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Full Metal Alchemist ; Episode 13 "Fullmetal VS. Flame"


S P A R K of madness
(Don't read a review if you don't want to get spoiled?)

'kay, so lately, I've been watching the FMA anime. And I just watched this episode, that was awesome! Not only was it very funny, but the action of Roy vs. Ed was cool.

"The annual Alchemy Assessment is fast approaching, and Ed still has not have much success with his search for the Philosopher's Stone. Tired of Mustang's constant rebuke, and with nothing substantial to show for his Assessment, Ed comes up with a solution to settle both problems: Challenge the Colonel to a duel -- The Flame Alchemist against the Fullmetal Alchemist."

So, the Elric brothers finally make it back, and right from the beginning, Al was messing with something, it was a kitten. XDDD Haha, found it funny that a puppy and kitten got a lot of funny and silly face time. I mean I really laughed during this episode, Roy's insanity boasting about a future promotion and making all the females wear "tiny minskirts! \o\" XD; And a completely unexpected twist when he gets Fury's puppy shakes him around and rambles in joy about the loyalty they have.

Hughes, newly promoted since the move, finding hilarious ways to show off Elicia. I mean, a giant photo wall of her to introduce the duel between Roy and Ed, priceless! XD This episode just never let up, the duel was intense too. Classic Roy quotes about effictively winning and what not, taking advantage. Saying how he couldn't find him because Ed was so SMALL then because Ed was in the crowd of spectators (aka the Army) Roy goes and completely obliterates them. BOOM they all fly like twigs in a hurricane. The fight where Ed "gained the edge" by tearing Roy's synthetic flame glove up, only for Roy's other glove to blow Ed's cannon up, heh.

Incredible episode, and so far, my favorite of the series.

If you haven't seen FMA, or this episode, you'll LOVE it. XD;
  • Seen Aug 11, 2009
The "tiny miniskirts" scene is actually pretty famous, I think. It at least counts for half of FMA's popularity.