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G1NM: Crystal Part 8- Battle for the Best Bug [Entry #8]

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    • Age 33
    • Seen May 25, 2023

    Hey, JaDe here! And welcome to Part 8 of Genwunner No More!

    Part 7 ended in the Goldenrod City Radio Tower. I head upstairs to see what else is here but I can't go beyond the 2nd floor. Apparently there's something wrong with the Director... The only radio host on this floor tells me about her show called "Password" and gives me a Blue Card to get points for listening.

    I don't think there's much else to do in Goldenrod, so I head out north. Inside the gatehouse, a lady tells me the road is blocked; I remember Sudowoodo being the Snorlax of this game. And it looks like the Squirtbottle is the equivalent of the Pokéflute. Walking outside shows that this is Route 35, so I have a chance of Sudo being my next catch if I play my cards right.

    There seems to be a lot of trainers before I reach the road block, so I can get some training in. The first Trainer only has a Vulpix, so Feathers puts it to sleep and Pecks out the flame. The experience is enough to level up Feathers, and it evolves into a Noctowl!

    I expected the 2 Trainers standing next to each other would be a double battle, but they fight me individually. Were there double battles in Gen II, or did that come out later? Anyway, the kid trying to show off for his girlfriend starts with a Sandshrew. The little rodent is no match for the newly evolved Feathers. His second Pokémon is a Marill, which lands a single super-effective attack before being put to sleep by Hypnosis and then being Pecked to death. Now the boy's mad at me for beating him in front of his girlfriend, boohoo.

    Hahaha, oh dang, he gets call out by his girlfriend... Wow, she has no faith in him; they might need to go see a counselor or something... She only has 1 Pokémon but it's a Pikachu, so I switch out Feathers for Rocky. A single Rock Throw lands a crit hit, and it's lights out for Pikachu.

    The 4th guy sends out a Diglett first, but 1 Peck takes it out. Up next he has a Zubat, so I'll let Annoying battle its sibling. 2 Bites and the lower leveled Zubat is done for. The final Pokémon is another Diglett, so I'll let Feathers Peck this one too.

    Near the end of the road, I see what appear to be the last 2 Trainers on this route, and they are spinning around like crazy. I'll start with the one on the left. I'm going to take a wild guess that he's a Fire type trainer, just a feeling. Starting with a Magmar, I'm going to switch in Kansas for fire duty again. Water Gun is a crit hit super effective, what more could you ask for? The Fire breather sends out another Magmar, but another Water Gun puts it right back down.

    The guy on the right has 4 Pokémon, and starts with a Voltorb. Wait a minute, am I reading that right? You have a level 2 Voltorb? Ok then, Cottonball shouldn't have any issue with you... His next Pokémon is a level 6 Voltorb, is that all you have in your party? Alright I think I see the pattern here. Yup, his entire team is Voltorb and they go up in level by 4 each time. How cute. Not very tactical though. After I beat him, he realizes that I'm the one who saved the Slowpoke. I guess I'm just that famous.

    I don't want to go in the grass just yet, so I'll head north into the building. It turns out this is where the Bug-Catching Contest is held, and it's going on today. I'll give it a shot, why not. I get 20 Park Balls, so I gotta hunt for the best one. This is sounding similar to the Safari Zone, but I only get to keep the last Pokémon I catch. I skip over the Metapod and Caterpie I see first, they won't win me anything. A Paras isn't bad, so I put it to sleep and catch it. I'll keep looking around, but it's not bad as a last resort. Next catch was a Butterfree, pretty neat so I'll keep that and drop the Paras. I want to keep exploring, but Cottonball got poisoned, so I can't risk losing him. I'll look around a little more, but with that poison I'll be leaving soon. After several more Metapods, Caterpies, Weedles, and Paras', I finally run into a Scyther! I use Sleep Powder, then heal a bit with Synthesis, and get its health down to red. First throw it breaks free. This is nerve racking, I'm out of Synthesis so once the poison gets me too low I'll have to run. The second ball breaks and Scyther wakes up. I put it back to sleep and on the third ball it catches! Now I need to get out of here before Cottonball faints.


    I head out the eastern door to end the competition. They start the judging process and reveal from third place up to first. Lazy Jimmy caught a Butterfree for third place, I placed second! And the first place winner is Ranger Tia with a Pinsir. My prize is an everstone... Can I even sell those? As the contest ends, I get to keep the Scyther, so I'll name her Edward SH (it stands for Scissorhands)


    With possession of my Pack again, I can give Cottonball an Antidote, and he didn't have much time left. Walking out to the east, I come out on Route 36, which means Sudowoodo isn't blocking Route 35, but maybe it's still up ahead. There's a fruit-bearing tree and I pick it, and it has Ice Berries. Continuing down the path the first Trainer has 3 Pokémon. He starts with Abra and I totally forgot Cottonball was almost dead, so I switch to Kansas. Bite is a Dark type move so I know it'll be effective. His second Pokémon is also an Abra, so it faints after 1 Bite as well. The final battle is with a Kadabra, but being 7 levels behind Kansas didn't help much. It barely survives the first Bite, but that's all it can take.

    Sneaking by the next 2 Trainers, I can just barely see the Sudowoodo. I know I'm close, but my party could do with some healing so I will head back to Goldenrod's PokéCenter.

    And with that, I'm going to end Part 8 here. Thank you so much for reading! Part 9 will start off with me facing the trainers before confronting the Sudowoodo. If you have any advice or things you'd like to say, tell me down in the comments. Thanks again and I'll see you soon.​