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FFXIV housing cockblock

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    • Seen May 15, 2023
    graaaaah! TTwTT Worked my tail off to raise nearly 2 million gil on Final Fantasy. For someone who can't make high level crafting yet, that's an accomplishment. So, together with my only active guild mate, we do a marathon run to raise the last 200,000 gil we needed to buy a plot of land for our guild house.

    We made it and I buy the land only to find out that now I need a 450,000 gil permit to build on the land. I wanna cry. TTwTT It takes me a week to earn around 100,000 gil through dungeon runs, daily ventures with my Retainers, (15 hour NPC quests). I sell all the useless stuff they bring back on the market, but a lot of the times others will quickly undercut you and I have more important things to do than sit at the market board and try to control the prices of the items I'm trying to sell so I just take what I can and adjust at least once a day when I retrieve their spoils from their ventures.

    But seriously. I was so happy to finally be able to build a house for my Guild only to hit another wall and delay the building further. I wanted to try and get the house up before the Patch next week so I had time to earn more gil for the extra furnishings they were adding and the new Chocobo stables.

    Its hard running your own guild, even with very few members =C I'm almost worried about the future when I have to manage even more people.

    Alexander Nicholi

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    That reminds me of all the countless fun I had in RuneScape managing clans - and I mean the old school RuneScape, with Clan Chat and stuff. Speaking of which, I should really give that game another go if I can buy my membership back ;o;