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Git Out - PokéCommunity's Coder Showcase!

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git out!


Welcome to Git Out, PokéCommunity's premier coders showcase! Do you have a coding project that you are working on and want others to see your work and its progress? This is the thread to do so! We welcome all sorts of projects to showcase, no matter the scope! From C++ to Ruby, to Python and even Javascript. You do not even have to show your code to post in here if you do not want to, but you are welcome to do so (GitHub or other repository site links are encouraged)! Additionally, this thread can be used to show off past projects you may have been involved in, as well as current work that is in progress that you wish to mention.

Showcase Rules

Please be advised that there are some rules to follow in this thread:

  • All projects showcased need to be appropriate and follow the community rules. This includes no explicit content as well as no linking to ROMs.
  • Feedback on projects is encouraged! However, please try to be nice when critiquing and do not be dismissive of others' work.
  • Please do not use this thread to solely advertise your project. This thread is meant to be more as a "show and tell" of any coding projects you are working on or have previously worked on. PokéCommunity Staff reserve the right to review posts here and potentially remove them if they are deemed as an advertisement and not a showcase.

Posting Your Project

When posting in this thread, there are some general guidelines that need to be followed. We recommend that in your post, mention the title of the project, list off the language it was programmed in, and provide a summary on the scope of your project. We also highly encourage you show off screenshots of your project as well. If your project is web-based, feel free to link to it for others to try out!

I've provided a generic template for use below. This template does not necessarily need to be used for posting in this thread, but it's a guide to know what to share when posting about your project.


And as an example, with the above template filled out:

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about Git Out, please feel free to let me know! You can ask away in this thread, or send me a PM as well.

I want to give a special shoutout to Aquacorde for her assistance with helping get this showcase put together as well!​

Without further ado...
let's git started!!!
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Project Name: Pokemon Team Builder
Programming Language: React / Node w/ Express / PostgreSQL
Project Summary: can search pokemon get stats, get register and login to save team
Images (if any):
Link to project (if applicable): https://github.com/ACwolf55/pkm-team-builder / https://pkmteambuilder.xyz/

Was my first full stack project, recently working on my portfolio so touching up on it. It was made with class components so making another version with Functional components.
I mobile responsive CSS was working I thought at some point but doesnt seem to be the case anymore so gonna work on that next
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Project Name: Three Kingdoms

Programming Language: JavaScript

Project Summary: Koei ROTK games clone for PC. Save data is stored in the browser, meaning save data will be wiped when we clean the browser data. But the ability to export and import save data is provided to manage our saves.

Vector calculation is used to calculate distance, direction, etc. A* pathfinding algorithm is used to create paths for deployed units.

Currently the game is playable but still under development.


Link to project: https://three-kingdoms.vercel.app
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Project Name: Lora_Crypt Time Test (Experimental)
Programming Language: PHP

Project Summary: This is going to get a bit windy, so I'm putting it into a spoiler:

Link to project: https://github.com/stringzzz/LORA_Crypt_Experiment1/tree/main/LORA_Time_Experiment1

The scripts in the above link can be used to re-create the exact same experiment, which should yield almost exactly the same results (Depending on the efficiency of your system, of course).


Mahdi Ruiz
I is a project on snap! that is like a os. You can play stuff on cactus os.

Later I will release Cactus os 1.1, on cactus os 1.1 you can search up pokemon data
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Project Name: Number Guessing Game
Programming Language: C
Project Summary: This is a simple game I made in October 2021 when I was really into programming. It's a console based program that either allows the user to guess the right number generated from another player or the computer.
Images (if any):

#include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> int main() { char choice; // Has to be here to make rand() work srand( (unsigned)time( NULL ) ); printf("Would you like to play (S)ingle player or (M)ultiplayer?\n"); choice = getchar(); if (choice == 'S'){ int number_to_guess; int guess; number_to_guess = rand() % (100 + 1 - 0) + 0; printf("Please input your guess (from 0 to 100): "); while (guess != number_to_guess) { scanf("%d", &guess); if (guess > number_to_guess) { printf("Too high! Please try again\n"); } else if (guess < number_to_guess){ printf("Too low! Please try again\n"); } } printf("YOU WIN!\n"); printf("Press any button to exit"); getch(); } else if (choice == 'M'){ int number_to_guess; int guess; printf("Player 1, input the number for player 2 to try and guess: "); scanf("%d", &number_to_guess); printf("\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nPlayer 2 please input your guess: "); while (guess != number_to_guess) { scanf("%d", &guess); if (guess > number_to_guess) { printf("Too high! Please try again\n"); } else if (guess < number_to_guess){ printf("Too low! Please try again\n"); } } printf("YOU WIN!\n"); printf("Press any button to exit"); getch(); } return 0; }