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PokéCommunity Daily: Daily Article Series April Edition [Dunsparce]


one more time
Pokémon of the Month: Daily Article Series
Dunsparce Edition

At the start of Daily's launch, we had tried out a series of articles involving Eevee. Articles included nickname suggestions for Eevee (and ratings too), how you should care for Eevee, why you should never really battle with it, and fanworks by our talented creators.

We're rebooting that idea, and aiming for new articles involving a Pokémon - and evolutions of it if they exist - roughly every month.

First up, we have the highly exciting... Dunsparce! If you have any ideas for articles, no matter how short or silly or in-depth or serious they may be, on whatever aspect be it creative or video game focused (e.g. battling), pitch them here! We'll also coordinate separate threads to collate fanworks and nickname suggestions. Dudunsparce is fair game as well. Ideally all articles will aim to be wrapped up within the month, but if things take a bit longer, so be it.

Future months will involve a poll where you can help decide what Pokémon from a select few will be the next month's focus.

VPP bonus! If you write or co-write an article, or contribute something substantial such as a fanwork, battling analysis, etc. to be featured in an article for the Dunsparce line, you will be able to claim a free Dunsparce from VPP this month! To claim it, post in the "Obtain your Pokemon" thread in the VPP subforum and link the article you contributed to.
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