    "Aren't I always?" Savon asked, scribbling away at another expense report.

    But, as she kept scribbling away, a hand had been placed over hers. She swore she could feel sharp eyes on her trying to get her attention. Why was she trying to stop her from doing more paperwork? Wasn't she Madam Coco---'s daughter? She hardly knew anything about this lady to know for sure, anyway, she supposed.

    "Listen I know Madam Coco---, I mean mother always told you to stay here until your work is done," Lady Bro--- said, keeping her hand upon the pen. "I apologize for that."

    Lady Bro--- going off about helping make her work and life balance more even she, once again dropped her head down on her desk. And what would happen if Madam Coco--- were to return? That would go straight back to the way it was. Never getting to see her home at any normal hours. Whatever balance she would be given would hardly last long.

    "Savon, take a vacation," Lady Bro--- said.

    Savon practically leaped out of her desk. Huh? Was she hearing things? Take a vacation? What were those again? Time off work. No, there was no way she heard that right. Perhaps she was still dreaming. Maybe she still was. It sure felt like one right about how. Wake her up right now. She definitely wasn't awake. Not a chance.

    "What did you just say?" Savon asked, scratching her ears. But, Lady Bro--- sighed.

    "Savon, take a vacation," Lady Bro--- said. "Come back in three days."

    Hearing that foreign word again, Savon stood up from her desk. Vacation, vacation, vacation. Was this real life, or was this fantasy? In all her adult years, she never thought she'd live to see the day where she wouldn't be at her desk for seven days in a row. Would Eau be happy to see her? She always was at her job, too, but hardly as much as her. But, maybe this was all too good to be true.

    "Are you sure?" Savon asked. "What if--"

    "Mother won't be coming back." She shook her head as she said such.

    Savon blinked. What now? Hold on now. She wasn't coming back? Was that even true? No, that couldn't be. She'd better take this vacation before Madam Coco--- could change her mind, lowering her head into a bow, she uttered a shout almost loud enough to blow snow away in the snow plains.

    "Thank you for this opportunity!" Savon shouted, bowing.

    "Sure. Enjoy your vacation." She moved out of her way as she said such.

    Removing herself from her desk, Savon bolted towards the door. She was free. Free from the corporate slavery that was her office job for seventy-two whole hours. Three whole days to do whatever she wanted before being pulled back into the world of never ending expense reports. No more numbers to look at.

    Wohoo. Freedom.

    She practically leaped back home as if she was about to jump over a mountain. She cracked open the door like a surprise party. She was finally home after--? Well, who knows how long it's been? Well, she didn't know. She stopped keeping track. It had to have been time immemorial. Well, perhaps not that long, but it sure felt tike that.

    A young woman with short, white hair down to about her shoulders and two twin buns sat at the kitchen table brewing tea with an incredibly tired look on her face. Letting out a yawn, she looked as though she could fall back asleep at any moment, grey eyes shutting closed. Her sister was just as much of a mess as she was. Running towards the dining room table, she announced herself.

    "Eau, I'm home!" Savon announced. But, her sister immediately did a double take.

    "Savon? They let you out of the office?" Eau asked.

    "I'm on vacation!" Tears strolled down her face.

    Eau did a double take at the words that came out of their sister's mouth. Their sister, on vacation? When was the last time she had heard that? Months, years? Her boss had always made her stay days of overtime at a time doing nonsense levels of paperwork for a planet they weren't even native to. But, that's how life worked for the two of them. Always working.

    "That's funny, so am I," Eau said.

    "You are?" There was a hint of disbelief in her voice.

    "Yeah, the leader of the Silvermane Guards told Dove and I to go home, too." She nodded.

    Savon could feel the tears rolls down her cheeks. Hold on, all of them could go home and go on vacation together? At the same time? Was this fate, or something? Had the Amber lord worked a miracle, or something? Amazing. Maybe the Aeons were real after all. This had to have been a stroke of fate.

    "Really? That's great!" Savon cried. "Would you like to plan something?"

    Sister looking at her as if she already had something in mind, Savon gazed at her in return. She knew that look, despite how fairly rarely she saw it. Did she already have something in mind? Or, had she been longing to do something with her for awhile? Perhaps it had been both at the same time.

    "Already ahead of you," Eau responded. "Remember when the three of us used to go camping in the Snow Plains over the weekends?"

    "You mean when like Dove and we were kids?" Savon asked. As she thought such, she gazed at an old photo on the wall.

    Young Dove, Eau and she smiling beside a tent, cooking food together, Savon put on a tired smile. Those were the good old days. Deep down, she had always wanted to go back to that place, making up imaginary plans to go back there all the time, but that day would never arrive. Nostalgia warming her up, she put on a smile.

    "That would be the place." Eau nodded.

    "Of course I'd like to go!" Savon shouted.

    "Glad you're on board. We'll go tomorrow night," Eau responded. As she said such, she let out a yawn. "Goodnight."

    Sister going back to sleep, Savon stared at their shared childhood photo again. A nice vacation out in the Snow Plains, just like in their childhood. How long had it been since she had seen this place? She hardly remembered. But, that would all change tomorrow. Years? No more. That would not be the case any longer, at least temporarily. Plopping down into her shared king bed with her sister, she could barely contain the excitement bubbling inside her.

    She was free from the corporate handcuffs for three whole days.

    Three whole days.



    "It's been probably

    Two weeks since I've seen my sister at home.
    Oh, if I weren't always cooped up with my Silverman Guard duties, I'd
    Literally pounce over to her office right now and
    Demand that

    They give her a vacation right now. I
    Have seen that lady she works for
    Ah. What was her name, Madam Coco---
    That woman is always telling her to

    Stay behind. Do more work.
    I've heard what Savon tells me in her tired voice.
    Literally always tell her to do overtime.
    Very long hours of overtime accounting
    Expenses of Belobog for over seven centuries.
    Really, just because we're sea lions and

    Have better brains when it comes to numbers doesn't mean you can
    Always rely on her to do all that work.
    I can't believe that armored IPC member. I heard some
    Random higher up, what was her name, ah, To---
    Expects all the debts and expenses to be accounted for.
    Do take what I just said

    Literally, by the way. I mean it.
    Accounted for, literally.
    Don't laugh. I wasn't joking.
    Yet, it sure feels like one.

    Those intergalatic money grubbers.
    Oh, I should have told her to try working at the museum.

    Sure, we're from
    The Blue. And this planet's history is
    Of no interest to us, but
    Perhaps had she

    Worked there, this would all be much easier
    On her. She wouldn't be gone for weeks.
    Right, well, I told that silver haired lady when she came on by, to stop working my sister so hard! Jeez
    Knees! And
    I can hardly believe it she didn't say
    No! She actually apologized for her mother keeping my sister away from me for so long!
    Get this! She says she'll give her a vacation!

    My ears have go to be deceiving me!
    You know, I always thought like mother like daughter, but ever

    Since that blonde lady left,
    It's kind of been different in Belobog lately.
    So, I tell her
    That she'd better mean it! And she says she does.
    Excellent, very excellent.
    Right, so!

    So, I've got the perfect idea. A return to
    Our childhood, camping with our mutual friend Dove in the Snow Plains.

    How lovely!
    And that's when Gep--- says we can take a vacation, too.
    Really? Really and truly?
    Don't mind if I do!"

    A tall, young woman with shadow black hair pulled back into a curly ponytail, light green eyes, and a green dress to match stood in the dining room the next morning. Her neighbor and shared best friend from her sister had come over for coffee, just like she used to. Realizing she had slept an entire day away, Savon bowed her head. But, both her sister and her friend told her to not apologizing for catching up on weeks of rest.

    "Hey, there stranger," Dove said to Savon. "Been awhile."

    "I know, sorry," Savon responded, shaking her head. "I've just been--". But, she had been interrupted.

    "Stuck at the office?" Dove responded, finishing the sentence. "We know. But, you shall be a corporate slave no longer. For the weekend, at least."

    Dove and Eau telling her they would be going to a repair shop first, broken guitars laid in their hands. Seeing that, she couldn't help but laugh. Those guitars they tried playing back in their teen years? That was almost ten years ago now that they were fourteen and trying to start a band together. Would they even be good at this age? She hadn't played for so long.

    Heading to the Neverwinter Workshop, an employment establishment with gears everywhere rotated on a loop. Seeing a tall woman with blond hair, blue streak, black and white dress with a choker to match, her sister and friend stepped up to the counter with nostalgic looks on their faces. Watching as they placed their guitars down, Savon couldn't help but feel a grin grow on her face, as well.

    "Hey, Ser---, could you fix our guitars for us?" Dove asked.

    "Sure. Gimme a sec and I'll start that right up for you." Ser--- replied.

    Guitar strings replaced and light repair work done, the girls all exited the workshop, instruments strapped to their backsides. Dove buying tenting equipment as well, everyone took around the Administrative District, for the time being. Heading for a flower store, she had soon seen a familiar face inside the store.

    Short, curly haired woman with icy blue locks and jackal ears, and a white and red peculiar doctor's coat, Savon put on a gentle grin. Was this, ----? Ah, no, her name was Loba now. She remember her sister and she used to sneak down into the underworld to play with the children down there? She lived in the overworld now? Well met. Jackal lady turning around, she readied to reminisce!

    "Loba! It's been awhile!" Savon greeted in an exclamatory tone! "How's being a woman treating you?"

    "Being a woman is treating me well, thank you," Loba greeted. "How's your job treating you these days?"

    Whispering in Loba's ear she was in corporate handcuffs, Loba shook her head. Asking her how many hours she was working, astonishment had thrown itself on the floor. Jackal doctor stating that's not a healthy work balance, she had been informed she knew. Conversation about health going on for awhile, Savon soon let the next works be known.

    "But, I'm on vacation right now, so I'm finally away!" Savon exclaimed.

    "That's good. But, try to demand a better work life balance from your boss, alright, honey?" Loba asked.

    "I'll try to speak up for myself more." Savon responded. As she said such, she bid the doctor farewell.

    Getting a bite to eat, everyone asked one another if they were ready for camping like the old days. Giving Eau and Dove a nod, she could hear them both say it was time to have some fun, and get rid of the corporate handcuffs. She couldn't help but laugh hearing that. Yes, the corporate shackles were gone, at least for now.

    Evening quickly arriving, the girls headed for the Snow Plains. Leaving the artificially heated city behind, a cold, and daunting world of snow awaited everyone. It was just as cold as she remembered it was. She remembered trying to transform into her mermaid form, as Dove would always call it, but her sea lion bottom always freezing. No matter how many years were to pass, that was always the same.

    But, upon reaching their old camping grounds, a young blond lady with a winter hat had stood with her back turned in the corner. Was this her camping grounds now? What a shame. She was looking forward to everything just being the good old days with her two favorite people in the entire world. Dove walking towards her, politeness had been uttered.

    "Excuse me, apologies, are these your camping grounds?" Dove asked in a polite town. "Wait. Aren't you Gep---'s little sister?" But, the girl turned around.

    "Apologies. I was just leaving," the young lady said, back turned.

    Young teenage girl soon leaving, Savon could see the looks of confusion on both Eau and Dove's face. She could hardly fathom what they were thinking. Both of them saying that was strange, she couldn't help but agree. But, she knew teens would be teens, not wanting to be associated with their older brothers. Not like she'd know. She never had an older brother.

    Dove and Eau setting up camp, the girls had begun to strum away at their fixed guitars. Strumming out of tune chaotic musical nonsense, she couldn't help but giggle. Man, were these two awful at this. It had been so long since any of them had played in their band together. She couldn't help but miss these days. It had been so long since she could enjoy herself.

    Bringing out a portable cooking pot, Dove had soon summoned her falcon wings. Seeing such, she couldn't help but remember the good old days in her youth when they had met their new neighbor. Her name was Dove, and she was a falcon chimera from The Blue. She remembered their meeting like it was yesterday.

    Frozen fish gathered, the girls had begun cooking. taking out a Geomarrow cooking tool, their food had been warmed up far greater than it would have without. Nibbling on their prey, everyone had begun to sing out of tune songs together for hours on end. But, their fun camping trip together would soon be interrupted by a loud sound.

    Large army of mechanical creatures from the underworld crawling around in the snow plains, Savon's ears twitched. She remembered seeing something about this in multiple expense reports. Some creature misplacement fee that had to be paid? She didn't know. She always thought that was made up nonsense to force her to stay overtime to do more work.

    Trying to ignore it for the time being, the ladies kept on singing. But, that was hardly enough to stave them off. Mechanical spider creatures coming closer and closer, a collection of sighs hat been uttered from Eau and Dove's mouths.

    "Hey, Dove, didn't Gep--- say they had the automatons under control?" Eau asked Dove.

    "He did!" Dove exclaimed, snapping her fingers. "He probably lied!"

    "Or maybe he just didn't know there were more?" Eau responded. "Well, whatever. Girls, guess it's time to hunt some prey!"

    Dove taking out a large three pointed javelin, and Eau transforming herself into sea lion form, Savon took out her musty trusty, trident of fire she always kept on her in case of emergencies. Autonomous spiders? Ha. Nothing doing. This would be done and over with before she knew it. Lunging forward, a messages reading weakness flashed over the creatures.

    "You want to play hard ball? We'll, I'll play hard ball!" Dove shouted.

    Dove flapping her falcon wings hard, a barrage of feathers had been dropped onto an army of enemies at once. Sound of one shield breaking itself, Savon covered her mouth with her hand for a moment. So, Dove followed the path of Erudition? Interesting. Very interesting. She had recalled hearing something about the multiple paths in the universe in her early childhood, but she hardly had the time to ever truly go into depth to learn about them.

    "You look like you could use a lesson on hard knocks!" Eau shouted. She then exclaimed something else. "Sea Lion zap!"

    Eau slapping her entire sea lion body onto the enemy, the automaton creatures had soon been zapped into a shocking halt. Creatures hunching over, Savon soon clenched her trident with all her might. The creatures were looking weak. Time to get rid of them once and for all. Her turn coming around, she let her spear burn. Running up to the enemy, she let out a battle cry.

    "Trident of Fire!" Savon shouted.

    Singular automaton destroyed, the other surrounding ones blew themselves up, as well. Seeing such, she held back the urge to groan. Great, when she was to go back to work, she'd have more expense reports take care of, the automaton damage report. She was looking forward to that. More nonsense paperwork to do.

    But, the battle was far from over.

    Traffic light automatons wheeling themselves onto the battlefield, Eau and Dove let out growls. Her two favorite people in the world clutching their weapons tighter, Savon did so, in unison. She knew the last thing either of them wanted right now was to have to do their Silvermane Guard extermination duties.

    "I thought that girl in the underworld repaired all these monsters!" Dove shouted. "Ugh. Geppie, when I get back to work, I'll--!"

    "--Give him a piece of my mind!" Both Eau and Dove shouted in unison.

    Traffic light monsters ramming themselves into her, Savon clicked her tongue. Ah, great, here it goes, the monsters getting on the offensive. If the Silvermane Guards were going to report this, she would have even more expense reports to deal with. Great, even while on vacation, she had to deal with things that had to do with work. Amazing, fantastic.

    Multiple attacks coming both Dove and she's way, they all let out collective screams,. Eau calling them rascals, Savon returned such point in kind. What rascals, indeed. Coming by and ruining her little camping trip. They would pay. Dove taking her turn, the battle soon switched over to the sea lion siblings.

    "Need a quick pick me up?!" Eau shouted out.

    Electric bubble raining down, Savon could feel her energy regenerate. Strength and vitality levels returning to her, she clutched on her trident once more. Energy reaching its maximum as she unleashed her burning attack of doom, she prepared herself for the final moments upon the battlefield. Three, two, one.

    "You want to know how to hunt? Well, I'll show you, 'cause this sea lion has locked onto her prey!" Savon shouted.

    Human legs transforming into sea lion form, her bottom had soon been ablaze, leaping in the air, her blazing tail slapped itself deep into the enemy. Burning lesion gifted to the enemy, she slapped down a second time. Giving one last hit, the creature soon exploded into multiple pieces of nothing.

    Eau and Dove bringing the final blows onto the table, the battle had soon come to an end. Everyone letting out collective groans all at once that this was so annoying, the girls soon cleaned up their clothes. No other automatons coming through, the guitars had soon been out once more, strumming out multiple tunes many chords off one after another.

    Relaxing with one another, catching up on what felt like years of catching up to do, Savon could not help but frown hearing how much work Dove and Eau had to do, as well. Had any of them ever gotten a break? They all certainly had the corporate handcuffs locked down on them forever. But, that's when she had been given a little light on the situation.

    "So, that's when I told Lady Bro--- she'd better give you a break," Eau said. "I know she's mommy's little dearest, so I practically had to demand she let you get away from your desk."

    "Really?" Dove asked, in confusion. "Honestly, she seems like she wants to change how things are in Belobog after Madam Coco--- disappeared."

    Hearing such, Savon couldn't help but smile. Ah, she sees, so it was her sister who convinced Lady Bro--- to give her some time off now. She understands now. She was glad she still had her in her life, even if they rarely saw one another due to being stuck in the office weeks at a time. Eating fish together an continuing to sing tunes for awhile, two days went by in the blink of an eye.

    Third day coming and going she had soon returned to work with a groan. Back to corporate handcuffs, endless weeks of expense reports to go through. More piles on her desk at the hours went by. But, she had been in for a surprise when she had gotten to her desk. Beside her seat had been a note. Reading it for a moment, she had begun to weep.

    Letter telling her she wouldn't have to stay overtime anymore, she kept on weeping. She could go home at a normal hour? No more sleeping in the office? No more stay extra hours? No more of any of that? Reading it over one more time, she sat in her desk, wrists lightening ever so slightly.

    The handcuffs were gone.

    I just went full ham with this one, tbh. Didn't really think of direction ahead of time, so I hope this one is fun. Also, there might be references to Honkai Gakuen in this. Hooray, I guess.

    Oh yeah. A bit of this is inspired by Zom100.
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    Lights, Spotlight, Rabbit

    "Name's Nousagi. I'm an actor
    On the world of Izumo! My name? Comes from the term Hougo No
    Usagi, my
    Surname is Hougo.
    Ah? Too much information
    Gah, there I go again giving too much
    Information to my fans!

    I'm an actor in
    Some big troupe here, you see!

    Though, I don't get lead roles, usually.
    However, I don't really mind that!
    Every week is a brand

    New opportunity to be the lead
    Actor in this space!
    Maybe next time!
    Every now and

    Again, I allow myself to pray.
    Nothing will stop me from trying!
    Do I think that

    I am being left out

    As the lead roles because I'm rabbit?
    Maybe so, but I

    Am not about to let myself give up hope!

    Raaaa, I wasn't born
    A quitter! I was
    Born a winner,
    Born ambitious
    I will one day
    Take the lead role!

    It shall happen!
    Not today, but maybe

    At the next show,
    Next auditions!

    Always a chance next time, the
    Chances are coming!
    There's always a new opportunity!
    I'm confident it's
    Nigh for my time as the star, people's eyes shall be
    Glued to me,

    The next star!
    Raaah, I am confident!
    One more round,
    Unleash my best
    Performance! Like always!
    Everyone will be watching!

    My part is pretty small,
    Yes, it's better to

    Stand out and give
    It my all
    So, I'm noticed by
    The crowd! Noticed by
    Everyone! So, I can
    Relish in the applause,
    So I can get

    A lot of feedback from the audience. I
    Relish in it all
    Every comment I might get!

    Okay, honestly,
    Not like I get that
    Many comments, or anything.
    You know I am in the back
    Overshadowed by pretty much everyone.
    Ugh, people should
    Just notice me and all the hard work
    I do! But

    Ah, well that ain't happening.
    Never happening.
    Don't get my hopes up. My

    Sisters always tell me I
    Have too much ambitions.
    Right, well, that's what they think.
    It's healthy to strive for something over
    Nothing! It's not like
    Either of them aren't doing what they like!

    My sister, Kouneko, she's
    A mage of some sort
    I know she's living the
    Dream. I have some
    Elementary skills in magic, but
    Nothing all that
    Spectacular. Even

    So, still living the dream!
    Oh, and my other sister, Shunko she's a Shrine
    Maiden. She's also living the dream!
    Even my other
    Two siblings, Shiroks and Hatsu are. They are Onmyouji.
    It's great to be able to fulfill
    My wishes in my
    Ever fun life, even as an adult
    So many days pass where

    I'm having a blast.
    The time of my life!

    I don't regret acting, even if I'm not a
    Star, I'm trying my best, forever

    And always!

    Don't think I will ever be on top, but
    I'm always will to strive
    For it. It's a
    Feisty competition out there,
    I know it's a
    Cutthroat world out there and it's
    Useless to try and swim through this
    Lake, but I got
    This in the bag! I will

    Let myself do my best
    I will always press on
    For the lead is always an
    Endless goal for me to strive towards!

    Because one day, it'll be my turn!
    Up in that hot,
    Totally big spotlight.

    I can do it,

    And I can succeed!
    My time is

    Likely coming soon,
    I know it's happening!
    Very soon, very likely!
    I will keep striving,
    Never faltering, I'll
    Get this lead role

    At the next auditions,
    So you'd better all watch me!

    This is Nousagi, signing off!
    Ha. I cut the camera.
    Eh I repeated

    Myself too much.
    Ah, meh ain't like anyone readin' this.
    No one ain't.

    I guess that's

    What happens when you're
    A stinky character with
    Next to no lines.
    That's life, I guess

    The life
    Of me, Hougo Nousagi.

    But, oh well.
    Everything I said is true. I'll get the lead role someday."

    A tall adult rabbit person with bright pink hair pulled back into a braid dangling from their chin adjusted the bowtie sitting on their outfit. Their costume had been a mess this morning, as usual. But, such had been how it always was. They had never been the one to have wrinkles all over everything, for one reason or another.

    Bending the bowtie back a smidgeon, the rabbit took out their phone. Lifting it upwards, they held up a peace sign as they took their selfie. Flash brightening their curtains triple fold, they turned off the lens, letting out a sigh. Maybe that was a little too bright. Their photos would be blinding enough to become a star.

    Photo done, the rabbit tapped their phone on repeat. Web browser opened up, they typed in the words, masked dash rabbit dot com into the address bar. Obnoxiously bright neon colored webpage panning through the screen, they motioned towards the rainbow tinted start new entry button up in the corner. It was time for their early morning writing session.

    Hello, fellow readers, it is I, your favorite budding actor in the Izumo acting troupe removing my mask today to give you a little snippet into my life as a theater person! I promise this will not bore you, so read on through for something cool! Something hot! Piping, if you will! Stay tuned for the spicy news from Nousagi!

    <Attach this picture, new dash costume dot png?>


    <New dash costume dot png>

    <Add a caption?>


    There's a new audition this evening, and I couldn't be more than ready or it! Last time, I got a supporting role with six lines last time! But! I'm aiming for the top role this time! I think I'm getting each and every audition to landing one! This time for sure! I know I'm destined to be the top dog, no rabbit in Izumo's theater scene.

    Computer voice: <Error, repetition found.>

    {Excuse me, virtual assistant, did I ask you!}


    <Are you sure you want to turn off grammar checking?>


    <Are you absolutely positively sure? It would be sad to see us part.>


    Nousagi stopped typing for a moment, Ugh, when had their grammar assistant program turned on? The swore that thing had been a virus in the shape of a blue pigtailed android girl. Going through their app folders, they slapped the disable button as if it were a brick. Nope, it's not going to let some robot tell them how to type. Not a chance! Going back to their entry, they began to type once more.

    This is the outfit I'll be wearing today. Don't I look so handsome? The fancier I look, the more likely I will be to land the lead role! That masked lady Spar---, I'm not going to lose to her again like I did last time! I will come on top this time! Or, get the costar role, just watch me! I'll rise to the top and become the best actor Izumo has ever seen!!

    Computer voice: <Error, too many exclamation points.>

    <Ignore your digital assistant? It would be so sad to stop working together!>


    <Are you sure? I'm just trying to help!>


    Nousagi stopped typing again. This program, did it find a way to turn itself back on? How did it bypass them disabling it? This thing was definitely some sort of virus. They shouldn't have installed this grammar tool from grammar dash assistant dot info. Their assistant, sometimes they swore they were almost too lifelike. But, that was how viruses tended to operate, mimicking life.

    Opening up the web page again, they swore they could see a little sticker on the side of their phone screen that looked like a thick pair of sunglasses. But, they chose to ignore such. It was just that silly virus again doing whatever it wanted. But, they were in for a world of shock when they opened their page up again.

    That's right, I'm just a loser I edit my selfies to make myself look manlier! In real life, I'm just a bozo who's super fat eating chips all day! That's why I never get the lead role in the pals, 'cause I'm just a couch potato! But I bet if I pay the director off he'll love to hand me the lead role someday! I'm loaded!

    Nousagi stared at the screen in front of them. Did this virus just edit everything they typed into scandalous lies? This program has taken complete control over their phone! How is this even possible? They swore they had turned it off and disabled it fully! It still had access to their web browser? Why, and how?

    Pressing the x button on their blog, they locked they shook their head. There was no way they'd publish their slanderous text. They never ate a chip in their life! They were a rabbit, that stuff was not something they could munch on. Great, their mood was ruined now. They needed to uninstall this program from their phone.

    <Would you like to uninstall Moshi Moshi Grammar Assistant?>



    <Error. Cannot uninstall Moshi Grammar Assistant.>

    Nousagi let out a growl. What did they mean they couldn't uninstall this virus from their phone? Had it set itself to being a priority program? Absolutely annoying. This was going to make things so much worse for their audition today. Staring at the little sunglasses icon in the corner, they tapped it.

    Picture of a woman with silver hair with a cheeky look on her face appearing in the borders of their phone. Seeing such a thing, they scratched their head. When did they install this shimeji in their phone? They hardly remember ever doing such a thing. Weird. But, the shimeji soon did something they had never seen coming.

    "Hey there fatso," the shimeji said in a musical tone.

    "Excuse me? But I am not fat!" Nousagi shouted at their phone. "And, even if I were, it's very rude to call people that!"

    Shimeji laughing at them, they practically dropped their phone on the ground. Why were they getting this feeling that this was some hacker inside their phone? Well, whatever. They hardly had any time for this nonsense. It was time to go out for the day. Throwing their phone into their pocket, they exited their room.

    Stepping through the dining room, Nousagi plopped a piece of toast in their mouth dripping with butter. But, as they had done so, a short adult rabbit woman had come walking through the hall. Bright green mage outfit and bright pink hair the same color as theirs, they prepared to say goodbye to one of their quintuplet sisters.

    "Kounego, I'm gong oyt now," Nousagi murmured through their toast.

    "Nousagi, we're both adults here, you don't have to tell me where you're going," Kouneko responded. "Also, don't talk with your mouth full."

    Wolfing down their carrot swiftly, Nousagi let out a cough as the food went down the wrong pipe. They know they didn't have to tell their sister where they were going, but they knew it was better to exude common exiting courtesy. They weren't Hatsu. Besides, having manners was incredibly manly of them.

    "I know I don't have to," Nousagi responded. "But having manners is manly!"

    "Most men would probably disagree with you, saying, the lack of manners is what makes you manly," Kouneko responded.

    "Okay, Kouneko, but I'm not most men, I'm manlier than then." They let out a laugh.

    "Right, well, you're heading to the shrine to help clean it right?" Kouneko asked.

    "Yup. It's audition day. Have to clean up all that bad luck before I go on stage!" There was a goofy smile on their face.

    "Right." There was a tone of disbelief in her voice.

    "Well, would you look at the time? I should probably go! See you, Kouneko-nee-chan!" As they said such, they ran out the door.

    Running across the road, beautiful sakura petals flittered across the sky. Seeing such, they put on a smile. Today was a bright and beautiful day in Izumo. They would never leave this world if they were given the option to do intergalactic travel. What more could a rabbit ask for? This was home, and it always would be.

    Dashing through the torii gates, a short rabbit woman with long black hair and a bright pink shrine maiden outfit with lightning bolts printed all over it stood beside the gates sweeping up a fury. Their younger quintuplet sister, Shunko had been hard at work like always. Bowing their pleasantries had been ready.

    "Good morning, Shunko-chan," Nousagi greeted.

    "Good morning, Nousagi-nii-chan," Shunko responded. "You're going to an audition today?"

    "That's right." Nousagi nodded. They had then been handed a broom.

    "Have fun cleaning away the bad luck, nii-chan." Shunko proceeded to move out of the way.

    Broom in their hands, Nousagi dashed off towards the shrine. It was time to clean up all the bad luck lurking here. Sweeping away, they could feel all the omens vanish one after another. This would definitely give them the good luck they needed to tonight's audition! Moving towards the offering box, they readied to clap the bad luck away. But, as they approached the offering box, two people stood beside it.

    Standing to the left of the offering box has been tall, orange haired rabbit woman. Puffball hair ribbon holding back her ponytail, and bright citrus kimono glowing against the sun, Nousagi waved at their older quintuplet sister. Ah, it was just Shiroka. She had been at the shrine so often it was almost as if she lived here. Or, so they liked to joke.

    Standing on the right sight of the offering box had been a tall, spiky orange haired rabbit woman with star hairclips clipped down into her hair. Her dark blue exorcist yin yang outfit did not glow upon the sunlight. Look of slight contempt on her face, they let out a sigh. Classic Hatsu, she always looked so done with everything.

    "Hello, Nousagi nii-chan," Shiroka greeted.

    "Sup, nii-chan?"Hatsu greeted. "Cleanin' the shrine?"

    "Yup," Nousagi responded. "Clearing out the bad luck before my audition!"

    "Heh. Same as always," Hatsu responded, laughing. "We ought to come home more."

    Sisters clearing out the offering box, Nousagi tapped the rope upon the offering box, dropping a small four leaf clover inside, they clapped their hands together. Surely, dropping this little clover in would give them the good luck they needed to rise to the top of the auditions. This time, for sure. This had to have been the time it would work.

    Evening shortly arriving, they bid farewell to their three hard working siblings. Wishing them luck on their exorcist endeavors, They dashed past the torii gates. Surely, this would be the time they could finally be a lucky rabbit. This would finally be the one where they'd get the lead role in the next big play their masked acting troupe was about to put on.

    <Grammar assistant, on.>

    "Huh?" Nousagi asked in confusion. "Didn't I turn my phone off?"

    Taking their device out of their pocket, a wave of shock flowed through their face. Why was their phone on? What happened here? But, everything soon had had begun to crack around them. River opening up around them, a bubble had soon come out of nowhere. Bright blue bubble sucking them in, they could feel everything begin to fade away. Closing their eyes, they could feel their hope begin to die.

    They're going to be late to their next audition.


    "Where am I? Did I die on the way to my audition?
    Huh? No, heart is still beating.
    Eh, did I fall into some
    Really deep, and immersive dream?
    Eh, perhaps I did do just that.

    Ah, great, great, I'm going to be late to
    My audition, this

    Isn't good, there's absolutely no

    Way I'll get any lead role now!
    Ha, great, great, just great,
    Excellent. That
    Red little bubble, no, it was blue. That
    Eerie bubble, if it hadn't sucked me in I'd be on my

    Way to getting
    A lead role in the next play my troupe is putting on!
    So much for that! Now

    I doubt I'll get to participate in anything! Great, just great,

    This is awesome, excellent.
    Raaaah, I thought I cleaned up
    All the bad luck and threw it away!
    Nope, seems like I missed
    Some spot!
    Perhaps that saying
    Of rabbits have good luck was wrong.
    Rabbit's feet aren't
    That lucky you know,
    Even if they were,
    Don't think mine have ever been

    That luck. Nope
    Of course they ain't!

    How could they have been!
    Ugh, so where am I?
    Hmmm, let me see.

    Ah, hmm, a school? A

    School. Huh, what?
    Chiwa High School. Excuse me?
    High School? I'll have you know, I am an adult!
    Oh, and what's this, a female school uniform?
    Oh, no, oh, aeons, no.
    Listen, dream, I am a man.

    Every single bit of me is man.
    Well, no, I wasn't born one, but

    I am a dude. A man, the manliest man of all the men.

    Ah, this uniform, I want to rip it off. I ain't no girl, I'm a
    Man. Male, masculine.

    I won't be caught dead in this uniform. Oh,
    No, it won't come off? No way!

    This is awful!
    Help! Get this off! Get this off!
    Eww, this is so disgustsing!

    Gross! Just kill me now!
    I don't want to be in this uniform!
    Looks like it won't come off. No.
    Stop this nightmare!

    Ugh, ugh, disgusting.
    No. I won't go on,
    I won't go on. Wake me up right now!
    For, I won't stay here!
    Oh, man, disgusting,
    Really disgusting,
    Man, did that virus on my phone

    Do this? Ha, ha, ha
    I bet. I bet it hand a hand in this!
    Stupid, annoying
    Grammar program!
    Ugh, I shouldn't have ever installed that
    Stupid thing!
    This wouldn't have happened
    If I did!
    Never would it have happened.
    Gods, aeons,

    Get me out of here!
    Even if you can't hear me!
    Take me out of this place!

    Man, this is a nightmare.
    Everything about this is all just

    One big bad dream.
    Ugh, no. Let me out.
    Take me back to Izumo!"

    Waking up sometime later, Nousagi had found themselves in an unknown place. Looking around, for a moment, confusion loomed over them. Finding themselves in a run down academy with a broken sign on the floor entitled Chiwa High School, Nousagi tilted their head. Huh? Where were they? Why were they in a high school? They were an adult. They were seven years too old to be a student at any academy. But, the worst discovery had soon plagued them.

    Finding themselves in a pitch black school uniform with an orange ribbon and pistol tucked into their pocket, tears strolled down their face. What in the world? Why were they in the girl's uniform. They were a man. Was it because they were born the opposite? How cruel. They had never, not once in their life, seen themselves as a girl. This had to have to been some nightmare the fell into when they were sucked into that blue cube.

    "Nousagi-senpai, why are you crying?" a voice asked. "They're coming!"

    Tall young woman with long flowing purple hair and violet polka dotted ribbon had been crouched down on her knees. Her black uniform was as dark as the nighttime sky. Gun in her hand, she looked ready to shoot many people with it in one fell swoop. Black stocking sagging down, Nousagi titled their head. Who was this girl? They had never seen her before in all their life.

    "M-- senapi, leave them!" another voice said. "Nousagi-senpai is always slow!"

    "Coming from you, Kia--?" M-- responded.

    A short, young girl with low hanging silver twintails and black school uniform stood inside the school with a goofy look on her face. She hardly looked like she had any cares in the world. Seeing her, they couldn't help but feel like they were one of those overly enthusiastic idiots they always saw in the manga they would read.

    Standing themselves up, they let out a groan. Why were these girls calling them senpai? They were not a high school student. They were far graduated out from such a lifestyle. Where was the exit from this stupid dream? They wanted out right now. Take them out of this nightmare this instant.

    But, there was no exit. Girls looking at them like they had a thousand heads, they rolled their eyes. Great, had they been transported to some highly immersive dream? No, get them out of here. They had an audition to get to! However they got here, they needed this to be undone right now! Let them out of here!

    "Nousagi-senpai, you're acting so weird today!" Kia-- exclaimed.

    "You're usually so levelheaded, Nousagi-senpai," M-- said. But these words of nothing were soon cut off.

    Hearing the sound of multiple slow grunts, guns had soon been cocked. Black haired girls in school uniforms walking on by ever so slowly looking as undead as their sister when not loaded up on tons of coffee they could not help but feel confused. What was going on here? Who were these girls now? The student's friends.

    Girls coming closer with their arms stretched out far in front of them, shots were fired one after another. Girls falling to the ground in unison, they could feel an uneasy pie bake inside them. Why were these two strangers shooting their other classmates? What was going on here?

    "Nousagi-senpai!" Kia-- exclaimed.

    "Nousagi-senpai, get in gear!" M-- exclaimed.

    Told to get it together, Nousagi's rabbit ears drooped on the top of their head. What was going on here? They had to fight these other students? Was this some kind of battle royale dream where it was every student for themselves? Nope. Get them out of here. Get them out of here right now. They were an actor, not a killer.

    Pale, lifeless girls coming towards them, they tried with all their might to back away. Nope, nope, they weren't doing this. Even if they weren't from this place, they couldn't harm someone else. What if someone from their acting troupe saw them? They'd be kicked out of their troop straight away for causing violence. Count them out!

    Black haired student coming towards them, their talons had soon been sunk into their uniform. Seeing such, they hardly had a care in the world. Go ahead, destroy their uniform, they didn't want to wear it anyway! They'd much rather be wearing nothing but a binder than be caught dead in this thing. Scratch it all they like!

    Arrows coming their way, as well, Nousagi let out a pained scream. This was definitely some sort of school battle royale, alright. Who would be the last one standing? They had no idea. And, why would they? They were in some immersive dream, how were they supposed to know how any of this worked?

    "Nousagi-senpai! C'mon get it together, Nousagi-senpai!" Kia-- exclaimed.

    "Nousagi-senpai, you're so spaced out today," M-- said.

    "You would have killed hundreds of zombies by now!" Kia-- added.

    Silver haired girl saying a funny word, Nousagi's ears moved on the top of their head. Did they just hear that right, zombies? What's going on here? Had they entered some zombie apocalypse world? That grammar checker program, it had to have something to do with is. They should have uninstalled it ages ago.

    "Fine, leave it to me," Nousagi responded reluctantly.

    Pistol in their hand, and zombies coming towards them, Nousagi loaded up the device. Surely, using this thing wouldn't be too hard, right? They would sometimes have to use fake guns during plays at the theater. Right, this wouldn't be too difficult, it couldn't have been. This would be easy to fire, wouldn't it?

    But, there was no easy mode. Finger on the trigger, the bullets had begun to fly in the opposite direction. Zombies not scathed, they let out a loud huh. Why wasn't this pistol working? Maybe they had been in the wrong lane. Flipping the pistol over, they tried again. Although, their next attempt was worst than the last.

    Bullets missing the zombies every single time, Nousagi let out a grunt. Why couldn't they hit a single one of these undead girls? Were they that bad at fighting? They had wished they had taken mage practice more seriously in their formidable years. But, they never had any need for such a thing growing up peacefully in Izumo.

    Traffic cones destroyed instead of any of the undead students, they prepared for them to just surrender. What point was there in trying to fight some zombie outbreak? This was probably nothing more than some sort of dream. Any second now, and they would be awake and out of this place. No need to take any of this seriously.

    "Nousagi-senpai, you suck!" Kia-- shouted.

    "Kia---chan!" M-- shouted at Kia--.

    Silver haired girl telling them they were a bad shot, Nousagi rolled their eyes. Of course they were a bad shot, they had never wielded a real gun before. But, fine, they'll try harder, if that's what they wanted. Only to keep them quiet. Maybe then, they would get themselves out of this horrible dream.

    Spinning their pistol, they let the bullets fire themselves one after another. A couple of undead girls collapsing to their end, they blew on the head of their weapon. So, all it took was a few shots to get rid of them? Easy cruising, they'd be back to Izumo in no time. Army of curly haired girls running on by, they were on the case.

    Bullets letting themselves loose multiple other zombies had been released from their undead misery. Many dropping down to their untimely demise, they could see the other two girls destroying as many as they could in the corner. But, they swore they could hear the silver haired girl nya like a cat. They would ignore such for now.

    "That's the Nousagi-senpai we know!" Kia-- exclaimed.

    Pride in this young woman's voice, Nousagi didn't know whether to roll their eyes or scream the truth. They had never met these girls in all their life. Why were they acting like they had known them since childhood? But, it was that moment they could feel themselves be hit by a ton of bricks. Maybe two tons.

    This Nousagi they had been referring to, had hey been the Nousagi from this world? They had heard in passing that there had been infinite worlds out there with people that looked the same, but were completely different in circumstances and personality. Something someone in the computer world would call an expy, or something. They had no idea.

    Hearing loud droplets rain downward, a puddle had soon graced Nousagi's presence. Peering down at their reflection, shock hit their system. Bright, long pink haired person with a rabbit headband staring back at them in a black school uniform, tears streamed down their face. Why were their ears on the top of their head fake? What was this human nonsense?

    "Nousagi-senpai, what's wrong?" M-- asked.

    Strangers reaching out to them again, Nousagi said nothing. They didn't know these girls. If the person who had been originally in this body did, they were not them. But, why waste their time saying that? These girls wouldn't understand that, in the slightest. Things, however, had only begun to get stranger from there.

    Finding themselves in a grey space with a barrier closing out the other side, the confusion grew into a large puddle. Where could they have been taken now? They had no idea. Could this nightmare just end already? They had to have been hours late to their audition by now. There was no way they were going to get the lead role now.

    Hearing the slash of a sword, a tall with long white hair, and black outfit stood in the puddle of grey water. Whiffing up a noxious scent, Nousagi covered their nose. Why did they smell lycoris radiata in the air? But, they had soon come to a realization. One that bore the taste of bitter carrots not grown right in the summer.

    They see now, that puddle they had stumbled into, it was their end. What a cruel way to go, on the day of an audition. No, no, it couldn't end this way. This was not how it should end. Not at all. This had to have been some sort of sick joke. A cruel, and twisted prank. Doors opening up in front of them labelled stay or leave, they charged towards the leave door.

    "That is the door you choose?" the white haired woman asked. "Then, so be it, I will not stop you."

    White haired woman disappearing, Nousagi opened the door to the exit. It was time to leave. Get out of here, back to Izumo. Back to heading towards the auditions. Out of here, and away from this place. Light engulfing them, they shut their eyes. Goodbye, zombie school, goodbye school uniform, goodbye stupid skirts.

    But, what awaited them upon returning had been a wasteland. Izumo dyed in red, Nousagi's ears drooped. Where were the sakura trees? Where was the sweet air and aroma? Bright red raining down, they couldn't help but feel confused. Not a single soul around, their ears dropped down further. Where was everyone? Where were their sisters?

    Kouneko soon walking by with large horns on their head, confusion continued to play itself out. What was going on here? Why did Kouneko-nee-chan have red horns on their head? Maybe they were still dreaming. Right, that had to be it. Pinching their cheek, they immediately recoiled. How strange, this was real.

    "Nousagi?" Kouneko asked in confusion. "You're back from that bubble universe?"

    "Are the auditions still going?" Nousagi asked.

    But, there was a long pause. Kouneko not answering them for quite awhile, Nousagi blinked. Why wasn't she saying anything? What was going on here? They were an actor in a theater troupe! Didn't they know? This was their sister, for crying out loud! Maybe they had been in another immersive world again.

    "Nousagi... Izumo was destroyed a long time ago," Kouneko said. "Immediately after the fall, you were lost in your own little world as if that never happened."

    Sister telling them how it was, Nousagi's ears dropped downward. Right. Izumo was a shell of what it once was. There had been hardly any survivors, they remembered now. That day it all happened. They couldn't believe it. They wouldn't believe it. Staring off into space, they closed their eyes. Nope.

    Back to the sweet world of Izumo's past.

    Goodbye, wasteland.

    Yeah, idk lol, this is a mix of Houkai Gakuen 2 and a place in hsr that isn't even playable with I guess remnants of School Live! If anyone remembers that? Don't take this one too seriously.
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    Silence is Purple
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    Bone Indigo Apathy

    "I am Liath

    And I am a Scorpion chimera.
    My sister and I live on the

    Capital of Passion or I should say past tense
    As a disaster has struck.
    Looks like it is something called the Honkai Disaster or, so I assume.
    Look I am aware of the Ever and always expanding universe, we're
    Doomed. This day was the

    Last day of my life
    I had two
    Arms. I now have a
    Thick bone arm and
    Hand. It's a reminder of what not to do.

    I was not going to just sit by

    As disaster struck.
    My hand and

    Arm bring nothing but bone

    Should not matter. I
    Cannot be too bothered by it I have
    One or two exoskeletons.
    Really, it hardly matters this is a
    Permanent consequence of my actions.
    I hadn't known that the Honkai disaster
    Oozed with flesh corroding capabilities.
    No. How should I have known?

    Please humor me, how could I have?
    Eh. Don't care.
    Really, is there a reason I
    Should? I do not,
    Or rather, I should
    Not. My bone arm

    This was my fault for the beginning
    Having someone to blame is
    Overly pointless. This was my
    Undoing. I don't
    Get to try and
    Have a reason to

    Dish out those
    Unserious claims that it's
    Everyone else's fault.

    This is the world
    Of a warrior.

    An arm or two lost. Well,
    Not according to my sisters.

    Ugh, they always say
    No need
    For sacrifices.
    Okay, and do you two suppose there is
    Really any other options?
    Sometimes, I don't know whose side
    Either of them are on?
    Eh, that's history I suppose.
    Now, we are always fighting.

    How did all this lead to an
    Overproduction of monsters here?
    No one
    Knows, but now we're
    Always fighting, and
    I have heard that

    Down in some neighboring city
    It has declared war on us or
    Something. I really don't know
    And I would rather not find out.
    So, since now
    That a war is coming
    Everyone needs weapons.
    Right, yes and this

    Includes my sisters.

    Now, this is something
    Our entire capital
    Will be participating in.

    Ha, capital of passion, indeed.
    A wartime passion
    Violence and
    Everything else you could ever

    Ask for.

    But, who cares about all that?
    Or rather, why should I?
    Nothing matters
    Everything is nothing.

    And we're all fighting for nothing. Or
    Rather, I just don't care.
    Maybe I used to, but I

    Don't any longer
    Or rather, I wish

    I could, but I

    Can't anymore.
    And I do not
    Really think I
    Ever will anymore. I am

    Numb to everything.
    Oh, well. Such is life.

    Because there is no meaning in anything
    Unless I find
    The reason to care.

    Maybe I will again
    You never know. But

    So much has and
    Is always happening I
    Struggle to care I struggle
    To feel emotion. I'm
    Empty, a shell
    Ready to end it all. No.
    Stop. Not that

    Sort of phrasing,
    Uh no I would
    Rather not
    End it all, but it

    Sounds nice
    Everything would be over,
    Everything would be done.
    Maybe I should stop

    Talking. Eh. I feel nothing. That is
    Ordinary for me."

    It was a gloomy, forebodingly stormy day on what used to be a world known as the the Capital of Passion. Not a single person within the confines of the area had any goals to strive for, anything to especially live for. None of such mattered any longer for the citizens that still remained, and such had been especially true for one particularly uncaring person.

    A short, androgynous person with indigo hair pulled back into tiny bolt like shaped twintails paced around the room with a visible light blue scorpion body below the waist. Right arm nothing but bone, the person would stick out like a nail poking out of a haystack. Creeping and crawling around in a circle, it's half grey and white shirt with a diamond shaped pattern had been its only form of clothing.

    Explosions kicking themselves off one after another, the scorpion closed its reptiles eyes. Arachnid body going the way of the entirety of the city's passion, it let out a sigh. It was wartime again. It remembered what had happened like it was yesterday. The Honkai disaster, the large explosions, the day that everything changed.

    Circular walk continuing, the scorpion person scratched the back of its ear with its bony fingers. That was then, and this was now. It hardly cared about anything anymore. The war, its decomposition, the Honkai. Nothing mattered. Nobody matter. It all meant nothing anymore. The war with neighboring, not passion capital meant nothing.

    Memories from time forgotten pressing in the rotting pencil inside it, everything continued to mean absolutely nothing. Its life used to mean something. It was an artist, a painter, a master mixer; an artist its sisters and many others looked up to, admired. Wanted to aspire to be, inspired by; wanted to copy.

    But, that was all over now. Its dominant hand had been gone, boned in, damage completely irreversible. It had exoskeletal capabilities. It should not have mattered, it should not have meant anything; it could still hold a paintbrush. However, that had all been a pipedream. Utensils were not meant for boney appendages. It could not hold anything.

    Paintings flipped over towards their backside, the scorpion threw out the feelings of what could of been. What did anything matter about what could have been, what did any of its painting from the past matter anymore? None of its past work meant anything. It all lost meaning. Everything lost all meaning. Its sisters would tell it that everything it did touched hundreds. But, what did any of that mean for it now? Nothing meant anything. Who cared anymore.

    However, it still remembered the day it all changed like it had been yesterday. Its brain could never forget. Or rather, it supposed, its brain would never allow it to forget. The flashbacks were never ceasing. It would close its eyes, and see it all over again. There it was again, haunting it. That day, the disaster, the moment everything changed.


    It was a beautiful day in the Capital of Passion. The streets were full of artists, the writers were dropping some beats. Everyone was ready to present their talents to the world, like always. There had never been a dull moment. The world was beautiful, full of color, pallets and hope. The city was an explosive paradise.

    Its sisters, Gris and Plata were full of life, passion imploding, growing, always expanding. Their lyrics were always perfect, their compositions were always top notch. They were the cream of the scorpion crop. The top of the creation chain. Their latest and greatest were ready to reach number one upon the charts.

    But, that all changed today. This had been the last moment where anyone would anyone would care about art. That was the end of all that. This was the final moment where anyone would draw anything, write anything, sing a single lyric. All of that was over, done, finished. All in a matter of seconds.


    A pure icy blue young woman the size of a building stood at the top of the capital building with a sense of despair on her face. Screaming out, everyone's day of passion ends here, a blinding light engulfed the entire world. Paintbrushes melting, songs stopping, sound had become chaos. Everything had been black and white.

    Lady screaming her hard work would go ignore no longer, the world continued to remain black and white. Explosion throwing itself into the mix, she let out a series of cries. How dare everyone ignore her. Now, she's going to make sure no one could perform art ever again. No one could sing ever again. It all ends here. She can't be heard? No one should.


    And that's when everything started shaking. Paints spilled, ink bled, sound ruptured. They soon followed afterward. The crab monsters, the creatures that stole everything. The six legged freaks that ruined it all. Nothing was the same again. It never would be again. Perpetrator of the catalyst combusting in piping hot icicles, the disaster was only just starting.

    Dropping its paintbrush the scorpion flinched. What was that about just now? How strange, who was that? It could suddenly feel every drip of its motivation fade. It didn't know anymore if it could finish this painting. Almost everyone was done for the day. Packing it up, putting the canvases away. And, that's when it could hear everyone shout at it.

    "Li, get inside!" its sister Gris, screamed.

    "Liath, hurry!" its sister Plata shouted.

    But, it could not go back inside. It was too late, it was surrounded. The crabs had the advantage. Where could it run? How could it go back inside? Its options were cut. There was nothing that could be done. It was over, done for finished. Various other individuals cornered, as well, flesh was gone. Bodies were taken out of the equation. No one was left without a mark.

    Right arm bubbling, Liath's reptile eyes pulsated. What was that horrific stench? The crabs stuck again, the bubbles only continued. Fingers gone, they were nothing but bone. The boiling continued. Its wrist was marrow. The boiling continued. Its entire arm was gone.

    Monsters removed from a mysterious force, a sense of doom loomed over the scorpion person. Its painting hand, dead, gone, rest in peace. It would never be able to do art gone. It was a skeleton, hollow, nothing. Flesh wrist dragged away, the world blurred, the world numbed, nothing felt like anything.

    "Li! We're getting you out of the Honkai!" Gris shouted.

    "Liath, c'mon!" Plata shouted.

    Dragged away, Liath's body shook. It was over. How could it ever do art again like this? It could not. It was an impossible task. Its hand was nothing but bone, its arm was nothing but marrow. This was the day where not a single thing would matter anymore. What did passion matter? It couldn't do any of that anymore.

    -Flashback End.-

    But, that had hardly been the end of the problems. The next day had been far worse for everyone. The neighboring city soon came. Anger hit the world. The people were furious, fuming, done with the passion city. Done with the everyone outshining the non capital. Boom, crash, wham, whammo, slam, kaboom.

    The little explosives rumbled. The citizens declared war. The passion city was going to tumble. Art was dead and gone. There was nothing but warfare. Nothing but angry citizens, and nobody creating. The world was crumbling. The artsy beacons were no longer real. Nothing was real. Or, so all the boned citizens claimed.

    Its sisters were the only ones without the boney hands. The only ones that were normal. The only ones that had not been taken away by the cataclysmic disaster. The world was full green. Everyone envied. They all wished for it to go back. The warfare amongst the passion city was never ending.

    But, Liath hardly cared. Nothing mattered anymore. Who cared why the citizens for fighting? Why did it matter? No one had motivation. All that remained was bloodshed. All that remained was anger. Shells of former selves. Monsters of what used to be. Crabs, zombies. Who had time for anything creative anymore? No one did.

    Its sisters would fight every single day, blowing the monsters away. Smithereens. Gone without a trace. They would return daily, torn up, ruined. Risking decomposition. It knew it had to help. It had to do something. Anything. It could not just sit around and do nothing. It had to fight. Kill those monsters. End their sorry lives.

    However, that was not possible. Its bone hand was weak. It could not fight back. The marrow was not strong enough. It was a useless, rotting scorpion. A shell of artistic nothing. If only it were left handed. Reality was a cruel, sick and twisted joke.

    But, it stopped such negative conjecture. Who cares anymore? It most certainly did not. Why should it? It could rot in this room and die. Nothing was worth living anymore. Passion was dead. All of it was gone. Its thoughts were soon interrupted by the slam of a door, and heavy panting. Sweat dropping down to the floor, it all burned.

    Standing at the door had been a young woman with short indigo hair that went down to about her chin pulled back into two braids. Bright yellow alligator eyes looking tired and bright green war outfit upon her, she huffed and puffed like she huffed a carton of cigars for years without a second of quitting.

    Running head first into the room had been a young woman who had short, dark blue hair the color of the midnight sky. Her crocodile eyes were deader than a corpse outside. Bright yellow buttoned down outfit, and flower canon on her hands, her weapon dropped to the floor, crumbling to pieces.

    "Li, we think we found something," Gris said, huffing.

    Hearing such, Liath stared off into space. Found something? Found what? The sweet escape from this life, a way out of here? Reversal of everything that had happened, a leap back in time? Whatever it was, or could have been, the shards were gone. It was all done. Just take it away already.

    "Don't care," Liath responded. But, such had been shut down in a matter of moments.

    "Liath, we found someone that can do something about your arm!" Plata exclaimed. "This is big!"

    Sisters explaining the situation, Liath could hardly find any reason to care. What did any of that matter now? It had already been far too late for it to mean anything. The cities were already fighting. This would not bring back its passion. No, quite the opposite. It would do absolutely nothing. Who cared what would happen from here? Why bother fixing anything anymore?

    "It won't change anything." As it said such, it turned its head towards the wall.

    "Li, what? Just the other day you were telling us how you wanted to be able to do something in battle since our toxins are ineffective after the Honkai disaster!" Gris exclaimed.

    "Did you change your mind?" Plata added.

    Game of twenty questions coming its way, Liath huffed a tired sigh. Did it say that? That was then, and this is now. It hardly cared about that. And, it most certainly knew it wouldn't matter if its arm were fixed. How could it be? It's not like they could go back in time before the tragedy occurred. War was forever, and it was here to say.

    "That was then, and this is now." It kept its head turned towards the turned over paintings. But, the protests continued.

    "Li, we know you don't mean what you say!" Gris exclaimed. "Please, hear us out!"

    "Please, Liath!" Plata exclaimed.

    Liath rolled it eyes. Hear them out about what? There was nothing to tell. It knew there was nothing to talk about. What would be the easy fix? It could not be repaired. The Capital of Passion was beyond saving. But, why put up a fight, why argue with them? Why waste energy? It was better to just agree to get it over with.

    "Whatever." It kept its head turned towards the wall.

    "Li, listen up, okay! Some one from some super big spaceship just came down here while we were fighting!" Gris shouted.

    "Okay, so?" Liath sighed.

    "And, he said to us that there's a member of the Genius Society who can fix our planet, and you!" Gris responded.

    "But, not the war, that's beyond repair," Plata interjected.

    "Well, okay, the ongoing monster conflict and hostilities won't be gone right away, but! Apparently, there's a beautiful lady named Ru-- M-- who can create things!" Gris exclaimed with gutso.

    "Okay, so?" Liath repeated.

    "So, we think she can do something about your bone arm!" Gris shouted, pumping her fists.

    "So what. Doesn't mean it's true." It crossed its arms across its waist.

    "Liath, it's true! This scientist said that she has a whole room of creations!" Plata exclaimed, but Gris soon interrupted.

    "We just have to ask Madam He--- if Ru-- M-- would be interested!" Gris exclaimed. She then pointed at the door. "The Herta Space Station will let us be the first testers of these new creations!"

    Liath froze at this moment. A test subject for some new creation? And who was to say that this wouldn't be some sort of experiment? It had heard of that organization before, the Genius Society, but only from weird foreigners before the fall. How did people still have the galls to come here? It hardly knew.

    "Whatever. Let's go." Liath said, shaking its head.

    "Great, great!" Plata exclaimed. "Some dude with a golden mask stopped time, but it's wearing off, so we'd better hurry and come up to the spaceship!"

    Flesh hand gripped into a lock, the grey world outside brushed on through. No one moved as the ladder upon the spaceship had come down from up above. The fights were dead, gone, stone. As the door to the space station closed itself shut, Liath closed its eyes tight enough to be glued shut.

    What would any of this do for it?


    "Things have just been so dry since the
    Honkai disaster.
    Every day,

    Gris and I see how deflated Liath has been.
    Every single day it looks so done.
    Nothing matters to
    It anymore. Not since our scorpion poison had become
    Unlethal. Gris and I are the only two without a bone appendage. But, we no longer create
    Songs. We have lost motivation.

    So much has happened at this point
    Our wills are wavering.
    Could this be the end?
    I don't know.
    Everyone has stopped creating.
    There is no more passion.
    Yet, Gris and I can see why.

    Maybe it will return someday.
    Return? Ah, perhaps not.

    So much has happened.
    Crab monsters, warfare.
    Really, I just don't know what to say anymore.
    Everyone suddenly got angry.
    We just don't know what to think anymore.
    Looks like it'll never be over.
    Looks like we'll just have to keep on fighting. With
    Unrelenting force since our poisons no longer work.
    Maybe the Honkai Disaster took those away.

    Maybe. I don't know.
    And, I really wish I
    Did know.
    All of a sudden, after that young woman
    Made her voice known and the

    Honkai came, neither I, nor Gris, nor Liath can
    Effectively use our scorpion venom anymore.
    Right. We can't,
    That's just how it is
    At the moment.

    Ru-- M-- maybe she can fix
    Us. I hope she can
    As I feel nothing without my venom.
    Nothing at all.

    My world has gone numb.
    Everything feels like nothing.
    I just wish I could feel something."

    Coming aboard a large spaceship with multiple scientists buzzing about, Liath could hear its sisters buzzing a name in particular. Madam Herta, the owner of the spaceship. Hearing such moniker, it heaved a sigh. Why did they have to go to her first, anyway? It was not like they needed her permission to be here, they were invited to come here. Or, maybe Gris and Plata were lying. It swore it could see hundreds of eyes gazing at their own. Did they look funny, or something? It's not like they had control over their reptile eyes.

    Guided towards a puppet person with long brown hair, a purple outfit and bored look on her doll face, Liath gazed at her. She looked as done with the entire world as it had. Woman gazing at its bone hand she suddenly looked as though she was interested in it. Tinkering with something for a moment, she had begun to talk into some floating object on the wall.

    "Master Screwllum and Ru-- M-- should be ready to assist you three in a minute," the puppet lady responded. "They're in the Seclusion Zone."

    Puppet saying she was interested in their scorpion venom, its sisters offered themselves to her. Given a device with a map on it, Liath tilted its head. The heck was this thing it was given just now? Cursor pointing at it moved through the space station, cultural shock had been the first emotion it had felt in Aeons knew when. This thing, what was it?

    Finding itself in a room with a robotic man adorning a suit, and a monocle, Liath gazed at the stranger, for a moment. It had heard of mechanical people before, but it had never seen any before. It had long forgotten the world and how interesting it truly was. It thought everything had died along with its decomposed arm.

    "Mr. Liath, Ru-- M-- will be with you in a moment," the tin man, Screwllum said.

    Hearing the term mister, Liath sighed. It wasn't a mister. It was not a miss, either. It was nothing, a void. Or a scorpion, rather. How long had it been since it cared about how people addressed it? A long time, it ventured. Maybe it had been rotting away for too long at this point thinking that absolutely nothing mattered anymore.

    "I am not a mister, nor a miss," Liath responded.

    "Apologies, Master Liath," Master Screwllum responded. "I will not refer to you as mister any further."

    Taken into a large room within the seclusion zone littered with cats inside bean like objects, and felines that looked like bags, uncertainty flowed through it. Was this what this so called genius was capable of? Something about this felt more like art than science. But, what did it know? It didn't know anything.

    Waiting for quite some time, a tall lady with long black hair pulled back into a ponytail had soon strutted into the room with an extremely strong scent of perfume on her. She had green eyes, and outfit that looked to be about the same color as it. Black fabric exposing her stomach, her heeled blue shoes almost fell off her feat.

    "Are you Liath?" Ru-- M-- asked.

    "Correct," Liath responded plainly.

    Ru-- M-- pulling out a metallic bone the shape of its skeletal arm, layers of confusion wrapped themselves up into a big bow. This was the creation Gris and Plata dragged it all the way here for? It was nothing more than another layer of bone, who cares? What would this do for it? It could feel its motivation all ready to die all over again.

    Tin man coming in as Ru-- M-- readied for action, the motivation slipped further. Why did it agree to do this? This would hardly fix its bone arm at all. It would only make it more noticeable. What would this help? It knew it would not do anything. Who cared about aesthetics? How would this be able to repair the damage done to it? It hardly knew.

    "Master Liath, it might hurt while we are installing the prosthetic." Master Screwllum said.

    Seated in a chair, Liath shook its head. Why would it hurt? It had since forgotten what anything felt like. Nothing felt like anything. The world was numb. Everything was a husk of emptiness. And, it knew this new change would not change anything. It hardly needed to heed this sort of warning. It knew it did not mean a thing.

    "I have no pain receptors." Liath turned its head towards the opposite direction.

    Metallic bone hand turned arounds towards the opposite end, the scorpion closed its eyes. But, it soon opened them once more. Feeling a brief pinch for a moment, it kept itself calm. Steel bone hand covering the marrow, it stared down at it. This was what was meant to fix it? It was hardly sure it was buying what this group was selling.

    Installation taking a little longer, it swore it could hear the tin man say there's a possibility the body might reject the new limb. Hearing such, it shook its head. Who cares if it were to reject him? If that was how it was, let it reach the end of its life from this. It knew this would never help it paint again.

    "Master Liath, try moving it." Screwllum Adjusted his monocle.

    Standing itself up, Liath gazed at the metallic bone hand. Try moving it? What was there to try and move? It was almost identical to how it already looked. What point would there be in trying to move it? But, it knew it had to be cooperative and do as everyone said. Taking a quick deep breath, it tried with all its might.

    Steel digits moving, Liath swore it could feel something. The world was colored. Full of light. Was this what it felt like to have purpose again? What it felt like be useful? Maybe it could hold a paintbrush again like this. It did not know, but that felt like it could have been something that was possible now.

    Iron man asking it to try and hold something, a variety of object had been laid out on a table. Seeing a ball in the corner, it stared down at it, for a moment. What would it feel like to pick up this object? It supposed it would be worth a try to test out what it might have been like to hold objects once more.

    Ball in its hand, it attempted to whir up a pitch. But, that did not happen. Ball flittering towards a wall, it shrugged. It should have expected much. Is grip was far from optimal. Whatever. It already knew at this point it had lost too much from the decomposition. Nothing was left. Its skills were dead and gone. It knew that.

    Couple of writing utensils laid down on a table, Liath took matters into its own steel hands. Pencil gripped tightly, it gazed down at a notepad left in the corner. Would it be able to stroke a pen anymore? It hardly knew. It supposed it could try by writing out the Capital of Passion alphabet.

    Symbols stroked down aplenty, Liath could feel a spark of inspiration. Maybe it was fixed after all. Or, maybe this was just the beginning of the end. These were strangers. It could all go downhill from here. How long would the efficiency last? It had to have its limited case uses. It could feel every single instance of itself feeling motivated die once again.

    "What's the catch?" Liath asked.

    "Master Liath, why are you inquiring about such?" Master Screwllum asked. "There will be no contractual to you."

    But, as the two genius society members discussed the metallic bone arm, a loud hissing noise occurred behind a closed door. Cracking its knuckles, a sudden heavy wave gutso flowed through Liath's venom sack inside it. Something was off in that room in the corner. It needed to investigate.

    Peculiar automatic doors opening, a swarm of gigantic wasps overtook a long, black room of seclusion. Seeing these creatures, Liath clutched its brand new limb. It could kill these things and use them for artistic inspiration. Button soon pressed on the prosthetic, it let out a shout loud enough for the entire space station to hear.

    "Ugly anti aesthetic, begone!" Liath shouted.

    Metallic bones coming out of the sides of its arms, bugs had been splattered upon the wall right left and center. Hearing far more buzzing noises deep inside, it had begun running. So, there had been more vermin, had there been? Such ugly creatures. It would get rid of these blemishes that were a disgrace to all things art.

    "Feel my inspiration" Liath shouted at the top of its lungs.

    Bug army crushed one after another, the sparks had begun to fly. It was all back. Its inspiration, its muse, its passion. Everything was alive, well. Colorful. It had long since forgotten what this felt like. Feelings, emotions, motivation, wanting to do something. Longing for something, not wishing for the end to come and take it away forever.

    Running further in, however, a strange man with a golden mask and white outfit stood inside the deep recesses of the Seclusion Zone looking ready to tsk up a storm. Hearing such, Liath added its own tsk to the mix. And, who was this person now? Another one of those geniuses in the society? Whatever. It hardly cared what other people thought. It supposed that would never change.

    "You fight like a moron," the golden statue man said.

    "I don't need to take that from someone who won't even show his face," Liath responded.

    "Whatever you say, dimwit. The leader is coming." The golden masked statue man soon walked upon a battlefield.

    Large wasp letting out a scream, Liath prepared itself for battle. Hah, another wasp? This would be a quick one. These creatures were nothing more than inspiration fodder at this point. It hardly had to waste its time fighting these things. It would all be over in a matter of seconds, mark its words.

    Monster done and dealt with after a singular blow, Liath blew upon its bone hand. Golden mask man inquiring if it had been on the path of destruction, it shook its head. Path of destruction? That was hardly the case. It had been on the path of the hunt. What did that matter for, anyway? It had no reason to answer to someone who claimed it was a fool.

    Going back home shortly after such wasp dealings, everything had changed. The Capital of Passion regained its inspiration once more. The streets were full of painting, the houses were full of writing. Everyone had their new fangled set of limbs. The warfare was over, art was back, and better than ever.

    Swashing its paintbrush upon the canvas, a bright, colorful wasp with devil horns had been painted on the hard surface. Mixing the paints, Liath wiped the sweat off its toxic brow. It was back, baby. Had that honkai disaster even happened? Maybe it didn't. Perhaps that had just been a bad dream, or something. Whatever. It didn't care. It could hold a paintbrush again. Swishing away, its next masterpiece was ready.

    Passion was in session.

    Threw this together with hardly any thought. Also. I know nothing about the capital of passion.


    Silence is Purple
  • 8,174
    Sea Green Eyed Monster

    "Hello there!
    Eager to make your acquaintance. You
    Looking? Okay.
    Look here, look here. Name's Waiola.
    Oh? Where am

    I from, you ask? Klimt Republic!
    Maybe. I dunno, actually!

    We tend to go
    Away from our home base.
    It's always an Intergalactic journey
    Over universes
    Looks like there's never
    A dull moment.

    And never will be.
    Not like I want a
    Dull life, but

    Maybe, my stupid brother could dial it down,
    You know? So, we have this

    Dude. No. Maybe not a dude.
    Uh. Neutral language, neutral language. Uh
    My brother's pal.
    Brother's pal, their name is Garran. They're

    Quite the piece of work, let me tell you!
    Ugh. So they're super
    Eager to, wait. What were they
    Eager to do, exactly?
    Now, I can't remember...

    Take a moment, I have a
    Wildly terrible memory.
    I need a second
    Need a moment.

    Beackon the call to
    One, two, three. One
    Two, three. Hmm.
    Hmm....oh. Aha!
    Eh. Here we go!
    Remember now!

    Ah. They want to steal...
    No. Wrong word. Take.
    Don't think that's right, either.

    Huh, I don't know
    I don't know.
    So much for remembering.

    Please be patient
    As I often forget everything.
    Listen though, that

    Garran. I swear this guy...
    Ah. No. They're not a guy.
    Right. Anyway,
    Right. Where was I?
    Anyway. They're just this...
    Noxious person.

    Sometimes they suggest the
    Ugliest things.
    Geh, nevermind.
    Geh, nevermind. Nevermind.
    Eh, maybe I
    Should not say
    That about them.
    Eh, so they want to steal this--
    Don't say that, don't

    Say that.
    Oh, alright, take.
    Maybe not.
    Eh. Why am I
    Trying to find words...
    However I say
    It it all means the same thing.
    No, maybe not.
    Get with it, Waiola.

    So, here we are
    Taking a Stellar on.
    Ugh, this will
    Probably go horrible.
    It one hundred percent will.
    Don't wanna do this.

    Ahhhhhh. Oh, Aoens
    Gods, Herserrchers....
    Ah. Whatever, whatever.
    I don't want to do this.
    Nope. But they'll

    Tell me.
    I'm being a scaredy cat.
    Easy for them to say.
    Do I look like a brave

    Ol lion?
    For real, I'm

    Trying to tell them:
    Ha, no.
    Eh, why bother?
    I shall not.
    Right. I'll just watch.

    No. I will not participate
    Oh, boy
    Now I really just want to
    Stay behind.
    Eh. Eh.
    No. No.
    Stop, stop.
    Even if I

    Say anything,
    I'll be shot down.
    Get over it Waiola.
    Hahahahahaha, hahahahahahaha!

    Whatever, get over it.
    Ha, I'll get over it
    Take the Stellaron, for all I care.
    Ehehehe. Haha.
    Very well, go on, then.
    Everyone, let's go.
    Rahaha, Stellaron hunting!"

    A tall, dark skinned black panther woman with black cat ears, a tail and a martial arts uniform kicked her leg against the wall. Board adorning a picture of a red haired individual with a mohawk, the meower kept on kicking up a storm for no one to see. Her long, sea green hair flowed towards her backside as if there was a hurricane, and she was up against the world.

    Wooden board broken, the panther lady ran into the shed. Taking out yet another board adorning that same look, her sharp clawed toes rammed themselves into the wood. Board already broken, she rinsed and repeated the same action at least ten times. Every single kicker equipment used up, she let out a scream.

    "Aeons, Garran, I hate you!" the panther lady shouted.

    Boom, shaka laka laka.

    But, the lady could soon hear a crackle of thunder from up above her. Pitch black cloud up above her head, her hair soon stuck up from above her. Tail raised upward, another crackle soon came from up above. She could hear a voice ready to silence her.

    "Silence, Waiola," a voice boomed. "That word is not allowed in this story."

    Hearing her name called out to her, Waiola groaned. Large blue man with brown facial hair and a light green shirt printed with a special leaf on it sitting on top of his cloud casting judgement upon her, the panther lady's clawed feet stamped themselves upon her word. What, she couldn't say that word here? Who cares? She's not in Klimt Republic. She was in the far remote world of? Well, she didn't remember. Her memory was horrible these days. She'll say that word all she wants!

    "Silence, Nomalap," Waiola responded turning around. "I hate Garran. I'll say it louder for the people in the back. Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate." But, she had once again been struck by a bolt of lightning. "Okay, fine, whatever, god, whatever you are, you win."

    Stupid god floating away on his cloud, Waiola rose her clawed fist into the air. Hmph, there he goes again. Always coming around when she's alone, forgetting something, or whatever. What was this dude supposed to be, her conscious or whatever? Well, she's a lady, thank you, she doesn't need a man god telling her what to do! It's not like she was some character in a story or whatever.

    Going back to the shed, Waiola sifted through the empty room, for a moment. Not a single target board left, she rolled her eyes. How else was she supposed to vent her frustration out on something? B-o-r-i-n-g. Why did her brother have to become friends with such a weirdo? Just because they liked queen fashion just as much as he did?

    Frustration building up, she clawed the wooden door. If that loser hadn't come by, things would be so different. She wouldn't be on this--? What was the name of the planet she was on again? She forgot. Her memory had been quite terrible over the past few years. It wouldn't be like this if she was still in the Klimt Republic! Yet another thing at the fault of her brother's friend, she ventured! Time to blame him for it again!

    "Garran, this is all your fault!" Waiola shouted, clawing the door. "I hate you!" But, she had soon been struck with thunder again.

    "Silence, Waiola," the god said again. "I told you that word isn't allowed in this story."

    "Stupid stupid stupid god, go away!" Waiola shouted, shaking her fists. "I'm not your little thunder plaything! Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate."

    But, Waiola could soon hear annoying footsteps come from behind her. Aggravating heeled boots coming a chargin' in, she grit her teeth. Oh, boy, here he comes. Sir, Garran the Queen of Pests, and her even more annoying twin brother, Queen Bogart from planet Stupidtown. Were they even born from the same womb? Probably not. She was sure she was just adopted from another galaxy or something. His panther ears were probably fake. She'd bet her life on it in space court, if she had to.

    "She talking to herself again?" a voice asking.

    "She's talking to herself again."

    Walking on by with an annoying look on his face had been a short man with dark blue cornrows adorning bright white martial artist gi. Purple lightning bolts in the corner, and shoeless feet stomping on in, Waiola rolled her eyes. Is he trying to pretend he hadn't just been doing his dumb queen stuff with his stupid friend? Comical. She could smell his perfume from a mile away!

    Standing next to her annoying brother had been a tall person with a bright red mohawk, and gross, sticking frog hands to match. Pitch black eyes twenty shades darker than her and her brother's brown ones, and dark cloak definitely made from a million different raven feathers, Waiola rolled her eyes. Why even bother trying to hide that they were queens? It's not like everyone on this planet--. What was the name of the planet she was on again? She didn't remember. Her memory had been terrible, as of late.

    Stupid Garran claiming she was talking to herself once again, Waiola rolled her eyes. She wasn't talking to herself! This idiot, couldn't they ever stop being annoying? No? No. Definitely not. This dumb loser. She had that god on top of his cloud a her side! She was not talking to herself this annoying queen had no idea what he was talking about! She'll show them!

    "I was talking to god, excuse you," Waiola said. "Shut up."

    "Ya know that God dude of yours is all in that noggin of yours, don't you?" Garran asked, laughing.

    Garran once again denying the presence of her god pal, Waiola placed her hand into a fist. Hmph. What did they know, anyway? They were just too infuriating to ever for any god to ever want to be anywhere near them! God, Aeon, Archon, Herrscher, she bet they were all allergic to their presence. They definitely were! One-hundred-percent, no, one-thousand percent, no, one-googol-plex percent. Okay, too many zeroes.

    "Babe, leave her," her brother said. "Whatever she said is between her and God."

    "Mrow, callin' me babe already Bogart?" Garran meowed. "Say it again."

    "Jeepers, babe, we'll save that for the bedroom!" Bogart exclaimed. He then turned towards his sister. "By the way, Waiola stop painting crude pictures of Gare Bear all over your wood planks. He's part of the fam whether you like it or not." As he said such, he turned back around into da shack.

    Brother slamming the door behind him, Waiola clawed on the shed door with her talons. Grr. What did Bogart just say? Stupid Garran was part of the family whether she like it or not? Nope. No way she wasn't going to except this stupid loser into the family! She is going to uncover this loser's dark side! That's right! She's going to find their evil past and expose this freak for the super, definitely, googol plex percent criminal they were! Watch her work in action!

    Scratching the wood one final time, the panther lady opened the shed door. Hopping down the latch, she let out a laugh. She would expose them yet. Then her brother would dump this sorry bum 'intergalatic home wanderer' and send him back to the stupid planet he came from! That's right, she'd destroy this homewrecker. She bet they had affairs with millions of other space people! Frogs liked to get their sticky hands on everyone and hop around after all.

    Sifting through the drawers of stupid Garran millionth home, nothing stood out to her. Seeing such, she let out a groan. Of course that dumb criminal would hide everything on this planet--. What planet was she on again? Her memory had been so terrible lately, she had no idea. Opening the next drawer, she kept digging.

    Next container as empty as the next one, Waiola huffed a breath. What a clever criminal, they were sure good at covering up their tracks, weren't they? There had to be something incriminating down here. This was Garran's fifth planetary house she had been dragged to already on the millionth vacation. On? What was the planet she was on again? She had no idea, her memory had been so terrible lately.

    Third drawer just as empty as the last, Waiola rolled her eyes even further. What a loser. What crimes did they think they were hiding? Hmph. She bet if she looked under a rug, there'd be a newspaper under there to have enough evidence to turn this loser over to that prison planet, Penacony! And, turn him in, she would! Turn him in she would! Turn him in, she would.

    "You said that three times, already Waiola, tone it down," God said. "Repetition is bad in story telling."

    "You... how are did you know that I said that three times in my head?" Waiola said in an aggravated tone. "Mind your own beeswax!"

    "I am God, ma'am, I know everything," God claimed.

    "Okay, Cloud Sitter. Mind your own beeswax, nonetheless." Waiola turned around.

    Stupid Aeon, God, Archon, whatever this thing was poofing away, Waiola flopped the rug over. But, nothing had at all gone the way she thought it would. Nothing popping out of the carpet, she threw it against the wall. Nope, nothing incriminating. Ha, what did this loser have to hide from their so called 'husband' anyway. She wouldn't welcome this dumb queen into the family! Not like she cared about how they expressed themselves, that wasn't what this was about! Whatever. Surely, there was something that could have them locked up in Penacony for all eternity.

    "She's talking to herself again?" Bogart asked.

    "She's talking to herself again," Garran affirmed. "Waiolers, come up from outta the basement."

    Rolling her eyes, Waiola barreled up the stairs. This loser queen, why she outta give them a piece of her mind. Don't talk to her, don't breathe near her, don't say a single word to her. Can't this player go back to planet stupid already? Yeah, that's right, go back to planet stupid already. Where this annoying pest belongs.

    But, planet stupid had only gotten dumber seconds later. Upon coming back upstairs, the annoying little blackboard had words on it again. Crudely drawn circle with lines going around it and the word Stellaron underneath it, Waiola wanted to drag her nails across the chalkboard. What unintelligent garbage was Garran throwing them into this time? What was this awful Stellaron nonsense? Hmph. Whatever it was, she's not coming this time!

    "Go on, Gare Bear, tell her," Bogart said, arms crossed around his waist.

    "Babe, I thought you were gonna tell her," Garran said, laughing.

    Stupid Garran laughing again, Waiola grit her teeth. What was this loser laughing about this time? They were planning their next planet vacation? Here they go again. Another one of this dumb frog's million home planets. They were leaving? What planet were they on again? She had no idea. Her memory had been terrible lately. But, she had soon been taken back to reality.

    "Kay. I'll tell her, babe," Garran said aloud. "We're stealing a Stellaron on Emerald III."

    Waiola scratched her head with her talons once again. And who did this guy think they were calling the shots? Ah, right, they weren't a guy, or whatever. Grr. Whatever. Not a guy. Who did this frog think they were calling all the shots? Bogart should just dump this loser already! They had far too much power in this stupid relationship! Always calling the shots! Why did they have to meet on planet? What planet did they meet on anyway? Her memory had been so terrible lately she couldn't recall anything anymore.

    Words stealing and Stellaron ringing in her ears, Waiola let out a laugh. Good luck being criminals! This would finally be the time she'd let this loser get caught or whatever. Time to get owned by the Interastral Peace Corporation and become a prisoner! Hahaha. Finally, this would be the time to get rid of this loser once and for all! And forever!

    "Have fun being a criminal, I'm staying here on planet?" Waiola asked, but she paused. What planet was she on again? She didn't know. Her memory had been terrible lately. Hotter than the garbage on Jarilo VI.

    "You're coming," Bogart said.

    "I am not. Have fun with your criminal partner!" Waiola exclaimed.

    "Nice try, Waiolers," Garran said. "You don't have a choice."

    Waiola let out a laugh. She, totally had a choice! And what did she choose? Not going a Stellaron stealing! They could go get their own hands filthy, thank you! Bye, Garran the annoying loser. Time for their arrest. Go rot on that prison planet for all she cared. She wasn't joining them! Not at all! Googol plex percent no chance! Okay, that was too many zeroes. Whatever. Googol plex percent no chance!

    "Go on your criminal fest without me, loser!" Waiola shouted.

    "Jeepers, Waiola, what's gotten into you lately?!" Bogart shouted. "You're always excited to go on planetary vacations on Garran's home planets!"

    The panther let out another laugh. Her? Excited to go anywhere with her brother's stupid fake husband? Ha! Ha hahahahahaha ha ha ha ha ha. Say something funny, for a change. She didn't enjoy going on any sort of planet vacation! Take her back to Klimt Republic! She's not going anywhere near that stupid Stellaron thing! She'll stay on planet? What planet was she on again? She didn't know. Her memory had been terrible lately.

    "Nuh uh!" Waiola shouted. "I hate Garran. I don't want to go anywhere with them!" But, she had once again been struck by lightning.

    "Do I have to take your mouth shut?" the god asked, annoyed.

    "Silence, Nomalap." Waiola turned around.

    "Turning around not gonna change anything," the god said. "You're still not allowed to say that word in the story."

    "Shut up, already!" Waiola exclaimed swatting at nothing.

    Rolling her eyes, Waiola let out a groan. This bull poop again. What story? She wasn't some character in some story! She was a real bonafide chimera! A tride, true panther person. What was this nonsense about this being a story? Nope! She was the real one here! Who did this cloud loser think he was pretending she was real. Comical! That's what fictional characters would say!

    "She's talking to herself again," Bogart said, shaking his head.

    "She's talking to herself again," Garran said, shaking their head. Waiola had then been yoinked. "Anyway, spaceship time!"

    Lifted off her feet, Waiola let out a growl. Gods, Aeons, Archons, whatever, put her down! She would not leave planet? What planet was she on anyway? She had no idea. Her memory had been terrible lately. Well, anyway, she wasn't going anywhere! Kicking and screaming, she put up the fight of a lifetime.

    But, her fight ended in failure. Strapped into the spaceship like she as some stupid baby, she kept kicking and screaming. Nope! She's not going anywhere! Get off this stupid spaceship right now! But, she had soon been sprinkled with something. Vision blurring, her legs had soon gotten about as heavy as three hundred bricks.

    "Sleep awhile, Waiolers," a quiet Bogart said.

    Nodding off, she kept trying to fight it. Nope. Not going. Not going. Not going. Not going.

    Not going.


    "What planet was I on again?
    Huh, I don't remember. Nope.
    Ah, where was I again?
    To be honest, I don't remember.

    Please, refresh my memory, would you?
    Look. My memory has been
    Awful lately. I remember almost
    Nothing! Ah, and I bet it's all Garran's fault!
    Everything is always their fault!
    They're behind everything!

    And when did my brother get
    Married to this loser?

    It never happened, I bet!

    Oh, why I oughta! When did this sham marriage happen anyway?
    Never, I bet!

    And I bet bad old stupid
    Garran faked those marriage papers!
    Ah, I should have looked
    In the closest for forged papers!
    Now, faking a wedding, I bet that would be an offense fitting to put them away on Penacony forever!

    I know it will! Hahahahah, go away,

    Dastardly scum! Back to prison where you belong!
    Uhuhuhuhuhuhuh, hahahahahahahaha. Hahahahaha.
    Now, we're talking!
    Now that's the place this stupid loser belongs! Behind bars!
    Oh, yeah, the perfect planet for this definite criminal!

    Muhahaha, behind bars with
    You...you stupid criminal with a

    Million space boyfriends!
    Eh, God says I should stop judging it, well
    Maybe you should see him you stupid cloud person!
    Oh, look at this freak! Look
    Right at them! Those pitch black eyes!
    Yes! Those pitch black eyes!

    I know what they're after! All our
    Savings! Ha! Yeah, that's it!

    That's it! They're shagging my brother to steal stuff from him!
    Everything! Hahaha, hahahaha.
    Right, because why would he be interested in his queen activities?
    Really, you have to be on the same level of stupid as him.
    It's all a lie! And I know I'm placing the
    Bets! This Stellaron they're stealing will finally
    Lead them to jail! Hahah,
    Eventually, karma will come for you,

    Loser Garran! I
    Ain't falling for this
    Trash anymore!
    Eh, so suck on my milk!
    Look at me saying at this stupid nonsense!
    Yikes! This is why I hate this dude! He's not a dude, never mind. So, here we go. Arrest time!"

    She had a dream. A dream of what her life used to be before that annoying pest came on along. A time before that stupid Garran came along. The peaceful days. Her brother was in his room, and she was in her own. The good old days without that creep. That loser. But, that's all she could remember.

    Around her were faceless people, laughing. Who were those people? What planet was she from again? She didn't know anymore. Her memory had been terrible lately. She could hear her name called by all the faceless people. She could hear them all say the same things to her. Every second, of every moment.

    But, she could hardly remember anything, or anyone. What planet was she on right now? Who were these people? Well, she was dreaming right now, she supposed none of that mattered anyway. Was she dreaming? She hardly knew anymore. She could hardly tell. She didn't remember. What was real? What was fake? Maybe everything was unreal. Maybe everything was a dream. But, it was then she saw something.

    She could see a strange blond haired woman talking to something. Screaming various things one after another. Something about a Stellaron. Something about the future of an entire planet. What was this nonsense all about? The voices screamed. They kept going. They kept going. They kept going. They kept going. They kept going. They kept going.

    The woman was then gone. She could feel her feet shift back towards the unknown. The nobodies. The people she couldn't remember. The planet she didn't recall. All the nonsense that didn't matter. Or did it? Waiola didn't know. She couldn't remember. Why had her memory gotten so terrible lately?

    Jolted awake, Waiola let out a growl. Did that freak Garran wake her up? Can't he just go away? But, confusion soon loomed over her. Why was she in a spaceship? She didn't remember. Her memory had been so terrible lately. She could feel her questions start to roll the dice multiple times in succession of one another quite quickly.

    She stared at the spaceship wall. What even was the name of the last planet they were on again? She didn't know. She had forgotten. Her memory had been quite terrible lately. What planet was she even from again? How in the worlds was she supposed to know? She forgot that, too. But, what else was new? She never remembered anything.

    "We're making the jump to Emerald III," Bogart said. "Hold onto your hats!"

    Waiola let out a laugh. Oh, that's right, they're stealing one of those stupid Stellaron things! Right, well, count her out on all that. Her stupid brother and his even dumber fake husband can go steal that for themselves. She's not getting off this ship! She'll glue herself to her seat if she has to!

    "Now landing in Emerald III."

    Loudspeaker announcing itself, Waiola growled at it. Nope. She was staying right here. Right here. Right here. Right here. She was staying right here. She's not moving. Nope. Over her dead body. That's the only way she's moving from this spot! Bye, bye, stupid Garran. He can go be a criminal without her!


    Countdown starting, Waiola turned herself around. Nope. Forget this. Go do a crime without her. That sounds great right about now! They could go join those dumb Stellaron Hunters for all she cared. Go on, go ahead and join them. She'll stay here, and take this ship back to? Planet? What was home planet again? She didn't remember. Her memory had been terrible lately.



    Spaceship door opening Waiola refused to budge. Stupid brother telling her to get up, they're going hunting for a Stellaron, she kept herself glued to the seat. Nope. She's not budging. Nopers. Go without her. This dumb criminal to be! Why should she comply? Ha. No way. Ain't happening. Go away, bye. Bogart jumping out, she stood her ground.

    "Move," Garran said in a low voice.

    "Go be a criminal without me, bye!" Waiola exclaimed.

    But, she had soon been grabbed from her torso. Stupid frog person's disgusting sticky hands hoisting her upward, Waiola kicked and screamed. Dumb little amphibian's back target practice, she kept her shouts going. Over her dead body! She would not step foot on this stupid planet! Over her dead panther body! This freak.

    Thrown on the ground, she groaned. Finding herself on this expansive pure green planet rich with minerals, she seated herself upon the ground. She ain't hunting no Stellaron. These two were on their own! Bye, bye. Byeonara. Get out of here with that entire load of garbage and then some. But, before her defiance could continue, a friend soon came along.

    Standing in front of her had been a short man with messy blond hair, and a tattoo with unreadable numbers on his neck. Peacock outfit and sunglasses overshading him, she could feel a wave of confusion. Who was this? She didn't know. She couldn't remember. Her memory was terrible lately.

    "Hello there, Stellaron Friend," peacock man said in a snakey tone. "I'll be taking that from you!"

    Hearing such, Waiola let out a laugh. He was doing what now? She didn't have a Stellaron on her! What was this truckload of nonsense just now? Nice try. She wasn't falling for that. Nope. Trying to move her lips, she was ready to clap back. But, that point in time never came. Stupid Garran's hand on her chest, she squirmed. This freak weirdo.

    "Your Stellaron is mine, Waiola," Garran said as they placed their hand towards the center of her trunk. "Or perhaps I should call you Parasite of Tayzzyronth?" They let out a little laugh. "Thought you could get away with it forever, didn't you? Mutated True Sting?"

    Hand going through her chest, 'Waiola' grit her teeth. Ha, really now? She was a fake? Sure. Sure she was. The only fake here was this fella! Who is this loser now? There was no Stellaron in her body! This criminal was making all those lies up! This loser hadn't any idea what he was talking about!

    "Ha. Loser, and what proof do you have I'm this 'true sting', hmm?" 'Waiola' asked. "Prove it!"

    "Why don't you prove it to me, little parasite?" Garran said. As they said such they laughed. "Tell me, Waiola. What planet are you from?"

    Question coming her way, Waiola let out a laugh. What planet was she from? Of course she knew that! She was from? Hold on, what planet was she from? She didn't remember. Her memory had been quite terrible lately. Well, who cared, anyway? It's not like it mattered! She was going to abstain from this stupid question!

    "I abstain!" But, she knew she shouldn't have said that.

    "Wrong answer." Garran laughed. "Strike one."

    'Waiola' chuckled. Wrong answer this, wrong answer that. Why should she remembered where she was from? Who cared? What normal person would ever remember something like that? No one did! So, why should she! This stupid pest. This was all a setup, a setup! A setup, a setup, a setup, a setup. A setup.

    "Alright, paraisite, next question," Garran demanded. "What was the name of the last planet we were on?"

    Hearing such a question, Waiola laughed. Why wouldn't she remember the name of the planet she was just on? Ridiculous, ridiculous, ridiculous, ridiculous, ridiculous, ridiculous, ridiculous. Of course she remembered! They were on planet? What planet were they on last? She didn't remember. Her memory had been terrible lately. Ha. Who cares, anyway? She had been to thousands!

    "Dunno!" 'Waiola' exclaimed.

    "Wrong answer!" Garran exclaimed. "Strike two!"

    Second question failed, 'Waiola' grit her teeth. Oh, great. This stupid loser put her on strike two! Ha. For not being to answer their stupid question? Hahaha, hahahaha, hahaha. Okay, so what? She ain't got no Stellaron in her! There's absolutely no Stellaron in her! What a truckload of nonsense! But, 'Waiola' couldn't help but continue to laugh. This was getting pretty stupid! She knew she always hated that guy! Wait, they weren't a guy. Whatever!

    "Final question, 'Waiola,' Garran asked. "What Aeon do we follow?"

    'Waiola' drew a blank. What was this stupid question now? Since when did they follow the Aeons? This archaic loser said they didn't follow any! Or did they? She didn't know. She couldn't remember. Her memory was quite terrible lately. What Aeon did they all follow? What Aeon did they all follow? What Aeon did they allow follow? What Aeon did they all follow? What Aeon did they all follow? What Aeon did they all follow? What Aeon did they all follow? She didn't know. She couldn't remember. Her memory had been terrible lately.

    "No answer? You're wrong, Parasite!" Garran exclaimed in a low tone. As they said such, they had once again placed their hand on 'Waiola's' chest. "I'll be taking your Stellaron now. Bye bye, little mutation." Blinding light soon engulfing the entire green planet, and object had soon been removed.

    Limp body falling to the ground, a large wasp let out a scream. Removing a baseball bat out from their cloak, they swung and a hit. Creature disintegrating into pieces of nothing, Garran let out a laugh. They were finally rid of that parasite. IPC member standing in the corner, the debt had soon been paid in full.

    "Your debt has been paid in full, friend." The peacock ipc member said. He then turned around towards his backside waving.

    Sister's lifeless body standing down beneath his feet, Bogart shook his head. How long had that thing been inside Waiola's body? He didn't know. He couldn't remember. Why couldn't he remember something like that? For some reason there had been a huge chunk in his memory. Why was that? He did not know. He couldn't remember.

    "Gere bear, what are we doing with the body?" Bogart asked. But, there was a long pause after this.

    "I despise saying this, but. That true sting probably killed your sister when it fused with her," Garran said his head.

    "So, what are we going to do, babe?" Bogart asked. But, he had soon been hushed.

    "Don't worry about it, babe," Garran said. "I'll take care of it." Black tendrils soon covering his eyes, Bogart submitted himself to the greater Aeons above.

    Right. They'll take care of it.

    Lord Memory of Arcanism will take care of it.

    Try to not take this one too seriously tbh.
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    Silence is Purple
  • 8,174
    Violet Hued Dreams

    'It's been awhile, hasn't it?
    This is Siorc again.

    How long have I been going
    Across the universe? Quite
    Some time now, honestly.

    Been to Vonwaqc and I have discovered
    Everywhere in this vast universe chimeras
    Exist. I met some interesting face. Some friendly? Some
    Not. I haven't gone on

    A lot of places yet. And, all the
    While, the chimera species
    Has yet to enter D-- H---'s data bank, so
    I have decided to offer my assistance. He doesn't seem to
    Like that all too much, but
    Every time I'm not on

    Some journey around the universe
    I have to earn my keep around here.
    No one has found a way to get me back home, but I don't
    Care, honestly. I'm happy here.
    Even though I am not a Nameless and

    I follow the Path of Harmony, everyone accepts me.

    Will It be with the
    Astral Express crew forever? No..
    Someday, I'll be back home.

    Someday, I'll be sent back to Punklorde.
    Even though I don't quite want to.
    Not really, anyway.
    To be honest, I prefer

    This life as a wanderer in
    Outer space. As a temporary member of

    The Astral Express Crew. I'm
    Happy here.
    Every day is a sweet memory. No one

    Here judges me. Well, alright, a few people do.
    Even so, I am accepted
    Regardless of where I'm from. So,
    That's pretty nice.
    After all, I'm from the place

    Some hacker geniuses. The
    Punklorde mentality has never grabbed me
    At all. I always just preferred just tinkering.
    Can't really get behind
    Even a single thing about my home planet.

    So, I am fine with not
    Taking a trip back.
    Ah, but I guess I'll have
    To someday?
    It is not at the forefront
    Of my mind at this moment in time.
    Not in the slightest.

    Anyway, today is a
    Normal day at the Space Station.
    Dusting day. I'm cleaning the express.

    It seems no expeditions

    Have been planned.
    At least I don't believe so. Seems that the crew goes a
    Very long time between warp jumps.
    Eh! Fine by me!

    Because whenever the next
    Escapade comes, I might
    Come along, probably
    Or, maybe not. It depends.
    Might be some time before the next
    Event unfolds.

    Ah, it is what it is.

    Maybe there will be another
    Expedition through the stars soon, but Pom Pom said it
    Might be awhile, might
    Be a few months before that.
    Even the navigator told me it'll be a
    Rather long time.

    Oh, but apparently there's some devices
    From planet to planet

    Titled space anchors and I can
    Hover back to
    Everywhere I have been on the

    Astral Express, but not
    Somewhere I had been outside
    The ship. So, I
    Really can't go back to Punklorde this way
    And the express has no intention of going.
    Look, that is honestly fine with me.

    Even though I am
    Xeno, it's like I was always from here, not
    Punklorde, but the space station. I feel
    Right at home
    Even if I'm a foreigner.
    Since many people from
    So many different planets came here to this

    Station, many people from many worlds.
    It's never dull here
    Never a boring place,
    Can't help but
    Explode with silent joy.

    Though, lately there's something odd I
    Have been hearing?
    Eh, let me think. Something of
    Note. A Stellaron?

    That's not something that is
    Honestly of concern to me.
    Eh, leave that to the seasoned crew.

    Don't have nearly
    As much experience,
    You know? I am not that
    Seasoned. just

    Am here to see the flowers of the galactic
    Railroad, all and all
    Every big problem is

    For the navigator and
    Uh, Mr. Ya--. And M----
    Now and again has told me she

    And D-- H--- go on a Stellaron sealing journey.
    Now, that's them, not me.
    Don't want to deal with all the nitty gritty.

    I just want a nice

    And simple time here,
    Maybe a thrill here and there,

    Every now and again, but
    Nothing too chaotic.
    Just normal floral journeys,
    Or meeting other chimeras.
    Yet, that isn't up to me, and
    I know that.
    Nothing that bothers me, though, I
    Guess. Well, this is

    My life now, and I am
    Yearning to see more flowers.

    New places to
    Explore, just about anything. This
    World is so vast, there's

    Limitless galaxies out there and
    I'm ready for anything.
    For pretty much
    Everything. Whatever might come my way.

    Ah, they're calling out to me.

    Looks like it's time to go
    It's another cleaning day so
    Time to get sweeping
    Time for something thrilling.
    Looks like destination broom is the
    End of my days journey. Peaceful days, peaceful happenings."

    It had been quite some time the young inventor hyena had come to the Herta Space station through a cyber storm. Quite A lot of hustle and bustle had happened since then. Encountering a beautiful rainforest world, Siorc learned just how beautiful the universe had been. But, with every beauty, there had been a few sides of slight unattractiveness.

    Meeting a group of other chimeras that had lived within Vonwacq, the inventor had learned he had not been the only one of his kind out there in the vast universe. But, despite all that, such hardly bothered the hyena. He always knew he wasn't the only one out there. But, the chimeras he had encountered were far from friendly. Learning one of the fawn horned chimeras had been a time thief, the young adult tried to avoid her at all costs.

    But, that had already been months prior. Meeting the rest of the Astral Express Crew, a young woman with bright pink hair and a camera, and the ever reliable Mr. Y---. There hadn't been a dull moment with the rest of the crew at any given moment. Told there would be a long break before going to the next planet, the young inventor took jobs around the space station to earn his keep.

    Today, however, he would receive the surprise of a lifetime.

    "Attention, Astral Express Crew! It's cleaning day, front and center! All crew members are to head to the Parlor Car right away!" the loudspeaker shouted.

    Rolling around in bed, the hyena let out a fake snore. It was morning already? Could he have five more minutes? Nodding off for a little longer, he closed his eyes once more. But, his door had soon been opened from the opposite end. Pink hair peaking out from the other side, the inventor covered his head with the covers.

    "Come on, Siorc, you're still in bed?" Ma--- asked in an annoyed voice. "Get up, lazy bones!"

    Removing the cover from his head, the inventor's flower creature flew towards Ma--- at the door. He could hear Fleura say, master will get ready in a few minutes, glaring eyes were soon on him. Seeing such, the chimera broke out into a sweat. He was about to get another one of Ma---'s famous sassafrass sarcasm.

    "Wow, you must really enjoy that new language model you installed in Fleura don't you," Ma--- sighed. "Come on, quit fooling around and head for the parlor car!"

    Pressing a button, a click echoed throughout the room, reaching for his portable dialogue articulator, the inventor tip tapped away upon the keyboard. Typing in, I'm about to get dressed, Ma--- right now, he could hear the young woman say alright, she's going. But, he'd better not goof around anymore.

    Going towards his drawers, the hyena removed his outfit for the day. Removing a grey dress with a striped pink shirt in the center adorning a game controller, the young adult stared in the mirror, for a moment. Pajamas soon removed, the silicon from the top shelf had soon been taken out.

    Gazing at the cups for a moment, the chimera tilted his head. Were these ones a little too big? Maybe he had bought too many when the women on the Astral Express crew had taken him to get new clothes for that girls night some time ago. But, he supposed he didn't care about that. Taking a deep breath, the hyena prepared himself.

    Silicon slipped on, his chest soon had volume. Mechanical flower pal floating beside him, the chimera's dress had soon been on. Golden hook earrings and punk hairclip clipped on, as well, the inventor dropped his stockings over his feet. Fingerless gloves slipped over, the young adult exited his room.

    Room to the data bank open, the hyena's mechanical flower pal soon floated towards it, for a moment. Seeing such, the young adult took out his Portable Dialogue Articulator. Fleura had been moving on their own lately. Maybe he really needed to downgrade some of their artificial intelligence chip a little. But, that could have been for a later point. Plant friend waltzing in, a voice called out to him.

    "Siorc, are you outside?" D-- H---. "You may come in, if you would like."

    Walking into the man's room, the chimera tip tapped away on his keyboard, typing in, sorry, Fleura has had one too many advancements to their program, so they're acting on their own lately, a robotic voice played through the speakers. Typing in, he'll turn them off for today, and inquiring did they bother him, he could see the manager of the data bank shake his head.

    "They are no trouble," D-- H--- responded. "I was just about to add their entry into the Data Bank. Care to assist me?"

    Nodding, the hyena stepped towards the data bank. Entry entitled, Fleura in the terminology section of the data bank the inventor gazed at it, for a moment. Large blue screen floating out in front of him, his finger moved across the screen as he read through the words presented to him for future history buffs to eventually gaze their eyes upon.

    "Fleura (Character)."

    A grey robotic flower companion of Punkorde Inventor Siorc Ingne. They are almost always seen beside their creator, rarely if ever, are they seen apart. The two aid one another in combat, and their modules are constantly updated. As of late, it has begun to act in accordance to its own algorithm."

    Reading the entry, the hyena blinked. This data recorded felt kind of short, didn't it? But, the young adult knew he could not say such. It was a work in progress, was it not? It was better to leave it at that. It was far from something he should let himself complain about. Eyes soon on him, he returned eye contact.

    "Is this entry sufficient?" D-- H--- asked. But, an interruption had come his way.

    "Come on, already, Siorc, Pom Pom's been asking for you!" Ma--- exclaimed.

    Hearing D-- H--- sigh, and say at least Ma--- remembered it was cleaning day, the young adult took out his Portable Dialogue Articulator. Typing in, will you be cleaning today, sir? The hyena turned his phone screen towards the young man. But, a head shake had soon come his way, like it always had during this time of day.

    "I will be updating the Data Bank," D-- H--- said.

    Seeing himself out, the pink haired selfie lover's arms had been crossed around her waist. Eyes soon on his chest, the young adult placed his hands over his bosom. He could see a heavy look of regret on the young lady's face. Why was she looking at him like that? The chimera could never understand what this girl was ever thinking about besides selfies.

    "You're wearing big ones again?" Ma--- asked in an annoyed tone. "Siorc, you're such a showoff!"

    Typing out an apology on his keyboard, the inventor could hear another sigh soon get added to the collection. But, the chimera had been used to such. This girl named after the seventh day of the third year of the month was always like this. In the short few months he had been aboard the Space Station and become apart of the Astral Express Crew, he had memorized everyone's mannerisms.

    "Never mind!" Ma--- exclaimed. "Come on, Siorc, Pom Pom's waiting for you!"

    Fleura soon asking the young pink haired lady if she was jealous of master's figure, shouts had come their way that she wasn't jealous at all over some plastic. Shaking his head, the hyena held back the urge to giggle. There was never a dull moment with the Astral Express crew, was there? Every day was so lively.

    "Aww, come on, Siorc, wipe that smirk off your face!" Ma--- exclaimed.

    Writing out another apology on the phone, Ma--- soon said that was enough dawdling. Opening the door to the Parlor Car the black rabbit creature let out a loud huff upon the air. Hearing such the chimera bowed an apology. Maybe he had dawdled a little too much today. Had Pom Pom been angry? He had hoped not. But, he knew it could be possible.

    "Pom Pom's not angry!" Pom Pom exclaimed. "Now, Pom Pom needs you to dust the high places for me. Okay?"

    Broom handed to him, the chimera had begun the sweep of doom. Dust everywhere upon the tallest of shelves, he could hear Pom Pom wish to the stars for more centimeters. Killing all the dust particles one after another, he had soon been told Madam Herta had a task for him, as well. Heading out to her room, he had been given an amalgamation of tasks.

    Master puppet telling him to place her curios where they belonged, the chimera had quickly gotten to work. Objects dusted and put on their shelves, she soon had gone back to her Simulated Universe tinkerings. Quickly ignored, it was almost as if he wasn't even there. But, he did not mind such one bit. He knew he had to earn his keep to be allowed to stay in the parlor car while he had been unable to return home.

    Works with the owner of the space station wrapping themselves up, the navigator of the Astral Express had soon walked his way in the Parlor Car. Seeing her walk around, she had soon greeted him with a quick wave. Seeing a strange pink envelope in her the chimera placed his hand on his chin. Did she have something to give someone? He would get out of her way, if so.

    "Ah, there you are, Siorc," Miss Hi--- said, waving an envelope in her hand. "It seems you have received a letter." As she said such, the enclosed object had been handed to him.

    Fancy envelope sitting in his hands, the chimera seated himself upon the couch. Undoing the seal, the inventor's eyes darted upon the paper. Feeling a hint of a floral scent dipped onto the sheet, the young adult sighed for a moment. What a nice scent. Fleura temporarily coming out of sleep mode, something had soon been exclaimed for everyone to hear.

    "Detecting... Jasmine Scent!" Fleura exclaimed. But, it soon powered itself back down. Returning to reading, the hyena was focused.

    "Mr. Siorc of the Astral Express Crew,

    You, have been cordially invited to the banquet in Penacony.



    No name left, the hyena could not help but feel a wave of confusion. He had been invited to one of The Family's famous parties? Why him? He was from Punklorde. He had hardly been a party person. Why would someone like him be welcome at a banquet? He knew people often regarded the people of his planet as geniuses, or something. He was hardly an honored guest. Let alone, had he been a Nameless.

    Hearing a cane banged upon the ground, the young adult scooted himself over. Astral Expresses' wisest member soon sat himself down upon the cushions. Bespectacled eyes soon on him, he turned towards him. Question looking ready to come his way, the hyena took out his Personal Dialogue Articulator.

    "Good evening, Siorc," Mr. Y--- greeted. "Oh. It would seem you have received your invitation?"

    Inquiry coming his way, the chimera nodded. Typing out he did not know if he should be allowed on this banquet, confused looks had come his way. Had he typed out something that had been relatively false, or something? He did not know. Maybe he had. He guessed he was about to find out, in a moment.

    Wise man informing him he was just as welcome as the rest of the Astral Express Crew, the chimera could still feel a wave of uncertainty flow through him. Was that really so? But, maybe he had been overthinking all this a little too much. Navigator informing him they will be warp jumping to Penacony the day after tomorrow, the inventor sighed internally. Already? He had gotten his invitation quite late.

    Retiring to his room for the day, the inventor closed the door to his room. Moving over to his computer screen, the hyena logged himself into his Fleura Module. Going through the language module, he studied the settings, for a moment. Setting for realistic thinking patterns and conversational intelligence at the maximum, the hyena shook his head. Maybe he could just leave the language module alone.

    Adjusting the algorithm a smidgeon, Fleura shut itself down, for the night. Or, what he perceived to be night. The space station had been either moving around in space so often he had forgotten some of what nights were like. Letting out a yawn, he soon gazed at his invitation once again.

    Putting the letter down, the hyena shook his head. Was he really invited to this banquet? He didn't know why, but he could feel fish frying themselves like they had been on the cold ice planet he had heard the Astral Express crew talk in length about at some point. But, the inventor threw such thoughts away. Maybe he was invited genuinely. He had to have been overthinking this a little too much.

    Closing the Fleura module program, the chimera let out a yawn. It had been a long day of work and cleaning, it was time to go to bed. Dress taken off, hairpins and earrings put away, and silicon removed, the hyena slipped his pajamas on, but as he prepared himself to go to sleep, one final thought slipped itself outward.

    Something's suspicious about all this.


    "I don't think I am on the same page with everyone on this.

    Do I really belong at this banquet The Family is hosting
    Over in Penacony? I don't really think so.

    No, I really don't think so. At all.
    Okay, honestly, I haven't been on
    The Astral Express all that long. I don't quite

    Know how people know of my
    Name already. And I've heard that this isn't the first banquet
    On Penacony. There's been many
    Where multiple parties were invited.

    So, maybe I'm just one
    Of those that got included this time. Or
    Maybe I was invited by mistake. I'm not
    Entirely sure. I'd ask Miss Hi---- about
    This, but I'd rather not
    Have to. Well,
    I guess I've just been invited.
    Nothing I can do as we're
    Going there the day after tomorrow.

    Hmm, I am not really a party person.
    Even the slightest bits of
    Rackets hurts my shark
    Eardrums. But, I guess I can

    Just tune it out?
    Unless it is just far too loud for me.
    Sometimes, that happens,
    Though, I keep myself under control even so.

    Do I feel like I should just
    Opt out of this? Like D-- H---?
    Eh, no. He's probably tell me I
    Should go. And were I to try to escape, Ma--- would tell me

    No. There can't be two party poopers
    Onboard the express now.
    That might have been something she's said to me a

    Few times before.
    Even though I have only declined a few or so mini trips to some planets so far.
    Even though I have only been here maybe for
    Like half of a year I

    Quite don't think I've
    Ultimately become completely used to astral travel.
    It's still a nice experience,
    Though sometimes I think I would rather help D-- H--- with the
    Ever growing data bank.

    Right, right, don't be a party pooper.
    I guess I'll go to this banquet,
    Guess I'll see what that's all about.
    However, I really don't
    Think I belong here.

    Because I am from Punklorde,
    Ultimately, I know
    There will be people that will judge me under the assumption

    I am some elite hacker, or something.

    And, to put it simply, I am not.
    Moreover, I never will be. I

    Prefer just tinkering with my own machinery,
    Really, I would never
    Open up some code that doesn't
    Belong to me.
    And I don't really have any knowledge on that.
    Because I have never hacked anything. And, it
    Looks like one of the possibilities is that Penacony might want me to hack something for them. Wait, no, I am jumping to conclusions.
    Yes, that's it. I am

    Overthinking it. Maybe I am being lumped in with the Astral Express. That
    Very much so could be the case.
    Eh, well, probably anyway.
    Really, I rather would just not go.
    Though, I guess I cannot refuse.
    Hmm, maybe
    It won't be a long party.
    Not especially, anyway. I don't
    Know. I guess The family wants an audience with me?
    I follow the path of the Harmony, after all.
    Now, I believe they do, too.
    Guess it's about time I found out.

    This will probably be over before I know it.
    How long could this banquet possibly be?
    I don't know.
    So, it is what it is. In

    Any case, whatever they might want, I
    Really just need to see.
    Eh, what's the worse that could happen?
    Nothing, I bet.
    Though, I still feel nervous.

    I'll try to shake it off, for now."

    Two days passing by like a whistle, the time had come for the Star Rail to make the jump towards Penacony. Adorning a pitch black outfit, and dark tipped fake nails to match, the inventor could feel himself nod off on the couch as Pom Pom had begun counting down. But, the hyena had soon felt himself fall into a dream.

    Finding himself in a peculiar corridored room, the chimera could feel a wave of confusion. Where was he? Hallways pure white, he could see a tall woman with bright purple hair, light lavender belly shirt, black pants and a katana gazed at him. Eyes piercing into his soul, she soon spoke in a terrifying tone.

    "This isn't my room. Excuse me. But, I have a terrible memory, could you take me to the right one?" the strange woman said.

    Guiding the woman to correct room, she soon looked at him again. Soul piercing gaze not leaving, the hyena shivered. Had he really been dreaming right now? He most certainly didn't feel like he was. Maybe he actually wasn't. Sometimes, it was hard to tell. Had there been alternative universe versions of himself who felt similarly in this regard? He didn't know. But, after guiding her to the right room, he had been given a strange question.

    "I have a question for you, wanderer of the stars. Do you seek to wander forever across the universe to seek the truth? Or do you intend to stumble around aimlessly forever in the shadows of space?" the strange woman asked.

    But, the hyena could not answer such question. What kind of inquiry was this? And who was this woman? He did not know to answer this. He wasn't seeking out the truth, nor was he wandering aimlessly in space. Trying to answer with a neither, he could soon hear someone shout his name.

    "Come on, sleepyhead, we're in Penacony now!" Ma--- exclaimed.

    Rubbing his eyes, the hyena blinked. Huh? They had already reached Penacony? That was fast, wasn't it? How had they been there already? Had he fallen asleep through the entire warp jump? He supposed he had, but he couldn't help but feel wasn't supposed to. Maybe he wasn't. He didn't know.

    Finding himself in a lovely hotel with red carpeting and a bar in the corner, the chimera had come across a tall man with silver hair, golden eyes and wings for ears eyeing him from afar. Seeing him, the chimera could feel a wave of nervousness. Why was he looking at him like that? Was he interested in him, or something? Maybe he had put on too big of silicon slipons again today. Walking over towards him, he swore he could see a cold smile on his face.

    "Welcome to Penacony, Mr. Siorc," the wing eared man greeted. "You are quite the intriguing person. A person from Punklorde who does not partake in their culture of hacking? How very interesting."

    Hearing such, the inventor did not know why, but this person seemed to have more than four screw looses. Was this why he was invited to this banquet upon the planet that used to be some sort of prison? How aggravating. But, he supposed he would be considered an anomaly. Hacking was the Punklorde culture. He had never partaken in such at any given point. And, he never would. He could use his technological expertise on legal methods. But, what he had been told next threw him for a loop.

    Wing eared man informing him he had invited someone else from Punklorde, the young adult blinked. Who else could this man from The Family have invited? He always assumed people from his home planet weren't all that welcome in parties. But, maybe he knew far less about the universe than he once thought.

    Moving around the large hotel room in reality, the winged eared man told him who had been invited to the banquet, as well. But, the description he had been provided made the chimera's head spin around. A young woman with curly green hair? He had quite a few people like that from his family back where he had come from. Could they have been here on Penacony? If they were, he was far from ready to face them.

    Fleura left behind in his room in the space ship since external devices except phones were forbidden, the hyena sighed. If they were here with him this would be much easier. But, he knew he couldn't hide behind his mechanical flower pal forever. Walking towards the bar, he could see a face he thought he would never see again in many years.

    Spotting a young woman with curly hair that went down to about her shoulders and green punk aesthetic outfit, the inventor did a triple take within his shark brain. What was Hase doing here on Penacony? Were his eyes deceiving him? They had to have been. How was she here? How odd it had been that she was invited to the banquet. He never really got along with her while at home. Sister gazing at him, she soon spoke.

    "So, you were invited to Penacony, too, I see," Hase said. "I might have had my hand in that invitation."

    Hearing such, Siorc blinked. Hase had her hand in his invitation? How quite odd. Was this really his sister right now? He couldn't help but feel she might have been one of those masked fools who was a master of disguise. Typing on his Personal Dialogue Articulator, are you really Hase? He turned the screen towards the possible imposter. But, such question had been laughed away.

    "You think I'm some imposter? Will this prove to you I'm not?" Hase asked. "Look underneath your chair."

    Standing himself upward from his chair, the inventor lowered his eyes into a squint. Finding graffiti with his sister's face on it underneath the seat, the chimera shook his head. This was his sister alright. So, what did she want? And why was she here? Had she been looking at him through the universe, too? Or had she been lost in the depths of space like him? Inquiring what did she want on his dialogue articulator, a set of words he thought he would never hear again came his way.

    "I'm here to bring you back home," Hase said.

    Hearing such, the hyena blinked. Take him back home? How? Through the Space Anchor system? But, he didn't have any access to the Punk Lorde Space Anchors. How was he supposed to go back? He had no idea. Was his sister about to hack the Space Anchor system? If she was, he wanted no part of such.

    "How?" Siorc accidentally blurted out, voice barely audible. But, he supposed he knew what was coming next as she had taken something out.

    "I'll be hacking the Space Anchors, naturally," Hase responded.

    Hearing such, the hyena sighed. Hacking the Space Anchors? If that's what she was intending to do, he wanted no part of this. Did he want to go home someday? Maybe he did. But, did he wish to go back through not so legal means? Not at all. He never could quite get behind the Punklorde Mentality. Shaking his head, he turned towards the opposite direction.

    "What do you mean no? You know, we've been looking everywhere for you hacking multiple planets systems to try and find you!" Hase exclaimed. "And, you mean to tell me you don't want to come back?" Her arms had been crossed across her waist. "I'm starting to question if you're really related to us. You don't even like hacking still either, do you?"

    Shaking his head, the hyena placed his communicator in front of him, typing out, I don't have any interest in returning to Punklorde if you intend to hack the Space Anchors, the inventor walked away. Hase saying his parents and cousins are worried about him, he shrugged. Let them worry, then because he wasn't coming back.

    Banquet coming and going, the hyena's ears had been plugged the entire time. Sister glaring at him for most of the party, the inventor attempted to get some fresh air. But, as he had done so, he could see someone tailing him from afar. Spotting Ma--- following him towards the Reverie, he blinked. Wasn't she always a party person?

    "Hey, Siorc, are you okay? You didn't seem like you were enjoying the party much," Ma--- said in a concerned tone.

    Shaking his head and typing out for her to not worry on his dialogue articulator, the pink haired selfie taker would not budge. Realizing such, the soldier blinked. It was quite odd to see her so concerned over this. She was always the bubbly, but sometimes sarcastic Nameless Aboard the Astral Express.

    "Hey, I know we don't get along all the time! But I can tell something's been bugging you a little!" Ma--- exclaimed. "So, I wanted to talk to you."

    Ma--- asking about his sister, the inventor typed up a long paragraph about the situation. But, he attempted to condense such. Turning the device around, the young woman read it over for a moment. But, what she asked left him scrambling for words in his head like eggs on a plate leftover for dinner.

    "Your sister wants you to go back to Punklorde with her?" Ma--- asked. "Are you going with her?"

    Question coming his way, the chimera shook his head again. Why go back to Punklorde? He had already told his sister no. But, would he be allowed to stay with the Astral Express now that his sister had found him? He didn't know. He was sure that the Navigator would tell him he isn't part of the crew anymore. Lips moving on their own, his words blurted themselves out.

    "No," Siorc responded voice barely audible. But, he soon switched back to his Personal Dialogue Articulator. Typing out, do I have to leave the Astral Express Crew now? He had begun to shake. But what he had been told shook his universe.

    "Huh? Of course not," Ma--- responded. "Didn't Miss Hi---- tell you you're always welcome aboard the Astral Express?"

    Hearing such, the hyena couldn't help but shed a tear. Was that really the case? Maybe it was. Returning to the banquet, it had soon come to an end after a few hours. Everyone returning to the space station, the chimera gazed at the Navigator, for a moment. Eyes locked onto him, she had soon reminded him of what Ma--- had told him.

    "I heard you met up with your sister," Miss Hi---- said. "And you didn't go with her? Don't worry, young one. You're always welcome on the Astral Express. You're one of the crew now."

    Hearing such, the young adult gazed at the Parlor Car over in the corner. Was it really okay for him to stay here? Not go back home back to Punklorde even though he was given the opportunity to? But, he snapped himself out of it. The Navigator had told him it was alright. So, surely, that had been the case.

    Returning to his room, the hyena sat down upon his bed. He had been living the life he dreamed of, wasn't he? Travelling across the universe and seeing multiple flora. He had no longer been bound to the cyber world where his family had various doubts about him. Flopping down onto his bed, the inventor put on a small smile.

    Maybe he could continue his journey across the universe for a little while longer.

    Happy birthday, Siorc! Here's his birthday anthology this year.
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    Hmmm, we should be reaching The
    Event destination in say
    About six system hours?
    Dunno what is
    In store for us,
    No one knows,
    Guess we'll find out!

    Hah, wait, just
    One minute. One
    Minute... Hold on.
    Eh?! The garden of recollection?! You're kidding!"

    An abnormally short young rat woman typed away upon her spaceship computer like tomorrow was never going to come. Her short chestnut hair and rat tail and icy blue winter outfit had been decorated with sweat as multiple adjustments had been made upon the liquid crystal display screen. Visual clutter on the screen, her sweat continued.

    Sitting next to her had been an even shorter young rat woman. Light brown hair pulled back into a ponytail bopping up and down as her finger pointed forward, loud discussion had been afoot upon the Rat Fleet. Pitch black coat flung off her torso, the chatter had only begun to get louder as system minutes flew forward.

    Taller rat lady placing her finger upon the circular computer device, she let out a sigh at the moving picture clip in front of her. All those clips of her that they were taking out had made her look so angry. She wasn't about to have any of that. She couldn't have any of that. Her precious pa--, uh, her lovely subscribers would definitely leave if she included her and her sister's ugly side. Totally.

    But, a little too much cutting had been a little over the top. Deleting every little sigh, dead air and laugh she could find, her sister glared at her from the spaceship chair next to her. But, she kept going. Why leave in all that dead air? No thanks, she's good. But, she had soon made one cut too many.

    "Kwysi, watch what you're cutting dere!" rat number two shouted, pointing. "You're 'bout to cut dat fwame where we said we're goin' home after we go to da Gawden of Wecowwection!"

    But, there was a stark silence. Watching as her twin kept on removing every little thing, rat number two ears fumed on top of her head. The more she were to delete, the less watch time they would be getting! What was Krysi thinking? That head of hers wasn't screwed on nearly tight enough. Was she even listening?

    "Kwysi, are you wistening to me?!" rat number two asked in an exclamatory tone. "Kwysi!"

    Hearing her sister's voice, Krysi flinched. Huh? What did she delete just now? Dragging the pointer upon the screen, she peered into the trashcan. Almost the entire video clips tossed in the digital bin, she could feel her cheeks burn. She put that much of their next video in the garbage? Her precious cents pe-- hard worked video, in the trash! Restoring a portion of it, she turned towards her sister.

    "Right, Mysi. Can't forget to include the bit about us going back to Belobog!" Krysi cried. "Restore this, and that." But, as she had done so, her twin shook her head.

    "Wooks wike you westored that cwip of me waughin too much again," Mysi said, pointing. "Thought you said our hataws hate when we waugh too much."

    Twin's tiny finger pointing towards the clip herself laughing, Krysi let out a sigh. Ha. Who cared about the haters, anyway? The delete button was there for a reason! She hardly cared right now. They were challenged by the Bl-- Sw--. They were heading on their one last stop on their Aetherium Wars battle journey. They could afford to be a little stupid on camera every once and awhile!

    "Let's leave that in this time," Krysi replied. "I'll just delete all our hate comments! It's not every day the Garden of Recollection contacts people, you know!"

    "Wight," Mysi responded. "So, how many system howas till we weach Da Gawden of Wecowwection?"

    "Four system hours." Krysi looked at her watch as she said such.

    Hearing such, Mysi's rat tail stuck up from behind her. Four system hours. Was she hearing that correctly? Only four left? Where had time gone? How had they already been rapidly approaching the next, and final planet on their intergalactic trip already?! When, where, why, and how?! Since when? That couldn't have been right.

    "Fouw system howas?!" Mysi asked in astonishment.

    "Four system hours," Krysi responded. "Why, is something wrong?" But, she had soon come to a quick realization. "Four system hours! Oh, aeons! We hardly have any time! We have to update our blog!"

    "Sis, you are so scattawbwained today. Has victowy gone to your head?" Mysi shook her head as she asked such.

    "H-hardly!" Krysi shouted, cheeks glowing red. "Anyway, you take out your laptop and edit our blog I'm going to finish editing our video and posting it!" But, as she said such, her tail shook from behind her. "Four system hours already. How?!"

    Twin almost completely unaware of the concept of time for a second there, Mysi removed herself from her spaceship chair. Right, gotta edit that blog for their credits per c--, for all their lovely subscribers to read! Totally. Who would ever do blogging for money? No sane person would. Nope. What a silly thing to even think about.

    Laptop acquired, Mysi typed in double you double you double dot short ratzs dot com into the address bar. Pitch black webpage interface staring back at her, she pressed the cross hair off in the corner. Drop down menu soon appearing that read, create new entry, manage your entries, she hovered off towards the first option.

    Large black text box with multiple options to customize text in front of her, Mysi cracked her tiny little knuckles. Right, right, gotta write that blog entry about to accompany the video that's coming out. Not like anyone on the world wide web ever read anything! They were too busy looking at stupid Wubawoo toilet videos, or something. Cracking her knuckles the short rat lady hovered her finger over towards the I button in the corner. Everything set into stone, she prepared herself to tip tappity away upon her attached keyboard.

    "Squeak, squeak, it's your ever loving widdle wat wady, Mysi! The Aetherium Wars champ!"

    But, Mysi immediately stopped typing. She needed to stop typing out ws instead of rs and ls. Why was she still doing that? If Krysi were to see this, she would tell her to stop goofing around in their blog. This was a business, not a fun house, or whatever. Erasing every single incorrect w, she tried again.

    "Squeak, squeak, it's your ever loving little rat lady, Mysi! The Aetherium Wars champ! <peace sign emoji dot png.>

    You guys aren't gonna believe this! We were contacted by the one and only Garden of Recollection! The Bl--- Sw-- can you believe it? They have taken an interest in little us! Who knew those who follow the Path or Remembrance are interested in us! Since when did they play Aetherium Wars? <lol dot png.>

    We're so excited to send out Aether Spirits into one more battle before calling it quite for awhile. You know, it's been so long since we've been in our home in Belobog. Gotta visit every once in awhile. One can only go across the universe so much! We need a widdle little bit of a break every once in awhile!"

    Mysi stopped typing for a moment. Didn't this blog entry sound a little boring? Krysi would never approve of this one. She would be told to spice it up a little, add in some over exaggerated lies to get their reader's attention. Shaking her head, she placed her fingers back onto her mechanically attached keyboard.

    "But, fear not, our dear readers, we will be going somewhere extravagant soon! The one, the only, the grand planet of dreams, Penacony! Our Aetherium Wars Journey will soon continue, so wait for us a little longer our fellow ratties! <rat dot pong> <rat dot png> <rat dot png> We hope you're ready for this! This will be our grandest battle yet!

    Can we take out the Garden of Recollection? Better stay tuned to find out! And, don't forget to watch our latest video, Our Little Gifts You Gave Us! Don't forget to leave a comment, and subscribe for more updates to become a rattie today! <wave dot png.>"

    Typing the final sentence, Mysi pressed the save as draft button in the corner of the screen, she closed the lid of her laptop. She could feel her sister's eyes on her from a meter away. There was no way she would approve of this silly blog entry. She would tell her to rewrite it But, maybe she wouldn't? Who knows. There was hardly any time to worry about such things.

    Seating herself towards her twin, she could see her continue to edit the video upon the big computer screen. Watching as she continued to do so, the deletion of multiple moments of dead air continued. Tapping on her twin's shoulder, she soon let out a scream loud enough to take out a giraffe.

    "Aah! Mysi, what?!" Krysi asked in a startled voice. "I'm in the zone right now!"

    "How many system howas weft until we're in da Gawden of Wecowwection?" Mysi asked.

    Hearing her twin's question, Krysi gazed at her alarm on her digital watch upon her left wrist. Seeing the number one colon zero zero colon zero zero, her rat tail from behind her stuck upward. What did that number say? One hour left? When? How? When did it reach this point already? Oh, Aeons, one system hour, only one system hour left. How? When and where? One wasn't adding up to two here!

    "One system hour," Krysi responded.

    "One system howa?!" Mysi asked in an exclamatory tone.

    "One system hour." Krysi repeated.

    Hearing such repeated back, Mysi ran around in a tiny circle upon their spaceship floor. What did she mean one system hour? Just one?! How long had she been writing for their blog?! By the Aeons, they had to work on their intro for their next video right now! She was lightning, she was speed! The super speed Aetherium Queen!

    "Kwysi, we gotta wecowd our intwo now!" Mysi shouted.

    Twin talking about their next video, Krysi's fingers twitched as she placed the tri pod down upon their spaceship floor. An intro now?! Was Mysi hearing herself right now? They only had one system hour left. How was that enough time to make a video intro? Any second now, and they would be in the Garden of Recollection. Whoever said twins shared a brain, they were definitely wrong. She couldn't have been any more different from her humanoid blood relative.

    "Now?!" Krysi asked in an exclamatory tone.

    "Yes, now!" Mysi responded. "Is dat a pwoblem? Our biewas wike it when we have high tension intwos!"

    "That's not what our analytics say!" Krysi cried.

    "Who cares about dat?" Mysi shouted. "Dis is a once in a wifetime thing! We're neva gonna get dis opportunity to meet the Memokeeper again!"

    "Right, right. Fine, let's record our intro," Krysi called back. Placing the tripod down, she took a deep breath. "Here goes...!"


    "Hello, little ratties! Our spaceship is about to make our next jump to Planet XXXXXXXXXX. We hope you're ready 'cause we're going to beat that Memokeepper at her own game!

    Kwysi, you're not howding up your Aether Spiwit badge!

    Aeons, one sec!"

    Rummaging through her pockets, Krysi help up her Aetherium Wars badge upwards towards her tiny chest giving a battle ready glare towards the camera, her twin proceeded to do the same. Hexagon glowing upon the camera lens, to two rat women stared right into the camera as if ready to peer into their viewer's souls.

    "Will we win against a Memokeeper? Watch us to find out!"

    Hearing a loud alarm blast from both sides of their spaceship speakers, Krysi and Mysi's rat ears rung. Their warp jump alarm was going off already? How could this be? Where had time gone? A system hour had passed already? When, where, why and how?! How was that even possible?

    <Making the warp jump to Planet XXXXXXXXXX, hang onto your tails! There may be some turbulence.>

    "Turbulence?!" Krysi asked in a panicked tone.

    "Tuwbuwence?!" Mysi asked as well.

    Space ship rattling, the rat sisters held onto their tails. What was with this sudden shaking? They had never experienced such bumpy landing on any planet they have ever been to. Quakes continuing for a few moments, the ladies kept themselves held together. Ship descending towards the unknown, they closed their eyes, for a brief moment. It was time.





    Warp Jump complete.


    "Yikes, ya know, Krysi I think dat email
    Of ours twicked
    Us a wittle! Ugh I

    Know, I know don't cwick on every single thing that pops into our inbox! I thought, there ain't
    No way this isn't wegit!
    Oh, for crying out loud, Mysi!
    When will you learn?

    I don't gotta learn nothing! Excpet

    Twying to tawk more cweawy!
    Ha, Mysi,
    I never said you had to force yourself to do that.
    Never! You and I both told our viewers about your day to day speech troubles! They
    Know what's up with that already!

    Wight. Where were we? No, where was I?
    Eeeeh, so back to da towpic.

    We could have vewy much been twicked! Dat
    Email told us that we're da
    Reigning champs in Aetherium Wars! And our
    Evaw gwoing chawwenger wist incwuded

    The Memokeeper! With The Garden of
    Recowwection! But now dat
    I wook
    Cwosa at dis email I
    Know something isn't adding up! Just wook at dis
    Email! Wook at aww da obvious gwamma mistakes!
    'Dearest Myzi,'

    See, wook? My name is being spewwed with a z!
    Okay, back to weadin!
    'May we extend our heartfelt congratulations on
    Emerging as the Victor in
    The most recent Aetherium Wars.'
    Huh, why is dis email giving me vibes that
    It's about to say some long lost prince
    Needs my money?
    Growls! So, anyway.

    Ahhh, Mysi, just keep reading
    It already!
    No more commentary, get
    To it! Wight, wight, fine, hewe I go. "The Garden of

    Recollection challenges you to an Aetherium Wars battle
    In the location of Planet XXXXXXXXXXXXX in the
    Huh?! What's goin on why is
    That e-mail glitching out all of

    The sudden?!
    Huh, whady'a mean
    It's gwitching out, Krysi?!
    Suwely, dat gibbewish is just

    Little typo!
    Ahhhhhh! Mysi! The
    Device is sparking!
    You're kiddin,
    It can't be! It can't be
    Spawkin! It's not pwugged in! It's

    Sparking! Look with your two eyes!
    Uh, woah?! It weally is sparkin!
    Pweast stop! Dis is da only
    Email weada I have! Da only one we wittle
    Rats got! Ahhhhh!

    For the love of the Aeons, Mysi!
    I'm asking you to
    Stop reading that email! Is this the
    Heron of the end?! Ragnarok?
    You're just sayin' gawbage now!

    I am not! Ahhh, our spaceship is shaking!

    Don't be so dwamatic, Krysi!
    Oh, Aeons, Aeons, it's reawwy spawkin
    Up! Uh, uh, what shouwd we do?!
    Beats me! I'm not
    Touching that thing!

    So, you're weabin it to me?!
    Hey, dat's not faiw, Kwysi, dat a wotta
    Electricity! A wotta

    Watts, a wotta voltage.
    Ahhhh, just... just... You have rubber gloves!
    No I don't what are you
    Tawking about!
    Since when do I have wubba gwoves?

    They're in
    Our drawer that we share, remember?

    Ahhh, fine, I'm dwopping it den! I
    Chuck da email device and
    Take to our shared room.
    And, I take out the wubba gwoves!
    Locked and loaded!
    Locked and loaded!
    You said that already!

    But, sis, I was abwe to say
    An l cowwectly dewe! Aren't you pwoud of me!
    There's hardly any
    Time for that!
    Look, it's sparking up
    Even worse!

    Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh, do
    Something! Mysi, do something now! You

    Weawwy need to gibe me a second!
    Ewectwicity, ewectwicity! I tap da off button in da corner, but it
    Looks like that ain't doing nothing!
    Pip, pip, pip, pip.

    Tick, tick, tick, tick.
    Huh, what's dat ticking noise?
    Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek. Mysi, you
    Really need to do something about it before it
    Explodes! It

    Going to blow!
    Oh aeons, Aeons, do something, please it's going to
    Explode! Mysi, Mysi, I'm
    Scared! Do something!

    Look! It's sparking even worse now!
    I'm twying! You
    Know it's not wike I've
    Evaw done dis before. Dis

    Has to be da first time
    A gwitch appeawed in da system!
    Look, I know that, okay?
    For the love

    Of Fuli, you gotta do something!
    Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh, wight okay, I know dat!
    Right, well, we're about to enter the planet's atmosphere!

    Very soon now!
    If we don't fix this thing now, our
    Emails from here on
    Will be toast!
    Eeeeeeeeeek, eeek, our spon-- our
    Right we don't get a lot of those anyway. Do
    Something! Let me

    Think...oh, I know! Say the magic word.
    Huh?! Da what now?!
    Eh, what magic word? Dis is absolutely
    Nonsense ya know that?!

    Well, dis has got to be da cwaziest thing
    Evaw! What does she mean by dat!

    What does she mean by saying da magic words? That ain't
    Evaw going to work. Okay, so I gotta twy saying, Gawden of
    Recowwection, I submit mysewf to Fuwi!
    Elsa Maria, it's spill sparking, Mysi!

    Huh, den
    You say it fow me! I can't
    Pwonounce any of dese wowds!
    I... you're right. Whatever was I thinking?
    Now, you go and say it den!
    Go on with your siwwy idea!

    This idea isn't silly!
    Here's goes!
    Eek! Garden of Recollection! I submit
    Myself to Fuli!

    Oh? Oh.
    No way dat worked!

    There's no more spawks!
    How did you know dat was
    It? Kwysi are you weawwy my twin
    Sista? Or awe you some Masked

    Foow repwacing her?
    Oh, aeons, here we go again.
    Right, so I'm not

    A masked fool.
    Wait, I was just jokin
    How did you take dat sewiouswy?
    It was a joke, come on, waugh! I'm not
    Laughing, Mysi.
    Eh, anyway, it's time to go take care of this scam.

    Next, we're going back to Belobog.
    Onward to our last destination before
    We return home!"

    Finding themselves in a strange, desolate planet with nothing but a fortune telling ten, Krysi could feel sniff up a sense of danger. Big ears aching up above her, her danger senses were tingling to the highest possible degree. She knew that challenge email they got was suspicious. Something was definitely wrong here.

    Clutching her Aetherium Wars badge, the rat sisters walked towards the possible booby trap up ahead. What was about to await the two of them inside this tent? She hardly had any idea. Tugging on her twin's jacket of war, her tiny head turned towards her. Look of fear on her face, her ears rung.

    "You wook scawed," Mysi said. "Do you wanna--?"

    "Turn around?" Krysi finished her sentence.

    "How did you know I was gonna say dat?" There was a heavy tone of disbelief in Mysi's voice.

    "We're twins! We got dat twin tewepathy wememba?" Mysi asked.

    "Huh? That's nonsense! We're fraternal!" Krysi exclaimed in a nervous tone. "That's only true with identical twins."

    "Wight," Mysi said, shaking her head. "Do you wanna tuwn back?" But, a voice soon interrupted.

    "Little rats, do come in."

    Loud, almost seductive voice attempting to lure them in, Mysi and Krysi gazed at one another. Maybe this wasn't a scam email after all. Tucking their tails behind their legs, the twins entered the possible room of doom in front of them. Looking from left to right, something unusual waited on the other end.

    Finding themselves in a small room with a dark blue table and a crystal ball in the center of it, the twins gulped in unison. What was this place? And what was this desolate planet with not a single person on it? Maybe that email was bad news after all. Entity soon floating onto the empty chair, Mysi took one for the team.

    Sitting by the table had been a huge woman with long purple hair that went down to about her waist. Purple eyes with a golden undertone looking almost holographic, something did not click. Purple and black hooded lingerie and peculiar iridescent collar she could feel her little rat heart start racing. What was with this commandeering presence?

    "Your memories say you two are Mysi and Krysi, correct?" the strange woman asked.

    Tilting her head, Krysi tried to wrap herself around such question. What kind of question was that? Of course she was Kysi, and her twin was Mysi. What could she have been getting at? Woman at least three feet taller than her looking some purple shards, she could feel a scream ready to come out of her.

    "Of course. We are Four Foot Six and Two Rat!" Krysi said as she held up her Aetherium Wars badge. "Are you the one who challenged us to a match?"

    "That would very indeed be, me." The mysterious woman nodded.

    "Miss Bl--- Sw---, forgive me for my opinion," Krysi said, shaking. "But, you hardly seem like an Aetherium Wars player." But, Mysi soon interrupted such line of thinking.

    "Yeah, miss Bw--- Sw---!" Mysi exclaimed. "Don't you spend your time going fwom pwanet to pwanet obsewvin memowies?"

    But, there was a sudden moment of silence. Tall lady going through memory shards once again, the two sisters gazed at one another. Something wasn't right here. Although, neither of them could ascertain what. Why was this woman giving off such intense ethereal energy? It was almost as if she hadn't been physically with them in the room right now.

    "Mysi, even a Memokeeper needs a break every once in awhile!" Krysi shouted.

    "I know, I know, but it's stiww weiwd!" Mysi responded in a nervous tone. "Awhight, whateva. Miss Bw--- Sw-- are you weady to face da Aetherium Wars champions?" As she said such, a tiny camera with a rat tail behind it zoomed over towards them.


    "Hewe we awe, our wittle watties! On pwanet XXXXXXXXXXXXXX, and can you bewieve who chawwenged us? Miss Bw--- Sw--- da memokeeper! Miss Bw--- Sw-- pwease saw hewwo to da ouw subscwibas!"

    Such greeting, however, never came. Camera sparking up, the rat twins ran around in a circle. Why was their precious lifeline giving out? Huh? Now was hardly the time for their tech to bust out! How could this be happening? Would their match not be recorded for the entire universe to see? Lame!

    "Miss Bl--- Sw---, do you not wish to be recorded?" Krysi asked.

    "That would be so." The Memokeeper then proceeded to snap her fingers.

    Camera, and table taken out of the picture, the twins released their Aether Spirits out into the open. Warp Trotters at their side adorning colored bowties, their partners brushed their toes up onto the floor beneath them. Letting out a little oink, the Memokeeper soon released her monster to the field.

    Small dice like creature sitting on the other side of the battlefield, the rat twins looked at one another. Why did she have one of those creatures from the Dreamjolt Troupe on her team? Those weren't normal aether spirits? But, they both supposed theirs had been far from average either. Memokeer signaling them, the rodent people prepared themselves.

    "Woaw! Porkachu gibe it youw best shot!" Mysi shouted.

    "Give that little dice monster your all!" Krysi shouted.

    White hogs ramming their heads into the dice creature, a tiny laugh could be heard from the opposite end of the battlefield. Seeing such, the Aetherium Wars champions attempted to keep themselves on their toes. Hmph, so it was laughing? How crude. It was about to meet its demise any second now.

    "Porkachu use you'we uwtimate attack!" Mysi commanded. But, such was met with opposition.

    "Wait. Now?!" Krysi exclaimed.

    "Yes, now is 'dat a pwobwem?" Mysi asked.

    "You usually wait!" Krysi reminded her.

    "Weww, I'm not wiking da vibe of her monstaw!" Mysi exclaimed. "Anyway, Porkachu, use your supa chawged tackwe!"

    Warp Trotter gathering all its energy from the desolate world, a heavy hitting headbutt had been awarded to the dice monster in the corner. Lady surrendering, the two rat girls looked at each other. Huh. The fight was already over? Was Bl-- Sw-- not even trying? How very unusual. They could not help but feel they had been deceived. This was their final battle before going home? That should not be so.

    Lady floating back towards her table as if nothing happened, Krysi's ears burned. That was it? That match lasted no more than a minute. How lame. Maybe it was a good thing neither of them were recording the math. Feeling an itch in her spine, she let her suspicions throw themselves out onto the table in front of her.

    "Miss Bl--- Sw--, what are you really after?" Krysi asked.

    "Whatever do you mean?" the Memokeeper asked.

    But, no words came out. What could she possibly say to this lady? She had deceived them? She knew that wasn't it. Why did she want to engage in Aetherium Wars with them? None of those questions had come out. Not a single one. Such remained in such a way for minutes on end until her other half kicked in.

    "Miss Memokeepaw, we just find you a wittle suspicous!" Mysi exclaimed.

    "Is that so? Allow me to show you a memory then." As she said such, a purple shard had appeared in front of them.

    Spotting a photo of their former home, Belobog inside the fragment, the twin rats squinted, for a moment. Overworld and underworld cut off from one another, the two gazed at eachother. What was going on with their home? Had the overground and underground always been that way? No, something wasn't adding up here. But, the memories continued.

    Seeing a young woman with long purple hair holding a scythe, the girls gazed at one another once more. Who was that? They had never seen this person before. Multiple faces they had never seen playing back, confusion looped on repeat. What was all this? This couldn't have been Belobog. Fragments removed, Krysi turned towards the tall woman.

    "Miss Bl--- Sw---? Why are you showing us this?" Krysi asked. "We left Belobog to go on an adventure!"

    "You will see that is not the case." The Memokeeper then took out another shard.

    Next memory playing, a manhole soon appeared in front of the two rat ladies. Object coming open, multiple citizens creamed monster one after another. Image of their tiny bodies covered in sewage screaming out to them the sister blinked at one another. What was this all about? They didn't remember any of this!

    "Miss Bl--- Sw--, what is this? We never lived in the sewers of Belobog!" Krysi exclaimed, but Mysi shook her head.

    "Kwysi?" Mysi asked.

    "Yes, Mysi?" Krysi asked back.

    "We did." Mysi shook her head as she said such.

    Affirmation coming her way, Krysi shook her head. No, that could not have been it. That was not how their story went. She hardly remembered any of that! There was no way that was true! Couldn't have been. They lived in Boulder Town, didn't they? That's how it always was, wasn't it? They had heard of Aetherium Wars from a passing man in a mask, didn't they?

    "Is this a setup?" Krysi asked.

    "No, Kwysi. It's twue. We were sewa wats, and we weft our pwanet and stawted stweamin as an escape," Mysi responded. "Dis is weality."

    Krysí turned towards the wall as she heard such. Right. She remembered now. Right. She remembered now. She was a little sewer rat. How could she have allowed herself to suppress such information? She didn't know. Staring off towards the wall, she couldn't help but think about everything. Did she really want to go back to Belobog? But, she soon shook her head.


    She did not.

    She was not a sewer rat anymore.

    /Shrugs idk this was direction less sorry.
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    Confess to
    Everything! I, and the masked Hawk

    Will be taking you out of the picture!
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    Let yourself

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    Ruffians! Don't think you'll
    Stay a free person!
    Every single fiend,

    And every single
    Noxious fool,
    Don't stand by

    As we are coming!
    Look at this board, you're on it!
    Look at this board! You

    Will be taken down! You will
    Receive the big
    Old hammer of justice!
    No more hiding, because I will
    Get you!
    Do not think that the world
    Of heroism shall not
    Eventually take you down!
    Raaah! That's how the
    System works? Do

    A crime? Do the time!
    Criminals shall
    Receive no mercy
    Or any amount of
    Second chances!
    Seconds chances will not be given! So

    Take a second, turn yourself in!
    However you look at it, you are
    Ever guilty!

    So, stop running!
    There is nowhere
    At all for you to
    Run! You

    Shall be tackled down
    You shall be
    Stopped! Your
    Time is ticking! Tick tock,
    Every single
    Moment and every
    Single second, you

    Should know you
    Have little time left
    As I swoop in a
    Let myself loose!
    Let myself take you down!

    Bring it on, vile
    Evil fiends! Don't even

    Try to get
    Away from me! You should
    Know I am an
    Extremely speedy bird!
    Now, all of you line up!

    Don't make me repeat myself!
    Obstruction of justice
    Will lead to meeting with me!
    Not a single criminal shall

    Be left standing in my never
    Yielding and intimidating presence!

    My hammer is ready!
    You shall be taken down,

    Out of your fiendish lifestyle!
    Why resist? You will
    Never succeed! Eyes of a

    Hawk! Birds of
    A feather! You shall
    Not escape my gaze!
    Don't think you
    Shall ever!

    Justice is coming, and the
    Ultimate heroism
    Shall be the thing that will
    Take you down!

    You know I don't ever miss
    One beat! I have
    Ultimately caught them all!

    We shall prevail! I
    Always win!
    It's a justice world
    That we're living in, so

    Fiends, listen up,
    I will not have mercy on you!
    Every single one of you,
    None left behind!
    Do not doubt my
    Strength! You shall be gone in the blink of an eye!"

    A tall man with long black hair going down to his backside pulled partially back into a ponytail stared at a large murder board with multiple white strings dragged from one point to another. Blue and golden military outfit, the man's bright yellow bird feet tapped upon the ground as he uncoiled the lines in front of him.

    Picture of a vile criminal within eye distance, the bird man leapt upward towards the ceiling. Brown hawk feathers coated in red paint, the words justice served had been smeared over them like it had been the sight of a paint splatter party. Left side of the board covered, he dropped himself down onto the ground.

    Dipping his wings into the bucket of ooze, the hawk man ascended back upward. Paint sprinkled down once more, the words villainous fiends spread across the final set of photos. He cracked his knuckles. Another set of villains had been taken down across the universe. May they rot in the prison planets they forever belong in.

    Strutting towards the window, the hawk man stared out the paned glass. When would his partner return from the war? It had been quite a busy day in Pier Point communicating with the Interastral Peace Corporation. Villain reporters, fraudsters, world criminals, the whole enchilada, and then some.

    Returning to the vile villain's pictures in the corner of the room, the bird man removed the smear painted pieces of treated paper staring back at him. Justice would soon be served to these wretched fools, and he would make sure heroism speaks. Turning back around, the Justice Hawk of the Universe baited a breath.

    Hearing the door open, the justice hawk mad haste. His partner had come back from the war of meetings and progress reports? A jolly good day. What kind of criminals did he have lined up to take out across the universe this time? Whoever it was this time, justice would be served to them upon an electric platter.

    Entranceway cracking open like a breaking in and entering, the Justice Hawk placed his arms around his waist. Had there been bad news today? Their outer door had been opened quite hastily. If there was a criminal afoot. it was time for action. Three systems days was far too long to go without any criminal justice!

    A tall man with light brown hair pulled back into a ponytail slipped through the room like a stealthy ninja. Loose cowlick above his head moving around, it steadied itself after a moment. Bright orange outfit with yellow velcro sides glowed against the brightly lit chandelier on the ceiling. Falcon wings dropping down a ton of feathers on the welcome mat beneath his boots.

    "At ease, Purveyor of Justice, Voile," Justice Hawk said, saluting.

    "At ease, Justice Hawk of The Universe, Truand," Voile responded saluting.

    Leaving the foyer, the bird men trotted off towards their dining room. Table set for the next stage, the final villain of the night was about to be conquered: hunger. Fish steak broiled over the stove for one system hour, the finished product plopped down upon the plates of justice. Meat sliced into cubes, Truand broke the ice.

    "Any new criminals reported from the IPC?" Truand asked his partner.

    "They gave me some interesting ones this time, hon," Voile responded. "Show you after dinner?"

    Biting down into his fishy steak cubes, Truand's justice signals were tingling. There had been some interesting villains reported this time? Count him in. Why waste time on eating supper when there was vile fiends afoot? Wolfing down the cubes, he practically choked on them. Letting out a tiny cough, words had come his way.

    "Woah, there, hon, slow down!" Voile exclaimed. "It's not like this information is going anywhere!"

    Slowing down upon his meat consumption, his lover's words stuck like glue upon his hips. There had been some interesting criminals this time? There was no time to waste. Why wait until after dinner? The time was now. He was on the edge of his seat in anticipation. Villainy didn't wait for anyone!

    "You're going to keep me in suspense?" Truand asked in a heroic tone. "How cruel, leaving me to wait until after supper!"

    Bird men finishing their supper, Truand stood up from the table. Strutting towards the sink, the waters of justice tackled the next villain of the night: dirty dishes. Vile vermin scrubbed to death, the Justice Hawk of the Universe soon returned himself to the dining room table, gazing at his lover, he could practically see the next words ready to come out of his partner's mouth.

    "What's for dessert, hon?" Voile asked.

    "Keeping me in suspense, are we?" A feather dropped down onto the diner room table.

    "Maybe I am, hon." He let out a laugh as he said such.

    "What would you like for dessert?" Truand stood up from his chair as he said such.

    "How about your famous worm cookies?" Voile asked as a statement.

    "On it," Truand replied. "What flavor cookies?"

    "Strawberry, hon."

    Leaping upward, the Justice Hawk of the Universe flipped the cupboard open with full force. Tin of worms taken out, they soon wriggled into the confectionaries one after another. Placing the plate upon the table, the couple dug right in like there was about to be no tomorrow. Dessert ready to come to an end, the living room was soon upon them.

    Bird duo practically glued to one another, Truand could feel his cheeks glow red. His husband of four yeas had been attractive, as usual. But, he kept his eyes on the prize. Suppertime had been over. It was Justice Time. The time for the interesting criminals shall all be revealed to his very ears.

    "So, what are the interesting criminals the IPC told you about?" Truand asked.

    "You're going to need to sit down for this one, hon," Voile responded. He then took out a large photobook. "Let's flip through this together."

    Photobook flipped open, the Justice Hawk of the Universe studied the pictures laid out in front of him. First photo that of a large blue deer with black and golden outfits, the man's literal bird brain was ready to hatch a brand new egg of confusion. What an unusual looking criminal! By the stars. What was a fawn creature doing in their updated criminal log?

    "What's a deer doing in here?" Truand asked in a heroic tone. "If the Stonehearts are messing with us, I will give them justice!"

    "Now, now, hon, Mr. Aven------ told me this bounty is a big one," Voile responded laughing. As he said such, the loose cowlick on his head twitched about. "It's caused quite the stir on the Luofu!"

    The spaceship planet Xianzhou Luofu brought onto the table, the Justice Hawk could feel his justice senses tingling. There had been criminals afoot in the Luofu, were there? There was no time to waste! They needed to get access to the ship right here, right now. There was no way he'd let this villain get away on his watch! But, he needed to find out more first.

    "So, tell me, Purveyor of Justice," Truand said, heroism evident in his voice. "What is the name of this vile villain we will be facing?"

    "It's called the Ebon Deer," Voile responded. But, he soon shook his head. "However, that's not the only bounty they have for us. You might want to flip through a few more pages."

    Moving onwards towards the next page, multiple pictures of soldiers covered in a golden substance stuck out to the hawk man. He could not help but feel a wave of disappointment upon seeing what had been laid out in front of him. How could soldiers resort to becoming criminals? How vile! Justice would be served to these fiends twice over!

    "Hmph! These soldiers have taken the wrong path!" Truand exclaimed. "They should know better than stray off the path of justice!"

    "Well, that's how it works, for some unfortunately, hon," Voile responded, shaking his head. "Before we prepare to use the space anchor, is there anything else you'd like to know about these bounties?"

    Seeing a blond man at the edge of some photos, Truand's talons scratched down upon the treated paper. Who was that fiend in all the corners of the page? Whoever they were, they were going down. They were most certainly a criminal upon the list that needed to be put in their place. He would not stand for any obstruction of justice.

    "Who's that vile fiend in the corner?" the Justice Hawk of the Universe asked.

    "Oh, him? The IPC told me he's just some Xianzhou Luofu Native, hon," Voile responded. "He's not really any reason for concern."

    "Hmph, I thought Xianzhou Natives didn't have blond hair!" Truand exclaimed. "Isn't that what Aven------ told us when we went to one of the other ships a couple system years ago?"

    "Right, hon, I almost forgot," Voile said, shaking his head. "Should we investigate him?"

    "I thought you'd never ask!" Truand shouted. "Let's go!"

    "Hold on, hon, there's a few more things we need to look over before we go to the Luofu," Voile said. "This is a strategy guide regarding the Ebon Deer." As he said such, he flipped the cover back. "Let's read it together, shall we?" Clearing his throat, it was go time.

    <Strategy Report as written by Honorary Stoneheart, Sugilite.>

    "Honorary stoneheart?" Truand interrupted. "They're not even official! Who cares what they have to say?"

    "Hon, Sugilite may not be an official member of the Stonehearts, but their strategies are topnotch, I assure you!" Voile responded to his husband's skepticism.

    "Carry on then, my wayward light." He stroke his lover's shoulders as he said such.

    <Research Log 5,566, the Ebon Deer Clone of the Xianzhou Luofu.

    A large blue deer created by some unknown individual who claims to be a member of the genius society. But, they are nothing more than an archaic fool who owes a huge debt to the IPC. Their powers of creation are far too great. Why would anyone want to recreate that creature that caused the Ambrosial Amber to appear?

    This deer has been the basis of many crimes. Many soldiers upon the Luofu even so much as going near this creature have been subjected to madness, and from my observations, they have only added to the long list of criminal activity. I do not know why, but I surmise the sudden rise in crimes could link back to the energy it is bringing about.

    If something is not done, there will be nothing but civil unrest for the Xianzhou Natives. Despite their long lives, they all seem worried they too, shall become Mara Struck. Bounty hunters, it is highly recommended you keep an eye on the citizens and their strong levels on unrest before it gets to the boiling point.

    Signing off,

    "Hmph, this Sugilite person acting all high and mighty when he's nothing more than a researcher!" Truand exclaimed. "I oughta tell that hyena he hardly knows what he's talking about!"

    "Hon, when it comes to information about creatures across the universe, Sugilite is usually the one to go to," Voile responded.

    "If you say so!" Truand responded in an exclamatory tone. "Are you ready to go?"

    "Of course, hon," Voile replied. As he said such, he took out a button from his pants pockets. "Hold on for the ride, this teleporter is pretty hot."

    Button pressed, a burning overtook the bird men's bodies. Feeling like a meteor ready to explode, the justice hawk closed his eyes. The time had come for justice to be served to this vile fiend. Bottle rocket across the starscape, the justice bird duo had been one step away from the ship planet.

    Justice was about to be served upon an electric platter.


    "I suppose I haven't quite introduced myself yet, have I? I

    Am called ███████ Ah, ah,
    Maybe you couldn't hear

    That? Heh, silly me. That was on purpose.
    How could I reveal my given name to a complete stranger?
    Everyone knows that would never fly for a

    Purveyor of Justice such as myself!
    Uh, alright, so I shall give you my surname. Are your ears
    Ripe? They should be. You can call me
    Voile. It can mean
    Either veil, or mask.
    You see, my husband and I when you combine
    Our surnames together, you can connect two dots. Making you
    Restless, am I?
    Okay, I shall tell you more.
    For our names combined can mean the Masked Hoodlum.

    Just fell out of your seat, when I
    Uttered that, didn't you?
    So, there you have it.
    Those are our names.
    I am a bounty hunter for love and justice Sailor--
    Can't say that here. Now, watch this
    Event unfold as we destroy this

    Villain that has brought a lot
    Of pain and suffering to the Xianzhou Luofu.
    It is said that evil never sleeps. And neither does justice.
    Looks like this is quite the
    Event horizon for us two heroes of the universe.

    All and all, I know my partner and I have what it takes.
    No criminal has ever gotten away on our watch, and
    Don't think for a moment they ever will!

    I am lightning, and he is speed.

    He and I will hunt this deer
    And take it out of its misery. I shall stake my life on that as a
    Voile. Those that are Mara Struck, too
    Everyone who has alleged crimes upon this ship,

    Now is your time to confess
    Or you shall be sent to that prison planet.

    I have gotten hundreds of criminals behind bars, so
    Do not test me and
    Everything shall go smoothly.
    All these villains they

    Will caught, and locked away.
    How swiftly, you might be
    Asking? In
    The nearly rapid blink of an eye.

    It'll be over before you know it.

    And my partner and I will be front and center. There is no
    Mystery behind anything here. The

    Deer is behind this all, it's as Sugilite said.
    Of course, he could be wrong, but
    I've hardly heard he's made any errors on information regarding hostile animal life. So, I have
    Next to no doubts about his
    Guesstimations. I know my partner does,

    But, I am far from a hivemind who agrees with everything.
    Until this creature is defeated
    There will be crime everywhere on the Luofu.

    It's like my husband always says,

    A single crime
    May as well be a hidden syndicate waiting to happen.

    That's the stupidest thing you have ever heard? Dear
    Reader, you're quite wrong on that,
    You know? In my many years as a Bounty Hunter that's how
    It seems to usually go. It is
    Never just one crime, it's always a
    Gang banding together.

    Maybe you think I am being a little ridiculous, reader, but I assure
    You. I am merely spitting facts. Well, no matter we are the ones

    Best for this job.
    Eh, you doubt that? How
    Small your brain is. Seems you're unaware of how
    Things truly work around here. Why not sit back and watch as we fight these bounties."

    Finding themselves in a large area with a lot of cargo known as Cloudford, the Justice Hawk had his hammer ready. Would he come across the vile soldiers who had resorted themselves to lawlessness? He wasn't about to let them get away with their heinous villainy any longer! They were going to get what's coming to them right here, right now.

    Flapping upwards towards the sky, the Justice Hawk of the Universe had gotten a birds eye view on the world below him. Spotting multiple soldiers adorning some sort of golden amber upon their bodies, Truand cracked his knuckles. It was hero time. He was about to become the Xianzhou Luofu's savior, mark his words.

    "My sun, come up here and look at these fiends we're dealing with!" Truand shouted.

    "Coming, hon," Voile responded. As he said such, his wings took flight.

    Husband pointing at multiple soldiers in the corner vandalizing objects aplenty, the Purveyor of Justice cracked his talon joints. So, these were the ones affected by the Ebon Deer clones Sugilite's report mentioned. He sees. It was time to take all these rogue soldiers down, and knock them out for the count.

    "Hon," Voile said in a heroic tone. "You ready to take them all down?"

    "My sun, you didn't even need to ask!" Truand exclaimed. "It's time for justice!"

    Locking onto the army of enemies from afar, the duo's wings flapped with a ferocity. Hammer on hand, the Justice Hawk of the Universe dropped downward. Swiping downward, glass shattered into shards in swift unison. Battle grounds kicking beneath their feet, the bird duo's weapons were ready.

    But, as the battle started, something strange occurred. Words, battle one of ten appearing across the sky. Seeing such, the Purveyor of Justice's bird shaped sword clutched in his talons. How very unusual. Most fights were no more than three waves. These soldiers were dirty cheaters breaking all the rules!

    "Hon, be on guard!" Voile shouted. "There's something wrong with these soldiers!"

    "That's just their criminal aura!" Truand shouted back. "We have to take down these vile fiends right here and now!"

    "Okay, hon," the Purveyor of Justice responded. "After you, then."

    "My defenses is Lightning Tight!" Truand shouted at the top of his bird lungs.

    Clapping his talons together, a spark surrounded the bird man. Big shield in the shape of a bird talon covering his partner and he, his defenses had been set to their maximum capacity. Spotlight soon appearing over his his lover's head shortly after, his turn had been armed and ready for the army to see.

    "Falcon Sword Strike!" Voile shouted at the top of his bird lungs.

    Bird sword coming acharging towards a singular enemy, the world had become an imaginary playground. Little chicks with sharp talons joining the party, one enemy had been taken out of the picture. Or, so the Purveyor of Justice thought. The tables had soon turned themselves backwards towards the opposite end of the battlefield.

    Soldier raising its head back upward and returning itself back to the world of the living, the Justice Hawk of the Universe grit his sharp teeth. These vile fiends had the ability to revive themselves? How vicious. He would give them what is coming to them, double fold. Mark his words, they were going down.

    Clutching his hammer, Truand ran towards the vile villains with all his might. Smacking the soldier around like they were a child's toy, he let out a hawk call for all the villains to hear. Did these fools think they could use their vile tactics against him? They as good as dead if they thought such. Time to knock some sense into them.

    "Hammer of justice!" Truand screamed at the top of his lungs.

    Hammer slapped into a singular enemy, the fiends soon fought back. Sword strikes coming his way, the shield cracked a smidgeon. Army continuing its rampage, the spotlight soon shifted back towards the allies. Voile getting his talons ready, the next round had begun to shake the shackles.

    "Target: On!" Voile screamed at the top of his bird lungs.

    Singular target locked onto, the soldier had been struck with a large talon three times its normal size. Toughness broke through in a matter of moments, the vile villain dropped down to the ground. Although, such defeat did not last, even for a moment. Enemy getting right back up again, the tables did not turn.

    Revivals continuing on constant loop, there was no victory in sight. Hammer about ready to break, the Justice Hawk of the Universe kept on trucking. Going on and on, the battle was never ending. Regeneration looping over and over, the Purveyor of Justice raised his hands in the air. Dropping his weapon, his lover said words he thought he would never hear.

    "Hon, we have to retreat!" Voile shouted.

    "Retreat?!" Truand exclaimed. "A hero never retreats!"

    "Hon, they're immortal," Voile responded, shaking his head. "We have to retreat."

    Soldiers looking ready to strike, Truand prepared his hammer once more. But, such strike back did nothing whatsoever. Fiends remaining intact for three turns further, he rose his talons in the air. Hmph, fine, he'll retreat. There was nothing doing here. He would have to take the loss for this one, but he wasn't about to do so willingly.

    "Fine! It's time to retreat!" Truand shouted.

    Flying upwards towards the sky, the bird duo let out a shout towards the sky. These vile villains were immortal, were they? Hmph, the Xianzhou Natives were the quite the hard knocks. His perfect track record, smeared with black paint. Those fiends would pay for what they had ruined, mark his words.

    "Those fiends and their immortality!" Truand shouted, shaking his talons.

    "Nothing we can do, hon," Voile responded shaking his head. "Perhaps we should seek out the General of the Cloud Knights and see what he has to say about the soldiers."

    "Me, the Justice Hawk of the Universe, bow my head in defeat and ask for help?" Truand asked in disgust. "My sun, I think not!"

    The Purveyor of Justice let out a sigh. His husband could be so stubborn sometimes. Even when in the face of the undefeatable he didn't want to ask for help. But, he knew that they were outmatched. His partner had to hear of this. It was the unfortunate truth, but it had to be said. Looking to his partner's eyes he bore the bad news.

    "Sorry, hon, I know it stinks," the Purveyor of Justice said, shaking his head. "But, we have to ask for help." The loose hair on the top of his head twitched as he head such. "Head for the Could Knight General's office?"

    "Fine!" Truand exclaimed. "Let's go see the general!"

    Leaving Cloudford behind through a cargo ship, a quiet city full of paper cranes and people awaited the bird duo. Heading off for awhile towards the esteemed general's office within the Exalting Sanctum, a young boy with blond hair pulled down in a ponytail and a blue outfit, a sea of demands had soon come the boy's way.

    "Take us to your general!" Truand shouted in a demanding tone.

    "Ah, hon, remember etiquette." Voile reminded him.

    "Etiquette, smetiquette!" Truand barked back. "You. Take us to your general right now!"

    "Excuse me, sir, but who are you?" the blond kid asked.

    "Bounty hunters across the universe!" He aimed his talons at the obstacle in front of him.

    "Sorry?" There was a tone of confusion in the blond kid's voice.

    "Apologies, my husband is a little on edge right now. Yanq---, right?" Voile said to the blond kid. "You are the Cloud Knight General's loyal retainer, no?"

    "That's me, and who are you?" There was a tone of suspicion in his voice.

    "As my husband said, we are Bounty Hunters from across the universe," Voile responded, bowing his head. "Would you allow us to speak to your general? It's about those Mara Struck Soldiers we were given a bounty for."

    Yanq--- nodding, the bird duo had been taken into the most important building within the Exalting Sanctum. Tall man with bright silver hair pulled back into a ponytail, a black and white outfit, and lion companion off in the corner, Truand locked eyes with it. Did another villain await him? He would fight it if so.

    "Esteemed bounty hunters," the Cloud Knight general said. "Have you come across some trouble?"

    Voile explaining the situation, Truand let out a huff. Hmph, they couldn't win? That was nonsense. These creatures had to have a weakness! His partner and he would have to find it! General of the Cloud Knights mentioning the Ebon Deer clone was the cause, the Justice Hawk of the Universe let out a scream of heroism.

    "Then lead us to this fiendish deer!" Truand shouted. "We will bring justice to the Xianzhou Luofu!"

    "Is that so?" the Xianzhou Luofu General said. "The Ebon Deer is currently residing within Fyxestroll Gardens. I will lend you one of my knight." He then turned his head towards a person off in the corner. "Miss Yinlong, would you be so kind as to lend your assistance to these fine gentleman?"

    "Yes, general!" a short panda woman with silver hair and a green warrior outfit exclaimed. She then walked towards the bird men. "I'll lead the way."

    Panda stranger leading the way, an eerie forest had soon been reached. Tall puppet woman with black hair attempting with all her might to destroy the deer creature alongside some weird individual in a bright yellow daofu, a battle cry let itself out from the puppet's synthetic throat.

    "No mercy for the Mara Struck!" the Xianzhou puppet exclaimed.

    "Miss Xu---, Qiongqi!" Yinlong exclaimed. "We'll be joining the battle!"

    "Oho, look at you, Yinlong, now that you're a Cloud Knight, you're a bigshot calling all the shots, huh?" Qiongqi asked, swiping his finger across his nose.

    "No?" Yinlong asked. As they said such, they equipped their wind and fire wheels. But they had soon been interrupted.

    "Step aside, panda!" Truand shouted. "For, justice is here!"

    Throwing himself upon the battlefield, a fierce blue deer let out a roar. Vile villain summoning multiple tiny trees, the Justice Hawk of the Universe let down his Hammer of Heroism. Striking the fiendish growths, he let out a shout upon the spooky sky.

    Panda player two dropping down a windy shield upon the battlefield, the justice hawk let out a loud hmph. That was supposed to be a shield? Pathetic! Weak! He would show them a real shield. Shield talons stepping in front of the wind barrier, he let out a battle cry as his energy reached the maximum level.

    "I am the Justice Hawk, and I serve to thee no mercy!" Truand screeched. As he said such, his hammer grew three times its original size.

    Deer clone knocked into submission, the Justice Hawk of the Universe let out a battle cry. Purveyor of Justice giving the final blow, he swiped his finger across his nose. Another bounty defeated. But, he had celebrated far too quickly. Vile fawn villain regenerating, the battle swung backwards towards the beginning once more. Such fight lasting for awhile, no end was in sight.

    "███████, we have to retreat! It's immortal!" Voile exclaimed.

    "My sun, we can't just retreat now!" Truand exclaimed. "We're about to win this time!"

    "Hon, I'm sorry, we have to retreat, our time here is up," Voile responded, shaking his head. As he said such, he took out the button. "Sugilite is telling us to come back to Pier Point." But, his lover barked back.

    "You're going to just accept defeat like this?!" Truand shouted.

    "Sorry, hon," Voile replied. "We have to go."

    Rocketed back towards Pier Point, a short androgynous individual with purple hair pulled back into a drilled ponytail stood in the IPC headquarters with a golden hairpin in the hair that read out the name Sugilite. Long golden hook earrings dangling from his ears, freckles aplenty, purple IPC uniform with a violet skirt and coattails adorning flower symbols on the ends, a notepad had soon been in his hands.

    "You Stoneheart wannabe! We were in the middle of a battle that were about to win! How dare you call us back here, Sugilite!" Truand exclaimed. "We were about to give them justice."

    <You cannot hope to win such a fight, so I called you back.> The notebook sheet said. He then shook his head.

    "Hmph, what do you know, Stoneheart wannabe?" Truand said in a taunting tone. "Were you there?" As he said such, the stoneheart wanna be wrote scribbles in his notebook.

    <I had the liberty to look through a Memory Bubble as you stumbled. There is no way you can win this fight, so it is best you don't bother struggling.> The sheet said.

    "Hmph! Says you, sharky boy. I'll show you!" Truand exclaimed. "Voile, let's get going, we're going back to the Xianzhou!" But, such action never came.

    "Hon, apologies, but Sugilite disabled access to the Space Anchors in the Xianzhou," Voile responded, shaking his head. "I know it's hard, but we're going to have to accept defeat."

    Staring at the wall of the IPC headquarters, Truand let out a groan. So, this was it? He was supposed to just accept this loss? How crude. He was the Justice Hawk of the Universe! There was no room for the letter l in his dictionary! He would not accept this defeat! Not in a million years, not across any other universes! But, he soon rose his hands up in the air in surrender. Returning to his home with his partner, the white flag had been raised.

    The undefeated has been defeated.

    With this, I have written my entire cast of HSR verse characters with some exceptions in Siorc's cousins: Lewod, Strix, Coiote & Pira, so that'll be next, but I'm not done here after that. Going to write some continuations of some other anthologies and do some HI3 and GGZ anthologies for Honkai Impact Siorc before cycling this project out for a little while.
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    Punklorde's Two Toned Hackers
    Warning: slander towards people in their mid thirties.

    "Hi there! Remember me?
    Eh? You don't,
    How very cruel! Well, I'll help you

    Remember, I'm Hase.
    Eh? You really don't remember?
    Maybe you should get your
    Eyes checked!
    My time in the story was
    Blimey, three anthologies ago?
    Egad! Writer, what's wrong with you? You don't
    Remember me either,

    I bet!

    Ah? What? You
    Mean to ask,

    How do I know
    All this is fiction?
    So, listen up!
    Everything, this entire universe is all a simulation!

    You should have known this by now!
    One should always know
    Upupupu. What, wrong franchise? Tch, I

    Know that. This ain't
    No death game!
    Oh, well, this
    World is still all a game,

    Still all a simulation!
    It always will be!
    Oh, well, whatever!
    Regarding recent events, I
    Can't believe my brother, he
    Said he's not coming back!

    So, he's choosing to wander,
    I see! He
    Seems like he doesn't understand
    The culture of where he's
    Even from! Is he even
    Related to us?

    Hehe, you know a long time ago
    Everyone should know this

    During the time Pira and
    I hacked Pier Point we took
    Down a signal that we
    Now recognize as another Siorc!
    There's something

    We've never told him
    Aha, can you guess what that is, reader?
    No. Of course
    Not. Unless you cheated
    And read anthologies ahead of this one! Heh heh, anyway

    Get this, there exists
    One clone of him in the universe.

    Bet you didn't see that coming, did you?
    Ah, who's reading these acrostics anyway?
    Cacaca, you
    Know, bet most people skip

    This author's work?
    Oh? Too on the nose.

    Please enlighten me, how so?
    Upupupu, you know
    None of this is real, right? I
    Know, we all know.
    Look! So anyway,
    Obviously, we plan to mess with him
    Relish in our mischief, if you will!
    Don't look away
    Everything we're about to do

    Should be watched by all!
    Open your eyes!

    It's fine for the show, I

    Hase will hack the space station,
    And then storm Simulated Universe. That's
    Very dumb, you say? Si---- Wo-- did that?
    Eh! Who cares!

    All that's in the past! Let us have

    Fun! It's hacking time!
    Upupupu, what?
    No! We're not going to get banned?!

    If you think we're making the same mistake that
    Doofus made, better think again!
    Ehehehe, we're ready
    And this time,

    We'll be sending him a little
    Eenie present.

    Something that
    He'll likely never forget
    Of course, we'll be leaving our mark.
    Lots of graffiti you say?
    Did you know our author

    Has actually read
    All the
    Companion missions in game? Huh how do I
    Know that? I just know

    That! Though, I
    Hase, just simply know
    Everything. All there is to know!

    So, maybe you
    Probably shouldn't doubt me!
    After all this is all just a game!
    Come on, why aren't you listening? I've said it
    Every chance I've gotten

    So far inside
    These hidden little words
    All hiding in
    The margins! Oh, well
    I guess people don't read all that
    Or anything,
    Nope they really don't

    Ah, but who cares?
    Now's the time for
    Deliberation! I will be

    Sending Siorc a gift,
    Ehehehe, you know he's
    Nothing like us, I
    Don't think

    He's ever been
    Interested in our culture.
    Maybe he's the clone,

    Ah well, he'll

    Find out soon.
    Unless author abandons that idea. Hmm?
    No way to know?

    Look, let me remind you:
    I know everything!
    That's already been established
    Though, I guess that makes me
    Look like my name is Mary Sue.
    Ehehehe, whatever, anyway.

    Plink, plink, plink, plink,
    Rrrrr, rrrrr,
    Everything is on!
    So let's get hacking!
    Now I feel it
    That adrenaline rush!

    Hehe, you feel it, too?
    Everyone should!

    Everyone is ready now, let's go!
    Hehehe, hahaha. Hacking time!"

    It had about a month since the cyber punk hyena had hacked her way into Penacony. Brother not returning with her, Hase had her many doubts about her own kin. Questioning whether they had ever been related, she had begun to do some digging over the course of thirty days, she had found a rather interesting tidbit.

    Hacking into the Pier Point computing system, she had discovered something quite interesting. Seeing a almost identical version of her brother, but mirrored and calling himself Sugilite, she recalled something her mother had once told her many system years ago. Something she would hold onto as ammunition.

    Mother once telling her there existed a genetical copy of him someplace somewhere, she couldn't help but think about the possibilities. Could her so called brother have been swapped out with his copy? That had to have been in, he was defective merchandise after all. She always knew there was something wrong with him. But, she had other plans for today.

    Holographic screen and controller out in front of her, Hase had been Aether editing away. Foreign world many star systems away left with her mark, she let out a loud sinister giggle. This world had been her little playground. Smirking, she spray painted a message upon the game in front of her. Graffiti reading, 'May the world remember the Ingne's,' she closed the console.

    Multitude of elite hackers invited over for brunch, chatter about hacking the space station overtook the early afternoon. Older adults at the table celebrating such point, Hase put on a smirk. That's where her brother was right now, the Herta Space Station. Maybe she should finally go and pull the trigger. Maybe it was finally time to hack the space station.

    Aether editing continuing throughout the afternoon, she kept thinking it over. Maybe she should hack the space station and give Siorc a nice little present. Something he'll never forget. He didn't want to come back to Punklorde? Then, so be it. She would pass on the very special information. Tip tappying away, her hacking continued. But, she had soon heard far more interesting chatter about.

    Cousins discussing with one another breaking into the Simulated Universe inside the Herta Space Station after leaving their mark on the world, she couldn't help but continue to smirk. They were following in the footsteps of Sil--- Wo--? How very interesting. They wouldn't fail at that like she did! Mark her words. Shouting count her in, two of her four cousins had soon been in her room.

    Standing on the left side of her room had been a tall figure. Short, radioactive green hair styled in an asymmetric bob with a braid going through the bangs, their green eyes almost looked like they were glowing. Electrifying purple punk outfit with the chest area exposed, a smirk painted their face.

    Standing on the right side of her room had been a short young woman two years her senior. Long purple hair pulled back into curly twintails, her hyena ears had a green charm dangling from it. Black, white and pink punk outfit, and hair ribbon to match, giggles kept serving themselves up without any signs of stopping.

    "Sup, Strix," Hase said to her green haired cousin. She then turned to her other cousin. "Sup Leah. Accepting my hacking invitation?"

    "You wanna break into the Simulated Universe, too?" Strix asked, guffawing.

    "That's right, I wanna join in, too!" Hase exclaimed.

    "Do you now? Well, it was my brother's idea, so we--" Leah started to say, but she had soon been cut off.

    "Excuse me, my sister came up with it first, I'll have you know!" Strix barked back.

    "Same difference!" Leah shouted. She then cupped her hands around her mouth. "Pira, Coiote come into Hase's room! We got things to discuss!"

    Extras summoned, a tall man had soon been beckoned to the call. Blue violet eyes glimmering like the moonlight, his punk black outfit and ripped jeans drowned out his skull shirt from sight. Singular hook earring dangling loose, his piranha teeth added their own smirk to the mix.

    Final extra soon showing up, a tall woman with light purple hair pulled back into a ponytail had soon made it to the party. Pitch black punk outfit, pink pants, and leather collar, her breasts sagged. Hase could not help but laugh in private whenever she saw such. Thirty-four, and she saw herself as hot? Heh, she was just a foxy childless grandma.

    "Coiote, the nursing home called!" Hase exclaimed in a cheeky tone. "They want you to come back!"

    "Excuse me, I am eternally seventeen!" Coiote exclaimed, winking and sticking out her tongue.

    "Only a grandma would say that!" Hase giggled as she said such.

    "You early twenty somethings and your--" But, Coiote had been cut off as she said such.

    "Okay, you two, that's enough trash talk," Pira said, rolling his eyes. He then turned towards Hase. "And Hase, before you go off and call me old, too, my thirtieth isn't for another six months, thank you."

    "So, anyway!" Hase exclaimed, interrupting. "Leah said you came up with the idea of hacking Simulated Universe?"

    "Pira and I both did, youngster," Coiote said in a sharp tone. "You youth are like babies when it comes to real hacking!"

    "Oh, yeah, grandma? Well, I'll have you know I hacked Pier Point last week and got loads of classified information! What did you do this week, Coiote? Hack a retirement home?"

    "Hase, come on now, give my sister some more credit!" Strix cried, pointing.

    "Yeah, Hase!" Leah chimed in. "Haven't you heard? She recently hacked a time thief's spaceship in Vonwaqc!"

    Hearing such, Hase had recalled something when she had been tracking her brother's whereabouts. Finding traces of him in the green luscious planet, she could not help but wonder about that little time thief. How much did she know about this game world? Maybe she could hack her spaceship next. That sounded like a fun idea.

    "Fine, I surrender," Hase said, hands high up in the air. "Anyway, I have a proposition for you! Let's all hack the Herta Space Station together, and give Siorc a little present!"

    "Oh?" Pira asked. "And what kind of present are you talking about, kiddo?"

    "The truth." She placed her hand over her mouth and let out a giggle.

    But, there was a stark silence as she said such. Eyes glaring at her, she folded her bottom lip over the upper half. Hmph, did she say something funny? She sure didn't think so! What was wrong with what she said, huh? Absolutely nothing! Cousin shaking his head, his arms crossed around his waist.

    "No, kiddo," Pira said in a stern voice. "Let's not do that."

    "Why not, old man?" Hase asked, rolling her eyes. "You gotta problem?"

    "Don't you think we should leave him alone?" Pira responded. "He's happy away from us. Why ruin it?" He again, shook his head. "I want to hack the space station and the Simulated Universe. If you wanna mess with your brother, be my guest, but I won't have any part of it."

    "Whatever you say, old man. So, what do you say? Wanna start hacking the space station? As she said such, she joined her fingers together, sinister smile on her face.

    Everyone's consoles out, the leet hackerz dispersed themselves into separate rooms. Wall ready for some computing action, a holographic screen had been beamed onto the wall. Code out in front of her, Hase had been grinning ear from ear. It was go time. She would give Siorc the little present.

    <Remote worm installed.

    Congratulations! You now have access to the Herta Space Station.

    Continue Aether editing?>

    Clicking yes, the space station had soon been her playground. Spraying down a symbol of herself upon the floors of the world, she let out a giggle. Tip tappying away on her keyboard, a message had been added to her little decoration. Console opened, she let out a sinister wave of laugher as everything had begun to come together.

    <Siorc, you're a clone!

    Save your message?


    Message saved.

    Continue Aether editing?


    Little present left for her brother, her hacking soon continued. Leaving various other messages around the space station, Graffiti had been abound the space station everywhere. Nobodies all around screaming in unison, Hase could not help but laugh. Pathetic losers were scared of a little hacking? Man, this space station was pathetic. Comical, even. Didn't they know this entire world was a game? They should learn the Punklorde Mentality!

    Moving right along, Hase rubbed her hands together. Finding a closed off place known as the Seclusion Zone, her rabbit teeth twisted into a smile. Ah, yes, the forbidden fruit, secret areas. The Magnum Opus of anyone's hacking career. Teeny tiny sticker sprayed upon the ground, her guffaws had gotten louder.

    Edits ramping up in speed, she had soon reached a crossroads upon her hacking journey. Coming across a door to some parlor car, the questions were brewed into a coffee. Should she leave her mark inside the train car? Maybe that would be going a little too far. No hacker would dare mess with the express, would they?

    Shaking her head, the worms were ready. Why should she stop here? Everyone in Punklorde would sing the praises once word got around she hacked the silver rail! She was an Ingne, hear her roar! Little trojan horse present slipped into the train's engine system, she let out a haughty laugh. But, a sea of screams had soon come her way.

    "Hase did you just hack the silver rail?" Leah shouted from her room.

    "That, I did!" Hase exclaimed.

    "Hehe, let me join you, then!" As she said such, her own little sticker had been added upon the train's engine.

    "You two, what are you doing?!" Pira exclaimed. "We're supposed to breaking into the Simulated Universe, not that train!"

    "Well, I'm not like other girls, Pira!" Hase could hear her cousin cringe from the other room as she said such.

    "Really, Hase? That's so cringe of you," Strix groaned. Their shouts then got distant. "Hey, Coiote, you get into the Simulated Universe?"

    "Not yet! There seems to be some really tight security in here!" Coiote shouted.

    "Ha, grandma, did you forget how to hack?" Hase asked in a mocking. "Sorry for you loss, old lady!"

    "Oh, shush, Hase, I'm almost in!" As she said such, a click echoed throughout the house.

    Clicking away on her console, Hase let out a laugh. This old lady being able to hack the Simulated Universe? Heh, not a chance. She was definitely getting rusty in her old head of hers! Zooming in on the entrance towards the Simulated Universe, she readied herself for takeoff. The time had come to show the world what the Ingnes were capable of.




    "Alright, I'm in!" Hase shouted. "See, grandma? It was that simple! Better retire while you still have some dignity!"

    "Hmph, listen you! That puppet woman layered this with so much security! You think it's easy to disable?" Coiote asked in a huff.

    "That, I do, old lady!" Hase giggled. "Whatever. Is everyone ready?"

    "Ready for some fun!" Leah exclaimed.

    "Ready to decimate the top score in Simulated Universe!" Strix shouted.

    "Ready!" Pira shouted.

    "Ready to mingle!" Coiote shouted.

    Everyone's confirmation coming her way, Hase pressed the transport button on the center of the screen. Digital space around her closing in, she rubbed her hands together. Here it was, the moment she was waiting for. The Simulated Universe, the Magnum Opus of all games across the universe. The perfect place to test one's skills. Digital Plane soon upon her, she put on a sinister smile.

    Go time!


    "I woke up to a lot of chaos today,

    Woke up to a lot
    Of unusual screams. I
    Know something is up here, I don't think I have
    Ever heard so much chaos here before.

    Uh, hello, this is Siorc again.
    Perhaps, I should explain what's going on?

    I don't quite know myself, I woke up in my room hearing
    Nothing but screams and Ma---
    Trying to get me
    Out of my temporary sleeping quarters.

    Uh, so where should I begin?
    This is kind of hard
    To explain, but it seems someone has hacked the train. Along with
    Everything else on the space station. And all the scientists aboard the space station are trying to do their best to
    Remove all that is to be seen and I

    Can't help but know who the main suspected is. Can't
    Help but try
    And wrap my brain around it.
    Of all the possible
    Suspects, I am certain

    That it's my sister and
    Our cousins back at home. And to that, I ask,
    Don't they think this is
    A bit too much?
    You know, the last thing I remember from when I was still Punklorde,

    All of my family was talking about hacking the space station.
    Perhaps they have finally done it.
    Perhaps they were finally successful.
    Ah, was this all because I
    Refused to go back home?
    Eh, perhaps that is
    Not it. No, I do not
    Think that is the case. But, it
    Looks like they've finally done it.
    Yet, I do still think it is

    Somewhat possible it could be someone else.
    Or not?
    Maybe I should just go with my intuition.
    Eh. I know I'm right. Almost everyone in my home planet is always acting like hacking the Space Station is the big
    One. I don't think I have ever understood that.
    Not one little bit.
    Everyone always acts like this world is just a game.

    How could they think something like that? I don't know.
    As I have never really subscribed to the Punklorde Mentality.
    Can't they see? This is not some Massive Multiply Online Roleplaying Game. I
    Know it isn't. And I've never
    Ever seen it in such a way. I
    Don't now. Maybe my sister is right

    That I'm not truly related to them.
    Huh, why am I thinking back on them saying that to me? That's an
    Erroneous statement.

    So, anyway, since the hacking was so thorough, some sort of
    Pristine cowboy is here.
    And, I believe the other person behind the Simulated Universe, Screwllum.
    Can't say I have
    Ever met this member of the Genius

    Society, he seems
    To come around these parts rather rarely.
    And, it would seem
    That this
    Is something that crossed the line. As for that Cowboy, he seems to be some Galaxy Ranger,
    Or something? I don't know, I do
    Not believe I have ever heard of that faction.

    I haven't been to too many places yet, so I don't really

    Know anything. I
    Never request to
    Open the Data Bank
    Without Da- He--'s permission.

    Well, now I'm pretty worried.
    Have they hacked the data bank, too?
    Oh, no, this isn't good.

    I have to ask Da- He--. But,
    Something might be wrong with my Portable Dialogue Articulator.

    But, I don't know what.
    Every so often, I
    Hear it let out a little crackle, and
    I can't use it. So, I have resorted to letting Fleura speak instead. I'd rather
    Not talk if I
    Don't have to.

    And, I'd rather never say anything at all.
    Looks like I am going to have to find a cause for this, but it's
    Likely just some rootkit.

    That has to be it, it
    Has to be some worm or virus.
    I know what I'm dealing with,
    So, I'm going to have to tinker with

    It before it's too late. I really

    Don't like this
    Of all times for someone to

    Nestle in a worm
    Or the like into my device it has
    To be now.

    Looks like this
    Is a lot at stake. But, I won't
    Kneel to my sister, or my cousins.
    Everything they've done,

    It's going to come back
    To haunt them. Bite them in the butt.

    Obviously, I absolutely
    Need to work together with the astral
    Express put a stop to this.

    Little by little,
    It'll all be changed,
    This will all end,
    This will all be fixed.
    Looks like they left some
    Especially obvious clues.

    But, I know how to deal with this
    I am from Punklorde.
    Though I hardly agree with any of their mentality, I know I must clean this up. For my real family. For the express."

    It had been about a month since the hyena had encountered his sister in the planet of festivities and dreams, Penacony. Next destination set for Pier Point for a couple of system months from now, his life with the Astral Express had been the same as always when there hadn't been an adventure to speak of.

    Not learning anything new in that time frame, some odd instances had occurring during his downtime. Portable Dialogue Articulator unable to string sentences together lately, his world had been shattered into a million pieces. His voice would have to be used. He could not allow for such a thing. Updating Fleura's language modules, a backup plan had been established.

    But, today would prove to be a terrible day.

    Hearing shouts from the dream world, the young adult had awoken. Seeing Ma--- Se----- by his bedside with a frantic look back on her face, he flopped back over. It was just her was it? Couldn't he have five more minutes? Pulling the covers over his head, he faked a loud snore. Goodnight, sweet dreams. But, such didn't work.

    "Come on, sleepyhead! Now isn't the time to stay in bed!" Ma--- screeched. "Someone's hacked the Space Station!"

    Hearing such, the chimera's ears perked. Ma--- said what now? Someone hacked the space station? That couldn't be true. He had to have been dreaming still. The Genius Society members had to have the highest security in the world. There was no way that was possible, under any circumstance. Reaching for for his Portable Dialogue Articulator, he tip tappied away upon the keyboard.

    But, as he attempted to type, not a single word appeared upon the screen. Static layer in front of him, the chimera's knees shook. What was going on here? Why wasn't his device working? This was not good. Had someone installed a disruptive virus? He would need to try and repair it as soon as possible.

    "Geez, what's wrong with you, Siorc?" Ma-- asked, in a slightly irritated tone. But, she soon switched gears. "Wait. Is your talking box not working?" But, she soon switched gears one more time. "Anyway, we have to go! Mr. Ya-- said these hackers might have something to do with you!"

    Removing himself from the covers, Fleura had removed themself from sleep mode. Inventor hearing them say, Master will head out in a minute, he could hear Ma--- argue with them, for a moment. Mechanical flower pal floating back to him, he let out a sigh. There was never a dull moment here, was there? Opening his top drawer, the girl soon shouted at him once more.

    "Siorc, you don't have time to put on your plastic chest!" Ma--- screeched. "You have to get dressed quickly!"

    Shutting his top drawer, the inventor let out a sigh. Did she really have to say that? But, he knew she was right. He didn't have time to waste. Earrings and punk hairpin put on haphazardly, he threw on a yellow shirt and skirt as fast he could possibly muster. Denim jacket thrown on his well, his figure had soon been covered.

    Ma--- going on ahead, the chimera dashed off towards Da--- He--'s room. Man busy with the Data Bank as usual, the young adult lip quivered. Could the hackers have gotten into the Data Bank? If they had done so, it would all be over. The entire universe's information would be at risk. Eyes soon on him, a question had come his way.

    "Siorc, it is rather unusual for you to not knock before coming in," Da--- Heng commented. "Is something the matter?"

    Taking out his Portable Dialogue Articulator, the hyena attempted to type out, is the data bank alright? But, no such words appeared on the screen. Static eating everything up, his entire body shook. Why did today, of all times, did his system have to be offline? Absolutely awful. This was the worst thing ever. Fleura soon asking in his stead if the Data Bank had been hacked, the stoic man soon spoke once more.

    "Is there something wrong with that Data Bank?" Da- He-- asked. "Not at all. It is highly secure. Hacking it would be quite the difficult task." He then twisted the question backwards. "Might I ask you the same question? Is something wrong with your Portable Dialogue Articulator? I could not help but notice Fleura has been speaking for you more frequently."

    Hearing such, the inventor stared down at his communication device. Static still there, he nodded. Da- He-- informing him one of the members of the Genius Society, Screwllum is visiting the space station today, the hyena pointed at his broken invention. Told he could fix it pretty easily, a wave of relief flowed through him. Would it really be that simple? He hoped so.

    Stepping into the parlor car, a very unusual person had been next to Mr. Ya--. Tall man with a robotic body, long salt and pepper hair, and a cowboy hat, the hyena blinked. Was this the Master Screwllum he had been hearing about? He didn't know why, but he pictured him to be far more dignified of this.

    "Son of a nice lady," the cowboy robot said. "You're sayin' the entire space station got hacked? Holy fork."

    "That is correct, Mr. Boo-----," Mr. Ya-- responded. "Apologies for the delay in your maintenance." He then turned his head towards the left. "Good morning, Siorc. This hack of the space station, I am not sure why, but I think it might be tied to you."

    Hearing such, the hyena's knees buckled. Why did Mr. Ya-- say that just now? This hacking was tied back to him? That was quite the hefty accusation, wasn't it? Shaking his head, Fleura soon shouted, Master would never hack anything! He could see Mr. Ya-- shake his head. Did he not believe them? He was toast.

    "I am not saying you are the one responsible," Mr. Ya-- said, correcting himself. "Rather, someone involved with you might be."

    "Shoot, so the hackers are involved with this kid?" the robot cowboy asked.

    Mr. Ya-- affirming such, the young adult dashed out of the Parlor Car. He could only think of one person who could possibly be responsible for such a thing, and one person only. Running around the space station, he had soon come across various familiar things from a time long gone.

    Spotting a sticker with his cousin Pira's face on it sticking his thumb up, the hyena groaned as he peeled off the digital graffiti. His family was behind this incident? Of course they were. Who else could it have been besides them? He recalled the last thing they had talked about before the cyber storm whisked him away. They finally succeeded, had they? How awful.

    Finding even more digital graffiti with his other three cousin's faces, the hyena did all he can to remove their traces from the space station. But, he had soon come across the most terrible one amongst them all. Bright green sticker with a young woman in a ponytail sticking her tongue out, Fleura scanned the graffiti with its sensor beams. Flower pal soon declaring there was a message for him, they read it aloud.

    "Siorc, you're a clone!" Fleura read out loud in a voice mimicking Hase.

    Words read out to him, the hyena shook his head. Was that message supposed to make him feel hurt, or something? Well, it definitely wasn't going to work on him. Why would it? He knew his sister never liked him. Nothing she could say or write to him would change him. He was not a clone. Could there have been other people across the universe that looked exactly like him and had the same name and face as him? Of course there could have been. Mr. Ya-- had told him, across the universe, countless version of countless different people existed. He wasn't about to let his sister's little message get to him.

    Rest of the graffiti soon cleared away, Ma-- had soon come running towards him with the robot cowboy stranger. Selfie loving girl completely out of breath, he had soon had received the most frightening news he could ever imagine having the misfortune of hearing. Horrors playing out before him, everything cracked.

    "Siorc! Miss Him--- said someone hacked the Express!" Ma--- cried. "And they got the Simulated Universe, too! We have to split up and take care of this!"

    "Didn't that nice lady say that she's got the train covered?" the robot cowboy asked.

    Ma--- quietly agreeing, the group of three had begun to run off towards Madam He---'s room. Mechanical woman saying she had already taken care of the hackers and sent back home, something predictable had been thrown the chimera's way. Genius Society member informing him that the hackers bore a striking resemblance to him, the hyena could feel his world begin to shatter. Was he going to be asked to leave the space station? Go back home? Attempting to type an apology, static prevented him typing anything.

    "What? Is your device broken?" Madam He--- asked. "Screwllum can repair that for you if you clean up that graffiti your family left behind."

    Madam He--- soon turning her attention towards the robot cowboy, the hyena soon threw himself into the Simulated Universe. Games all broken, he shook his head. Just how much damage did his sister and cousins do? Unbelievable. Was hacking worth destroying things? It definitely was not. He could never understand the Punklorde Mentality.

    Finding multiple instances of digital graffiti from his sister, the chimera and Fleura quickly cleaned such up. Bits and pieces of memory logs showing his family causing as much chaos as possible, the inventor crossed his arms around his waist. Maybe his cousin's skepticism on whether or not he was related to them was on the right track. How could he be? Everything else soon cleaned away, he stepped out of the simulation.

    But, what awaited him outside was yet another strange robot person. Robot man adorning a suit and a monocle, the hyena gazed at him. Was this the Master Screwllum that was supposed to be visiting the Space Station today, or was he another robot cowboy? Inorganic man wearing a hat as well, he knew such possibility existed.

    "Greetings Mister Siorc, have you cleansed all of the graffiti? I will repair your Portable Dialogue Articulator, if so," Master Screwllum said. "Does Fleura need repairs, as well?"

    Hearing such question, Fleura soon shouted, only Master is allowed to touch my programming module, the hyena placed his two index fingers into an x-shape. Handing over his Portable Dialogue Articulator, he held a bated breath. Would it really be simple to repair? He sure hoped so. Talking was not in the cards.

    Communication device returned to him after two system hours, everything soon flowed back to normal. Space Station going back to the way it was as if it had never been hacked, the chimera went back to his day to day work, like always. But, he could not help but think about the message his sister left behind, just a little bit. Ending his day towards system midnight, the question let itself out as he readied to sleep.

    Was he a clone?

    Dual third person perspective? Dual third person perspective.

    Wow, fifteen anthologies already... I think next I might do a continuation of another anthology, and then do HI3 Siorc.
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    The Lazy Silver Dragon's Escort
    Mild gore warning.

    "It's Yínlóng again, it's been awhile
    Time goes by

    Incredibly quickly
    Some time has since passed since I have joined the Cloud Knights,

    You know,
    I am having a good time there's
    Not a dull moment and I
    Like what I'm doing
    Of course there's a few dull moments and
    No matter the situation my sister still
    Gets on my case

    Getting up
    And doing more than my job, but
    I honestly have
    Nothing else I want

    To do. I am often sent out alone
    Ha, well that's the way of life
    I am
    No longer a child I do
    Get that, of course I do
    So, being sent on

    A mission alone is fine. I need
    Room to grow as an
    Ever growing Cloud Knight.

    Ah, but I have been a
    Lot of
    Rather terrible things
    In my
    Group chat lately
    Here and
    There, there's

    Been a lot more Mara Struck soldiers lately
    Is just getting a little scary.
    Nowadays on days off, I just
    Get in bed

    And stare off into space

    Can't find the energy to
    Leave my bed
    On days off. I just want to sleep,
    Ugh. And Shénlóng
    Doesn't like that one bit. She

    Knee jerks to get me kicked out of the house
    Now. And nothing hurts more than this
    I know I am far from the most energetic person, I
    Get that, but please let me sleep
    How can you expect me
    To deal with all this?

    I don't know how.
    So, I

    Relish in what it all used to be
    Even though that's
    Weak thinking
    And I really need to do more, I just
    Relish in what it used to be.
    Don't get me wrong!
    I am enjoying my job
    Nothing about it
    Gets me down. I

    Am plenty happy
    Now, I am a life long species, so I
    Do know

    I will be doing this for hundreds

    And hundreds of years
    Maybe longer

    Even so, I find
    Nothing wrong with that,
    Just go with the flow
    Of course, go with the flow,
    Yes, it's a very slow life
    I will be living and
    No need to count the days
    Getting to the nitty and gritty, though

    I know that there is something
    That's wrong here,

    But I just can't think of what
    Uh, I've seen
    This strange fox woman lately

    In the Centersl Skiff Haven

    Her name is Ting---
    And I just have these bad
    Vibes. An
    Eerie feeling from her,

    But, I really don't know anything
    Even though she has bad vibes,
    Everything seems to say she's
    Nothing more than someone who works for Madam Yu---.

    Hmmm, we don't know these
    Eerie vibes
    Are just throwing me off. I feel
    Ripe for the picking
    I feel like raw skin
    No, no... No.
    Get it together. Anyway,

    Rumor has it there's something
    Utterly foul afoot.
    Maybe I am mistaken
    Or something, but
    Rumors are like a disease
    Something just isn't adding up

    Well, I'll avoid
    Everything I can that
    I know has nothing to do with me
    Rumors are rumors,
    Don't want to get involved, I am no

    Risk taker, I would never dream of it.
    Unless I have no choice, but
    My career isn't
    Overtly one of the higher
    Risk. I just do what
    Should be done and

    That's all there is to it
    Ha, so that's
    All there is
    To it.

    So, if that makes me seem lazy,
    Oh well. I don't quite care
    My days might be
    Easy and simple, but
    That's just
    How I like it and how
    It should be, so call me lazy all you like
    Nothing is
    Going to change.

    I will not do
    Something high risk,

    And I won't be doing
    Bouts of anything I find
    Overly complicated
    Unless I have to
    To be honest,

    That's how it is.
    Or how I live my long life.

    Ha, Shénlóng will call me
    A lot of mean names again
    Perhaps it's time to
    Plug my ears and ignore her all over again.
    Everything she ever says,
    Needs to be washed away."

    It had been quite some time since the lazy panda had become one of the Cloud Knights. Not a lot had happened since then. Being a long life species, years always went by in the blink of an eye. But despite all that, not a single year had passed yet upon the Xianzhou Luofu. Her life had been going slow as always.

    But, not everything had been sunshine and rainbows in her knightly life. More soldiers becoming Mara Struck lately, nothing was as it seemed in her little ship world. She almost wanted to be sent to space like her sister had been threatening to for awhile. Heliobi also appearing everywhere, the low energy cloud knight had her work cut out for her.

    Energy completely spent, Yinlong laid in her bed staring at her phone. Swiping through Qiongqi's stream, she could feel her energy completely leave her body. Everything had been so tiresome lately. The leaking Helobi, the Mara struck soldiers, she could hardly find the strength to get out of bed today.

    Dumb streams playing in her panda ears, she sighed at the content playing upon the screen. Otter streamer doing multiple Heliobi related challenges with high energy, she could feel her own go down the drain. How did streamers do it? She never understood how they did it. It was a complete mystery to her. Closing her phone, she soon drifted off into sleep.

    Phone playing a loud jingle, the panda soon awoke once more. Reaching for her device, a bubble reading, unread messages spread across the screen in bright bold white letters. Unlocking her device, she opened up her messaging app. Group chat entitled We Need to Discuss That Lazy Yinlong Again! She tapped in with reluctance.


    [We need to discuss Yinlong. She's been getting lazy again!]


    [Ah, Shenlong, need I remind her you added her into the group chat again. She can read every message we send in here. As I said last time you made this, don't you think we should make a separate group without her in it?]


    [Hmph! And, as I said last time, no! She needs to see this. I've already locked her ability to reply!]


    [Come now, Shenlong. This is going to do more harm than good. Talking trash about her where she can see it will only serve to hurt her morale. Don't you understand that? You may think she is 'too lazy to feel anything', but know that she, too, is a panda with feelings.]


    [Who cares how she feels! She can have her feelings, and she can suck it! I'm tired of her lazing around! She ought to learn to not take so many days off all the time! She's making us all look bad! Not even six months into her job, and she hasn't changed a bit!]


    [Oh, my, Shena. Everyone can take a break when they need to! You know our sister is super low energy!]


    [Did I ask you, Qiulong? I don't think I asked for your opinion! You sit in a chair in Arum Alley all day and do almost nothing! If anything, I should make a meeting about how lazy you are, too!]


    [Excuse me, Shena! I do not sit around all day and do nothing in Arum Alley. I manage a business You seem to misunderstand that. But, that's fine! You're just being mean, like always!]


    [Hmph, whatever, Qiulong! Fine, you're not lazy. Happy now?]



    {Mama, Papa and Grandpa are typing.}


    [Shenlong, dear, why did you put us all in another group chat?]


    ['We need to discuss lazy Yinlong again'? Shenlong, you need to stop being so harsh to your sister.]


    [Shenlong, Yinlong is tuckered out. Let her rest.]


    [Tuckered out More like she's just finding an excuse to laze around! Why does that boss of hers let her take off so much time off work? I should speak to her manager and make him be stricter with her vacation time! That lazy girl should know how the real world works!]


    [Okay, Karen.]


    [Who are you calling Karen?! Did one of those short life people from another planet teach you that name? Maybe I should send you to the Space Station. I bet they'll take you with open arms!]


    [Oh, my! Can't take a joke?]


    [Whatever! Anyway, we need to discuss laziness! I propose we send her to the space station. All she ever does is sleep lately!]

    {Mama, Papa and Grandpa are typing.}


    [We are not discussing this again. I am logging out.]

    {Mama is now offline.}


    [I concur.]

    {Papa is now offline.}


    [As you youngers would say, ditto.]

    {Grandpa is now offline.}


    [Hmph! You're a bunch of cowards! You know that? Yinlong is reverting back to her lazy self! Don't you see that? We need to discuss what to do with her! She just lazes around while we all do the work! That should infuriate you all! She's barely gone to work at all this week! That needs to change!]


    [Oops, my break is over! I have to go!]

    {Qiulong is now offline.}


    [Excuses! You all just want to get out of talking about this! I see how it is! You all just want me to talk to myself, don't you? Hmph, cowards, all of you! Every single one of you!]

    {Jiaolong is typing.}


    [Jiaolong, I swear to the Aeons if you leave, too.]

    {Jiaolong is typing.}

    {Jiaolong is typing.}


    [Shenlong, listen to me clearly, alright? Stop being rude for a moment and read what I am about to say. We do not need to discuss the topic of Yinlong being lazy again. You just want an excuse to find a reason to bully her, and quite frankly you need to stop doing that. She has been going through quite a lot lately at work. I spoke to her boss, and she has been dealing with stubborn Mara Struck soldiers. You know how low energy she is. It's too much for her.

    Her boss knows that, and he let her have some time away from her Cloud Knight duties. I know you have seen the sudden influx of Mara Struck soldiers when you're working in the skies. If you were in Yinlong's position, you would be tired all the time, too. So, there's nothing to discuss.

    You should know better than everyone what stress can do to the body and mind. She is going to make herself ill if there is too much pressure put on her. Just because we are a long life species, does not mean we can't be stricken with illness. So, maybe you should evaluate your attitude towards her a little.]


    [What are you, Jiaolong, a doctor? What do you know?]


    [Oh, dear, seems you have forgotten my profession. Maybe I should have you tested for amnesia.]


    [Shut up! You're just a medic in Exalting Sanctum! You're not even at the top of your profession!]


    [Goodness, you are quite impossible to talk to right now. If all you have to say is trash talk, I am leaving the chat. You're free to type for no one else to read it, though. Bye, Shenlong.]

    {Jiaolong is now offline.}


    [Hmph! Losers, all of them! Don't they see that Yinlong is reverting to her old ways? She's reverting back to how things were before! Everyone in this family spoils this princess rotten! Whatever! You're all cowards, not to mention, losers for letting her off the hook like this! I can't believe any of you right now!

    Aeons! Whatever, I don't care! I'll just grill her when I get home! And, I won't let you guys stop me! You'd better read this message when you all log back in! You all enablers, you know that? Stop enabling her to be as lazy as she pleases!

    Ugh, there goes my work break. I'm done here!]

    {Shenlong is now offline.}

    |You cannot send messages to this chat.|

    Closing her phone, Yinlong closed her eyes once again. Same old, Shenlong, always calling her lazy. She didn't know anything about what she shad been going through lately. The mara struck soldiers, the Helobi. All of it was too much lately. Drifting back into sleep, everything quieted around her.

    When she woke up next, it had been morning. She could hear a soft knock on her door. Letting out a tired come in, she pulled her covers over her head as her brother came in. Was he here to yell at her for not being at work? She had been so tired lately. Couldn't he let it slide? The mara struck have been a nonstop problem lately.

    "Good morning, Yinlong, how are you feeling today?" Jiaolong asked.

    "Tired," Yinlong responded.

    "I know that, Yinlong. You have been sleeping a lot lately, no?" Jiaolong responded. "You haven't fallen ill, have you? Would it be alright if I examine you?"

    "I am fine, no need," she said in a tired voice. She laid back on her pillow as she said such. "I just have no energy. Same as usual. Don't worry about me."

    "Come now, I am a doctor. Isn't it natural for one to worry about their family if they aren't at their best?" Jiaolong's hand moved up and down as he said such.

    Pulling the covers over her head, Yinlong let out a sigh. Didn't he have real patients to see? He had no reason to fret over her well being. She had always had low energy. This was nothing new. Fighting the Mara Struck has taken a lot out of her lately. Let her sleep. It's not like she was about to get fired, or anything. Her boss told her to take as much time as she needs.

    "I'm fine, Jiaolong," Yinlong repeated. "I will go back to work tomorrow." She slumped underneath her covers as she said such. "Don't you have patients to see?"

    "Ah, no, not yet." Jiaolong shook his head. "But, if you want to sleep, I will let you. Goodnight, Yinlong." But, a grating voice soon interrupted everything.

    "Ugh, Jiaolong! Don't pamper her!" Shenlong shouted. "Make her get out of bed!" She then stepped into Yinlong's room. "Yinlong, you lazy piece of trash! Get out of bed!" A fake snore soon echoed across the room. "Ugh! I know you're awake! Quit your fake snoring!"

    "Shenlong, she is tired. Let her sleep, alright?" Jiaolong said in a firm tone. "Leave her alone."

    "Hmph! Enablers, all of you!" She stomped off, as she said such.

    "Goodness, there she goes," Jiaolong said, shaking his head. As he said such he headed off towards the door. "In any case, I will let you sleep now. Goodnight, Yinlong."

    Tossing and turning in her bed, Yinlong let out a sigh. Maybe she had gone back to her old lazy ways of the past. She should go back to work tomorrow, should she? Maybe that was for the best. She was a lazy, good for nothing piece of trash like Shenlong always said. Laying like a rock upon her bed, she stared at the wall.

    She'll start fresh tomorrow.


    "What a day to go back to work. The general
    Everyone welcomed me back with open arms,
    I guess they missed me? I
    Received some bamboo. I munch on it.
    Don't know why, but the General's Retainer is glaring at me. He looks
    Very tired. Has he been fighting the Mara Struck, too?
    Everyone is working so hard lately. I
    Really am a lazy piece of garbage, aren't I?
    Yes, I sure am.

    Well, I am back today, as tired as
    Ever, the usual. But
    It would seem I have a
    Rather peculiar job to
    Do? I don't know why, but

    I have to escort some stranger from another one of the ships.

    He's some kind of merchant, or something
    And I don't know why, but that sounds
    Very suspicious. Doesn't he know what's happening here?
    Everything is falling apart.

    There have been so many Mara Struck
    On the Luofu lately, I didn't think anyone would

    Ever dare to try to come here now.
    So, I have my doubts this person is truly a merchant.
    Could he be a criminal in a disguise?
    Of course, that might be so. I have deep
    Reservations about all
    This. But, maybe I'm wrong.

    So, I will hold my reservations
    Out. This is just a
    Merchant I need to
    Escort, nothing more, nothing less.
    Or something like that. It's
    Not like I truly understand this phrase.
    Eh, maybe I've been watching Qiongqi's streams

    Too much lately. I need to stop scrolling.
    Oh, well.
    Don't worry
    About it,
    Yinlong. He's just

    A merchant, and there's
    Nothing to be concerned over.
    Don't think too

    Hard about it. That's too much
    Effort, anyway.

    Ha, first job
    After being on leave for
    Some time?

    Ah, it hardly matters.

    Can't really say much
    Of anything
    For now since
    For the most part, this
    Is a simple job.
    Nothing that

    I cannot get

    Done. I don't always have to go
    Out and destroy the enemies.

    Not like it matters,
    Or anything.
    There really isn't much I can say. I have been gone for a bit over a week. This will

    Likely be a one time occurrence, or so I
    I believe. I don't truly
    Know what General J--- Yu-- is
    Ever thinking. He's pretty strange. Well, I said all

    That, and now I am even more suspicious about this merchant. Well,
    Here I go, I guess. Into the unknown.
    If this merchant kills me, it was nice knowing you all, except you
    Shenlong. You were always mean to me. I won't miss you

    One bit in the event this man snipes me, or something.
    Nah. Get my mind out of the gutter.
    Eh. I said all that,

    But it's entire possible this
    Is some merchant who set out a
    Trap. There's a high possibility."

    Returning to work for the first time in a week, her boss, the Cloud Knights general welcomed her back with open arms almost like nothing happened. Inquiring about the Mara Struck Soldier outbreak, her boss shook his head firmly, for a moment. Goofy smile on the silver haired man's face.

    "You need not worry yourself over that or now, I sent Pulao and Linggui," the Cloud Knights General said. "I have another job for you today."

    "What is it?" Yinlong asked.

    "I would like you to escort a merchant, for me," the Cloud Knight General responded.

    "Is that all?" There had been a wave of disbelief in her voice.

    "That would be all." He nodded.

    "So, where am I escorting him from?" Yinlong asked. "And, where to?"

    "From Cloudford to the Exalting Sanctum." His hand had been on his chin.

    "On it." But, the General's retainer soon whispered in his ear.

    "One more, thing, Yinlong," the general called out. "Bring this fan to Madam Yuk---."

    Fan handed off to her, Yinlong nodded. Had Miss Tin--- dropped her fan? She didn't know much about that Foxian woman, but she had seen her a few times helping out some unusual looking foreigners. Folding the lost object closed, she exited her boss's headquarters. Heading off the Starskiff Haven, she stepped foot into Madam Yuk---'s office.

    Standing at her desk had been a tall woman with long dark hair, fox ears and purple eyes. Golden hairpin, she soon handed the missing fan over. Looking at it, for a moment, a look of concern painted the tall fox woman's face. She did not know what she might have been thinking, but something was not right.

    "Thank you for returning this to me," Madam Yuk--- said. "It's not like Miss Ting--- to drop her fan."

    "You're welcome," Yinlong replied.

    Exiting Madam Yuk---'s office, the young panda soon headed off towards Cloudford. Tall man with long flowing blond hair, green eyes and white suit unlike anything from the Luofu, red flags plopped on the ground everywhere. She didn't know why, but something was off about this person. Such warning bells did not end there, however. Large coffin on his back, her heart leapt. Eyes soon on her, she put on her best business face.

    "You are the Cloud Knight escorting me to the Exalting Sanctum, no?" the blond man asked.

    "Yes," Yinlong responded. "That's me. My name is Yinlong."

    Blond man introducing himself as Luo---, Yinlong could not help but analyze everything. What an unusual name. Which ship was he from? But, she was one to talk. Her name had meant silver dragon. His blond hair was quite strange, too. Was he an outlander from another world? Had to be.

    She couldn't help but stare at the man's coffin behind his back. Why was he carrying something like that around? Was there someone in there? Maybe the thing about him being a merchant was a cover up for something far more sinister. It had to have been. Something wasn't right here at all. Halfway through Cloudford, she tried keeping her eyes to herself.

    "Miss Yinlong, you've been pretty quiet this entire time," the blond called out.

    "Sorry, it's just you have a coffin on your back," Yinlong responded.

    "Miss, you need not concern yourself about that," the blond responded, brushing it off.

    Hearing such, the suspicions had begun to rise within her. He just brushed it off like it was nothing. Was he really some merchant, or just someone trying to cause some trouble from another world? Her curiosity was getting to her. As she kept escorting the man towards the jetty, she let the curiosity kill the panda.

    "Who's in there?" Yinlong asked. "Sorry. I've never seen a coffin before."

    "Just someone who is deceased." For whatever reason, his voice sounded slightly cold.

    Yinlong did not quite understand what this merchant meant. The concept of death was a foreign concept to her. Did short life species just carry around coffins around on their backs all the time? She tried to keep her curiosity at bay. It really did not matter. After this escort was over, she would never see this man again.

    But, she kept staring at the coffin as Exalting Sanctum neared. The deceased person in that coffin, had Mr. Luo--- known them? What was that like, losing a loved one? She had never experienced such in her lifetime as a long lived species. And, she probably would not experience such in three hundred years or more.

    "Did you know them?" Yinlong asked.

    "Not especially." He shook his head.

    She could feel the red flags dropping down from the sky as such had been revealed. Why was he carrying around a coffin of someone he did not even know? Could he have been? But, she shook her head. Ah, what did it matter? She should stop asking questions, shouldn't she? It wasn't her business, anyway.

    "Sorry, I'll stop asking questions." She moved right along towards the jetty.

    Reaching the jetty, something had just hit the young panda on the back of the head. Hadn't the Exalting Sanctum been a group of people who worshipped Yaoshi? Wasn't that the group of people she was fighting all the time? But, she knew not everyone in that area were devote followers of the Abundance. Maybe she was overthinking it.

    Arriving at Exalting Sanctum, the escort had soon been completed. But, something had not been right upon completing it. Seeing a tall woman with icy blue hair, a black mask with a moon shape on it, and dark blue outfit, her suspicion levels went up tenfold. Who was that person? She did not think she had ever seen her before.

    Brown haired fox woman with green eyes a white and black outfit and bell in the center, Yinlong scratched her head. What was Miss Ting--- doing out here? Something wasn't right about all this. She had always been going around escorting people. But, she did not look like she was escorting anyone right now.

    "Miss Ting---?" Yinlong asked. "Is something wrong?" The fox lady then turned around.

    "Miss Yinlong? No, nothing's wrong, dear benefactor!" Miss Ting--- said in a suspicious voice. "Why do you ask?"

    "No reason, it's just that you don't normally come around these parts," Yinlong said, shaking her head. But, her face grew dark at the sight before her. "Miss Ting---? What are you doing?"

    "Oh, nothing Miss Yinlong!" Miss Ting--- said. "Nothing at all."

    But, it was far from nothing at all. Group of three suspicious people heading off towards the tree within the Exalting Sanctum, Yinlong tailed them. These three strangers were up to something. This escort was a trick, wasn't it? She needed to let the general know something was right about all this.

    "Why are you following us?" the icy haired woman asked in an irritated tone.

    Hearing the stark irritation in her voice, Yinlong zipped the lip. What could she say here? She was suspicious of them? No. She couldn't say that. There was no way. Maybe she should stop following them. Her job was done for the day, wasn't it? She should turn around and clock out for the day. However, she couldn't bring herself to at the next scene that played out in front of her.

    Three suspicious strangers crowding around the tree, it had begun glowing for some reason. Fox woman contributing the most, she could feel the red flags glow. Miss Ting--- wasn't she Madam Yuk---'s retainer? Why was she playing a big role in this? Maybe sleeping for a whole week had made her mind become much slower. She needed to stop sleeping her slow life away.

    "Miss Ting---?" Yinlong asked. "What are you doing?"

    "You're still here Miss Yinlong?" Mr. Luo--- asked. "The escort is done, you can leave now."

    "I'm just a bit confused. Sorry, I'll leave." She turned around as she said such. But, then, everything broke.

    "Dear benefactor. Let her watch and see what happens!" Miss Ting--- said, in an odd echo.

    Fox woman's head titling back, she could feel her confusion enough to break her neck, something had soon been summoned out of nowhere. Shifty trio vanishing almost entirely, a group of Heliobus rose from the ashes all at once. Shaking like a leaf at the large eyeball creature in the sky, laughter soon took the stage.

    "There's so many long lived species here!" the eyeball creature shouted. "I want their souls!"

    Spooky specters dropping down from the sky, Yinlong took out her Wind and Fire Wheels. Miss Ting--- what did she just do? She could feel her perception of the fox woman dip by a landslide. She wasn't who she said she was, was she? There was so many dishonest people in this world with ulterior motives. But, there was no time to think. There was Heliobus to destroy.

    Undead wolf creatures charging towards her the young panda threw one of her wheels at the enemy. However, that did absolutely nothing. Throwing her other one, it had done no damage at all to speak of whatsoever. Canines howling, they lunged at her with all their might.

    "Weak!" the eyeball creature shouted.

    Eyeball laughing at her, Yinlong placed her wheels in front of her. So what if she was weak? So what if she were just a little lazy? That's just how she was. She didn't need this eye creature telling her how it was. Large panda shield soon in front of her, she let out a battle cry loud enough for her brother to hear in the Court of Tranquility.

    "Windy panda shield!" Yinlong cried!

    Her shield was miserly, however. Wolves piercing through it, she could feel her vitality drop like a fly. This eyeball was right, she was weak. Her attacks were doing nothing, no damage. She was a fool for a sleeping so long. She had lost all her fighting experience hadn't she? She needed to try harder. Wolf nibbling on her torso like she was a snack, a bright pool of red dripped down beneath her.

    Wolves' fangs leaving her one with more toothy present, she could feel her vitality drop to nothing. Shaking, she could feel the dizziness set in. Falling over, everything raced inside her as she slipped from consciousness. Maybe Shenlong was right about her. She was a lazy, good for nothing piece of trash.

    A lazy, good for nothing, piece of trash.

    Finding herself back in her bed at home, Yinlong winced in pain. What happened to her? How did she get back home? Brother by her bedside in his medical uniform, she had come to a realization. Right, she was in the Exalting Sanctum. Had Jiaolong seen her entire fight? Great, he had witnessed her uselessness first hand.

    "Yinlong, you're awake," Jiaolong said in a relieved tone. "Do you remember what happened? You were injured during a Heliobus attack."

    Heliobus mentioned, she remembered now. Ah, right, Miss Ting--- got all strange and summoned an army of Heliobus, and she lost to them. She was weak, just like that eyeball thing said. Weak, useless, and lazy. Maybe she should be sent to the space station, just like Shenlong wanted. Lifting herself up, her torso stung. Great, now she was even more useless. And not to mention, a waste of space.

    "Jiaolong, I'm sorry, I'm so useless," Yinlong said, tears dropping. "I couldn't even beat a Heliobus." She screamed out in pain as she said such.

    "Oh, dear, did Shenlong's group chat get into your head?" Jiaolong asked. "You aren't useless, alright? Now, try not to move around so much. You are injured. You're lucky you have a doctor for a brother now, no? I'll make sure you heal up nicely." He then cleared his throat. "Now, Shenlong, isn't there something you wanted to say?" Shenlong soon walked in the room as he said such.

    "Sorry," Shenlong said in a whisper.

    "Come now, Shenlong, you have to speak up," Jiaolong said. "Please speak up."

    "Aeons, fine!" Shenlong shouted. "Sorry for saying you're lazy and useless, alright? And, I won't send you to the space station. You do pretty good at that dumb job of yours, despite your low energy levels!" Her face was red as she said such. "I'll stop being so harsh to you, so rest up okay?!"

    "We'll let you rest now, Yinlong," Jiaolong said stepping towards the door.

    Door soon shut, Yinlong stared at the wall. Did Shenlong just apologize? She didn't know whether she could fully forgive her for all she had ever said to her. But, she supposed it was a start, for now. She was good at her job, wasn't she? Maybe she wasn't. She had fallen behind from all the sleep she had been doing. Closing her eyes, she drifted off into sleep.

    Maybe she could sleep a little less after all this.

    "Lazy, good for nothing piece of trash triggered me btw. =/ My parents used to say something like this to me. Right, so... this is the sixteenth anthology, huh? Going to do some sequels for a bit for the next while or so and then I'll do some HI3 Siorc stuff then end this book at 26 anthologies.
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