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[Gen 5] Finally Revisiting White 2

Hey guys! I've been taking a bit of a break from Pokemon for around the last 9 months due to getting a bit burned out/bored. But I'm ready to make my return, I decided to start with White 2 as I have a lot of nostalgia for it, and it's known to be one of the best games in the series. I want to really re-experience these games and do absolutely everything there is to do, including features I never got to try when I was younger. This post is supposed to be something of a part 0; and all subsequent parts will be made after I defeat a gym leader. IDK what I'll do after I beat the main story but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

To start, I wanted to do Memory Link with my copy of Black 1 so I could see the cutscenes and do the stuff relating to that, but there's just one problem. My cart was only played up to the ~3rd badge, which isn't enough to unlock hardly any memories. However I knew I had played through the main story on my 3DS at some point and thought I might still have the save somewhere. So I rummaged through my USB sticks until I found the one I had backed up my 3DS SD card onto in October 2022; my 3DS had custom firmware, so I had been able to play games (such as Pokemon Black) off the SD. After unzipping the .7z file from the USB onto my desktop (which took up like 3/4 of my remaining space) I was able to locate the ROM and .sav file. After testing it in an emulator, I was able to confirm that it was what I was looking for.

Now, I had 2 main options to play White 2. I made the stupid decision to trade in my original cart to GameStop back in 2020 for $35 (#regret) so I was either going to be sailing the high seas and playing on my DS Lite using my flashcart, or sailing the high seas playing off the SD on my 2DS (I gave my 3DS to my sister a while back). I would prefer playing on the DS Lite, but my flashcart only supports the OG SD standard that goes up to 2GB, and the only SD card of that type that I have is the no-name one it came with. I would really hate for the cheapo SD to corrupt and me to lose all my progress like 30 hours in; so the 2DS it was. But first I had to convert the .sav file from an entry on my desktop to actually being on the cart. I tried to just load the ROM and save using the flashcart, thinking I would do Memory Link that way, but it turns out how it works is that you need to use Download Play while the BW1 cart is inserted to transfer the save file; so that wasn't going to work.

I ended up creating a backup using Checkpoint on my 2DS, then popping the SD into my laptop and replacing the backup with the .sav file I was looking to use; then restoring it using Checkpoint onto the actual cart. It worked and I was able to pop the Black cart into my DS Lite, and after forgetting for the 3rd time that you need explicitly turn wifi on when you're using the 3DS line consoles. I was able to transfer the data successfully and do Memory Link. Now I can actually start playing! I'll post the next part once I beat Cheren.
Part 1:

I now have my first gym badge! Well, I actually got it yesterday; but it was Thanksgiving so I didn't get around to posting until now. It sure does feel good to finally properly revisit this game! This first section isn't exactly my favorite though. You see, back when I played this game frequently; I loved the feeling of a fresh save file. So I would often get to around the ~6th gym then reset; this means I've played through the beginning half of this game at least 5 times, especially the section up to the first badge because I've had more then a few playthroughs I gave up on.

The nostalgia definitely still hit me though, the opening cutscene reminded me of the good times I had playing this game and it really showcases what an improvement it is over BW1 and especially DPPT; it's legitimately impressive considering this is running on a Nintendo DS. In any case, I ran through the opening dialogue with the Professor, told my mom I wanted a Pokemon and all that and got going. Hugh gave me his plot dump and I was given free reign to roam Aspertia City; which has to be one of my favorite starting areas in Pokemon. Most first towns are a generic small collection of houses with nothing to do, and Aspertia isn't exactly bursting with activity, but there are a decent amount of NPCs, a Pokemon Center and as we'll find out in a bit; a dual trainer school and gym. After talking to everyone, I went up to the lookout in the northern section of town and talked to Bianca. I always thought she looks kinda weird in this game, I'm pretty sure it's just makeup; but it looks like she got a really bad scar with the red band under her eyes. After going over the starters, I decided to choose Snivy, I've chosen Oshawott in most of my other playthroughs and I don't care for Tepig, so Snivy it was!

When nicknaming it, I thought about choosing Vine because Vine Whip is an early attack it gets and it's Grass type; but I figured that would be too generic. Going down that train of thought though, I reflected on what grows on vines; olives. So I ended up naming my new Snivy "Olive". It's also female, which is pretty lucky! The 1st rival battle with Hugh was actually pretty close, he kept on using Tail Whip and would've beaten me if he went for another Tackle rather then Tail Whip. After that I went through the tutorial on how to use a Pokemon Center and viewed the first memory, which was pretty good. I think the memory feature was a brilliant way to tie the 2 games together; it gives additional context to how exactly things played out in BW1 and what happened in the interceding 2 years. I then went to Route 19 and listened to Bianca tell me how to catch a Pokemon. Now, I'm not going to narrate every last second of my playthrough; so I'll mostly focus on the important stuff from now on while skipping the boring bits. I went through Route 19 into Floccesy Town (after listening to Alder's speech), admired the music, talked to everyone and went to fight all the trainers on Route 20.

Normally I catch a 2nd Pokemon pretty early on, but I don't like most of the early game Unova Pokemon, so I'm sticking with Olive until I get to Virbank City. All the trainers were fairly easy and I got to Floccesy Ranch within 10 minutes or so. I steamrolled Hugh's Tepig and got to looking for the couple's Herdier. A few trainers, a few wild encounters and a chat with a Team Plasma (sorry, new Team Plasma) and I was done. After that it was a simple matter of fighting Alder's students, getting the Medal Case and going back to Aspertia to challenge the newly opened gym. After dispatching the gym trainers, my Olive was at level 14 and I wasn't sure if I should go back and grind until it evolves or try and beat Cheren right away. At first I went to grind, but after realizing how long that was going to take; I decided to try right away. My main strategy was to just wail on his Pokemon with Vine Whip and hope I won, which somehow worked. I got lucky on his first Pokemon as I landed in the sweet spot of being able to knock him out in 1 more hit, but not doing so much damage he'd use a Potion and get more time to use Work Up. He did manage to get a heal in on his second Pokemon, but he couldn't do over half of my HP in damage so I was able to heal up using a Fresh Water and claim the Basic Badge.

Overall, I wasn't the biggest fan of this section. I've played it so many times that I just don't find it very fun and all the tutorials and generally being so weak makes it kind of a drag; but I'm really excited because the next section is way better and has one of my favorite side modes (I wouldn't even call it a mini-game because it's so expansive) in all of Pokemon; Pokestar Studios! I'll also be catching my 2nd team member, although you'll just have to wait and see to find out what it is! Well, that's about all I have to say, see you next part!

Current Status:

Snivy / Olive - LV14
- Tackle
- Leer
- Vine Whip
- Wrap
Attack - 20
Defense - 23
Sp. Attack - 18
Sp. Defense - 18
Speed - 26

Time: 0:58

Badges: 1

Pokedex: 10

Money: $5632


  • Age 31
  • Online now
After talking to everyone, I went up to the lookout in the northern section of town and talked to Bianca. I always thought she looks kinda weird in this game, I'm pretty sure it's just makeup; but it looks like she got a really bad scar with the red band under her eyes.
I'm like 99% sure it's just half-rim glasses and not some sort of scar or makeup. The more common form of that sort of glasses afaik is where the top half has the rim, but where it's the bottom half exists too and that's what it looks like to me.

It feels weird to see someone half my age call B2W2 "nostalgic"....fuck I'm getting old.

Also I'm glad to see another PokeStar Studios fan, I loved that and it's always seemed to me like it wasn't a very popular feature
Part 2:

It's that time again; I've obtained my second gym badge (well, like 6 days ago but that's beside the point!) and I'm ready to tell you guys about it. I did enjoy this section a lot more then the last one; although I unfortunately won't be able to discuss Pokestar Studios like I mentioned I would last time, as I had forgotten that it's locked until you beat Roxie. Whoops! In any case, let's get down to business. After booting up the game and walking out of the Pokemon school; Bianca walked up, chatted with me for a bit and gave me the C-Gear. We then both went on an Xtransceiver call with Cheren and Professor Juniper where they talked a bit about Cheren's experience as a gym leader. It was pretty unremarkable for the most part, but it did confirm the theory that gym leaders have different teams of Pokemon for different levels of trainer; which explains how people who grew up in like Driftveil City could start their adventure without getting steamrolled. The C-Gear is also cool, but most of my IRL friends don't play Pokemon, so I won't get much use out of it. After the conversation was over; I strolled over to Route 20 as the hiker that blocked me before would now let me pass! For most of the regular trainer battles on this route I didn't really pay attention and mostly tuned the game out in favor of watching Chuggaaconroy's (excellent) B2W2 Let's Play. Spamming Vine Whip was more then sufficient to dispatch anything in my path; although the twins that were supposed to serve as the final roadblock of the route wouldn't even battle me since I only had one Pokemon, which was a welcome surprise.

At last, I finally entered Virbank City; which has to be one of my favorite new areas in B2W2. I love the grungy, industrial aesthetic paired with the chill music. After listening to Roxie fight with her dad and healing; I talked to the people in town and went down to the Virbank Complex to catch my second team member. Back when I used to play this game a lot; I would often not catch a second Pokemon until the Virbank Complex, and this time was no different. Splitting the limited EXP in the first few routes between multiple Pokemon is a fast way to have a miserable fight against Cheren. He's no joke if you let him set up on you; and if he knocks out your first Pokemon with a Workup-addled Lillipup, it's pretty much over if you can't outspeed (which you probably won't as you'll be underlevelled). Virbank Complex is right after that section and is stuffed full of amazing Pokemon to add to your team. In any case, I started running around in the grass and got the Pokemon I wanted on the very first encounter! It's now time for the grand reveal; my second team member is Magnemite. I've used it on many playthroughs and it's always a good choice. I genuinely like the design, it has solid moves and stats with an outstanding type. I caught it in one ball and decided to name it Polarizer; referencing how real magnets are polarized. The rest of the time wasn't too eventful to be honest; the trainers in the Complex were easy to deal with (both the workers and the other randoms) although the area did bring up a memory of how I found the forward sprite of the player character tipping on the pipes you have to walk on really funny.

In any case; I finished up and went to the gym, which has to be one of my favorite gym designs in Pokemon history. The excellent use of 3D, the music getting louder and louder as you approach the main room and of course the actual music that's completely custom to this gym and even has lyrics! Despite the cool aesthetics though, this gym was a cakewalk. Polarizer is part steel ,which meant that none of the trainer's poison moves could touch me, and it's many other resistances meant that even the moves they could use did virtually no damage. I easily steamrolled the trainers and Roxie with Polarizer spamming Thunder Wave and ThunderShock, bringing it up to parity with Olive (now a Servine) and earning me the Toxic Badge

Overall, this section was pretty short with not much happening. It was mostly just trainers and Polarizer joining the team. The next section will be HUGE though with both Pokestar Studios AND Castelia City; I'm also going to try dabbling a bit in the online. Well, there's not much else to say. See you then!

Current Status:

Servine / Olive - LV17
- Tackle
- Leer
- Vine Whip
- Leaf Tornado
Attack - 28
Defense - 34
Sp. Attack - 26
Sp. Defense - 27
Speed - 37

Magnemite / Polarizer - LV17
- Thunder Wave
- Supersonic
- ThunderShock
- SonicBoom
Attack - 17
Defense - 29
Sp. Atk - 36
Sp. Def - 28
Speed - 25

Time: 1:44

Badges: 2

Pokedex: 22

Money: $11512