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Eurovision 2014

Patatas Fritas

bajo el mismo sol ღ
So like every other year I'm here to complain about the Eurovion results because once again my favourite didn't win!
However San Marino reached the final for the first time EVER so I'm very happy about that!!

Anyway let's go straight into it, I'll list the top 10 and my opinion on them...

1st (290 points) - Austria - Rise Like A Phoenix by Conchita Wurst
So I actually am really happy with this! I really liked this song and it was in my top 10! It's a great show of the love and tolerance in Europe a Conchita was as some of you may know a bearded drag queen! Well done Austria!

2nd (238 points) - The Netherlands - Calm After The Storm by The Common Linnets
Another song I liked, The Netherlands have done very well the past two years and tonight they very nearly won! Well done!

3rd (218 points) - Sweden - Undo by Sanna Nielsen
Sweden were a bookies favourite and I can see why, another song I liked, well done Sweden, another good entry.

4th (174 points) - Armenia - Not Alone by Aram MP3
yeah i hated this

5th (143 points) - Hungary - Running by Andras Kallay-Saunders
I did like this, I knew it would do well and I'm happy for Hungary because I'm pretty sure this is one of their best results ever.

6th (113 points) - Ukraine - Tick-Tock by Mariya Yaremchuk
I'm just glad this beat Russia. This was a great song, the singer was stunning and the staging was brilliant, well deserved.

7th (89 points) - Russia - Shine by The Tolmachevy Sisters
from a purely musical view this was a bad song, good voices don't make a bad song good. from a point of view that i don't like russia this was even worse. bye.

8th (88 points) - Norway - Silent Storm by Carl Espen
This was cute, I like songs like this, I'd have preferred it if it was sung by a female vocalist though.

9th (74 points) - Denmark - Cliche Love Song by Basim
He's like a Danish Bruno Mars! I didn't like this.

10th (74 points) - Spain - Dancing In The Rain by Ruth Lorenzo
And to round out the top ten is my favourite this year! I absolutely adore Spanish entries every year and this was no exception, she had the best voice out of every participant and I really really wanted this to do better, top 10 is great, just like Pastora Soler (my favourite eurovision entry ever) in 2012.

People who scream "Politics" you're wrong - Explain why Ukraine and Russia gave each other points, they're basically at war. Also there were no points exchanged between Italy & San Marino, Belgium & The Netherlands OR Portugal & Spain.
0. Nada. Nothing. They are the ones who ALWAYS give each other points.

Anyway, time for my top 10:

1st Place - Spain ~ Dancing In The Rain by Ruth Lorenzo [10th]
2nd Place - San Marino ~ Maybe (Forse) by Valentina Monetta [24th]
3rd Place - Israel ~ Same Heart by Mei Finegold [DNQ]
4th Place - Lithuania ~ Attention by Vilija [DNQ]
5th Place - Austria ~ Rise Like A Phoenix by Conchita Wurst [1st]
6th Place - Azerbaijan ~ Start a Fire by Dilara Kazimova [22nd]
7th Place - Estonia ~ Amazing by Tanja [DNQ]
8th Place - Poland ~ We Are Slavic by Donatan and Cleo [14th]
9th Place - Slovenia ~ Round and Round by Tinkara [25th]
10th Place - The Netherlands ~ Calm After The Storm by The Common Linnets [2nd]