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FireRed hack: [COMPLETED] [Fire Red] POKEMON RED EVERYWHERE - v1.9 -Red, Red, everyone is Red!!!!


Red Everywhere
  • Age 32
  • Seen yesterday



This Rom Hack is inspired by many hacks, one of which is Pokemon Red everywhere - created by Insightful Alain and Pokemon water blue - made by caminopreacher.

This Rom Hack aims to keep the gaming experience like the vanilla version but there are some changes. Therefore, there will be no -for now- pokemon from newer generation, nuzlocke, PSS, even fakemon and all the new features.

This hack is also made to stay in touch with the vanilla version, so it still requires trades to complete the pokedex, as well as battles with the vanilla version.

In the future, this Hack also hopes to get the latest patches, such as being 32mb, additional stories, events and others


RED EVERYWHERE_v1.9 [Complete]
- MAYOR UPDATE Surf OW Sprite match with Pokemon use Surf Moves​
thanks to ghoulslash
- Head icon on town map now GREEN

- Swimmer now RED ride Lapras

- MAYOR UPDATE Dynamic Trainer Level​
thanks to JPAN'S Fire Red Hacked Engine


- Play as GREEN​
- All NPCs are RED​
- Increase difficulity (all trainer has potion and revive & HAS SIX POKEMON)​
- Display IV on Stats Screen​
- Indoor Running Shoes​
- Exp when catching pokemon​
- BATTLE SET TO "SET" (You cannot change pokemon when defeat trainer pokemon)​
- Trainer Level Pokemon = Max Level Party + 1​
- Surf OW Sprite match with Pokemon use Surf Moves​
thanks to ghoulslash[/INDENT]
- Some trainer using "special pokemon"​






- Event in Cerulean didnt progress (police block house, slowpoke block tree). Maybe because script shiny,
Fix it with moving police and slowpoke
- Easily find shiny on Cerulean City, BUT WILL BECOME BAD EGG.​
- S.S. Anne didn't departure after rub Captain / obtain HM Cut​




Theoretically this rom hack is the same as the vanilla version, so maybe it can use the same cheat code
- Walk Through Wall CHEAT still work​


I consider this hack to be playable, though there are still several small graphical things that need to be edited. I'm releasing now because I want playtesters to report bugs and give feedback.

Long-term Plans
~ New Story (the plot is that Green has a psychological disorder which sees everyone as RED after RED defeat him as CHAMPION)​
~ If someone else ports the backend for the Battle Frontier to pokefirered, I will include the Battle Frontier in a future release. The backend port job is more than I'm personally willing to do for this project.​
~ Trainer from real person, with name and pokemon roster​
~ Better sprite​

Probably-Not-Happening Plans
~ Pokemon from newer Gen​
~ Fakemon​


Vanila FR LG, RSE​
Pokemon Red Everywhere - by Insightful Alain​
Pokemon Water blue, and other hack created by caminopreacher​
Pokemon Mega Blue, and other hack created by STikER
Just Try and Tell Me!​



So many people from pokecommunity that I couldn't possibly list them all. Thank you
Insightful Alain for Pokemon RED EVERYWHERE
caminopreacher for Pokemon water blue sprite.
Pokecommunity and all its member for the lesson and tutorial
Everyone who develop Editing / Hack Tools for making easir to create ROM Hack
HAVEN1433 for making HexManiac Advance, making easier to make romhack
Joseph 91 a.k.a Jolt Steven for Red and Green Sprite from Pokemon Omega Red
Criminon for Red OW sprite gen V
Dstar99 for Red USUM OW Sprite
ChriSX698 for Gold Rocket Costume OW Sprite
Supagoman2 for Red Bike - Gen V OW Sprite
ghoulslash for "Fire Red Dynamic OW Surf"
JPAN for "Fire Red Hacked Engine"
Vent for "Pokemon Menu Screen SwSh"
Varloren5 for "Pokemon Menu Screen SwSh"
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