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G1NM: Crystal Part 7- Tour of the Town [Entry #7]

  • Age 33
  • Seen May 25, 2023

Hey, JaDe here! And welcome to Part 7 of Genwunner No More!

Part 6 ended with me arriving at Goldenrod City. I heal up at the PokéCenter and decide to do a tour of the city. I first see the giant Mart, but I don't need to buy anything currently so I'll pass by that for now. I continue north along the eastern side and eventually find my way to the Bike Shop. Since sales aren't going too well, the owner gives me a bike so I can "advertise" for him. In the northeastern corner of town, there's a Flower Shop and the Gym. I'm going to face the Gym Leader now and finish exploring the rest of the city after.

I can only bring in 2 Pokémon since the Gym Leader, Whitney, only has 2 in her party. I decided on Rocky because Normal is bad against Rock, and honestly my second pick could have been anyone so I randomly chose Kansas.

The first Trainer I run into has 2 Pokémon as well. Both of her Pokémon are Meowth, but cats don't like water and Kansas beats both in 3 turns. The next Trainer has 3 in her party, and all 3 are Sentret. Is there like a lack of variety in this gym or what? Kansas and Rocky make short work of all 3, even if their levels did progressively increase from 9 to 17.

I quickly heal up and head right back into the Gym. The third Trainer only has 1 Pokémon and it's a Snubbull. It tried to charm Kansas, but luckily it failed. After that, there is only 1 more Trainer before Whitney. She has 3 Pokémon and leads with 2 Jigglypuff back to back. Kansas takes them out quickly and levels up to 21, where he can learn Bite. I get rid of Leer and switch to Rocky a third Jigglypuff. Seriously, how is it that every Trainer in this Gym has caught only 1 species of Pokémon? Rocky crushes the final puff and we head out to heal up and train to level 22, as per Gymlocke rules, before finally taking on Whitney.

I go to face Whitney with Rocky as lead, but I'll let both him and Kansas each get 1 fight. Geeze, she is so basic. She starts off with a Clefairy, but Rocky lands a crit hit first turn and from there it's lights out. I switch in Kansas, who is up against a Miltank. She's quicker than Kansas, and makes him fall in love with her. His love is so blind that it nearly gets himself killed. He is so lucky; I can't believe he's still alive after that. Rocky comes out to save the day, but also falls in love with Miltank, what a flirt... I have a Super Potion on me and now definitely seems like a good time to use it. Miltank's Rollout gets stronger each successive turn it's used, but thankfully Rocky was able to finish her off after being healed.

After you nearly killed both of my Pokémon, you're going to call me mean!? That was one of the closest calls I've had since the Trainer in Union Cave with the Onix. She continues to act like a child after losing, but when I turn to leave her closest Trainer comes over to tell me she's a sore loser so I go to talk to her again. Uh, yeah I want a badge... Kinda the whole reason you're a Gym Leader. The Plain Badge lets me use Strength outside of battle, but I haven't gotten that HM yet. She also gives me TM45, Attract, as if I want to have a constant reminder about almost losing 2 of my best Pokémon. I'm so done with this Gym.

I collect the rest of my team from the PC and continue exploring the city in a counter-clockwise fashion. The first house that I can enter is the Name Rater, but it turns out that he should actually be called the "Name Changer" since he offers to change every Pokémon's name that I presented to him.

The next building is the Underground Entrance, and this sounds exciting. Apparently it is an underground battle ring, so let's do this! It looks like it will be just a bunch of Trainers standing around looking to fight, but I'm still up for the challenge.

The first Trainer thinks I have rare Pokémon, obviously he hasn't been reading my blog... He has 2 Slowpoke, and both can't even defend against a single Hyperfang. The next Trainer seems to be blocking a small side hallway, but I can't go down it until I beat him. He tells me about type advantages, as if this is my first time playing Pokémon. He has 4 Pokémon, leading off with Magnemite. Although Hyperfang is "not very effective," it only takes 1 hit to kill it. Up next is Voltorb, which makes me think he's an Electric-type Trainer. I guess Kansas will have to wait for some training. Another 2 Magnemite gets beat by Hyperfang, and that is the end of the second Trainer. As the battle ends, Rhodey has leveled up to 20 and evolves into a Raticate!

What a bummer, the hallway was just a dead end. I wonder if I can get a key to this door later on. Farther down the main hallway is a salon. The younger brother offers to spiff my Pokémon up for $300, but I'm not sure what that means down in this rough place, so I'll pass. A little farther down I find the Coin Case, which means this town has a Game Room. Does this one have a hidden Team Rocket base behind a poster?

I reach the next 2 Trainers and realize they're the last 2 Trainers; this wasn't much of a challenge. The first guy is super excited about getting his Pokémon a haircut; let's see how much it helps them in a battle. He only has a Lickitung, which doesn't have hair... After being hit with Confuse Ray, a couple of Bites takes care of Lickitung. Onto the last Trainer, who appears to be a gambling addict. How would you use a Pokémon to cheat at slot machines? He has 2 Grimer, and they get the same treatment as Lickitung did.

Coming out the other end of the tunnel, I can see that I'm at the southwestern side of town. I guess I'll make my way back up north to the other entrance and that will complete my tour of Goldenrod City. The first house that I enter turns out to be Bill's family's house, that's neat. About dead-center of town I finally find the Game Corner, so I'll peek inside for a little. There's no poster in the back, and I don't feel like losing my money, so I'll head right back out.

The last 2 buildings to explore are the Train Station, where the train hasn't arrived yet, and the Radio Tower, with a Rocket Grunt standing outside... Inside the Radio Tower I can take a quiz to get an attachment onto my Pokégear, I just need to answer 5 questions correctly. The questions are fairly common knowledge and I ace it on my first try!

I'm going to end Part 7 here in the Radio Tower. Thank you so much for reading! Part 8 I will explore the rest of the floors of the radio tower. If you have any advice or things you'd like to say, tell me down in the comments. Thanks again and I'll see you soon.​