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Day 5: Fight; The first rule of fight club is, you don't talk about fight club...

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    Hello PC! Hope your days have been running smoothly today, what with it being a Monday and all.

    Another short one today, this one is highlighting a Video Game Genre that I really enjoy playing. That genre being....


    Fighting Games!

    Now first of all don't confuse these with Beat 'em Ups (Streets of Rage etc.)! This genre generally pits you in 1v1 combat against an opponent.

    What started my passion for FGs was a game known as Tobal No.1. This was a release title for the PS1 and to be honest I'm not sure what exactly hooked me in, that was it. Not too long after I then managed to bag a copy of Street Figher Alpha/Zero 3. This has been and will probably look to stay as not only one of my favourite Fighting Games but one of my favourite games of all time.

    Since then I picked up a few lesser known fighters here and there, key ones being Bushido Blade, Soulblade and Bloody Roar.

    Things really kicked off when Street Fighter 4 was announced. A continuation of a series I assumed dead?! Madness!

    Ever since then I've been learning and playing Fighting Games to a competitive level, mainly spending time on SF4, SF5 and SF: 3rd Strike.

    So in terms of these games PC, are you a FG player? If so what games and who do you play in them? If you want to battle, hit me up either on here or via PM!

    Otherwise, until next time!